hello again! (quick update)

ever since my videos was taken down and my channel shut down, i really didn’t do anything much. i may have been upset (very slightly?) but i was also relived. i knew that this was started as hobby and it wasn’t going to be something i will be doing forever, so when the videos were forcibly taken down, there was part of me that though “you know what? i had good run”.

first thing i want to say is that i might have found the reason why my videos were taken down. and i’m not going to lie, i am excited about this just a little bit.

it has been announced that MangaGamer (https://www.mangagamer.com/) have signed to publish Sono Hanabira visual novels in west! currently, they have only announced the release of all age version novels on steam, and have not confirmed on if any of previous releases will be translated as well but i think this is good move in general. now we might have legal source of playing Sono Hanabira games 🙂

second thing is that i have decided to at least upload all the videos that does not infringe on Copyright Claims onto YouTube again. i am still not sure if this is wise to do but only time will tell.

this is new channel that videos will be uploaded to