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On Baka Tsuki


Life 5

Worldly Desire of Steel


Part 1

— 4th January.

The four of us including me, my parents and Asia were in our car currently on our way to the countryside. The reason is…

In the countryside far away from the big city, our car stopped in front of a small house in that village. And there was an old lady greeting us with a warm smile as we get out of our car.

“Happy New Year, Issei. How was your journey?”

“Grandma! Happy New Year! It’s been awhile!”

Today’s story was going to be Hyoudou family’s humble but warm scenery… well that was the plan but….

After having multiple guests from Devils to Angel to Fallen Angels and others, we’ve spent the past four days in chaos and decided that we should spend the rest of the winter holiday on our own.

“I’m going back home for now.”

Rias said.

It looks like she wants to go and greet her parents before the third term starts. Having heard that, I asked if we needed to greet them as her peerage but…

“It’ll be fine with Yuuto only so there’s no need for everyone to follow.”

Rias said.

In these situations, our [Knight] Kiba go as her bodyguard in case of emergencies.

“But, we don’t’ know what will happen.”

… As I said this in a worrying tone, Rias said…

“Ise’s parents are going to visit your grandparent right? I heard Ise also went with them every year? Why don’t you go with them this year too?”

… And smiled at me.

That’s right every year on 4th January, we always went and visited my dad side of my family… the village where my grandmother lived. Rias knew this already and was looking out for me.

The other members beside Rias also…

“I also arranged to go visit my mother’s grave with my father this time…”

After Akeno-san said that…

“… I’m going to go train with my older sister in the mountain.”

“… I didn’t wanna but… it looks like I’m gonna get dragged along nya. Well, apparently our destination also has a natural onsen~ I’m gonna relax and enjoy the onsen ♪”

“I-I’m also going to follow Koneko.”

“I’m also going to go with Kuroka-san.”

Koneko, Kuroka sisters + Gasper & Le Fay said this also.

“I’m also going back to England to see my mum and dad! I’ll be back before the 3rd semester starts!”

Irina is also going back to her home.

“I’m going to help Sister Griselda so I will end up going too…The School President election is coming up but the church side of things is also worrying me…”

Xenovia said that while sighing but she doesn’t seem to mind helping out the church.

“I was thinking of just going around for a bit.”

Rossweiess-san seems like she’s going to go on holiday on her own. She probably decided to spend a little bit of money since it’s the New Year.

“I’m also going back to my house.”

Ravel seems like she’s going back like Rias is.

Now the only ones left are Asia and Ophis.

Since Asia didn’t really have anything to do, she was wondering whether to follow Rias, help Xenovia out or go training with Koneko but…

Rias then stroked her cheeks and said in a gentle voice.

“Asia, go with Ise and his parents this time. I also want to go but I’ll go when I get a chance later. As someone who spent the longest time in this house, you should go and greet her first.”

“Yes, I will!”

After hearing that, Asia decided to join our family.

“… I, don’t have anything to do.”

Ophis, who can’t move freely around, decided to stay at home… but as Xenovia decided to commute to where Sister is from home, she looks like she won’t be alone. Rasseei is also staying so even if we’re gone for few days she won’t get lonely.

Like that, the ORC members decided to spend the rest of our winter holidays separately.

— And Me and Asia came to my dad’s hometown.

“I’ll be in your care~.”

When we stepped into the house, the nostalgic feeling, the smell and the atmosphere rushed in. It’s an old wooden house but it’s been cleaned from top to bottom well. Whenever I feel this nostalgic, I can finally say that I came to my grandmother’s.

Stepping into the living room, we gave our greetings to our grandfather in front of the alter.

Granddad, in the picture, was smiling brightly… it’s been awhile since grandad died but whenever we come back, he always greeted us with a smile.

Grandad, I’ve got a girlfriend now. And I’ve got tons of friends too… I did become a devil but I’ve survived this year without any problems. Please look after us for next year too.

Now that we greeted our grandad, my dad relaxed a bit.

“Fuuuu. I always get relaxed when I come back here.”

It’s not even been few minutes since we came here but he looks completely relaxed. Well it is where he was born and raised so I guess it makes sense.

“I’ll help with that mother.”

Mum followed my grandma to the kitchen.

Asia, whose first time coming here, is…


She was sitting down in the corner of the room looking nervous. She looks like she doesn’t know what to do here. Well it is her first time here so that’s understandable. Since this is our family’s house, it might be a little nervous for her.

“Asia, do you want to go and help my mum and grandma?”

“Ah, yes!”

It’ll be best to calm her nerves by helping around with house work.

After that, everyone relaxed and drank tea together. Then, my dad introduced Asia to my grandma.

“Mum, she’s Asia. She’s been living with us in our house.”

“Ara, I did hear about you but… I never thought it’ll be such a cute foreigner. Can you speak Japanese?”

“Ah yes! I’m Asia Argento! I-I’ve been in the care of the Hyoudou family!”

While hesitant, Asia kept bowing her head for no reason. Grandma was smiling gently at her.

“You can stay here like it’s your own house.”


Grandma then glanced at me and smiled brightly.

“Maybe at this rate, I’ll be able to see my great-grandchild. Ise, if possible, please hurry.”

… Ku! G-ggggrandma and her jokes. What is she saying all of a sudden?!

“G-Grandma! Stop joking around!”

Mine and Asia’s face turned red! Even mum and dad is joining in and saying [We can’t wait]!

Aaaaaah, it must be in our blood somehow….! It’s like this kind of stuff is in our family’s gene… maybe I’m such a pervert because of this blood line!

Just like that, the holiday at the countryside started.


Afternoon that day…

“Asia, I’m really sorry. My grandma’s that kind of person…”

“Ah, it’s alright.”

Having such conversations, Asia and I took the road out of my grandma’s house and we walked 10 or so minutes to get to downtown. Well even if you say downtown, compared to the city it’s lot less busy and not many stores are here either. Even the stores are a few hundred meters apart from each other.

After getting things done at my grandma’s place, I wanted to show Asia the places around here so we decided to go for a walk.

As we were going out, grandma was…

“Ise, Asia. Here’s your new year’s money.”

And gave both of us New Year’s money.

… Grandma’s such a good person that she might give every kid that comes here some New Year’s money.

Maybe it’s a good thing that the entire ORC members didn’t come this year. If she prepared New Year’s money for everyone in the club, she’d be broke!

Anyway this countryside hasn’t changed at all. This tranquil and nostalgic feeling around this country scenery hasn’t changed since I was a kid.

“Did Ise-san come here often?”

Asia looked around in confusion.

“Yeah. Whenever mum and dad had something to take care of and needed to travel far, they often asked my grandma to look after me. I played with my grandparents around here often.”

And also I came here during Obon. I couldn’t come here last time since I was busy in the underworld. Even after getting older, I came here for the New Year every year and Obon and so, this Is like my second home.

Ah now that I think about it, grandma did say something like [it’s been dangerous lately so be careful.]. She said that there have been multiple cases of people getting ambushed at night lately. People who have been attacked all had some kind of bite mark on their neck… surely there’s no non-human this far in this country?

Hmm if that’s the case what should we do… If there are evil like that in my grandma’s countryside then it’s probably best to defeat them.

But if the opponent is from the other faction then it might become a headache if we attack needlessly but I also can’t leave the bad guy who’s been causing problem in my grandma’s village. But it might cause Rias and Azazel-sensei some trouble… should I contact them first? But to contact people who might be enjoying their winter holiday is a bit… man it’s doing my head in.

I walked around the town with Asia while thinking about this problem. After passing the barbers, launderette and grocery store, we’ve reached our destination.

Looking around the area, I looked for the specific store.

“There was a dagashi <TN Japanese sweet shop> /toy store near here…”

I went to that dagashi with my grandad quite often and whenever I went there, I kept asking him to buy me that Gunpla… Ah, maybe we came here to buy the models and bought some snacks along the way.

We stopped in front of quite an old shop.

“Ah, this is it. Asia, it’s here.”

When I opened the door, the chime rang. Man, this is nostalgic. Random snacks were all over the place and old toys were either hung on the ceiling or inside the boxes.

“Ahhh, this brings back memories.”

Stepping inside the store, I bowed my head towards the man on the till. Well, it’s not likely that he’s remembered me but I still greeted him just in case.

After wondering around the snack corner, I took Asia to the Gunpla <TN Gundma Pla-model.> area. The Gunpla that I saw when I was a kid was still there and was not being sold.

“For a private establishment in such countryside to even have old and precious Gunplas….”

Noticing that there was someone else in the store before us, I stopped talking.

“L—Look at this, Alivian! T-This is the discontinued [Yata Robo] Gunpla! Not only that but it’s Yata Robo 3 which is said to have the least amount of production!”

… Ku! That person was a green haired speckled bishoujo. As soon as I saw that person who does not seem to fit into this countryside at all…… I rubbed my eyes in disbelief but…

“Kuu! And there’s the discontinued [Robo Fighter Varum] 1/100 model of the enemy [Metaliums]!… the model that they couldn’t even bring out for the resale festival because they couldn’t find the mould a few years back, to find such thing here…!”

The bishoujo was so excited that her entire body is shivering in excitement while holding onto Gunpla box. Seekvaria Agares-san!

Oioioioioi. Why is Seekvaria-san doing in such a remote dagashi?! Me and Asia was so surprised that we couldn’t say a word! No way did we think we’d meet her in such a place!

Seekvaria-san said while fixing her glasses with her shaking hand.

“I thought the experts would have searched all over such a remote toy store but unexpectedly, the treasure was buried here.”

“Looks like it’s a good thing we’ve come here, Seekvaria-sama.”

The person next to her was in the butler outfit… Agares’s [queen] Alivian-san!

“Yes, I came into this store without much expectation but… this is such a good find.”

Seekvaria-san hugged the box with an ecstatic expression on her face. A person wearing deep hoodie then approached her.

“… W-Wait a second, Seekvaria-sama. Things get complicated when you enter here! This… This isn’t our purpose in this area right…?”

From the voice, she’s a female… but because of her hoodie, I can’t see her face well. But her voice is quite familiar…?

Seekvaria-san replied to her in a cold voice.

“There’s no reason to hurry in this moment since we’ve done the investigation work during the day. We now just have to wait for the night to fall.”

Seekvaria-san said this but… I don’t know. The fact that she’s holding a Gunpla box means her words haven’t got much persuasion or something… I guess you still love your robots.

Now that I think back, we saw each other during the New Year. Back then, she asked me about the new mecha anime airing this season… I think she’s considering me as a fellow comrade…

Alivian-san greeted me and Asia having noticed me who was just watching from afar dumbfounded.

“My, I never thought we’ll meet here like this.”


I gave a late greeting. Seekvaria-san also noticed us and sent us a smile.

“Ara, its Hyoudou Issei. We’ve met just a few days ago; I never thought we’ll meet here like this.”

Seekvaria-san stopped her words and made expressions that said she knew what was up.

“Ah that’s right… you’re also one of person who’s truly love Gundam… you found this place with your senses right?”

Seekvaria-san made a wide grin… Woah, she’s got the wrong idea again! Did she mistake me as a comrade who is going around the countryside toy store to find the rare Gunpla?!

When I was pulling my hair trying to think of a way to get rid of this misconception, the person inside the hoodie looked at me.


So this person also knows me….? Who can this be? – As I was thinking about that, the person lifted hood slightly so I can see her face.


Seeing the unexpected face inside the hoodie, I was so shocked I couldn’t say anything. She was a girl with red eyes and long wavy blond hair and with a doll-like face… vampire Elmenhilde!

… I totally did not expect this situation, not at all! It’s shocking enough that Seekvaria-san is in such a remote countryside but for one of the person travelling with her is to be Elmenhilde…! This is the first time I saw her ever since we’ve departed from the Vampire country… not only that but we didn’t even have a proper farewell…

Having been startled, I told Seekvaria-san my situation regarding the fact that I’m here since my dad’s family lives around this area. After listening, it seems like Seekvaria-san finally understood why I’m here.

“Oh so this is where your dad’s main house is at.”

“So what is Seekvaria-san… doing here?”

When she heard my question, Seekvaira0san exchanged a look with Alivian-san and nodded her head.

“… I guess I can tell you this if it’s with you. Let’s go outside for now… ah before that, I need to buy this.”

Saying that, Seekvair-san went off to buy that rare Gunpla.

… so she’s really buying that.

The owner then said this while entering the price into the till.

“Lady came from somewhere else, right? Did you move here?”

“No, I came here for the holiday.”

… Seekvaira-san said so.

Then, the owner nodded his head and continued.

“Hmm, so you’re here for your holiday. But this is quite strange since the new lady who recently moved here also come here from time to time like you are right now and buy whatever Gunpla that she can get her hands on.”

The owner said that while putting the box into the bag.

Then Seekvaira-san seems to realise something after hearing the owner’s words.


I sat on the bench in front of the dagashi and listened to Seekvaria-san while eating the snack I bought.

What she told me was… about [Stray Devil]!

That there’s a vampire [Stray Devil] around this area and that this information was given to the Agares-House not too long ago! Apparently, that person is an extremely dangerous person and they ran away after becoming a part of a peerage of a High Class Devil. Since they have dangerous tendencies, even the owner’s house is being cautious around it… in the end they showed their true colours and rebelled.

Hearing that, I stood up from my seat!

“… S-So there’s that dangerous vampire somewhere in this village… a [Stray] around here?!”

… This must be what grandma was talking about! The bite mark on the people’s neck must be because that vampire drank their blood! My god! Of all places, why did that vampire hid in my grandma’s village!

Seekvaira-san spoke while eating candy from the shop.

“Coincidently, we were touring around the human world after they had their new years as per our schedule. At that time, I heard from the house and came here. Then I met with the agent from the Carmilla Faction… Elmenhilde over here.”

Elmenhilde, who was sitting right at the edge of the bench, said under her hood.

“That vampire is one of the heretics that the Carmilla Faction have been after for a long time. And now it just showed itself.”

So, it’s also vampire that the Carmilla Faction is pursuing.

Seekvaira-san continued,

“I think this started because of that terror attack by Qlippoth against the Carmilla Faction and the Tepes Faction. At that time, multiple high-level vampires were defeated. There’s no surprise that the rebels, who were being pursued by such people, will seek out to strengthen their own power.”

So, they were hiding with devils while being pursued and after the Carmilla Faction sustained huge damage, they’ve started their activities again…!

Alivian-san sighed.

“… It’s since Vampires can increase their own peerage whom they have absolute rule over. All they’ve got to do is bite the neck of the person that they have their eyes on during full moon. You could say that it’s much easier compared to the Devil’s reincarnation ritual.”

Alivian-san said as Elmenhilde’s expression darkened and she lowered her head.

“… Ah, I do beg your pardon. I have overstepped my boundaries.”

“… No, it’s all true. For such low-life vampires, that ritual is simply a method in which they increase their power. Even though it’s a really disgusting act… but we never thought they would have become a devil… I can see why we couldn’t get hold of their whereabouts.”

Elmenhilde said unimpressed. She’s still little bit of an elitist?

“Rias… should I contact my master?”

I asked Seekvaria-san.

“There’s no need to call Rias and the others. They’re having their holidays so let’s let them enjoy their time. We will deal with this on our own.”

It sounded like Seekvaira-san, Alivian-san and Elmenhilde were going to handle this on their own… but I can’t let them just do that!

“I’ll also help! If I leave such an unwelcoming person around my grandma’s village, I can’t go back to Khou with a sound mind!”

I said enthusiastically! Yes, this is my second home and the place where my late grandad lived. I can’t let a stray vampire disturb this place!

“I-I’ll also help!”

Asia also joined in!

When we told them that, Seekvaira-san smiled slightly.

“Ufufu, it’s reassuring hearing from you two. We were going to deal with this with just the three of us but it’ll be great if someone with your knowledge around the area joins… should we go on a secret [DxD] mission early in the year?”

Seekvaira held her hands for a handshake! I said [Yes!] enthusiastically and shook her hand! But after that, Seekvaira-san placed her hand on the chin ad murmured to herself.

“… but it’s bit concerning that they bought Gunpla from this shop. I wonder why… I have this feeling that something will come with the bell sound and the flashing light.”

Seekvaria-san said such things but… I didn’t dare open my mouth. It felt like she’ll talk about Gundam again at this rate…

When I then look at Elmenhilde …


She didn’t say a thing. I thought when we said we’ll help, she’ll reply saying [This is a problem with the Carmilla Faction.]… but she didn’t display such cocky attitude. Well, seeing as how they asked help from the House of Agares, it shows that there has been some change.

Seekvaria-san then stood up and asked me with a serious look on her face.

“So it’s decided that we’ll start our mission during night time when vampires are active… and also Hyoudou Issei-san.”


“… Are there more toy stores in this village?”

… it looks like the Archduke apparent heir-sama wants to enjoy her short break to her fullest.


Part 2


Having come back to my grandma’s house, Asia and I got ready to go out during the night without anyone being able to notice us.

And I also asked my dad about this area conveniently.

“Hey dad. Are there… any place where ghosts might appear?”

If vampire is going to hide, I thought they’d use house or building that people won’t usually use. And they won’t be much active during the day unless they are Daylight Walker like Gasper is. From what we’ve heard, they aren’t the type who is active during the day. Elmenhilde also wears a very deep hoodie as she’s careful not to show her skin.

If that’s the case, they must have some kind of hiding place. Most likely, it’s somewhere where there’s not many people and is a dark place.

Dad scratched his cheek and said this.

“You remember when you were like 8 years old, the place that your grandad and I took you right? That forest full of beetles. There’s a western style mansion deep inside that forest. I suggested going there as a Test of Courage but you cried shouting [No! I wanna go back!].”

Ah~ now that I think back, that did happen… there was a mansion in that forest.

According to dad, that was a holiday home that some noble have built somewhere around the Meiji or Taisho era. Whether the noble sold the mansion or their bloodline has been cut or whatever the case may be, dad told me that no one was living there when he was born…

As soon as I got that information, I contacted Seekvaira-san. And soon after I’ve sent the message, she replied saying [It does seem like they might be hiding there]. So we’ve decided that the five of us will check that mansion out today.

After checking that everyone has gone to sleep, me and Asia sneak out making sure no one saw us.

We took my familiar Skíðblaðnir to the place where we’ll accompany Seekvaria-san’s group. This guy has grown quite nicely as it can now carry multiple people with him and fly.

We joined Seekvaira-san in the middle of the countryside road in the fog and night sky.

“… Let’s go to the forest then.”

Seekvaira-san asked me to lead the way so I took them into the deep forest. This place is more like a small mountain with the side road instead of the forest and there’s a mansion on the top of the mountain.

While climbing the mountain, Elmenhilde asked me a question out of blue. Since it’s dark, she took her hood off.

“I’ve got something to ask.”

“… What is it?”

“… How is Gasper Vladi doing?”

“He’s doing fine. He’s training hard saying he’s going to wake Valerie up.”

This girl treated Gasper like an idiot just because he’s a half. Well, since pure-blood seems to think everyone’s beneath them so it probably wasn’t just aimed at Gasper…

But my kouhai is training himself to wake someone precious to him. And I won’t let anyone make fun of such admirable and strong resolve.

“Don’t make fun of him, will you.”

I said that looking at her. But she… didn’t retort nor get offended. She just kept looking forward.

“… I was just curious.”

She just said that to me and walked in front of me.

“… She doesn’t look like she’s got much attitude compared to when I first met her…”

I was perplexed at her response.

Back then she was overbearing but it looks like she’s not like that anymore.

Then Seekvaria-san told me in secret so she can’t hear us.

“She’s currently acting as an agent from the Carmilla Faction and traveling around to eliminate those who took advantage of the chaos and rebel. The reason why she’s here alone is because her country is currently in recovery and short on people.”

So that’s why her servants I saw before aren’t protecting her. Since her country became like that, no wonder they are short on hands. So, she’s working tirelessly for her country then.

“But why did the Carmilla Faction ask the House of Agares for help? Did you guys have some kind of communications before?”

I just realised that fact and asked her that question. It kind of bugged me regarding the relationship between the Agares-san and the Carmilla Faction. Something along the lines of an unexpected pair, I never thought I’ll meet both of them here.

“Since the ancient times, Agares was known as the devil [To make Deserter Return]. So, wizards of different factions summon the devils of Agares from time to time thinking that’s still true.”

Seekvaria-san explained as such.

Oh~ so it’s to do with what their attribute is and that is passed down onto High Class Devil families. [To make Deserter Return] huh, it’s a peculiar attribute.

“So have you got such power?”

I asked again. Then Seekvaria-san nodded.

“It was said that the first generation had such powers and it was said that he can even control the time somewhat with his power. But currently, we’re focused on the collection of information using our position as Duke.”

First generation… so he’s the person who has put their name on such documents. So, the rumours of his powers reached to even his descendants.

“Can Seekvaria-san control time as well then?”

“Well [Time] is House of Agares’s attribute so such power has been passed down to the people of the house. Although limited, I also have got such powers.”

… Maybe I’ve seen it from the records of Sona-kaichou vs Seekvaria-san’s Rating game but… since it didn’t happen frequently, I can’t really remember. Instead of that, the Dragon battle between Alivian-san and Saji was more memorable. I need to go back and watch the footage again.

—The conversation got side-tracked huh. Well it looks like the House of Agares and the Carmilla Faction are related by information.

We’ve walked for 10 minutes after that but… I’m feeling unsteady now. Even the fog is getting thicker but the mansion is nowhere to be seen.

When I was a kid, it didn’t take more than 20 minutes to get here during the day. Even if it is dark out now, I can see well during the night since I’m a devil. So even with thick fog, I should be able to see the mansion.

Not only that but this fog is… it has some heavy and ominous aura. It probably is a barrier. Using fog as barrier is a common tactic.

Seekvaria-san stopped her foot and looked straight forward.

“…It looks like they’re looking at this direction. Maybe they’re using fog to delay us while setting traps around their hideout?”

Seekvaria-san nodded her head and talked to herself.

“… Maybe they’re trying to escape using this fog?”

I asked Alivian-san.

“That’s impossible. Since this area is under Seekvaira-san’s own barrier. It’s likely that the opponents know this already and placed their own. So all in all, they’ve placed their own barrier inside ours.”

No way! Seekvaira-san already placed a barrier around here! She’s really thorough… she must’ve put them around here to not only prevent the enemy from escaping but also to make sure the outsiders don’t notice if there’s a huge fight.

“So you’ve managed to place the barrier even before the enemy runs away”

Asia said to Seekvaira-san. Then …a small shadow appeared under Seekvaria-san. Looking at it closely… that was Guunndam Gunplaaaaaaaa! Not only that but it moved like it was a living thing!

Seekvaria-san grabbed the Gunpla and said in a showing off voice.

“These guys are supporting my barriers. They don’t take much power to move but since they’re small we can infiltrate without the enemy noticing. Right now, using these little guys, I’ve set them up within a radius of several hundred meters to support the barrier.”

Woah! To use moving Gunpla as a Place-holder for the barrier…!

Alivian-san then added to the conversation.

“Also as reference inside this field… so in the area near us, the flow of time is different to outside. You can say that an hour here is equivalent to a few minutes outside. This is the limited [Time] power that Seekvaria-sama spoke of earlier.”

… So her ability is to create a space and then control the flow of time within them? Hmm, although it’s not attack ability, it’ll come in handy if you use them wisely.

So that means there’re a bunch of Gunplas around this forest and they’re the ones who are holding up the barrier. That’s quite wicked! I wanna control the Gunplas using my powers now!

My eyes shone and I stared at the Gunpla. Just then, Seekvaria-san’s glasses shone and said this.

“Shall I teach you how later?”


Of course, as a fellow comrade with common interest!

She seems awfully happy! I’m just getting played by her tricks! I’ve got a feeling that she’ll ask me to join the Gundam mania fan club later!

While stroking the Gunpla on her hand, she said to Alivian-san.

“Well, it’s fine searching through the forest with the heavy fog around us but it’s bad that we can’t see the destination. Alivian, make the road.”

“Yes, as you wish…”

Bowing towards Seekvaria-san, an immense aura came out of his back! That aura changed its shape, and became a shape of a dragon! The dragon shaped aura opened its wide mouth and forced out a powerful dragon shot!

The shot that Alivian-san’s dragon spread forward quickly got rid of the thick fog around here!

After that, we could see the huge mansion ahead of us! So, Vampires hide their presence like this…

We continued forward towards the mansion and soon reached in front of it. The fences were broken in several places and weren’t doing their jobs well. Even the metal door was half blown off, so it was easy to get into the ground. This place hasn’t changed since I last came here as a child.

The garden was overrun with weeds and the paved road leading toward the front door was also broken in places.

Seekvaria-san stood in front of the mansion and while swiping her long blonde hair out of the way with her hand, shouted confidently.

“The ones who left their master and live to fulfil their own desire, that sin is worth thousands deaths. With the name of Archduke Agares, I will punish you! Show yourself!”

Oh~ as expected, the intimidation coming from Agares towards the stray is intense! I’m getting pumped up as well!

— Just then an ominous feeling creeped up to all of us. And we can all feel a killing intent near us!

I look towards the direction the killing intent was coming from! Something flashed behind the building! That killing intent was… towards Elmenhilde?!

“Watch out!”

Sprinting towards her, I grabbed and was using my dragon wings as I flew up!

Just then with a loud noise, a beam of light struck where Elmenhilde just was!

… that is, the Power of the Holy Light? I think I remember seeing that kind of power in heaven! Seeing as how the light beam has a shape of a cross, I’m probably correct.

After placing Elmenhilde on the ground, I look towards where the killing intent came from.

“… My…. well done spotting that.”

The caped person who came out of the dark without making any noise was a black haired female. Her eyes were blood red. Most likely that this woman is the [Stray] and the vampire… she’s a seductive onee-sama with a mysterious and voluptuous aura around her but that’s also a trait of vampires!

Not only that but the aura that we can feel from her power was… above a middle-class devil. Since it seems like there’re traps around here, it’s best not to stand easy.

I rapidly increased my power and summoned my Boosted Gear Scalemail.

“Asia, I’ll leave the support to you.”


After trusting Asia at the back, I stepped forward.

The vampire lady then spoke while making a confident smile.

“That attack just now was made with modified tools I got from guys from the church that were after me…”

The lady laughed with a voice filled with mockery. Elmenhilde gazed at that lady with eyes filled with hatred.

So that was an attack with the modified church tool! If a vampire or devil get hit by that, it’s gonna be dangerous.

Flapping her cape, she put her arms wide out.

“This area is filled with my peerage equipped with weapons similar to that! If you guys don’t be careful, it might get dangerous you know?”

Maybe she prepared this while we were lost in that fog? Or maybe she prepared this from the beginning. Well that’s not the important part. But her peerage… so there have already been victims! After turning my second home town like this, I can’t forgive her now!]#

I, who was filled with rage, then noticed the countless number of small shadows (?) that were around d the lady.

Those were… Gundam Gunplaaaaa?! No way! Why are there this many Gunplas here?! Gunplas with weapons are around this mansion!

Observing this, she shouted after realising what is going on here.

“No way you…! You really are doing that?!”

What’s going on now?! I’ve got no clue! A [Stray], traitor of Vampires and… Gunpla?!

Seriously, what’s going on here?! Only part I get right now is that she’s currently controlling the Gunpla with her power like Seekvaira-san!

“Fufufu. That light just now came from the weapons from these Gunplas. Using my very own modification schematics, I’ve modified them all!”

…The female vampire said in a somewhat proud manner. Looking at them more closely, lights were coming out of those weapons!

… N-No way, the light beam was coming from those things?! Using weapons stolen from Exorcist… you modified these Gunplas?! Seriously?!

The vampire lady then took out another Gunpla from her cape. Seeing that, Seekvaira-san couldn’t contain her anger.

“… T-That is. The original Doll Armour [Great Gundam Evil Plan Prototype No.4] that I sent on patrol! You were captured by the enemy!”

The vampire lady then glares at this great gundam… whatever. Oh and FYI Doll Armour is the title given to robots from the Gundam animation!

“… This is made by you huh? Looks like you’re controlling them using your power… to send such ugly contraption on patrol; you’re out of your mind.”

… She’s so angry that she sent Gunpla on patrol…. Wait that’s wrong! She’s also using her Gundam as a weapon!

The vampire lady then can’t contain her anger.

“Why… Why! Why did you put Another Gundam series weapons on the New Universal Century!! This pla-model is from the New Universal Centure! But the flashy rifle and shield with flashy decoration in addition to this back pack with the useless huge wings on it is from Another Gundam! I can’t forgive you!”

The lady then pointed at her own Gunpla.

“A simple yet effective rifle! Humble but practical shield! Backpack without any useless items but only consisting of the Burner and Saber Holder! This is the true Gundam! Unless it’s the New Universal Century, you can’t call others true Doll Armour!”

Hearing that, Seekvaria’san retaliated.

“So you are… New Universal Century fan? And looking at your stare, you seem to distaste Another. There are extreme factions who consider Another Gundam as like their family enemy. So, you’re one of those.”

“If you’re one of those Another clan, then I can understand you. But to mix match the Another and New Universal Century… as long as my eyes stay red I cannot accept that!”

When the vampire shouts filled with rage, Seekvaira-san made an expression filled with sorrow.

“… You poor one…it is because of New Universal Century and Another that the current Gundam exists right now. If you deny the existence of one then the Gundam as we know it right now won’t exist.”

“How come you don’t know that it is because of those weak and diluted sense from those mania from the previous series that it is the reason why they have corrupted the production company and the young viewers?!”

“That’s just their ego.”


… Me, Asia, Alivian-san and Elmenhilde couldn’t do anything but to just look at this scene with <?..

… I-I can’t really say anything to this.

… I couldn’t do anything but to grab my hair and just fall onto the ground there.

…My god! In this remote forest in the remote countryside, a Devil and a vampire are fighting over the topic of Gundam of all things!

Just then, Alivian-san enacted a magic circle and nodded his head. Looks like he’s doing something right now..

“It looks like a few villagers are inside that mansion… everyone is just creating Gunpla with dead eyes.”

The vampire lady then made a shrill laugh hearing that.

“Fufufu. These villagers are troops that were selected to create my peerage! I then bring life into the completed ones and I can control them! This is what I truly wanted after leaving my home country and my former master!”

Wait what?! Are you saying that these Gunplas are your peerage?! So, for just that, you betrayed your homeland, became a devil and in the end, you are controlling the villagers and gathered them here?!

No really!” you really dragged the villagers to build you the Gunpla!

After figuring out the current situation, Alivian-san then said.

“So, it seems like the new person living here which the toy store owner referred to must be her. And the things she bought were also Gunplas. And the reason why she bit the target wasn’t to turn them into her peerage but to build her peerage <Gunplas>… seriously I’m lost for words.”

I agree with you! My second home is being threatened by a Gundam otaku(at that a brutal New Universal Century fan)!

Vampire lady shouted rejoicing.

“These humans are nothing more than staffs who build my peerage… nothing more than a tool. Fufufu, after building factories all over the places, I’ll mass produce them. And if I succeed in doing so, I’ve got nothing to worry about that lot from the Carmilla Faction!”

!! So to build your Gunpla… no to build your peerage you’re going to take advantage of these people. Not only is that but to create pla-model weapons based on an exorcist’s tools a dangerous creativity! This must be why she got chased out of her country!

While this was all happening, Elmenhilde had an expression like there was a constant question mark above her head. There’s no way that the pure-blooded vampire princess would understand the Gundam talk. Most likely even what that lady proclaimed as well as the topic of Gunpla will sound mysterious to her.

“… Gundam… it’s something that even the Heiress of House of Agares gets emotional about and something that have tempted such a vampire… what is this? Will I be able to understand it better if I visit that toy store again?”

“Stop! You’ll get sucked in!”

I stopped Elmenhilde there! At this point, to get her hands on one of those is like making a deal with a devil!

“I-I also want to build one of those when I get back home!”

“Not you too, Asia!”

I can’t send our Asia into New Universal Century world as well!

Then the Vampire lady and Seekvaria-san, whose emotions got the better of them, took a battle stance!

“This mansion is a place where I can use an Airbrush without getting any noise complaint! If you bother me, then I’ll destroy you!”

“As Archduke Agares, I cannot let you get away with such evil! And there’s no way that your soul will be able to reach the Gunpla that you haven’t even built yourself!”

In the middle of the night, when the Gundam Gunplas controlled by the power of the Vampire and devil respectively, were having brutal fight…a Gundam aerial battle, meanwhile I focused on Vampire exorcism while being bewildered.


Part 3

After finishing our job, we walked towards the road at the side of mountain… maybe because this is the first ever Gundam fight, I was still mentally tired from this ordeal…

That vampire lady was defeated after getting hit by our direct attacks and the villagers, who have been freed, returned to their home.

We gave that vampire to Elmenhilde. Using a Devil’s teleportation circle, she took the culprit to her home land. Since she’s a vampire and also a reincarnated devil, she’ll be tried under the Carmilla Faction and the underworld.

“… I left her in the mercy of jurisdiction of the Underworld and my country”

Elmenhilde finally relaxed after finishing her job.

“… She will soon be able to accept all the Gundam in near future…”

Seekvaria-san gave a little tear of remorse while looking at the sky.

… Uuugh, I’m always tired after getting involved with this person…

Just then, Elmenhilde asked me.

“… Sekiryuutei. Why did you save me before?”

I saved her from the attack aimed at her from that Gundam controlled by the vampire lady. So, she’s asking this question because of that.

“Well, it was a reflex action. And also… the feeling of wanting to protect your home… the place you hold dear is the same for humans, devils and vampires right?”


Elmenhilde didn’t reply back to me, neither did she mock my actions. She looks much cuter than she did before.

Elmenhilde put on her hood once again and…

“I thank you for aiding us tonight. I will be sure to repay back this kindness.”

… and she was saying [Good night] while trying to get away from here.

“Wait a second.”

Seekvaira-san stopped Elmenhilde.

“You, don’t you want to know more about Gundam?

Seekvaria-san said such a thing to her! She then pulled something out of a small magic circle… Gundam blu-ray boxset! Then Seekvaira-san handed that to Elmenhilde.

“Start with this one. You need to report this kind of thing to your superiors anyway right? If that’s the case, then you should research on the thing that person wanted to obtain going as far as betraying the country. This is just a research material. Yup only a research material.”

After taking the boxset from her, Elmenhilde could only reply with [T-That’ is so…] and took it with her! Seekvaira-san is trying to make more Gundam fans using this opportunity!

Seeing that scene, Alivian-san said something.

“Well we surely will have more chance to cooperate between Elmenhilde-sama and [DxD]. It’s good to have such a connection at this stage.”

I still think she only want to increase Gundam fans….

W-Well I’ll leave that to the Heiress of Archduke!

Just like that, the [Stray Devil] elimination has cone to conclusion…


… Me and Asia snuck into grandma’s house before our parents woke up but…

“Ara, Ise, Asia. You guys are just coming back.”

Grandma came out of the house suddenly!

“A-Ah, T-This is…!”

“T-That is…!”

We didn’t even prepare any excuses since we didn’t think we’ll get caught! Never thought that grandma would notice us going out in the night!

Grandma took us to the living room… there was a hot meal prepared for us. It was udon with plenty of meat, vegetables and mocha left over from the new year.

“It must have been cold out there right? Come on, have some.”

We thanked her and ate our meal. Maybe we were quite hungry after that ordeal we couldn’t stop eating it.

While looking at my face, Grandma said to me.

“… even before grandma realise, Ise became able to make such manly expressions.”

Then grandma smiled brightly.

… she doesn’t know that I’m a devil now, but I’m sure she can feel that I’ve grown. I’m so happy to hear that. I’m glad I was able to save this place.

… While I was thinking that, grandma touched her lips with her hand and made a cheeky expression.

“… well, since you guys are so young, it’s not impossible to keep doing that for the entire night. So Ise and Asia have that kind of relationship already.”

!!!!! I choked up the noodles that were in my mouth!

Wooooooah! She’s got such a big misunderstanding?! It wasn’t an all-night XXX course with Asia!

Damn it, this perversion is definitely genetic! I want to think that… I’m glad to be born from this family!

That was what I thought during my winter holiday as a second year high schooler.

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