update and news

hey guys.

first of all, korean translation is nearly there, but right now, it’s quite hard to find time to finish it up…

and also, because i’m busy, it hard to find time to edit the videos, so if i’m bit late or miss a week… i’m sorry 🙁



yurin yurin posted Rikka Sayuki Theater.

link to the playlist



demo of snow white’s knight has been released


thanks to AXYPB for the link 🙂

updates and stuff

it has been awhile guys.

due to real life commitments and stuff, i haven’t been able to work on korean translations… 

anyway, i probably will try to get the translation done and upload the finished pages here…

onto the news.

Sadly, Snow White’s Prince has been delayed till 20th December. I don’t know the details on why it has been delayed.

Also, voice actresses for the new characters have been announced.


Shinozaki Rikka

Character Voice: 緑川円

Shirakawa Sayuki

Character Voice: 咲智ゆん


The voice countdown will be released two weeks prior to release, and the demo will be released 22nd November.