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Extra Life. 1

Cross X Crisis.


Part 1

Inside training room under Hyoudou residence, two weapons crossed their blades.

Wearing training gloves, two people were colliding with each other as if they were dancing.

Sometimes they were slashing from top to bottom, others bottom to top. Time to time they were jabbing at each other.

They were avoiding each other’s attacks by hair’s breadth, and powerful attacks narrowly missed their cheeks.

Although their attacks were nullified by each other, both of them smiled.

“You’re not bad!”

“That’s what I should be saying!”

|— Shidou Irina is currently having practice match against my friend and old comrade Xenovia.

This is not our normal routine, but for some reason we are having one anyway.

I had trouble sleeping tonight so I came over here to the training room, and met Xenovia who was here before me. So in the end we ended up having this practice match.

Xenovia swung her sword and continued.

“We practiced with practice swords back then too!”

“What?! When did you mean?!”

Now that I think about it, Both Xenovia and I sure did have many fights like this. So I don’t know which period she’s talking about.

Xenovia then said while having strength competition by locking her sword against mine.

“I’m talking about first time we did this.”

— Kuu!

I then remembered back to that event.


Part 2

It was three years ago.

Back then when I was fourteen, after being blessed with the Holy Sword as a Wielder, for our lord and for the Church, I gave my all as Sword of our God.

The sword that I have received after being blessed is one of seven pieces of Excalibur, Holy Sword of Mimicry … [Excalibur Mimic].

That was very honourable and glorious moment. So not only me and my parents, but also people around me were celebrating of such fact that I was chosen to receive the Holy Sword.

At that time the Church had six out of seven swords, and Vatican, Protestant and Orthodox all had two swords each.

Therefore there are only two Protestant Excalibur wielders. Saying like that, I probably was quite underserving of the fact that I became one of the wielder of such sword.

“You have become Holy Sword user following your father’s footsteps.”

I’ve also heard that many times.

That’s right. My dad is also one of Church members, and was Holy Sword user who has been on many missions before. After moving overseas, thanks to my dad’s influence I’ve gone through rigorous training in order to become a warrior myself.

So when I was chosen to be one I was so happy. After inheriting the [Property of Light] at Blessing Ceremony, I became a person who uses Excalibur and fought enemies of the Church.

When I was about to get used to working as a warrior I was summoned to Vatican.

When I was moving toward the chapel inside Vatican, I had a fateful meeting. I was waiting inside a church when a middle aged male executive appeared next to me and said this.

“Warrior Irina. The reason we have summoned you here is because we’ve got a request for you.”

When I looked at him with doubt, the executive continued.

“We wish that you pair up with a certain warrior.”

Depending on the mission, teaming up with a person from different faction isn’t that rare. Normally warriors from same faction prefers to make up the combo or the team, but depending on the details of the mission, there are lot of cases where teaming up with different faction is necessary.

At that time it was the first time I’ve been combo-ed with Catholic warrior.

I heard that there could be friction between different factions, in order to avoid that I was introduced to the Vatican warrior cautiously.

The person that was brought in by the executive was… a long-haired Bishoujo.

She seems to be of similar age as me, but her eyes and the aura around her were razor sharp.

Just with a glance I could feel that she was someone who can be hard to get along with, she had a atmosphere around her that strangers can’t approach her easily.

The executive introduced her to me and said this.

“Warrior Irina. This person is Warrior Xenovia, who like you became Excalibur user at a young age….”

— Ku.

As soon as I heard her name, I realised her identity.

I heard a rumour that there was an Excalibur user who like me became the wielder of the Holy Sword at a young age.

Called by [Demon of Destruction], [Decapitating Princess] or [Violence permitted by God].

Warrior Xenovia…

The person that I was introduced to me was a girl who is known as Embodiment of Destruction.

As soon as I’ve realised who I was being introduced to, I was filled with nervousness. I’ve heard nothing but bad rumours about her. Like how person who got combo-ed with her got slashed by her, or how they got nearly destroyed just over a simple argument, or like how they were nearly erased from this world along with devil…

Thanks to all the bad rumours I’ve heard about her, as soon as I’ve identified what this girl in front of me was, I trembled.

This sharp eyed girl silently stared at me, and opened her mouth while raising something toward me…

“Want a banana? Banana’s a good snack. It becomes energy as soon as you eat it.”


While taking banana from her I made dumbfounded expression.

After looking at me and Xenovia the executive nodded his head.

“Hmm, I’m sorry to suggest such thing at people who’ve just met, but we wish that you guys fight each other with your weapons. There’s nothing better than fight to understand each other.”

After being escorted to training hall, Xenovia and I started our fight with training swords.


This girl attacked me from the front. It’s bold, but since she attacked me while identifying my movement, if all I did was to dodge her I would eventually be taken by her attack.

Xenovia back then had same energetic and exciting sword style.

Even a single hit will cause huge damage to me. Even though her opponent was a girl her age, Xenovia didn’t stop her barrage of attacks.

Attack without any hesitation, and from the look of her responding to my movement at once, I could feel chillingly that she had gotten her skill through countless amount of real combats. Its stark difference compared to me who built my skill through training, but even after few combats, still making textbook decisions. She was different to the core.

Keep dodging her attacks, I found a opening spot on her side.


I slashed my sword horizontally toward her side.

However even before my attack hit her, Xenovia grabbed my sword with her free hand.

As soon as my weapon was disarmed, her jab came toward my chest.

“…. Ku!”

Just before that attack hit me, I twisted my body to avoid the attack. And in turn I grabbed onto her sword.

“…. ….!”


While holding onto each other’s weapons, we glared at each other from short distance. Will the opponent send a kick toward me, or should I send a kick toward her, or should I head butt her… while we were predicting what the other was thinking of, the voice of executive that was watching this fight rang around the training hall.

“That’s it!”

Hearing that, we relaxed and let go of each other’s swords. While panting, she smiled at me for the first time and requested a hand shake.

“This is the first time finding a person my age that can fight me equal. I’m so happy.”

I still remember her bright smile. She was longing for a girl who had skill equal to hers.

That was the first encounter between me and Xenovia…


Part 3

“Listen well, Irina. You destroy any evil spirit who doesn’t listen well.”

While saying that, Xenovia slung her weapon, Holy Sword of Destruction—[Excalibur Destruction] on her shoulder.

Few days after the introduction, Xenovia and I got our first mission as Combo. We went to fulfil a mission to exorcise huge amount of evil spirits who were squatting in countryside abandoned house.

Normally they would be ones that ordinary exorcist will have trouble with, but for two Holy Sword wielders it’s a piece of cake.

One thing that I’ve learned about her ever since being in combo with her was that unlike her cool demeanour and endless knowledge in Devils and Evil Spirits, her fighting style is really bold and energetic.

Without holding back, she used the power of Excalibur Destruction wholly.

Before meeting her in person all I heard was terrifying stories of her, so I thought she would have a demeaning look and would be a rude girl, but never would I have thought she would be some girl of similar age as me.

Not only was that she’s cute. So much so that it won’t be surprising if boys our age will fall for her. Because of the aura she has around her, she’ll be popular amongst girls as well.


Covering her sword in cloth, Xenovia fiddled with her hair.

“What’s wrong?”

When I asked her…

“This hair is getting in the way.”

… And complained about her hair. She’s saying that her long hair is getting in the way of the fighting.

Among those who fight on the front lines, there are girls who prefer short hair style. If your hair is too long, there are chances of enemy grabbing on to them, or being used as medium for enchantment and so on, few negatives about it.

“Then you can just tie them together like I do.”

Just like her my hair is quite long. Back when I was living in Japan I liked playing together with this guy outside, so I kept it short. But when my body hit the puberty I started to keep them longer.

So right now I’m keeping it in twin ponytail.

When Xenovia looked at my hair she sighed.

“… If I can tie them well like you can I would, but I’m not really good at that kind of things. Beside even if I tie them like your hair, it won’t look good on me.”

‘Then you can keep it as one ponytail?’

… Is what I was going to say, but I’ve only just met her recently, so I don’t know what might piss her off. So I decided to keep my mouth shut.

Back then I was more worried about this combat suit that revealed quite a lot of skin. Even if they say it’s because it’s easier to move around during battle, I was repulsed at this tight skin body suit.

I mean its obvious right? I’m attending Junior High School. As I was hitting puberty, I was embarrassed of things that revealed my skin a lot. Meanwhile this girl similar age as me, forget about being indifferent, she seems like she didn’t care what so ever.

Stretching, then after praying toward the heaven, she said this.

“Well we finished without any incident. Irina, you hungry?”

Y-Yeah. “

Just like that, the first mission with her has come to a conclusion.

As soon as I got back to the headquarters, I reported my mission to them. But the guy over there was more interested in about Combo between me and Xenovia more than the Evil Spirit.

“… So Warrior Irina… What was it like the mission with Warrior Xenovia?”

The attitude of the executive back then was surely engraved to my memory even till now.

“Ah.. S-So… maybe that she’s got really energetic style to fighting or something…”

When I replied like that, the executive was confused for a second, and coughed dryly.

“Warrior Irina. We hope that you two stay close from now on.”

At that time I didn’t dream that that moment will affect my future… no my whole life.


After I returned from the mission I reported to my superior… Caesar Villiers -sama (Current J of one of Four Seraphs Uriel-sama) and he said.

“Looks like Vatican will like this. Probably saying something like [We’ve finally found someone who can work together with that troublemaker] or something like that.”

For those people at the headquarters, Xenovia is said to be quite troublesome girl. It was said that there was a high probability of conflict between agents in combo or team with her she would give them a bad impression of her. Since she fights using her unique style of combat skills, it’s getting in the way of majority of agents.

Maybe, no most definitely that bold and loose attack style is the reason why she’s getting hated. Using my Mimic, I cover her behind or aim at the enemy by breaking through the front line..

The attribute of Mimic, which changes their blade according to wielder’s will, has seen a great success in this mission.

But Xenovia is a gifted person who has been selected to be the wielder of Holy Sword from a young age. So Church must want to use her as most as possible, so they must have asked me, someone near her age and also fellow Holy Sword user, to be her partner.

My superior Caesar Villiers said this to me.

“There won’t be a problem if they send her on solo mission, but warriors can’t fight like that. There will be a time when they must call a combo or a team.  So at that time what can they do about a troublemaker who needs to be part of a combo or a team? They will need a stopper right? Irina, you have been chosen as that stopper.

That’s right; I was selected as her stopper. Thinking about the future, church is trying to get Xenovia to get used to team work by creating a combo with me.

I wonder if that is an honour or humiliation…

Probably both.

As a believer, fighting for our Lord brings us joy. But since I’ve been picked as her partner… it looks like trouble won’t be stopping any time soon.


Part 4

It was few months after that incident.

This happened after working on a mission with Xenovia.

After defeating a [Stray Devil] who had escaped to nearby country, we were resting in a hotel nearby.

Xenovia was touching her hair again as if they were getting annoying.

“”Why are you keeping the long hair after all that complaining?

Then I ask…

“Ah yeah, person from same home town as me is kept bothering me and saying that I should be more feminine. So I’m keeping the long hair.”

Xenovia said that while sighing.

That person she just mentioned would be Sister Griselda whom I meet later. That person was strict on her ever since this time. And it looked like Xenovia was running away from her and her lectures all the time.

“…I think you’ll look feminine with short hair though…”

With her looks she’ll look stunning even without long hair.

Xenovia got an old hair brush out from her pockets. It was quite simple for someone her age to carry around. Xenovia spoke while looking at that brush.

“Yeah, I’ve lived a life without knowing anything about ‘beauty’. If I can fight for our Lord then that’s enough to make me happy.”

“That’s same as me, but since you are a girl won’t it be nice to just dress up a little?”

“Will that be needed for mission?”

We are girls. In the future there might be a infiltration mission using our trait as [girls] since there are things only a girl can do.

“Since we’re both girls we might be needed for such missions. But during our personal life won’t it be better to care about things like that?”

When I said that Xenovia tilted her head.

“… it’s hard, this ‘beauty’ thing.”

It looks like her core value is far away from [Beauty].

But at the same time, since she’s so cute it feels like a waste not dressing her up.

And that hasn’t changed even now. High School student Xenovia’s figure is plenty beautiful.

Then when I got back to the hotel and was about to lie down on my bed after showering my sweat away, mission phone rang.

It was a call from my superior.

“Yes, Irina speaking.”

When I spoke, urgent voice tore into my ear drums.

[I realised that you guys have just finished your missions, but there’s something that we wish you to do.]

That was basically a call to ask us for another mission. It’s not rare for us to receive another mission on location.

[There was an incident in Country ‘I’, ‘T’ city that we monitor was ambushed by a vampire and turned the people into undead.]

Vampires… it was a being that us Church regard as one of arch enemy.

Like devils, they are beings who live in the darkness, but unlike Devils who makes contract and receive their reward from humans, Vampires exploit humans. No, it’s not an exaggeration to say they attack humans and suck their blood out.

In the past there were vampires whose influence reached the central power of their motherland.

Normally they would settle at places with lack of human interaction while maintaining their culture, but from time to time those who want to spread their influence in human settlements would appear. This probably is the scenario.

Not only that, they said this incident involves Undead. When humans with low tolerance against vampires get bitten, they become a living corps… an Undead.

Undead then attacks living humans and eat them alive, and then the bitten person becomes an Undead themselves and repeats the cycle. If this happens in densely populated area, number of Undead multiply exponentially.

…. They’re turning people into Undead… I dread how many people turned into Undead…

To resolve this situation, either Exorcist has to deal with this Undead, or the origin of Undead, Vampire must be killed.

[Three agents who have been deployed to resolve this situation have all martyred.]


I lost my words there. For three agents from Church to be killed off, this must be High level vampire, one of Pure-Blood ones.

Vampires belongs one of more advanced species in redeem of Evil Beings. For one of those to be Pure-Blood… the enemy won’t be easy to defeat.

[Only agents near that village who are A class or above are only you two. Won’t you please handle this situation? The target who has been attacked by the agents is already taking offensive stance… the location must be filled with villagers who have been turned into Undead by now.]


Closing my eyes, I gathered my breath and replied [Yes].

Looking at me, Xenovia already was packing her stuffs.

“Irina, what’s our mission now?”

“Xenovia, that’s…”

I told her the information that I’ve received just now.

“Well let’s go and see what we can do. It’ll be important to kill the vampire before damage gets out of control.”

She took the mission just like that, to reply I nodded my head.

“Xenovia and I will take care of things there. However, who is this vampire that we’ll be targeting?”

When I asked my superior, he replied back with even more concerned voice.

[… It looks like it’s a vampire from House of Manthar. From what we have gathers it looks like that vampire has entered that village after being exiled by his faction.]


I’ve heard of that name before. They are one of clans who belong of one of two Factions, [Tepes Faction]

As I expected, it looks like our opponent is Pure-Blood vampire.

This is the first time getting such an important mission like this after becoming Excalibur user… this is the first S-class mission that we’ve received after becoming a combo.

… For fourteen year old girls, won’t this be bit too much?

No, as people who have been chosen as Excalibur users, it’s a mission that we must carry out. Xenovia and I are young, but we aren’t going to decline our mission.

After finishing our preparations, we headed out.


The place we headed for was a countryside of a certain country. It was quiet place far away from any major city, and place filled with Wheat farm.

Although thanks to the Church many villagers have been evacuated, but we’ve also heard that many people have been sacrificed already.

This happened right after we’ve entered the village.

I felt an uncomfortable gaze all over my body, not only that, a thick fog filled the entire village instantly, I couldn’t see anything in front of me. This village under the dark has turned into totally unnatural ground.

… I’ve trained to be aware of my surroundings only with presences around me, and since I’ve trained to be able to move around in pitch dark, if this was a normal mission it wouldn’t have been a problem.

But this is a totally different case… Thick, humid and dense fog nulled my senses. Most likely that the Vampire was the one who created this fog, since controlling the fog is their speciality. For them this is their version of barrier and sensing ability.

Basically as soon as we’ve stepped into this land, our presence was known to the enemy. So there’s no need to hide from them.

This fog is also acting as barrier against their weakness, sunlight. It’s already an evening, but it’s still being used for sun block.

On top of that… smell of corpses was everywhere. Smell of rotting body hit my nose sharply.

While blocking my nose with my robe, I walked forward with Xenovia.

… Xenovia next to me was acting as if nothing is happening. She didn’t even block her nose.

She must be used to this smell. That shows how many hells she must have endured.

Xenovia then suddenly narrowed her eyes while staring at the fog in front of her.

“… They’re here.”

While saying that she took the cloth off form her sword.


Low and ominous noise were heard, and then a groan was heard over the fog.

And the thing that showed over the fog was… turned villagers. Blood was coming out from every part of their bodies, and flesh was missing from several parts of their bodies. And while dragging their intestines that are spewing out from their torn torso, they headed toward the living people.

These people have already met their end of life as human being. All they are now are beings hungry for living being’s flesh, and in order to get out from such thirst and hunger they will wonder around forever.

Without hesitation, Xenovia slashed the nearest Undead into two pieces.

The villager who has been slashed in half quickly turned into ash. The holy power of Excalibur has ultimate effect on Dark beings. Excalibur is like worst enemy against these beings.

Looking at the walking corps coming at me, I prepared myself.

“… I need to cut them down.”

… but while holding onto my sword, I still had doubt in my heart.

The reason was simple. I’ve been on many missions, but I have never slain other human… or undead for that matter.

If it was Evil Spirits or [Stray Devil] who have given pain and suffering to other people, then I have slain many of them.

But if the enemy is human, or being that used to be a human… this was the first time.

“You’ve never slain other human?”

Xenovia said that after looking at me who was still hesitant. Hearing that I realised that she had experience in this.


I’ve never killed a human… but if I’m living as a warrior then there will come a time where I will have to do so. As soon as being appointed as one, you will need to be prepared for that time.

Even then… at that time I was hesitant and scared of slaying humans.

End of my sword shook as my hands trembled.

Xenovia, who was eyeing me with side of her eyes while slaying undead villagers and a step forward.

“Is that so. Then you can watch my back, I’ll kill these!”

Without hesitation Xenovia swung her sword towards the Undead.

People who have become the undead instantly got destroyed and turned into ash.

… Meanwhile all I could do was kick or push the Undead.

… I’m so pathetic.

I was shocked at my own lack of resolve. Here I thought I gave everything up for the Lord, but it looks like I haven’t become a true warrior yet.

On the contrast the girl next to me who is fighting bravely was… she is the true Sword of the Lord. She is the true warrior of the Church.

And at that same instance, I felt fear. Fear from Xenovia.

To me that girl who had no hesitation what so ever at slaying what used to be a human… didn’t look like a human to me at that time.


After slaying the villagers who had turned into the Undead for a while, we have reached the village’s government centre that we’ve already heard from the mission brief.

According to information squad from the Church, they have noticed extra strong Dark aura from there.

The Vampire must be in that building.


Slaying the Undead, Xenovia made a path for us.

Breaking the glass door of the Hall building, we quickly blocked the door with chairs and table.

This was to make sure Undead aren’t coming in anymore.

After blocking everything, we searched the building.

… Light didn’t come on after switching it on, looks like electricity was cut.

Then this happened when we reached the second floor.

Someone’s voice boomed inside the building.

[Hmm, dogs of the church huh… look like those idiots sent the Holy Swords over, but for those to be these brats…]

With that voice we detected a dark aura. Every pores of our body froze, and then cold sweat came out. We’ve realised just with that sensation that our enemy is incredibly strong.

“You’ll be regretting if you go easy thinking we’re just brats.”

I bluffed toward the invisible enemy.

“Be willing and accept your fate, Vampire.”

Xenovia next to me was calm. Unlike me who just bluffing, she just said that naturally.

Just then, mocking laughter was heard.

[Kekeke… looks like it wasn’t enough to be exiled from my country, to hear that kind of things from brats with Holy Swords…]

Then fog cumulated into one place, and created a form of a man.

A man in attire that looks similar to ones from noble man of middle ages appeared. He even wore a cape.

Our opponent had neat appearance. No it won’t be weird to call him beautiful. He had such doll like features.

We didn’t feel any life inside of him. Just like a dead person his face was all white, and drew dark aura all over his body.

That man stared at us with his scarlet eyes.

[Being dogs from the Church, you guys must be virgins? Looks like tonight’s feast will be made from virgin’s blood and flesh.]

Vampire made a creepy smile on his face; he turned part of his body into a spider and attacked us!

Xenovia and I tried to attack the spider with our swords, but as soon as we lifted our arms the spider spewed out its web!

We dashed backward and avoided the black spider web. But I tripped over something that was on the hallway; I lost my balance and had to kneel down on one knee.

Spider web covered the building’s entire corridor. As soon as it touched the floor, everything melted around it. It looks like the web will dissolve anything it touches.

… There’s no way we can survive after getting hit by that.


Shouting that, the vampire disappeared into the hallway.

“You alright?”

Xenovia reached her hand towards me but…

“….. Ku!”

I dodged her hand. It was because of fear I felt from her moment ago.

Noticing from my reaction, Xenovia retracted her hand.

I stood up without saying anything else. In an instant there was awkward atmosphere between us two, but we didn’t have luxury to just wait around here all day. We then chased after the disappeared vampire.

“Stop right there!”

We slashed the spider in half, we chased after the vampire.

From corner of the hallway, not only spiders, but giant centipede and bats also appeared.

Vampires can either breed insects and bats, or they can change part of their bodies into them.

Every animal/plants they handle have grotesque form, and their natural instinct is fundamentally different from normal beings. So we can destroy them easily with our holy swords but…

Countless number of monsters came out all over the place!

Xenovia destroyed many monsters with one sweep with her Excalibur Destruction, and I changed my Excalibur Mimic into a thin whip and swung around it everywhere. The Excalibur that turned into a whip killed many monsters in one go.

The place that we’ve reached after running through the second floor hallway was… double door entrance.

Most likely a place where they have some kind of meeting or huge events, wide interior had podium at the front, and benches were neatly arranged in a row.

Few blueish flames appeared at the podium, and then the vampire man appeared. He had this irritating smile on his face.

[You guys aren’t that bad, dogs of the Church. So you guys are true wielders of Holy Swords at such young age huh.]

That man flung his cape, and called countless number of his monsters over.

… Protracted tactic huh. Looks like the opponent is trying to call all of his monsters until we get tired and no longer can fight.

Well all in fairness, we are holding the most dangerous weapon against vampires. There is no vampire that exists that does not fear Holy Swords.

So in order to take us out without touching these swords, he brought many of his minions here.

Also the vampire will be better at such tactic compared to us too.

… If we don’t hit that vampire at least once soon, we won’t be able to last long.

Just then when I was about to discuss with Xenovia on how we should tackle this…

She had her eyes wide open and was looking behind us… is there something behind my back?


She suddenly pulled my hand. She was pulling my hand away from the source of presence by the time I finally noticed it.

The spot that I was at just a second ago was covered in spider web and floor was melted down. Even without me noticing it, our back was compromised… if I stayed there for a second longer there won’t be even a piece of bone left of me.

Xenovia slashed the spider in half, and pulled me to back of the bench to hide.

Hiding our presence as much as possible, we hid our bodies.

Xenovia was looking around from back of the bench.

Then I had to ask her.

“… Why did you save me there?”

I rejected her hand just before.

In short, I rejected Xenovia. But Xenovia saved the life of such a partner.

Xenovia said in unassuming  tone.

“Hmm? That’s not much of importance right now. Right now we need to think how we can kill that thing… Irina, you too…”

While repressing all the emotions with my might, I replied to her.

“I.. thought you were scary…! That people who slays human who have turned into undead are scary. That you aren’t human like I am! But why did you save me….? You noticed what I was thinking from my actions right? If so, why did you save me in the first place?!”

She must have been shocked, she must have felt sorrow, and she must have thought she can’t forgive me.

I… hate myself. I hate myself for avoiding her. I can’t forgive myself.

Even when I thought her as my partner, I avoided her. She didn’t have to save me back there. She could have easily left me to die, but why did she go out and save me?

Her eyes were wide open and she was clearly shocked…. And scratched her cheeks and acted awkwardly.


After a long silence, she replied.

“… You are the only person my age… that talked to me. So I was happy…”


After hearing that, I couldn’t say anything back.

Xenovia, who always had a stoic expression, smiled and continued.

“You can hate me; I’m used to being hated. You thought that it’s scary how I killed human right? It’s alright. I… only think of this as something I must do as Lord’s sword.”

“Why…? Why are you going that far…?”

After hearing what I said, Xenovia narrowed her eyes and looked at her sword.

“… Only talent I’ve got is just swinging this thing. I’m useless except for handling the Holy Sword. I’m sorry, Irina. Even though I’m like this… I…. ”

She then looked at my eyes.

“I thought of you as my first comrade.”



I completely lost anything to say. She… thought of me as her comrade. That’s why she rescued me. Although she was being rejected, she rescued me.

She nodded her head, and she ran out there.

”So I’m so sorry! If nothing else, I’ll “

… Why is she apologising?

The person in the wrong is me, who rejected Xenovia. Back then, the person who should have killed the villagers who have turned into undead was supposed to be me. Person who stepped into the battlefield without even proper determination is me. Person who regarded being a warrior to be a high achievement, even though not being able to be resolved was also me.

… Why are you apologising to me? You’ve done nothing wrong…!

After blasting vampire’s monsters away, she finally got near to the vampire himself.

But even before the sword hit his body, he turned into a fog and disappeared.

That fog surrounded Xenovia, and easily dodged her sword.

And as soon as she created an opening, the fog materialised into vampire behind her.

The vampire grabbed her long hair, then pinned her so she couldn’t move an inch!

This is bad! These vampires are stronger than normal human, so it’s hard to get out of their grip!

Grabbing Xenovia, vampire laughed.

[Haha you dogs! You guys thought you guys can win against pure blood! Hahahaha! Even if you are Holy Sword users, you guys can’t win against me by force!]

Although she was caught by vampire, Xenovia was still defiant.

“… Hmmp, as a vampire who has been exiled from your country, you boast that you’re a Pure-Blood when you can’t even survive without abusing a simple human village…? Don’t joke around!”

Hearing that, Vampire’s face was filled with rage.

[… Damn dog, your mouth is will running wild…!]

Baring his fangs, he looked at Xenovia’s neck.

At this rate, she’s going to get her blood suck!

I… launched myself toward them!


While shouting her name, I changed my Mimic into a whip and slashed towards the vampire!

The vampire dodged the attack at the last minute, but he lost his balance for a bit and let go of Xenovia.

After being freed, she retreated next to me and fixed her posture.

She then asked me.

“Why did you help me? I’m… scary right?”

When she said that in a lonely tone, I forced a smile and shouted at her.

“I am… a warrior and user of the Holy Sword Excalibur…! You are my comrade…! So I can’t show you my stupid weak side!”

When I made such pathetic proclamation, she made dumbfounded expression, but quickly smiled a little

“… Is that so.”

After having such conversation, we fixed our attention and faced the vampire.

After charging at him, we split from left and right.

Xenovia swung her Excalibur Destruction towards the vampire, but the vampire easily dodged the attack. Just then, as if it had its own will, Excalibur Mimic twisted its body and spewed forward to pierce the enemy.

At the same time Xenovia swung her sword horizontally!

Finally sword scratched the vampire’s chest!

As the power of the sword is passed through the wound, smoke appeared from the area.

Looks like he’s taken some damage, his expression has darkened. But even when he was in pain, he managed a creepy smile.

[… Hmm, as expected it’s harder than I thought with two enemies…. However your power and skills are still lacking! Lacking I said!]

And he was correct. Our opponent has already identified our attack’s range and skills. At this rate he will try to use his minions from far away and cause another long distance attack.

As I thought before, as soon as we get into protracted warfare it’s all over. There no way that us, human, can beat vampire against such tactic.

The opponent is someone who has been said to have lived forever…

After hearing his words, Xenovia had confident smile on her face.

“Really? Then shall I let you taste that ‘power’ you want?”

Saying that, she held her right hand.

And then she chanted…

“Saint Peter. Saint Basil the Great. Saint Denis. Holy-Mother Mary. Please hear my voice.”

Area in front of her then warped around, and someone appeared form there. The object that appeared from the area was… single huge sword.


She then shouted holding the sword that was releasing holy aura everywhere.

“…. Durandal!”

Both the vampire and I were in shock.

[…!! D-Durandal?! N-No way! You can use such a thing?!]

No wonder he’s so surprised.

Durandal… it’s one of the legendary swords the Church is keeping right now. Just like Excalibur, it’s got enormous power.

…. And Xenovia just summoned such a sword!

Xenovia said while holding on to such sword that was emitting aggressive aura.

“I was originally selected as user of Durandal, and I got Excalibur as a side. Now, I shall let you taste that power I was lacking with this. This thing is much more dangerous and nastier than the Excalibur Destruction, whatever your blood is, it probably will kill you in one go?”

Even while she was saying that, the killing aura from the Durandal was destroying floor, ceiling, benches, whatever that were near her.

A sword that even I, who has been chosen as Excalibur user, can’t go near. She was just holding it there.

… So she was chosen for Durandal. That means she must have gone through even more hell than I would have.

She is… a genius who leaps myself ten folds.

Feeling the wave that Durandal was emitting, vampire’s face turned into fear itself.

[T-This brat is… User of Durandal?! T-This God’s dogggggg!]

Vampire summoned countless bats and spiders from his body, but holding onto her Durandal, Xenovia didn’t cowered.

“This is my only talent. Look closely.”

The strong aura that emitted from her swing filled the entire room!

Bright light filled my sight. After getting hit by its holy presence, vampire’s body slowly turned into ash.

[… I-I’ve been… I, who am a pure blood, have been…]

After not being able to accept his defeat, vampire sniggered.

[Kekeke… so the [Blood] of the past have come to present time and chosen that Mix-Breed… Both my own house and Carmilla Faction… Kekeke, turn to ruin without even realising what has hit them… By… the power of those Mix-Breeds…! Kahahahahahahaha!]

Laughing like a mad man, vampire dissolved into dust.

That was the final word of the vampire…


Part 5

“Ah~ that did happen.”

Finishing our training, we were sitting down on the training room floor and were reminiscing the past.

“That place was blown into pieces thanks to Durandal’s power.”

That’s right. The area around the building was destroyed thanks to the power released by Durandal. She’s done something fitting of her nickname [Demon of Desturction]

Back then Xenovia couldn’t use her Durandal freely like she does now, so the amount of holy power that was released when she used the sword was unbelievable.

So unless there was an order from above, she never took Durandal out.

In the end, we have defeated the vampire, but because she released the Durandal without any order she said she got done in by the superiors. It seems like she was also lectured in length by Sister Griselda.

Xenovia scowled her eyebrows and told me what happened back then.

“Well, after that incident the number of times we were combo-ed increased.”

I said as such. It seems like that the superiors thought I could surpriess Xenovia, in every mission that Xenovia was going; I was chosen as her partner.

And that continued until now, and in the end we became best friends.

“Sister Griselda was seriously mad at me back then.”

While making bitter smile, she touched the area of her hair where she dyed it green.


Actually there isn’t a footnote of sort to that story.

A while after that mission, I was shocked at the Xenovia’s look after long time of absence.

“… X-Xenovia, you…”

I noticed her hair style has changed.

She cut her hair short.

“Remember I was in danger thanks to getting caught by that vampire? Yeah I don’t think long hair sutis me well.”

Well her hair was caught back then but… the more concerning part was her partially dyed hair.

“Ah, I tried partially dying my hair green. What do you think? It’s cool right?”

Looks like Xenovia tried her best at this fashion thing. When she asked me…


… I couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Why did you dye your hair? Not only that, you’ve dyed your hair partially.”

Finind her sense of fashion so hilarious, I couldn’t help but laugh loudly even knowing that it’s rude.

“Kuuu! I’ve done this after thinking about it for a long time! Damn you’re so rude!”

She pouted and displayed her annoyance.

“Don’t be angry! I think it suits you well!”

I said such, but she continued to be angry for quite a while.

“Weather or not it suits me, I’m gonna go with this style! You hear me!”

Chasing after her, I kept apologising saying [I’m sorry, so cheer up!]

After that she showed me various expressions and emotions.

That’s right, she’s girl of my age. She laughs, and she also gets angry.

Hey Xenovia. We’ll be best friends forever right?

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