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Translator: daniel Yang

Editor/QC: Alexis138


On Baka Tsuki

(Team Members)

Power 3. A Mad Feast of Power and Technique Begins


Part 1

The day of the battle between [Team Imperial Purpure] and [Team Spear of Heavenly Emperor]…

I, Hyoudou Issei, came to the floating city of Agreas in the land of House of Agares where the match is about to happen. That’s right, this city, which was taken from Qlippoth before, have turned into a spot for the battle once all the checks have completed to make sure it was safe.

Both the current and former members of ORC and student council decided to meet up and watch the match in the VIP room having prepared for this match.

With this place being the holy place of rating game, the normal seats were filled to the brim.

Amid all that, the announcer, Naud Gamigin-san, who is same one as ours, shouted louder than the audience.

[Now the match that all of you were waiting for is about to begin! The top player of the elite group of the young devils [Rookies Four] Sairaorg Bael-san, owner and wielder of the strongest Longinus holy spear… Cao Cao! The two teams that they lead have created such overwhelming hype even before the match begins! Now we’ll be introducing to you our casters for this game.]

When the camera focused on the person next to him, we saw a God in child form, Shiva!

[How’s it going everyone. It’s the host of this tournament, Shiva.]

He said that with a smile on his face but… why is the God of Destruction and the host of this tournament casting the game!

Looks like even Naud-san is tense.

[Since the God of Destruction himself is in attendance, even I’m getting tensed up!]

[Hahaha! Don’t be. If some bad guys decided to come at us right now I’ll get rid of them easy. Even if that’s a god, that’ll be no problem.]

And he goes off and say something like that! It is true that if Shiva is here, this will be the safest place in the universe but still!

Naud-san, also having heard the god’s joke, just said [I-It really is reassuring] and was clearly lost for words… after dry coughing once he then resumed shouting into the microphone.

[Now the game in which the VIPs from all over the faction are having all of their interest in will be starting shortly!]

Well that’s that but this is really interesting! In the same arena that we and Sairaorg-san fought before, it’s now going to be a match between Sairaorg-san and Cao Cao!

The two teams were already glaring at each other on the field. Both sides were emitting such dangerous and unspeakable killing intent from their bodies.

The field was… not the rock island that we fought before. This time it was changed to the official tournament field, although they will be teleported to the playing field soon anyway.

And there was a reason why the match hasn’t yet started.

Cao Cao’s [Queen] has yet to arrive.

… Both the audiences and us were paying close attention to the [Queen].

Rias opened her mouth.

“… When the members were announced for Cao Cao’s team, I’m sure everyone was surprised.”

Yes, she’s right… that’s because on the list of names even someone thick headed like me recognised.

While the audiences were murmuring to themselves, the [Queen] finally appeared.

Through the entrance that Cao Cao’s team has entered, we all heard the sound of horse hooves and suddenly, a gigantic red horse showed itself! And everyone’s attention focused on to the rider!

[…. I apologise for my tardiness.]

The person who showed up saying that was… a giant wearing a green Chinese armour!

This long-bearded person had such overwhelming aura to the point it could be felt over the monitor.

He was wielding his Green Dragon Crescent Blade on one hand as well.

When that giant mounted off from his red horse, Cao Cao made a pose of wrapping his right fist with his left hand… Baoquan li and greeted him.

[No, it was an entrance fitting of your name, Guan Gong]

When Cao Cao uttered the name [Guan Gong] everyone in the stadium couldn’t hide their shock!

[Guan Gong]… Or the name for when he was alive Guan Yu! One of heroes of Three Kingdoms!

Caster Naud-san shouted on top of his lungs once Guan Yu appeared!

[H-Heeeeeeeeeere he comes! Team Cao Cao’s [Queen], U-U-U-U-Ultimate god-class being! A person who’s been one of the most popular people in the human world Guan Gong! He’s a being who is revered as a god in many countries! The once hero of Three Kingdoms General Guan Yu!!! That Guan Gong has entered this Rating Game!!!]

Yes! It’s Guan Yu, that Guan Yu from Three Kingdoms! He’s someone even a thick-headed person like myself know of! I did hear a legend that once he died, he was worshipped and ended up becoming a god but still…

Shiva explained.

[The person who made Guan Yu participate in this game was that god… Indra. The members of Cao Cao’s team are all trouble makers of [Khaos Brigade]’s Hero Faction after all. Even if I, one of the hosts of this tournament allow their participation, people would be wary, so Indra sent someone who is in charge of their lives along with them… an overseer if you will. Since if they put General Guan Yu, who have been revered, both before and after death, as an ex-terrorist’s overseer, then people would feel safer.]

Shiva’s actually really good at casting… But really, is that the reason why Indra puts heroes such as Guan Yu with Cao Cao’s team…

“They probably gave Guan Gong an order to cut their head off if they start something sketchy.”

… Kiba said that in a small voice. Well, they are participating in a public tournament so that kind of precaution will be normal…

“I wonder if there is a reason why he’s so late in joining the tournament?”

I asked around. It is weird that he is just joining his team now.

Sona-senpai, who is watching the tournament with us, answered.

“It is most likely that he has been busy since becoming the god of commerce. I heard that any god of commerce in any faction is busy all year around.”

Ah~ that makes sense. I did hear that there are many shrines which serves Guan Yu all over the world.

When Guan Yu… Guan Gong appeared, the leader of the opposite team, Sairaorg-san, stepped forward and asked Guan Gong a question!

[Are you wielding your weapon along with Cao Cao once again?]

Responding to that, Guan Gong streaked his beard and answered Sairaorg-san.

[It’s just that I’m remembering the old days, the Great King of Destruction-san.]

That scene…. Knowing so little of history, that scene just looked like two incredibly strong people having a chatter but…

Others were groaning a little while keeping a close eye between those two.

“For General Guan Yu, a person who were so loyal toward Liu Bi, to stand next to Cao Cao even if he’s a descendant of the real one…“

Sitri-peerage’s [Queen] Shina-senpai spoke with her hand on her chin.

Following that, Koneko spoke as if she’s explaining things for me.

“Once, Guan Yu used to be Cao Cao’s POW. Cao Cao, who took a liking of Guan Yu, tried to recruit him as his general but Guan Yu was said to have stayed loyal to Liu Bi and went back to him in a later date.”

There might have been a story like that when I researched about Cao Cao before… I was recently researching about the historic Cao Cao in order to make some plans against the current Cao Cao.

I should research about Liu Bi later. I might face off against him on a later date.

With her arms crossed, Rias’s expression froze.

“As a hero, this might be a duty that only he can perform.”

While we were focusing on the conversation between Sairaorg-san and Guan Gong, Naud-san explained today’s game rules having checked that everyone arrived.

[This game is current going to be [Audience Choice] format! Audiences both in the living room and currently in the arena, please choose from the many rules that you would like to watch!]

That’s right! Prior to the match, they asked the audience, both in the arena and watching on the television, what rule these two teams will be playing by! This was a festive type of match which was being broadcasted to the public, so they raised the entertainment value by doing such a thing!

They normally use this system when two popular teams face off, and even during normal Rating games it was quite a popular system amongst fans.

It is understandable that if you are a fan of this game, then you would want to watch the two most famous teams fight in a match most fitting of their hype.

Of course, everyone in the ORC including myself have casted a vote… now which one will be picked?

The players, audience and our eyes all watched the giant monitor.

Naud-san continued.

[The rule with the most vote will be used! Now what rule will everyone here have chosen? It’s getting exciting!]

The names of the rules are randomly flashing before our eyes and finally one was chosen.

[The results are in!]

The rule that was chosen was … [Lightning Pace]!

Seeing the result, Naud-san got excited while the audiences cheered loudly!

[Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I can’t believe it! I-It’s been decided! The format that everyone has voted on is… [Lightning Pace]! A rule famous for its short blitz fights!]


Out of all rules in the Rating game, this one has the smallest area as well as the lowest time limit! That’s why matches like these usually involve blitz style fights!

“… Looks like everyone want to see these two facing off head to head instead of using tactics.”

Ravel spoke.

…. I understand that feeling! Even I had to choose between this and the normal rule, and ended up picking the normal rule in the end. As a [King] I wanted to see how these two teams will move around the arena! But personally, I really want to watch the [Lightning Pace] match!

The mood inside the arena rose up dramatically. Within those moments, Cao Cao stepped forward and initiated a conversation with Sairaorg.

[Sairaorg Bael. I’ve got an offer for you.]

The cameras all focused on Cao Cao now.

While making a confident smile, Cao Cao continued.

[Whatever happens in this match, there are things you and I must do. I will strive forward towards victory and…]

Even while Cao Cao and Sairaorg-san walked towards each other, Cao Cao didn’t stop speaking.

[… I will wait for you at the centre of the field. You know what that means right?]

Both teams were surprised at his proclaimation.

That’s to be expected… that announcement was…!

With such a confident smile on his face, Sairaorg-san asked.

[Are you perhaps suggesting a 1-on-1 dual between the [King]s?]

[That is what you want also, right? Of course, I’m including your Longinus.]

………………..!!!! I, no everyone in this room right now all froze at what we’ve just witnessed!

Even when we were all anxiously watching, Naud-san continued to shout into this microphone.

[Such a provocative statement! Cao Cao has just offered a dual against Sairaorg-san in a fair and square fight!!!!!!]

After sending his challenge, Cao Cao added.

[You might be suspicious when it comes to my offer of 1-on-1 battle. Well I am a brutal villain after all… I am pretty not trustworthy… However, I swear on a person that I am looking forward to our dual.]

Once again, Sairaorg-san returned with a question.

[Swear upon? To whom I wonder? To Indra whom you serve? Or your ancestor that you proclaim you’re from?]

Cao Cao answered his questions straight away. The camera was focusing on his face the entire time.

[… I swear upon the name of Hyoudou Issei.]


When he said that, everyone currently here were all astounded!

… I also couldn’t help but to stand up at his words!

….. That bastard…!!! You’re swearing on my behalf…! I… can’t even be angry at that! My rival is currently swearing on my behalf to have a fair fight! My chest is just burning up with emotions right now!

Hearing Cao Cao’s words, an unbelievable amount of fighting aura came off from Sairaorg-san.

Seeing that, Cao Cao asked in delight.

[Can’t you believe me still?]

Between these two… the strength of their auras colliding could be felt over the monitor. It’s as if the space itself is about to collapse.

While returning to his team, Sairaorg-san spoke.

[No, since his name is uttered, there’s no reason to not… I will defeat you at the centre of the field!!!]

Those two are having conversation that’s making even me fired up…!

Seeing what happened in front of him, Saji said in a slightly rough voice.

“Sairaorg-sama will not trust Cao Cao at all, and Cao Cao also will think of Sairaorg-sama as someone that he must defeat one day. But Hyoudou.”

Rias continued from Saji.

“For the two of them there, Ise.. the pledge in which they have done in your name is that important.”

And thus, began the fight between the Team Imperial Purpure Sairaorg-san and Spear of the Heavenly Emperor Cao Cao.




Team Members

Team Imperial Purpure Registered Members.


[King] – Sairaorg Bael

[Queen] – Kuisha Abaddon

[Rook] – Sectaas Barbatos (Magdaran Bael’s [Queen])

[Rook] – Ladora Buné

[Knight] – Beruka Furcas

[Knight] – Liban Crocell

[Bishop] – Misteeta Sabnock

[Bishop] – Veves Furfur (Magdaran Bael’s [Bishop])

[Pawn (5)] – Regulus

[Pawn (2)] – Gandoma Balam (Previousely [Rook])

Subtitute: [Bishop] – Coriana Andrealphus (Subtitute player against Cao Cao’s team.)


Team Spear of Heavenly Emperor Registered Members.

[King] – Cao Cao

[Queen] – Guan Gong (God-tier class)

[Rook] – Hercules

[Rook] – Connla (User of Sacred Gear [Night Reflection])

[Knight] – Jeanne

[Knight] – Perseus

[Bishop] – Georg

[Bishop] – Marsilio (User of Sacred Gear [Dreamlike Curse])

[Pawn] X 8 – 8 Former members of Hero Faction.

  1. Team Imperial Purpure is centred around the peerage of Sairaorg Bael and the peerage of his younger brother, Magdaran Bael, who are currently acting as sub-members. They exchange members depending on the situation at hand.
  2. The [Pawn] of Team Imperial Purpure, Regulus, is irregular being known as Longinus itself. Therefore, there are no accurate measure of its worth of Evil Pieces, and the current value is given as an estimate after careful consideration of events up until now.
  3. Including their [[King] Cao Cao, the members of the Team Spear of Heavenly Emperor have been registered using their alias but not their true names.

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