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On Baka-Tsuki


Chapter 3

There’s a nationwide franchised Family Restaurant in walking distance from our school.

Not even three minutes have passed since meeting with Kiryuu-san and we are already in sync with each other, I wonder if we were husband and wife in the past life. We soon reached a conclusion that we should move somewhere and talk more slowly and thus we headed towards the Family Restaurant.

Restaurant is full of various customers. Everyone from students to families were there , me and Kiryuu-san decided to seat towards the inner part of the restaurant at smoking area and called the waitress to take our order.

I ordered Black coffee for me.

…… To be honest I have no idea why people drink such a thing, but since I’m a man it has to be black. Because it’s cool that way.

Kiryuu-san seemed like he was starved as he ordered huge amount of food including Omelette Rice, Hamberg steak, Pasta Carbonara, choco-parfait etc.

“It’s not bad, these kind things.”

After consuming all the food in front of him, he spoke while narrowing his eyes gloomily.

With mild gaze he looked at people around us. Student couple who are not even trying to hide that they have recently became a couple (go die!), to a child eating his children’s set happily with his mother next to him.

“Even in this rotten world, there are plenty of laughing faces. Maybe that is enough reason for this world’s continuous existence.”

What the hell is he saying is definitely not what I’m thinking. I know, Kiryu-san, I understand you.

Understanding everything he is saying, I agreed in exaggerated fashion.

”These moments in our daily lives that can even make us forget the madness of battlefield… it definitely isn’t bad.”

“… To forget. Maybe to lose all our memories might be the happiest thing we could ask for. However… that’s impossible for me. Tragedy dyed red with blood, chain reaction of hatred, they won’t be erased however long I wait… I right now can still remember the faces of those who faded away.”

“First… so that means you still…”

Finish at ‘still’. You can’t interrupt the other’s flow.

Oh and FYI, we are now calling each other ‘First’ and ‘Guilthia’.

“Damn… such a useless power.”

He speaks with expression full of sadness and pain.

I think he has Photographic memory ability. Ability that makes you not forgets something after seeing it for the first time. It may seem like a handy ability but, it really isn’t.

Humans… Have this blessing called oblivion. Not being able to forget a painful past, that is what you can call hell.

… Except, before coming here this guy just said ‘Let’s go to that Family Restaurant over there. Ah, eh what was the name there… Can’t remember’, but let’s not get into detail right now.

It’s totally ‘Making myself look cool by having ability I don’t want’ scenario.

“… Keke”

Kiryuu-san wiped resenting expression from his face and now smiled like he is having fun.

“Ando, is your real name Jurai? That’s really cool.”

Since he called me Ando I understood that we are no longer talking in chunni.

It seems like Kiryu-san also understand deep inside his head that things he does is just a make-believe like me.

Which means he’s not totally out of his mind. He is able to distinguish TPO <TN Time, Place Occasion> and switch between ON and OFF mode.

I don’t want to acknowledge this but… I am still Ando Jurai. Although if I constantly think about fictional scenarios I feel like I might really become deluded.

Well, at least I’ve awakened my ability now. Kuku.

“Thank you very much. But Kiryu-san’s name Kiryu is also really cool.”

“Well that’s true. I really like my surname, but I’m not too fond of my name Hajime.”

“Is that so? I think its fine. It’s similar to Saito Hajime of Shinsengumi.”

“True, Saito Hajime is definitely cool.”

“I’m more fan of Saito than Kenshin.”

“Same, same. Gatotsu is definitely a killer move.”

Obviously when we are talking about Saito Hajime we aren’t talking about the real person, but the character from Rurouni kenshin!

“Talking about Gatotsu, you know those people who shout ‘Gatotsu!’ with stick or umbrella on their right hand? That really pisses me off. Those who don’t know that the origin of Gatotsu came from left hand jab shouldn’t be allowed to play with such technique.”

“Yeah that pisses me off! I totally understand you there! It gets worse when you meet someone who barely has any knowledge of it too. For example, noisy girls who go and say things like ‘Chopper is so cute!’ even though they don’t even read One Piece.”

“So true! That is so annoying, annoying girls.”

We are really in sync.

Damn, I really enjoy talking to this guy.

“But I think you’ve got amazing naming sense making Hajime(一) into ‘First’, and joining word ‘Lucifer’. [Kiryu Heldkaiser Luci-First]. Really, I’m falling in love with that name.”

“Don’t give me such praise; your name is also great. Also those Alias and Technique Names written in that [Bloody Bible], they are all marvellous.”

Oh… Right, this guy read my [Bloody Bible].

It’s embarrassing, but since I got praised I’m happy.

“Power to restore anything… [Route of Origin], this here you are combining the meaning of Route as in road, and Root meaning beginning right? That’s good naming sense.”

How does he know even when I didn’t explain it to him?!

Wow wow wow, I’m so happy!

That was something I never mentioned to anyone since it’ll be like explaining my own joke to them!

“This one was also good, Dark flames of Purgatory… [Dark and Dark]. It’s cool using the word ‘Dark’ twice.”

Spot on! It’s important to say it twice!

Aaaah really. I like this guy!

I want to marry him!

“I’m guessing that simple names are to your taste?”

“If you say it like that yes. I like to make names with four letters and give it long Ruby.”

“For me, I like longer names. Ones that can easily make a sentence.”

“Ah~ that’s also great.”

Well, this is all down to personal preference.

“Ah, sorry. I’ve got a call.”

Kiryu-san pulled out his phone and suddenly changed his expression to serious expression.

“Reatier? It’s me.”


That was definitely not name of human!

Maybe he’s faking the call even though no one called him just to try sounding mysterious. Even then, I won’t ask.

“What? Oioi, that’s job for you [War Management Committee], don’t push your mistake onto me.”

I won’t ask.

“Those guys who are trying to destroy the system [P], you are saying that let’s pause the war right now and all of us go and kill them off. So boring.”

He’s explaining his conversation in such detail but, I won’t ask.

“Fine, I’ll do it. I was planning on squishing those guys sooner or later. I’ll teach them once and for all who the true emperor of this war is.”

I won’t ask.

“Power on par with God? Don’t care. Whether they are God or whatever else. if they stand in front of my way… will be sent to the heavenly hell.”

Kiryu-san finished his call and said to me.

“Sorry. It was from manager where I part-time.”

Such lies! That phrase came so close to my mouth but I still didn’t ask about the details.

It’s our manner.

Well that’s that, but making fake calls looks fun, maybe I should start doing it too.

“What were we talking about? Ah, yes yes, Chuuni names.”


I felt the heat has died down a bit.


At his subtle nuance, how should I say it, the enjoyable feeling has died down a bit.

This confirms that Kiryu-san knows he is indeed one of Chuunibyou.

Chuunibyou is definitely cool but… nevertheless you still feel the contempt in the word Chuunibyou.

“Hey, what’s up. You face is dark.”

“Nothing… So, Kiryu-san thinks people like us are Chuunis?”

“Hmm? Yeah.”

At my question Kiryu-san smiled softly and answered.

“Yeah well if you think about it, the word Chuunibyou is definitely used to discriminate, it is not something you give it to yourself. It’s not something to be happy about being called…”

He leaned forward and said such things like he’s seen my mind.

“Do you know of [Don Quixote]?”

“… Ah, um. You mean that mall?”

“That’s Don Quijote.”

“One of shichibukai (warlord) from One Piece…”

“That’s Donquixote Doflamingo. He was the inspiration of it.“

Kiryu-san then proceeded to explain in detail without showing any frustration.

[Don Quixote]

17th century novel written by Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes.

The story is about this low-class Nobel who has read so many stories that he himself believes that he is a legendary knight, gave himself a grandiose title ‘Don Quixote’, riding on his old horse Rocinante he goes on an adventure to right the all that is wrong in this world with his servant Sancho Panzer.

It’s a story where he is captured within his own imagination he decides that a country girl to be princess that long for him, thinking wind mill to be a monster and charging toward it, he goes in an adventure repeating things that makes him look like a weirdo.

Heh, I never knew of this story.

I have previously dived into Greek mythology, Bible and occult but I don’t know well with such literature.

… Well even though I said ‘dived in’ it’s more like reading Wikipedia article and just snicker.

Dived in, more like dipping the toe in.

But… this [Don Quixote] story takes priority right now. The main character, he’s really like……

“You think he’s got bad case of Chuunibyou right?”

At his words I agreed. That’s right, this is Chuunibyou. He believes for certainty that he is special person; shout out his real name, not only that think of some original setting one after another.

What can we call it beside Chuunibyou?

“When [Don Quixote] got first published people thought of it as just a comedic novel where the main character does pitiful acts. But as time passed that opinion has changed.”

I naturally paid attention to the present voice that was explaining it to me.

Just like being pulled into invisible force.

“Dostoyevesky who’s famous for [Crime and Punishment] said about this novel that ‘the deepest and most paradoxical face of human soul has been wonderfully extracted by great poet, person who penetrate inside human mind.’. ‘From all the books that have been created by geniuses hand this is the best and most sorrowful story.’ And gave this book a high praise.”

“… Highly praised a book, where main character is Chuunibyou.”

Deepest and most paradoxical face.

Best and most sorrowful story.

“The word Chuunibyou came into existence only recently. However the element of Chuunibyou existed ever since [Don Quixote] era. No, ever since long ago, I’m sure that concept of Chuunibyou existed ever since Human kind has been born and societies have developed.”

And thus only recently they have been able to name these phenomena.

Kiryu-san finished his sentence and fixed his sunglasses. Just then, I felt like his right eye gave off strange shine.

“Hey Ando. What’s your understanding of Chuunibyou.”

At sunned question I stuttered but somehow I brought words out of my mouth.

“I… think it’s about not lying to yourself.”

I said answer that I gave before.

Although I was embarrassed, I suppressed such feelings and spoke out my mind.

I felt that against this guy I need to at least do that much.

“Good answer, but sounds abstract.”

Kiryuu-san pulled side of his mouth up and smiled like he’s enjoying this.

Fitting of expression of Smirk.

“The origin of Chuunibyou, although its types are different, is all the same. Start with self-denial, because they don’t like themselves or the world they are living in, so they make different a world for themselves or a false world. However that feeling can be said to be longing for self-acceptance.”


“As much as wanting to become different form of yourself, you want yourself right now to be accepted as well. Just as you want to become a hero in other world, you want to be praised in your current world. The never ending paradox of self-hatred and self-acceptance. This is the origin of Chuunibyou.”

“Never ending paradox…”

“Endless Paradox.”

I swallowed hard.

What… is this coincidence.

What… is this fate.

“Many human cannot endure this paradox and end up throwing it away. To become an ‘adult’. Then the person adopt into enviorment surrounding them and live on. Simply put, it’s a transition from ‘Me who’s different from this world. Is cool’ to ‘Me who adopted this world. Is cool’.”

Kiryu-san sighed at that point. The slightly sorrowful scene, with his delicate looks, make it looks like scene of goddess who deplore foolishness of human kind.

However in his eyes, quiet fury is burning.

“’Become an adult’, ‘Become an adult’… this guy and that guy all says same word like some fools. ‘To become an adult’ means ‘To become one who can live in society with others’. Most human think this is virtue and lives on. No, they want to believe this.”

“…… You are saying that ‘Becoming an adult’ is a bad thing?”

“That’s not it. Just that Chuunibyou and adults aren’t compatible, since chuunibyou is children’s privilege… but sometimes there comes guys like me and you ‘ones who can’t become adult’. Ones who can hold on to that paradox without change, stage 5 chuunibyou patients who can’t be treated.”

“It… sounds like superpower that comes up in supernatural battle. Like how everyone’s got the talent, but only the chosen one can unlock that potential.”

“That’s a good example. Well it’s something like that.”

Kiryu-san nodded like he was satisfied and took a cigarette out from his pocket. Spinning around his flashy zippo he lit his cigarette with swift motion.

… His zippo trick looks cool.

He must have practiced this lot back at his house.

“History of human kind can be called history of Chuunibyou. Edison who questioned the concept of 1 + 1. Copernicus who rejected the Geocentric model, Wright brothers who never doubted that we can fly, Einstein who doubted the light. Do you get it? People who made the world go around are Chuunibyous who said ‘Me who’s different from this world. Is cool’ till very end.”

I wonder how they will feel about treating great people from history as Chuuni patients but it’s not something farfetched.

I heard that people who are regarded as geniuses are also beyond weird.

“Power that controls this world is Chuuni.”

Declaring such thing, he smirked.

It was smile that looked down upon everything, but at the same time felt meaningess. <?>

Simply put, it was chuuni-style smile.

At that moment.

“Eh? Ando.”

At the entrance of the Family Restaurant, I saw familiar shadow.

“Tomoyo. What are you doing here?”

I asked her who was walking towards us.

Ah, I forgot to call her by her alias. Oh well, it’s bothersome now.

“I came here to study. I use this place quite a bit.”


“They went back. We said ‘Since Ando isn’t here, let’s enjoy ourselves and hang around the station too. We’ve all gone our way now.”

“What’s that tone saying it’s more fun without me?!”

“Ah, that’s….”

“Don’t stutter! What is this?! Am I being left out?!”


“Don’t just avoid eye contact! This actually feels real!”

“L-Let’s hang out together next time Ando.”

“That’s that ‘Next time’ that never comes right?! That’s “Next time” a way to deceive someone peculiar to Japanese people right?! There are plenty of foreigners who have trouble understanding that you know!”

“Leaving that aside Ando.”

This girl just evaded the matter. I do think that was just a joke but it’s really bad for my heart so I wish she quit it.

“Did you find your Vivre?”

“Don’t call it Vivre. Yeah I found it; this kind person picked it up for me.”

I gestured toward Kiryu-san. Tomoyo turned her attention towards him then.

“…… Eh?”

Her eye became wide open and her face froze, dropping her bag on the floor.


At that timing, Kiryu-san laughed.

“It’s been a while, [Endless Paradox].”

I’m surprised at words Kiryu-san said. That is Tomoyo’s……




Tomoyo spoke in cracked voice.

“E-Eh? N-Nii-chan?!”

At sudden revelation I couldn’t hide my shock. But Kiryu-san and Tomoyo ignored me and continued their conversation.

“It’s not Hajime-nii-chan. It’s Kiryu Heldkaiser Luci-First.”

“Again with your weird name…”

“Keke. I do think that this name has less of Chuuni power than your [Endless Paradox] you thought of when you were in Middle school.”

“D-Don’t talk about when I was in Middle school!”

It sounds like Tomoyo thought of [Endless Paradox] back when she was in Middle School.

That’s it then. Just as I thought. This girl, she was like that in the past.

High School debut I guess.

“S-Stop with your grining!”

Red faced Tomoyo shouted at me. But maybe she didn’t have anything to do with me, she turned her attention back to Kiryu-san.

“…… Hajime-nii-chan. When did you come back? Also that hair…”

“Ahh… Colour of this hair suddenly drained when that guy got slaughtered in front of me. Due to his anger toward this world and rage toward himself…”

“No, your hair turned back to black on its roots… and that red right eye of yours too..”

“You remember too right? This is… that guy’s right eye…”

“…… So today’s right side. You always changed which eye you put coloured lenses every day saying it’s not good for balance.”

“Is that so. That guy did put on that allusion on you right.”

“Who is this ‘that guy’…”

Kiryu-san who’s immersed in Chuunibyou and Tomoyo who’s rejecting it.

They looked very close to each other.

“… You know, Hajime-nii-chan. Why don’t you come back?”

“I refuse.”

“Everyone’s worried. Dad has also stopped being angry.”

“I said I refuse.”

His tone was full of anger and irritation. He, who was smiling ever since I met him, has shown his anger for the first time.

“Tell dad when you get back. ‘Please send this month’s allowance as well.’.”


Wait, what is this guy saying in angry tone.

Things he’s saying while angry sound so unsophisticated!

That mature talk about ‘becoming adult’ is all being washed away.

“If you’re going to run away then just become independent.”

Tomoyo deeply sighed. Her eyes were those of seeing her family’s embarrassments.

“We are being interrupted. Our phantasmal talk ends here, Guiltia.” <Thank you anime!>

Kiryu-san put out his cigarette and stood up.

“We were just able to renew our ties from past lives… it’s a pity.”

“We will meet again, First. If you are the chosen one.”



“What the hell are you guys talking about?! So disgusting!”

Please, don’t draw attention and don’t say disgusting.

Kiryu-san walked past Tomoyo toward the exit.

At that moment, he put his hand on her shoulder naturally. Tomoyo didn’t show her dislike and accepted that body contact like it was nothing.

It may sound strange, but with that I confirmed that these two are indeed family.

“Ah, that’s right Ando.”

On his way out, Kiryu-san called me ‘Ando’. Turning Chuunibyou mode off.

“I just heard your Chuunibyou name so, although it’s not like apologising or anything, but I’ll let you hear my name.”

“Ah, that’s fine. You don’t have to do that.”

“Don’t be like that, just listen.”

I guess he just wanted to say it.

Kiryu-san lowered his sunglasses and showed his eyes.

One pitch black and one crimson.

“Both madness and a weapon, a calamitous disaster, the power of destruction to even topple the heaven.


<Fallen Angel’s Hammer Drops on Fools [Lucifer Strike]>


… That is my detested name, and name of the power that can ruin this world.”



Doki-doki-doki-doki-doki. <TN: Supposed to be sound of heart beat>   <Editor: dhak is how we describe heartbeat  where I live, if you don’t like this one then thump thump is also an option >

From the bottom of my heart… My deepest part of soul is feeling, like being afraid of a mysterious being, or being delighted at an encounter with an unknown; the deepest part of my soul is boiling with emotions.

I have felt something from him that does not exist in realm of cool and uncool.

“[Dark and Dark]. Wheel of fate will lead you and I together. I will look forward to that moment and wait for you.”

Leaving mysterious words, he left the restaurant. Well since people like him and I often talk in mysterious ways and enjoy ourselves so I’m not too bothered.

Tomoyo sighed once again and sat where Kiryu-san was sitting until now.

“So he was Tomoyo’s brother…”

“Embarrassingly so.”

“What can I say… it’s hard to analyse his character. I can’t understand what he’s thinking at all.”

Not that I mind, in fact, I like it.

But from start to finish I couldn’t understand what he was thinking. It’s hard to judge which was joke and which he meant.

He gave off overwhelming aura, outline of his character was so fuzzy I couldn’t figure him out.

Just like a fog.

Like a thick fog that no matter how hard you tried, you will never get rid of.

“Yeah true. Hajime-nii-chan was like that ever since back then.”

“So Tomoyo’s incomparable sense is because of him.”


Tomoyo turned her face away, her cheek was a bit red.

Now that I think about it she did say that reason she know so much about manga and anime is because of her older brother. If you’ve got such overwhelming brother like him even if you hate it you will naturally know about these things one way or another.

“But wait? Kanzaki and Kiryu… aren’t your surnames different?”

“Yeah. We’re half-siblings.”

Half-siblings. I was wondering why they didn’t look alike, but to think that only half of their blood are same.

“We’ve got same dad but different mum. Kiryu is Hajime-nii-chan’s mother’s surname. We’ve been living together since childhood but, Kiryu-nii-chan’s been using his mother’s surname.”

“Ha, sounds complicated.”

“Do you want to hear the story?”

“Do you want to tell the story?”

“Not in particular.”

“Then that’s fine.”


Tomoyo then lowered her gaze toward the ash tray. She looked at the cigarette butt that Kiryu-san left, then as remembering her past started to talk about him.

“Hajime-nii-chan has always been great since past. Intelligent, clean cut, excellent in martial art. Always 1st or 2nd in High School mock test. He was in literature club in High School but in Middle School  he did athletics and competed in national event. Like Kudo Shinichi or Light Yagami’s level.”

“Woah, that’s brilliant.”

So he’s like easily way above average person’s levels then.

“But since a year ago he left word saying ‘This world is flawed’ and ran away from home, quitting university…”

“That’s awesome!”

It may seem cool, but it’s totally stupid thing to do!

It’s laughably stupid!

“Oh ho. So in order to find her missing brother, Tomoyo decided to join the literature club that her brother once was part of in order to find clues.”

“No, it’s not that cliché at all. I just joined literature club that’s all. It’s not like we’ve lost contact with him too…”

Tomoyo lowered and scratched back of her head looking embarrassed, she looked uncomfortable since little while ago. it seems like she’s bit embarrassed that someone saw her family.

There aren’t anyone who’s comfortable introducing their family member to their friend.

Me too, I get embarrassed when someone meets my sister.

“Hey Ando. Now that I think about it, Hajime-nii-chan called you [Dark and Dark].”

“Ah, he read my [Bloody Bible].”

“…… What?”

“What’s that with your blue face?! It’s fine! I actually got praised!”

“… Ah, is that so… Maybe he’ll praise such things. Well that’s that. You, although I don’t think you did, but you didn’t talk about out powers right?”

She looked at me like wanting to get an assurance.

“I didn’t. Don’t sell me short.”

I did think what would happen if I told him, but I wouldn’t really give our secret away.

We will not tell anyone of our powers.

This is what we decided in literature club.

“Okay, if that’s so.”

“… But. He was amazing person.”

I said it genuinely. Nothing like mocking him, but praising him from bottom of my heart.

He was someone I haven’t ever met in my life.

I can’t describe him but to say amazing. maybe he’s just too gone far, but weirdly I didn’t feel weired out by him.

“And also…”

I murmured while looking at receipt.

Adding everything 3,640 Yen (my coffee is 300 Yen).

“He just gave us his bill…”

“… Sorry. I’m really so sorry.”


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