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On Baka Tsuki






Part 1


This was during the time before Rias left to go to Romania, when we were doing this and that regarding the pact with a magician.

I don’t know how to express myself at the scenery front of my eyes.

—Kuroka is leisurely playing video game in my room.

The erotic Onee-san who wears her black kimono loosely. The one who has cat ears grow from her head a tail from her bottom—a nekomata who is Koneko’s actual sister.

The blonde beautiful girl in a fashion of a magical girl who is sitting beside her apologetically. —Le Fay, notices me and apologises to me saying, “I-I’m very sorry!”……

These two originally hanged out with my rival Vali, but they happened to freelodge in the Hyoudou residence after Koneko-chan called them.

This is the result of Koneko-chan who relied on Kuroka despite having differences in order to train her senjutsu skills that needs polishing.

……Kuroka who happened to end up lodging in my place is, how should I put it, each of her actions is simply rude……

She eats the things inside the fridge without any permission, she makes Koneko or Le Fay do her laundries, she doesn’t help us in cooking and cleaning, and finally, she ended up playing games in my room without asking.

……This bad cat has a messy lifestyle except during the time for Koneko-chan’s training!

Le Fay on the other hand pays attention to our feelings as well as helping us out in cooking and cleaning.

This damn Kuroka, she doesn’t even make any response when I came in and is continuing to play the game……! She’s using the controls while rolling down on the floor!

……Though it’s not like she will change this habit even if I yell at her…… I sighed, and then sit down on my bed.

Oh yeah, this is a good time. I’ll ask these two the thing that has been bothering me lately.

“Hey, Kuroka.”

“What is it—nya? I’m busy now because I have to gather the materials.”

……When I look at the screen, I can tell that the character she is controlling has quite the equipment! T-This girl! Does she have a longer time spent on the game than me who owns this game!? There’s no doubt she plays it during the time we go to school!

By the way, the one who plays video game in my house is mainly me and Koneko, but surprisingly Rias and Rossweisse-san happens to play games as well. Both of them said it’s good for changing their mood. There’s also a time when we play games together with everyone and have fun.

“It seems like you and Le Fay sneaks out of the house during the night……but it’s not like you two are doing mischievous things at this town, right? Le Fay doesn’t seem to be the type who does such thing, but it’s possible if we are talking about you.”

Yeah, it seems like Kuroka and Le Fay are wondering around this town during late at night, so there are times when they aren’t home when we come back from our Devil’s job. When I asked her, she ends it by replying back with saying, “We went for a walk –nya”. But I’m concerned about it because she’s a bad cat who is originally a terrorist.

Well, she is taking Le Fay with her so it’s not like she’s doing something really bad, but it still does seem like she is doing a bit of evil deeds.

Hearing my word, Kuroka puts down the controller and makes an unpleasant face.

“How rude –nya. There’s no way I’ll do evil deeds, right?”

No, I wonder about that…… Doesn’t it seem like you’ll do a lot of it? Rather, it seems like she will make poisonous mist appear as a joke.

“……Exactly what Ise-senpai said. Nee-sama does smell fishy. Rather, I can’t trust you as much as the time Ise-senpai thinks about naughty things.”

—Koneko who came in to my room without me noticing it gives a harsh opinion to Kuroka. ……Yeah, when I’m in a state where I’m thinking of lewd things must be someone Koneko-chan can’t trust!

“……Nee-sama, please answer us honestly. Your evil deeds you do in this town will cause trouble to Buchou and those living in this house. I……I have to stop you Nee-sama, if something was to happen.”

Koneko who declares such thing while having a strong determination in her eyes. Due to her feeling where she wants to believe in her sister and the past of being betrayed by her, she must have asked while having mixed feelings. Since they are sisters, I’m sure she has determined to stop her sister if something happens.

This is the behaviour of Koneko who has a strong sense of justice and thinks a lot about her comrades.

Maybe because she had her little sister say that to her, Kuroka and Le Fay starts to look at each other and exchange words.

“Well, lately Le Fay and I are learning ninjutsu –nya.”


Due to the unexpected answer I got, I ask them again. Ninjutsu……? I even thought I misheard it, but Le Fay confirms it and smiles.

“……Umm, yes. It’s exactly what Kuroka-san said.”

Ninpou! Eh? What is happening? Koneko and I still can’t come to understand it. Then the closet opens and our Mascot-sama appears!

“I am also learning it.”

The one who appears from the closet is the small built Dragon-God-sama who is wearing a ninja’s costume!

Just what are you wearing! More importantly, since when were you there!? N-No, there’s a problem beyond that!

“Even Ophis!? Oi oi oi, you two, don’t take this girl out of this house. You know it will become a big problem?”

Just like I said, the existence of Ophis is a top secret. It will become a big problem if someone who doesn’t know about our circumstance finds out that the former boss of the terrorists is present in this town.

Kuroka smiles.

“I know –nya. It’s okay. We only travel within this town, and I’m good at travelling while hiding myself.”

Even if you brag that you’re good at taking her while hiding…… We will still become really troubled!


The Dragon-God-sama seems to be having fun by making symbols with her hand. A Dragon-God that uses ninjutsu……

“What’s the meaning of this?”

I ask once again to Kuroka while I put my hand on my forehead. What does she mean by ninjutsu?

“There’s a ninja in this town –nya.”


I ask her once again at the unexpected answer. ……N-Ninja? Well, certainly if we say ninjutsu then it’s a ninja, and they are certainly the ones to come up if you were to learn them…… No, why bring a ninja to this discussion……

“I~’m~ k~e~e~p~i~n~g on telling you that there is a ninja. I’m serious, dead serious.”

Kuroka says that with a serious face. It seems like her expression is saying, “I can’t believe you can’t trust me”. Even if I look at Le Fay,

“Regarding this, this is the truth.”

She answers me as such. That must be the case if Le Fay is saying it.

……Hmm, so they are learning ninjutsu from a ninja? Kuroka, Le Fay, and Ophis are?

Koneko and I tilt our head. A voice comes from behind us when we were thinking hard about it.

“Did you say NINJA? Care to explain what this is about?”

It’s Rias. She looks really interested in this. Rias happens to be insanely interested in the samurais, ninjas, and about Japan from the past.

Most likely Okita Souji-san who is the servant of Sirzechs-sama and the one who taught her about Japan is the cause of this. To begin with, the reason why she came to Japan is due to that reason.

—Then, this time, the Church-trio shows up. Looks like they were also listening to our story.

“A NINJA!? NINJA is in that one, right? The title for the one strongest in Japan, right!?”

Xenovia who seems to be hyped. H-Huh? Looks like she has quite the misunderstanding.

Irina sighs.

“You’re wrong, Xenovia. NINJAS are the people that ruled Japan from behind the shadows.”

That’s also wrong! Oi oi oi, you are Japanese too, Irina! I should tell her that she should at least know about ninja, but it seems like she has quite the misunderstanding regarding her knowledge of Japan due to going overseas when she was a child.

“I have heard that NINJA-san are present in the black society for every country. ……Were they mutants?”

Even Asia is having quite a big misunderstanding!? That’s the type that appears in films and American comics!

Maybe she heard our discussion, so Rossweisse-san says it with a serious face.

“I heard this when I was in North Europe. That the ninjutsu used by NINJA is something that surpasses magic.”

No, that’s also wrong!

What’s going on with this wrong knowledge of ninjas that the foreigner usually has!? Ninjas are the title given to those who do spying and assassination…… And they are clearly not a group of people with extraordinary powers that appears in films and manga, okay?

It’s something even I know, so it looks like the image of ninja that is carried by me and the rest of these girls who were born elsewhere is quite different.

“……It seems like everyone has quite the big misunderstanding.”

When I blurt that out with my eyes half closed, even Akeno-san shows up and starts to giggle.

“Ufufu, I’m sure ninjas are an existence that is quite special to the foreigners.”

T-That may be true. I hear that there’s a big misunderstanding about ninjas outside Japan and that they are quite popular.

“In the underworld, the image of a NINJA is someone with quite the extraordinary power. They are also popular over there.”

Even Ravel continues after her by saying that. Seriously? So the Devils also have the similar impression as the humans living in foreign countries huh.

Rias says it to Kuroka while having her eyes sparkling.

“Kuroka, take me to the place where the NINJA is present at. I definitely would like to meet him. As a Devil living in this town, I’m sure I have to meet that NINJA.”

……I’m quite sure her hobby has got to do with this!

Like this, we head towards the ninja living in this town by having Kuroka and Le Fay guide us—.


Part 2


The place we step foot into is—one of the abandoned building located at the outskirt of this town.

An abandoned building with chilling atmosphere where it won’t be weird for a Stray Devil to be hiding in.

Kiba who joined up with us says it.

“Even I believed they were mythical beings until Master told me about it.”

Looks like Kiba doesn’t have any misunderstanding because he was told about ninjas from Okita-san.

Koneko-chan says it after him.

“……The truth is they are quite ordinary.”

Right? I’m glad that there are those within our group who has the normal impression about them as well.

“I also had a misunderstanding until I came here, but as I searched about them, I realised they were one of those assassination group which also existed in the history of each countries.”

Looks like Ravel also has a normal opinion regarding the ninjas.

We walk up the abandoned building, and after we progress up the stairs, the double sided door appears front of us.

Kuroka approaches the door and brings her body closer. Then a voice comes from the other side of the door.

[Password, mountain.]

Kuroka answers that.


……T-The passwords are “mountain” and “potato”!? I feel like saying that back at them.

[Alright, come in.]

The door opens while making a heavy sound. Is it okay to have those as the passwords!?

When we walk in—a traditional and wonderful looking Japanese garden appears within our sight. It seems like the area we are standing at is the dirt floor, and there’s also a spacious room a bit higher from the ground. There are many things positioned at the centre of the room where there’s a tokonoma far end of the room with hanging scrolls on the wall.

The lights from the lantern covered with fixed paper is giving out an atmosphere which makes you think it won’t be weird for a ninja to be living here.

There are Japanese swords, sickles and chains, kunai, and shuriken, positioned on the wall.

Are you seriously telling me a ninja lives in this town!? No, I also can’t deny the possibility of a mere ninja maniac living here!

“So the NINJA is here!”

Rias and Church-trio are in a state where they are really enthusiastic about this! They are looking around the room with keen eyes. —I then realise the presence behind me.

When I turn around—a ninja who is wearing a white ninja outfit stands there!

It’s real! It’s a ninja! He seems to be a man despite covering his face with a hood.

“Kuroka-dono, what is the meaning of this? I’m sure I told you that you can’t bring outsiders here –de gozaru.”

He speaks by saying gozaru! He’s a bit, no, this is really smells fishy now!

Having the white ninja say that, Kuroka scratches her cheek.

“Well, they were saying that they wanted to meet a ninja at all cost~.”

The ninja seems unpleasant at Kuroka’s attitude, but he opens his eyes wide due to being shocked when he sees Irina.

“Mgh, are you the Ace Irina-dono?”

“Eh, ah, yes. ……Who may you be?”

Irina who has her identity known by the ninja. He may be someone who stands in a special position since he already knows Kuroka and Irina, but I’m a bit surprised that he knows Irina’s identity as well.

Though it seems like Irina doesn’t know him…… Front of us who are feeling dubious, white wings appears from the ninja’s back!

The ninja says this while spreading twelve of his wings.

“It is I. Metatron –de gozaru.”

Hearing his name, not only Irina but the other members of the OCR apart from me makes a stiff expression.


After a pause—,

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Metatron!?” ” ” ” ” ” ””

OCR makes a shocked voice at once.

“……M,M,MMMMMMMMM, Metatron-samaaaaaa!? For real!? Why are you doing this kind of thing in a place like this!?”

The way how Irina panicked is unreal.

“Are you serious, Irina!? So this person here is Metatron-sama!?”

It seems like even Xenovia is really shocked at the ninja’s identity.

“W-Who is he?”

I ask Irina who is also shocked.

“Metatron-sama is the Angel who is counted as one of the Seraphs according to our teaching!”

A Seraph!? So it means he’s in the same position as Michael-san and Gabriel-san!

If I recall, I did hear that there are other Seraphs besides the Four Great Seraphs……but you’re telling this Ninja-Angel is one of them!?

The white ninja nods because we are in shock, and he starts to introduce himself.

“Yes, I am called Metatron that belongs to the Seraph. Nice to make your acquaintance.”

……So he’s a Seraph and a ninja…… Since we don’t know how to respond to him, we ask Metatron the situation we are in—.

We got up on the spacious room and sit around the fireplace. Metatron-san says it while having the light from the lantern covered with fixed paper make his face visible.

“The only thing I had my heart taken away during my long life is NINJA –de gozaru. I was fascinated by them with their elegance and courage that is shown in films, television, and manga –de gozaru.”

……What the, I can’t understand the situation from the get-go…… What on earth is this Seraph-san saying!?

“After the peace between Three Great Powers, I got NINJA training from the famous master that lives in this land –de gozaru.”

What, such a famous ninja lives in this land!? I spent seventeen years not knowing that!

“……Did Michael-san give his approval?”

I ask him. No matter how much he admires ninjas, he has an important role which is being a Seraph. Was he able to get the approval of Michael-san who is kind but also strict?

I’m a bit concerned.


Metatron-san nods. Michael-san, you gave him your approval huh……

Apparently, this is what Michael-san said after hearing the situation.

[A NINJA……I never thought you, Metatron, would become a student of the famous warrior group. Your stance to polish yourself even further is something that deserves my respect. Very well. For the Heaven, and for our beliefs, please train yourself much as you want.]

“ “ “ “ “Oo……” ” ” ” ”

Hearing that, Rias, Church-trio, and Rossweisse-san releases their voice of admiration.

What is happening?! Michael-sama, are you sure you should be allowing this?!

“…. Weird! You guys are all weird! Why are you guys fine with NINJA?!”

Just then, Xenovia stood up while snorting.

“Even Michael-sama regards NINJAS highly… I now want to learn Ninjutsu! What about you, Irina?!”

Irina also stood up energetically and nodded her head.

“Yes! If Metatron-sama is becoming a NINJA, I should also become a NINJA as Michael-sama’s Ace! Lord! I will also learn Ninjutsu!”

I don’t think learning Ninjutsu is part of the necessities required of becoming an Angel?!

Having seen reactions from the people of the Church, Rias also stood up from her seat with her eyes filled with determination.

“For Heaven to learn Ninjutsu?!… I can’t just stay here and watch them do that. We need to deploy Ninjutsu in the Underworld as well, I’m sure there will be a time when NINJA’s tools will come in handy.”

…Both Angels and Devils, aren’t they over exaggerating NINJAS?!

While I was seriously contemplating on whether I should also learn Ninjutsu, the door opened once again.

The person that came in was… an elderly man wearing a traditional Japanese costume. He was holding a plastic bag from the convenient store.

“Metatron-sama… Does it not seem quite noisy around here?”

Metatron-san straightened up and greeted the man politely.

“Master, Kuroka-dono brought more potential students – de gozaru.”

The person that is being called Master looked at us.

“Oh ho, potential students.”

That person put his hand on his chin and looked bit perplexed.

The man sat in front of us and introduced himself.

“Everyone, it’s a pleasure to meet you all, I am the person who teaches Iga Ryu, Momochi Tamon. I am from the immediate family of the Iga clan. I had to leave just now to go to the convenience store.”

The real NINJA! Not only that, from Iga ryu! There are things like Angels, Devils, Youkai, monsters and now, even a NINJA! And he’s even using a convenient store! I’m so surprised! The place that I was born and raised in is riddled with mystical beings!

Kiba gave us more information.

“I heard that Ninjas from Iga ryu upheld the importance of a monetary contract, whereas Ninjas from Koga ryu gave their alliance to one single monarch.”

Rias then lean her body forward and said.

“IGA RYU! I have heard of them! Just like what Yuuto said, it seems like they have lived a life similar to us Devils!”

She’s so happy! I haven’t seen Rias like this before! T-That’s right, Rias does love Japanese traditional customs and cultures. Akeno-san did say that Rias was so happy when they went to Kyoto for the school trip last year.

It would be nice if I could go on a date with Rias at the Japanese Folk Village soon… Ah, I might just get KO’d by the excited Rias if that’s the case…

Xenovia leaned her body towards the man… Momochi-san and said

“NINJA Master! Please make us your disciples!”

“M-Me to! When I become a NINJA, I will be able to get closer to the true teachings of the God!”

“I also would like to do so. If I combine my healing abilities with Ninjutsu, it might benefit everyone else.”

Both Irina and Asia asked him!

In the end, the disconcerted Momochi-san gave up and said [Yes, I understand].

Just like that, the Ninja that lived in our town began teaching not only Angels, but also Devils.


Everyone decided to learn Ninjutsu but…

We decided to try it out straight away and so we assembled in the large hall on the ground floor of this building.

For some reason, we are all wearing a Ninja outfit. Guys are wearing an outfit similar to Metatron-san while the girls are…

“This is a KUNOICHI outfit.”

Rias is wearing a female Ninja outfit! It’s called a [Kunoichi] outfit normally… it’s an outfit that exposes a lot of skin! Her white skin is showing everywhere. It’s an outfit that seems like an important part of her body will be exposed if you move around too violently!

“Ufufufu, maybe this outfit is great when I’m playing around with Ise-kun.”

Akeno-san is saying such a thing while wearing an outfit that has great emphasis on her breasts! My eyes are seeing a great view right now!

“Hmm, it’s easy to move around in.”

“Y-Yes, it sure is NINJJA outfit.”

Warriors Xenovia and Irina seems like they are feeling the practicality of the [Kunoichi] outfit. For some reason, these Ninja outfits fit them really well. This may be since they are born to be warriors? Well, the warrior outfits they were wearing before were also quite erotic!

“I-I’m embarrassed!”

“T-That’s true, this is a bit…”

Asia and Ravel are twisting their bodies in embarrassment at such voluptuous outfits.

“I’m not going to wear such a perverted outfit. Normal clothes are just fine.”

“I agree”

Rossweisse-san and Koneko are wearing [Kunoichi]outfits that doesn’t expose much of their skins! Ophis is also wearing a normal [Kunoichi] outfit. Well, she was like this since when we left the house.

The person who put her body on my back was… Kuroka and she was wearing an erotic [Kunoichi] outfit!

“Ufufu♪ since we’ve become Kunoichi, we should also wear appropriately nyaa~”

The ero Nekometa onee-san’s Ninja outfits are also so voluptuous… T-Thank you very much!

“… Don’t go overboard.”

Koneko is trying to separate me and Kuroka apart! So strict!


I heard Gasper’s voice and when I turned around, I saw a cardboard box.

“L-Look at this! Ninjutsu, Cardboard Meisaihakure no Jutsu!” <TN Camouflage jutsu>

I-Isn’t that just hiding inside a cardboard box? That’s no different from normal!

Anyway, while everyone is finishing their preparation, Metatron-san gave out the Shuriken. Looks like the proper training is about to start.

“Well, you throw a Shuriken like this.”

Momochi-san threw multiple Shuriken he was holding at target at such speed! The Shuriken he threw all hit the vital points on the human shaped dolls.

Oh ho, his hand movements are out of this world, this is legit! Rias and everyone else gave a round of applause after seeing the Shuriken tutorial.

… But will the Ninja training be helpful to me? Well, anyhow it’s important to experience different things! You never know when you might need Ninjutsu to become a High Class Devil!

Let’s all learn Ninjutsu together today!

As I was thinking positively, Momochi-san spoke.

“So then let see what…”


When he was about to continue… suddenly we heard a loud explosion outside of the building.

…Ku! W-What happened?! Is there an explosion?!

We looked at each other in shock! However, Momochi-san and the Ninja-Angel Metatron-san made an expression that said they know what is happening and sighed.

When we went outside of the building…


Fighters wearing black body suit appeared, making weird noises! That cry! That clothing! They are very familiar! These guys are…

“Guhahahahahaha! NINJA, I will make sure you come to Grigori with us today!”

A familiar laughter rang around the area. The person that appeared in front of us is a weirdo who’s wearing an armour, helmet and a cape!

That eye patch and the beard! An axe and shield in his hands! He is a pervert that looks like a mini boss from the old school tokusatsu show! I know that guy! I know him from the time when I went to Grigori! T-T-This old man… I met one of the leaders of Grigori, Armaros-san from back then!

What is Armaros-san doing here?! Especially with fighters with him! Armaros-san pointed his axe at the Ninja-Angel Metatron-san.

“Guhahahaha! I will take your life while at it, Ninja-Angel Metatrooooooon!”

“Armaros! You again!”

Metatron-san also took his sword out when he saw Armaros-san!

Armaros-san also kept swinging his axe while shouting

“Of course! You are the person with an ill-fated relationship with the mighty Grigooooori! I will finally finish you off here!”

I-Ill-fated relation? I asked Rias.

“… That Ninja-Angel-san, does he have a bad relationship with sensei’s organisation?”

“…Yes. According to what is written in the Bible regarding the Noah’s ark, it seem like they were in bad terms since the Great Flood.”

Written in the Bible. In bad relationship since the Noah’s Ark incident…?!

Armaros-san and my eyes then met.

“Ah! Oppai Dragon?! Ohho~! You guys are also aiming for the NINJA then?!”

Not entirely correct but at the same time, not wrong either!  To meet one of the leaders that I never wanted to see ever again when I just met with Ninja, this is too much!

Armaros-san shouted with determination

“Well, that’s fine! Metatrooooooon! I will destroy you with the power of Grigori! And you, NINJA!”

Armaros-san pointed at Momochi-san.

“Accept our invitation to Grigori! For our organisation to develop, we need your Ninjutsuuuuu!”

Grigori is trying to get Ninja as well?! Meanwhile Momochi-san just sighed.

……..Sigh, both the Angel and Fallen Angels are coming to me every night. It’s been like this for a while now. I don’t know where they heard from but both the Angels and Fallen Angels kept coming and… Today, even Devils like yourselves have come.”

Seems like he’s in an awkward situation. Well, that is to be expected, he is getting offers from Angels and Fallen Angels and now, he’s teaching Ninjutsu to Devils…

How high are the Three Major Forces seeing Ninja?!

Armaros-san laughed loudly like he didn’t care about Momochi-san’s worries.

“Guhahahahahaha! I have brought the Beast man who Grigori is proud of!”

Armoros-san snapped his fingers.

Hey, stop with that beast man! I get shivers just hearing words about Grigori’s Beast Man! Grigori being a weird organisation that is made up of people like this old man and Sensei! Any beast man from that kind of place must not be normal!

“The first is Yeti!”

While I was complaining inside, the Beast came out from the darkness after Armoros-san’s introduction.

….Yeti? A worrying image came up in my mind! That is a fearsome image of Yuki-onna Goristie! Not again! The snow gorilla is making an appearance again! Isn’t this the third time?! How high are the chances of an encounter with a beast for me?! This town is littered with gorillas! I’m sick and tired of seeing gorilla hitting her chest! But the view that I saw through my teared up eyes was…

“Fu, I have never imagined that I would face off with NINJA… it’s not very elegant.”

It was a blond bishounen wearing a tuxedo (Tuxedo had G engraved on It.) and he had a cynical smile on his face!

That is a Beast man? That’s Yeti? Isn’t he just a normal bishounen in a tux? It’s obvious that I will have doubt but besides that, I have mixed feelings in my heart!


I… am so angry that I am speechless and my face distorted in anger. Seeing as how angry I am, Koneko and Asia talked to me while being confused.


“Ise-san, what’s wrong?”

Snap! I shouted while wailing!

“This, This is unreasonableeeeee! Why?! Why! Why is Yuki-onna a gorilla and why is a Yeti a handsome Bishounen?! This is strange! So strange! What is wrong with the system in this world?!”

This is so weird! Why is Yuki-onna a gorilla yet, the Yeti is a normal guy?! It should be the other way around! No, please make it so!

“Ise, calm down. Nothing is wrong here.”

Rias placed her hand over my shoulder and said this in order to get me to calm down!

“This is wrong! Rias, Yeti should be a hairy snow gorilla! Just like Goristie! Then you can call that a Yeti!”

I hate this! This world, there’s something wrong! Someone, please take me to the world where beautiful Yuki-onna and hairy gorilla Yeti exists! I beg of you!

Ignoring me who’s gone into shock and tearing up, Armoros-san introduced the next person.

“And next is this guy! He is born by fruit of Grigori’s remodelling surgery… Kappa beast!”

To respond to the leader’s voice, the person that came out was… Kappa with green skin and plate on his head as well as a bird’s beak and a turtle shell.

The sunglasses with pointy sides were memorable. Looking closely, he had the letter [G] written on his stomach. Grigori engrave that symbol to everything they meddle with! Saji also has that on his back!

“Fu, I never imagined that I would come back to this town.”

That Kappa person laughed with a self-loathing tone. The person most surprised seeing that Kappa was Koneko!

“…Ku! Salamander Tomita-san!!! You were alive?!”

Koneko, who is normally calm, couldn’t hide her surprise after seeing that Kappa.

“…K-Koneko? You are giving off a vibe that I’ve never seen before…”

When I murmured that, Rias narrow her eyes and said.

“For him to return… This is going to be trouble.”

“For Salamander Tomita-san to return… that’s unexpected.”

Akeno-san also said such.

“Koneko and Salamander Tomita-san are friends.”

Does Gasper also know this situation?!

“W-Who is this guy?! It seems like everyone from the early ORC members knows him…”

It seems like except for me, the original members, Rias, Akeno-san, Koneko, Kiba and Gasper knows that Kappa.

Kiba, while frowning, said to me.

“You remember that ORC activity tennis match from before, right?”

“Yeah, the one against Abe-senpai?”

“Back then, Buchou wrote a report. Do you remember her mentioning about a wise Kappa that lives in the suburbs of the town?”

Ah, I remember now! That’s back in the first semester. So nostalgic, it happened right after Xenovia joined us.

“If I remember correctly, he wanted to become a rapper but he went back to the countryside to inherit his family’s cucumber farm….!”

I said while remembering what I’ve heard from back then.

The story of a Kappa who wanted to be a rapper but went back to his home town to inherit the cucumber farm stuck in my memory. Well, I didn’t understand why Kappa wanted to become a rapper.

“Then what’s up with the name, Salamander Tomita?! Isn’t Kappa a water youkai and Salamander Fire youkai?!”

Kiba, after listening to me, said,

“That’s his name. We said that Koneko is his fan back then, right?”

“Ah, thinking back Koneko was humming some rap. I remember thinking that it’s a rare event but it was quite surprising that Koneko was humming a rap music.”

Kappa spoke to Koneko, making a cool smile.

“Oi, Koneko. It’s been awhile.”

Maybe because of such a special encounter, Koneko’s eyes started to become wet with tears.

“……… Salamander Tomita-san. Sob, Light of the city that dries up my head plate.”

Koneko started to sing the rap. Hearing that, Kappa smiled and sang back at her.

“The anger within me which I cannot describe in full…“

“…So I say let’s just steal the soul(shirikodama) from inside your body <TN According to Japanese Folklore, it’s human soul in a physical ball which is up in your anus that Kappa steals from you…>”

While captured in nostalgia, they sang the mysterious rap! Just then, Kiba shouted out!

“This is… one of his song [Shirikodama Rhapsody]! He sang that during The Ultimate Battle at the River Terrace!”

What is The Ultimate Battle at the River Terrace?! What in the world happened back then?!

“…. So nostalgic, I remember back then. Hey, Akeno, back then Koneko was…”

Rias had eyes full of nostalgia as it seems like she’s remembering something.

“Yes, it was a hot summer day. To Koenko that must be something she will never forget…”

Akeno-san spoke in a tone like she’s thinking back to the events back then.

“I don’t know what you guys are talking about! What incident happened back then?!“

I feel like I’m being intentionally left out! Damn it! I’m so envious of the original members who are sharing this moment! Someone just tell me what happened at this The Ultimate Battle at the River Terrace!

Koneko wiped her tears away and spoke.

“Salamander Tomita-san, I really, really wanted to meet you.”

“Fufu, I’m sorry Koneko. My father back home suddenly collapsed so I had to go back to inherit the cucumber farming. For Kappas, cucumber harvest are life and death matters.”

Kappa then asked Koneko.

“… So, have you found someone you love?”

“…Yes, thanks to you.”

Koenko said while stealing a glance at me. I can feel my face getting red.

Kappa, looking at that reaction, raised his head.

Che…Seems sweat got into my eyes. So that little lady has now fallen in love…”

…Kappa is moved to tears. What expressions should I be making here…

But having made his mind up, he confronted Koneko.

“Koneko, I’m sorry but… I think I’m your enemy. Right now, I have somehow been reborn as a beast man of Grigori to defeat that NINJA Angel.”

Really?! How did you become an agent for Grigori?! What happened to the Cucumber farm?!

“…Yes, I will break your plate.”

Koneko also got into her fighting pose!

“Fine, I will show you the rapper fighting style of Kappa.”

Oioi, the Nekometa VS Kappa youkai battle is about to start?! Stop doing meaningless things and go back to your Cucumber farm! This is a relatively peaceful place! And what in the world is the Rapper Fighting style?!

“Hehe♪ wait a sec nya.”

Suddenly, Kuroka stood between those two.

“Shirone, you don’t have to fight this Kappa nya… Leave it to Onee-chan.”

When Kuroka said so, Koneko was honestly shocked.

“…Ku! Onee-sama! This is between me and Salamander Tomita-san!”

“You, can you fight him? You looked up to this Kappa right?… Rely on this onee-chan sometimes.”


Ara……? What is this? Thanks to that Kappa, those two are making up to each other…!

Seeing Kuroka, Kappa laughed.

“Fu, so you are that famous Koneko’s older sister? We finally meet.”

“Seems like you already know our situation but let’s not talk about that now. I will show you my newly mastered Ninjutsu!”

Kuroka made a hand gesture! Suddenly, Kappa also made his move!

“This is interesting!”

In front of our eyes… Nekometa-onee-sama and Kappa started an impressive battle! When the Kappa shot a strong jet of water from his mouth, Kuroka dodged that with a clone jutsu!

That Kappa, he’s able to fight equally against a High-class Devil, Kuroka!

“Can you really just get stronger by cucumber harvest and rap?!”

I now didn’t care whatever is happening! Meanwhile that handsome Yeti, who was ignored by the appearance of Kappa, spoke up while making a pose.

“Fu, who is my opponent then?”

Hmm, well should I just finish this in one punch? Since I didn’t want to get involved with the weird atmosphere, I made my mind and was about to step up but…

“I will also fight. Ninjutsu, Kill Great Red.”

Suddenly Ophis sprang out and attacked that Yeti.


She hit him with Ninjutsu… w-wait a slap?!

…That’s not a Ninjutsu! That’s world class slap!


The Yeti, after getting hit by a world class slap, blasted off to the other side of the night sky while screaming! Ah, there was a flash just then! <Just like when the light flashed when Team rocket got blasted off.>

“Nin nin, it’s a punishment from heaven. That’s what I’d say.”

Ophis then made a hand gesture. A Dragon-God shouldn’t be saying such things!

And you shouldn’t fight anyone! Anyone fighting against Ophis will be in such state that’s worse than dying! Having utterly defeated the Yeti and with the fight between Kuroka and Kappa still ongoing, the fight between Metatron-san and Armoros-san was about to start.

“Gahahahahaha! I will finish you off today, Metatrooon!”

Armoros-san is swinging his axe joyfully! The power of his axe destroyed the floor! This person’s brain is made of muscle! His strength is unbelievable!

“Hm! Take this, Ninjutsu Seraph Shrunken!”

Metatron-san also sent shuriken made of light towards Armoros-san!

But is it okay for Seraph and leader of Grigori, who’s bound by the peace treaty, to fight each other? When that question came into my mind…

“Maybe they need some kind of change of atmosphere. I’m sure Heaven and Azazel-sensei also knows this.”

Akeno-san said while making bitter smile.

Well, if there’s any problem, they will get punished accordingly. It looks like both Metatron-san and Armoros-san are having fun.

While we are watching the fight between the Ninja-Angel and the Reckless Fallen Angel… out of nowhere, a Magic circle appeared in front of us.

That pattern is… Lucifer?! With a bright light, the person who appeared is Sirzechs-sama in the Satan Red costume! Seraph, the leader of Grigori and now even Maou-sama is making an entrance?!

“I came here after getting a top secret information that a NINJA is living here! I’m sorry but I’ll be barging in here! I’m Maou Sentai Satan Ranger’s Satan…”

And the next person that came out of the circle was Grayfia-san! Just like that, Grayfia-san supressed Satan Red!

“Now, let’s go back… and if you don’t act moderately I will really get angry, Sirzechs!”

“Wait, Grayfia! We need NINJA in the Underworld as well! So please…”

Even before he had a chance to finish his sentence, the light from the magic circle created by angry Grayfia-san forcibly teleported him.

That happened so suddenly all at once.

… How much does the upper ranks of the Three Factions love Ninjas…?!

Iga Ryu ninja, Momochi-san, sighed.

“Hmm… Whether it is Heaven, Fallen Angel or Youkai, they are stranger than Ninjas.”

That’s right, I’m really sorry to bother you…… everyone aiming for Momochi-san are either our family or acquaintances. I’m so embarrassed about this.

“Will you guys continue with the training?”

After looking at each other for a moment, we all nodded our heads.


Like this, we left the battle of Metatron-san VS Armoros-san and Kappa VS Kuroka and we continued our training.


After the Ninja incident have died down, we members of the ORC who learned ninjutsu, enjoyed throwing Shurikens around the house for a while.

“Now, I’m going to play at Ninja’s place again nyaa.”

It seems like Kuroka and Le Fay are continuing to visit Momochi-san and Metatron-san.

Now that I think about it, since he’s leaving the former terrorist, Kuroka, alone, Metatron-san seems like a very nice person. Or maybe, because he’s just too busy learning ninjutsu , he just doesn’t pay any attention to her…

“…… I’m also coming, I can’t let onee-sama roam around alone.”

Every time when Kuroka was about to leave the house, Koneko now always tagged along.

Kuroka seems a bit annoyed but…

“Well, can’t be helped nya.”

She seems a little bit happy at the same time.

I thought to myself that it would be great if they truly made up with each other and for that to happen, I will also do my best. When these two stand next to each other, they look like nothing but normal siblings…


Also as a side note, after the incident, Momochi-san has been invited as a VIP to both the Heaven and the Underworld. He has become a very popular talent in the Underworld. I also heard that his Ninja Dojo in the Underworld is very popular as well.

Why does foreigners and Mystical Beings all love Ninjas so much!

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