DxD DX Vol 3 Translation Project, Life. EX 2 Graduation Trip and Vortex Bunch

This is Korean To English Translation.


Translator: daniel Yang

Editor/QC: dragonmaou


On Baka Tsuki


Extra Life 2 Graduation Trip and Vortex Bunch.


Part 1

It was end of March, after our End-of-the-year assembly.

As soon as the ceremony finished, the new ORC members went straight home and packed our bags for the holiday trip.

Yup that’s right, we’re going on Rias and Akeno-san’s graduation trip we talked about before!

Not only that! This plan involved going on a trip from all the way up in Hokkaido to Okinawa to the south using all the time we’ve got using our Spring Break! Everyone was so pumped about this trip as soon as we heard the details!

Well that’s to be expected. From end of last year to until recently, we’ve been in battle after battle both our body and mind are tired. We’ve decided that we should use this opportunity to go and heal our tired bodies and minds as a healing trip, so there’s no surprised that everyone would be so excited!

Being in graduation classes, Rias and Akeno-san had begun their break early, so after finishing their preparations early, they sat in the living room, drinking tea casually.

“So our holiday finally starts tomorrow. Has everyone finished their preparation?”

Rias asked everyone in the living room.

“”Of Course!””

Everyone replied in unison! Wow the energy in here is off the roof!

“I’m excited!”

“Same here.”

“I want to go now!”

Firstly Asia, Xenovia and Irina finished their packing last night. There’s no way Asia, who is always utmost meticulous, will be careless with preparation, and Xenovia and Irina both had a habit from being warriors (they both travelled a lot back then) so they were used to packing.

“… Local specialities, savouries… Meat, snacks, fish. The first destination Hokkaido is famous for their crabs, fermented fish roe…”

Kenoko also finished her preparation, and currently is focused on [Must visit restaurants] guide book.

“I need to prepare my mind as group’s supervisor… hm hm.”

Rossweisse-san also finished her preparation and was reading a tour guide as well.

Kuroka looked at the book Koneko was reading from the side.

“Ufufu♪ We’ll join after finishing things with Vali-nyaa.”

Kuroka and Le Fay both decided to join, but due to their prior arrangements they’ll be joining on a later date.

Le Fay lowered her head toward Rias.

“Thank you very much for letting us join in the trip.”

When Le Fay gave her thanks, Rias replied brightly saying [There’s no need. Don’t worry about it.]

Kiba, Gasper, Valerie and Tosca-chan were all here as well. This time Valerie and Tosca-chan decided to join as well.

“Ufufu. I’m looking forward to this so much.”

“To go on a trip around Japan, this is like a dream.”

Valerie and Tosca-chan have never been outside of Kuoh area, so they seems to be super excited about this. Both aren’t used to Japan, but everyone decided to help out with Kiba and Gasper as their primary guardian.

“We’ve been to a lot of places, but we haven’t been to a place as a holiday a lot.”

Kiba said so.

Ah~ thinking about that we’ve been to a lot of places to fight our enemies, but we’ve never actually went on a trip with everyone.

Gasper then said in a bright voice.

“That’s why I’m really looking forward to this trip where everyone’s joining!”

Yeah so am I!

I put my hand on their shoulders.

“Right! Us three Males of Gremory! Let’s enjoy this trip to the fullest!”

If some kind of event that unites us three Males of Gremory were to happen then it’ll be one hell of a trip!Looking at bishoujos around the area we visit won’t be bad either! Actually, no. it’ll be amazing if we can do that!

“We’re also celebrating Ise-kun’s promotion to High-Class Devil so it’ll be exciting.”
That Kiba! He’s saying something I can agree! Seriously even I wanna treat myself for the promotion! I think I’m gonna treat myself big and get expensive and luxurious stuff during the trip!
One thing I’m worried about… is Ophis and Lilith. Two Dragon-god-chan (-Sama?) are fine if we look after them, but when we’re traveling like this we haven’t got a clue of what to do.

There’s no way we can let them go out easily.

Just then, a handy and reliable helper opened her mouth.

“Do not worry, I will be looking after your house with Phis-sama while you guys are on holiday!”

Kunou said something so reliable. Kunou, who is starting her primary school at Kuoh academy from April, is already preparing for her homestay since this spring and nearly always shows her face in my house every day.

And she just said that she’ll look after these two instead of us for a while.

“Thanks Kunou. We’ll leave those two in your care.”

When I told her that, she puffed her chest and said [Leave it to me] enthusiastically.

“I will help you with Kyoto once your group gets there so wait for me!”

As Kunou has said, we’ll be stopping by Kyoto during our trip. And Kunou said she’ll be our tour guide during our time there.

I said while looking at Ophis and Lilith.

“We’re sorry you guys can’t come with us so we’ll leave the house to you guys. Don’t worry we’ll bring lots of gifts.”

Ophis and Lilith opened tour speciality catalogue and pointed at everything they wanted.


“Fermented Roe.”

…… Looks like Dragon-gods were entranced by human world food.

I patted their heads.

“Yeah sure.”

Well most likely everyone’s going to buy thing for these two, so if we add them all up it’s gonna be quite a lot of gifts. It’s thanks to those two that we’ve won against !

“I’ve finished Ise-sama’s schedule.”

…When we were excited about our trip, Ravel appeared in the living room. After becoming part of my peerage she’s been managing my schedule more tightly than before. She also worked out the schedule around our trip this time.

Well, since I, [Chichiyuutei], became a High-class Devil so not only from Devil side, but from all over the different factions are contacting me. So my pride and joy [Bishop] Ravel is working out the schedule for me! At this rate I won’t be able to lift my head up against Ravel.

Ravel spoke to everyone.

“I’ve cleared Ise-sama’s schedule, so there won’t be any important request during the trip. Now I can enjoy this as well.”

Saying that, Ravel made a huge bright smile!

Grrrrrreat! With this, I can fully enjoy my holiday now!

“By the way, after the trip.”

Then Ravel caught herself in the middle of something. Yeah, after the Graduation trip my peerage (Me, Asia, Xenovia, Ravel, Rossweisse-san) + Irina have something that we’re keeping secret from Rias and others.

Ravel quickly changed the subject.

“…. Ahem. Actually, I heard that some strange unidentified cosplay gang have been causing nuisance all around Japan, so it seems like it’s best to keep alert.”

“Unidentified cosplay gang?”

When I asked, Rossweisse-san remembered something.

“Ah. That’s been gaining attraction on the net. I heard that there are some strange people who are causing trouble around the tourist or the people living in the tourist area.”

Someone then searched for an article on their tablet, and when we found one… it had a picture of people wearing some kind of animal costume, more like a cosplay, who were causing trouble toward people at some village.

They were making claim against some shops, or violently shaking vending machines, or even stealing money from a kid, they’re doing some juvenile things…

“W-Well. Let’s be careful anyway.”

When I said that, everyone else nodded their head in confusion.

With dry cough, Rias grabbed our attention.

“Then let’s do final check before the trip. Everyone take your trip itinerary out.”


Everyone raised their fist and shouted in unison . In our hand were our itinerary (Church trio made them for us)! Looks like everyone forgot about those costume people thanks to being excited about the trip.

“As per schedule let’s look around Hokkaido first. The first day is individual…”

Like that we started our final check led by Rias…


Meanwhile when Ise’s group were making final adjustments…

On an unhabituated island off the coast of Japan where their secret base… their hideout is located.

Inside the hall furthest in the base, there stood combatant dressed top to bottom in black.

Standing in straight line, they were all looking at the podium at the front of the room.

On the podium was intimidatingly decorated chair, and on that chair sat a person with immense force. The person who’s sitting on the chair is elderly looking male wearing a helmet resembling a dragon… the leader of this organisation Kaiser Vortex.

Next to the leader were executives wearing masks and capes.

Kaiser Vortex… the leader looked around the members with sharp gaze and triumphally shouted.

“The prominent figure of the criminal organisation [Khaos Brigade] has finally been toppled.”

When he shouted that, one of the executive stepped forward.

“Both the factions has collapsed, and the following Qlippoth has also been destroyed after death of their leader.”

They knew about the existence of [Khaos Brigade] who were causing terrorism around Mythological world.

Not only that they have somehow received the information about the collapse of Khaos Brigade.

Kaiser snickered.

“Fu. They were just another newcomers at the scene. With their lacking history they lacked unity.”

Hearing that, everyone laughed darkly.

Opening his eyes wide, Kaiser stood energetically from his chair.

“Listen carefully you all! Finally, time has come for our secret society… [Vortex Bunch] to dominate this world!”

When Kaiser shouted that, everyone raised their hands making V shape and shouted in unison.


Their voice filled the room corner to corner.

The name of this evil secret society, [Vortex Bunch]. The shape that the members were making were also initial of [Vortex Bunch]’s [V].

This organisation was top tier organisation that was formed by Kaiser and his most evil henchmen.

Their members were demons, criminals, humans with supernatural powers, wide variety of personnel were gathered. Between them were beings…monsters that Kaiser had modified himself….

Suddenly everyone all started to bad mouth about [Khaos Brigade].

“Fufufu. It made no sense that those idiots at [Khaos Brigade], who obviously and shamelessly copied us [Vortex Bunch], should be parading around like that.”

“For idiots to go around and to disappear after only a year. They are second, no third rate organisation hahaha.”

Everyone there agreed with those sentiments.

“”Of course!””

“We’re the first one to start all this!”

“What’s up with their [Khaos]! It’s obviously copying our [Vortex]!”

And there are good reasons why they were annoyed with them.

This organisation was founded around 50 years ago, and since their inception they’ve been causing numerous troubles around the world in secret. It’ll be annoying if they got attention of ICPO so they’ve been careful about their works.

After a long time, when they finally got enough combatants to take entire Japan over, thanks to sudden rise of [Khaos Brigade] they missed their chance.

Not only that their name is very similar in kanji.

Time after time, their work has been attributed to their nemesis, and [Khaos Brigade]’s work has been falsely accused to them. They were always falsely accused and were always one drawing the short straw.

…… Every member here was cursing [Khaos Brigade] every day.

And as if their curse got answered by the heaven, few days ago [Khaos Brigade] had collapsed.

Now everyone here thought to themselves that it’s finally their time to shine.

Kaiser announced to everyone.

“And now us [Vortex Bunch] will commence our Japan takeover with full force. By throwing this country into a chaos, we will aim for world domination! For now, we will start with conquest of the north, Hokkaido!”

Kaiser raised his hand and clenches it into a fist. Behind Kaiser was a flag with ominous spiral.

“And one day… we will make this place a true hell.”

When Kaiser announced that with booming voice, everyone once again made V sign with their hand and shouted…


… And thus, combined all their minds into one.

With spark in his eyes, Kaiser called upon a name.

“Monster Salmon. Come forth.”

From between the combatants, the monster appeared.

“Saaaaalmon! You called me, Leader Kaiser Vortex! Leave the first step to world domination, Attack on Hokkaido to me the king of all Salmon… [Limit-Over Salmon] Salmon-King!”

The monster that appeared was fish-(salmon) head humanoid monster. On his hand was a harpoon and he wore a crown on his head.

When the Salmon-King appeared, murmur went around the combatants.

“To call King Salmon-sama… ah no he hates that name… to call Salmon-King-sama from the beginning… Kaiser is really going all in to this plan.”

“Yeah, normally salmons go back to the river they are born from after 6 years, but Salmon-King-sama is said to fight that instinct and has been swimming in the ocean for 30 years. And earning respect from the Kaiser, he’s a dangerous aquatic monster born from that.”

“This person is someone who easily calls a salmon that goes for more than ¥1,000,000 [A trash who lost to their instinct] …such a scary person…”

While everyone was talking about how scary the Salmon-King was, Kaiser gave him an order.

“Then King S… no Salmon-King. I will leave the attack on Hokkaido to you! Send that land into a chaos!”

Kneeling down, Salmon-King announced.

“Yes! I Salmon King, will complete Kaiser-sama’s order!”

Then standing up, he made V sign with his hand.



Rest of the members followed him.

While Ise’s group were checking for their trip, a mysterious group started to make their move…


Part 2

Noon on the day after… I, Hyoudou Issei, have arrived at Hokkaido’s New Chitose airport!


Ahhhhh, I can feel the cold air as soon as we arrived at the airport! As expected, it’s end of March but it’s still freezing here! But maybe because it’s our first time here, this coldness still feels good!

We’ve decided to take the plane to our first destination. But we’re using teleportation circle when we go to other regions though.

It was decided to take the plane first at Rias’s request, and rest of us agreed as well.

Firstly we’ve decided to separate from airport. We’ll visit places that we want to first, then we’ll meet up back at the hotel in Sapporo that we’ve booked.

Not only that we’ll be staying two days in Hokkaido.

“I’m thinking of going to Hakodate’s Goryokaku that’s related to Shinsengumi. Tosca said she want to come with me.”

Looks like that’s Kiba’s plan tomorrow. And like him, everyone will be traveling freely around during the trip.

… Then Xenovia took a key out from her pocket. And while spinning her keys around on her finger, she bragged.

“Fufufu., I’m gonna ride this baby around here.”

I noticed that thing straight away!

“That’s your bike key!”

She nodded.

“Yeah actually I got my license, and I bought myself a bike with money I earned doing my job. I’m gonna bring it using magic circle and ride it around this wide Hokkaido road.”

Really?! That Xenovia, she’s has been muttering about getting mid-vehicle  license, when did she even apply?! Thinking back, she said she wanted a bike as well!

Woah~ I’m jealous. I want one too!

“And I’m going to ride behind her later.”

And Irina said making peace sign! Damn it! I want to ride it too!

Rias smiled saying [Maybe Ise should get a license too] and took a car key from her pocket as well.

“I also got my license so I’m going to summon my car to drive around later. Actually, I wanted to ride my car on this wide road as well.”

I heard that she got her license before. Getting interested in getting license, she went to driving school both in underworld and human world.

“Ufufu. Actually, I also got mine as well. This is a good chance so I should also drive my car.”

Ah Akeno-san also got her license along with Rias. Feels like people around me are all getting their licenses.

Timidly raising her hand, Rossweisse-san also said something.

“I’m also thinking of driving with rental car.”

Ohh, so she’s gonna drive through Hokkaido as well! Looks like those who got their license want to race through Hokkaido’s road.

Rias then said to me.

“Ise. Let’s go on drive date later. I’ll drive.”

Oh, Rias gave me such an offer! I also want to look around Hokkaido while sitting in a car, they did say it’s hard to travel and enjoy Hokkaido without one.

I was going to accept her offer… but quickly got denied.


Rossweisse-san flushed her face and boldly raised her hand.

“What’s wrong?”

When Rias asked, Rossweisse-san spoke with all the courage she had.

“I-I also want to go drive date with Ise-san!”

Ku! Rossweisse-san offered a drive date to me. I’m really happy but… Rias, who gave me her offer first, smiled and looked at me.

“Ara, so bold. Expected this much from my peerage. Ufufu, then let’s decide using rock paper scissor. Winner takes Ise on a drive date, but you have to give him up for loser next time. This is just for deciding on the order, understood?”

“Of course!”

Rossweisse-san nodded her head! And the result was…

“—T-Then Ise-gun… L-Letts go ‘ave our drive date.” <This is supposed to be Hokkaido dialect>

Rossweisse-san! She’s even using accent to ask me out!

“Ah, yes. Let’s go.”

Just like that my first day became a drive date around Hokkaido.


I rode on Rias and Akeno-san’s car part way, but since everyone wanted to go somewhere different we eventually split up. They’re using Rias and Akeno-san’s car to go to where each person wants.

The person whose destination was same as me and Rossweisse-san was Xenovia on her bike.  With Irina behind her she was riding her bike across wide, empty road of Hokkaido.

“That Xenovia is speeding quite a bit.”

Wearing tight rider suit and full-cover helmet, Xenovia was riding blue Racer-replica bike. Damn that fits really well on her! If she starts using durandal while riding that, she’ll look so cool!

Rossweisse-san, who is driving the car, then commented on her.

“She must be having so much fun since she’s able to ride that brand new bike on wide Hokkaido road. But she really is speeding quite a bit! I’ll have to give her a lecture as a guardian later!”

Ah, looks like her teacher-mode is being turned on.. but suddenly Rossweisse-san apologised to me.

“Ah, I’m sorry that I’m being too cautious. It’s not that thrilling right?”

“No, don’t worry about it. I like how I can just relax in the car that you are driving.”

I said that from bottom of my heart. Rossweisse-san drives very cautiously, so I can enjoy the scenery leisurely.

Driving around the road with snowy fields all around us, wow I can definitely feel I’m at Hokkaido.

“A-Actually driving around with a guy like this has always been my dream…”

Rossweisse-san said bashfully.

“Ah, is that so. But since the guy is just sitting here at passenger seat it’s a bit unsightly.”

Maybe it would have been better if I was the one driving.

Hearing what I said, Rossweisse-san quickly replied.

“N-No way! I’m…. enjoying this as it is very much.”

Blushing Rossweisse-san was really cute.

“I’ll get my license as soon as I graduate from High School so please, sit next to me in the car I’m driving then.”

Hearing what I said, Rossweisse-san was surprised.

“R-Really?! Y-You want to go on a driving date with me?!”

Being so surprised, she forgot to check where she was going!

“H-Hey Rossweisse-san, Loook ahead!!!”

“Ah I’m so sorry! I-I showed you something so embarrassing.”

“Well, if you’re fine with me, then I’ll go on a driving date with you. So please I’ll be in your care until then.”

When I lowered my head, she also followed me.

“N-No, I’ll be in your care for eternity!”

E-Eternity? Ah since she became part of my peerage we’ll be in each other’s care forever. Such an honour.

… Xenovia who was riding in front of us slowed down and parked her bike at the side of the road.

“huh? Xenovia stopped?”

We made a curious face. After stopping our car as well, we joined those two.

Xenovia and Irina dismounted from their bike and looked toward the area full of huts.

“Hey, Xenovia, Irina. Why did you stop here?”

Xenovia pointed towards the hut.

“That campsite over there seemed a bit rowdy.”

Looking closely, it looks like people were running away from something, even screaming!

“They operate campsites in March then, but I wonder what that screaming is about?”

Rossweisse-san replied my question.

“I saw that there’s campsite that operates during this season at cheaper rate.”

Hmm, that must be good business then, especially thanks to tourists.

Anyway, now that we know there’s something going on there we can’t just ignore it.

We looked at each other and headed towards the campsite.

When we went there… something so weird was seen.

… Weird people in black attire and… person in fish costume?

“Eh? What… are these cosplayers?“

When we were all wondering what’s going on, Rossweisse-san said this.

“Maybe they are that people we were talking about before.”

Ah Ravel did mention about these weird masked group that goes around causing mischief I think?

“Let’s go.”

When we arrived, that guy in fish costume made horrendous laugh.

“Saaaalmon! You low life enjoying your times camping here! Your peace is gone now that me, Salmon-King has arrived! I will make this place into a living hell! Let’s see, I’ll make all your barbecue ingredient into salmon!”

When that salmon guy shouted that…


Guys wearing black clothes made weird pose and shouted something, then everyone’s barbeque turned into salmon.

“Nooooo! My meat turned into fish!!!”

Getting their barbecue interrupted, kids all started to cry.

The guy in weird costume stole the barbecue from all the kids and shouted at them.

“Eat fish you brats! You’ll ruin your health If you only eat meat, so we’ll eat all the meat here for you! Saaaaaalmon!”

… U-Umm, what are they doing? W-Well at least it looks like they’re doing something bad.

Now, what shall we do. We can’t just pretend to not see this after coming all the way here.

Just then Xenovia and Irina, with their overwhelming sense of justice, approached them.

“Oi you there you fish… monster? Don’t go around causing trouble at leisure spots”

“Yeah! Stop right there!”

They aren’t wearing a costume but… a monster? Sage? anyway when the opponent saw Xenovia it just smirked.

“Saaaalmon! Don’t butt in when you’re a such a weak little girl! We won’t hold back if you’re thinking of causing trouble for us! I’ll drop out into salmon hell!”

That salmon got a harpoon?! we really can’t leave a guy with a weapon here.

Xenovia and Irina both summoned their sword from the circle and faced off this fish.

“Hmm, can’t be helped.”

“I don’t think we can avoid a fight like this.”

….No choice huh. I put on my armour and Rossweisse-san readied her magic circles and in the middle of all this, we prepared to fight against a salmon…


… And few hours later, after finishing the tour we came back to our hotel at Sapporo.

Ahhh, it was great when we went to cheese factory at Furano! We all made butter, cheese and ice cream, and we also ate some pizza! We did meet that weird salmon but rest was great!

Rias, who came before us, looked at us and said.

“Ara, what happened to you guys? I can smell salmon from you.”

Looks like that salmon smell seeped into our clothes, thinking back the people at the cheese factory also said something similar…

“Ah, yeah. Something happened. But that’s that, where’re we gonna eat dinner?”

I changed the topic quickly and asked where’s the location of our dinner.

“Ufufu. I talked with Koneko and apparently there’s this place where you can get unlimited refills on Jingisukan…”

And just like that our foody tour has also begun.


While Ise’s group was enjoy their time…

At [Vortex Bunch]’s hideout…

The meeting hall has become a scene of funeral house. On the corner of the podium was… [Salmon-King]’s picture. Salmon-King, who has been deployed at Hokkaido, was killed in action by warriors he unfortunately met.

Everyone there was silent throughout the afternoon.

Kaiser also gave a deep sigh.

“… for King Salmon, renowned warrior even within [Vortex Bunch], for him to be killed…”

Kaiser said as such, but the members dare not correct Kaiser that he has said the Salmon-King’s name incorrectly.

Just then… executives at the podium all came forward.

“Fufufu, dear Kaiser. That guy was someone who had not been appointed one of [Four Invincible Generals]. Leave the rest to us!”

When one of the Executive, [Four Invincible Generals] said as such, Kaiser also gave a positive attitude.

“Oh, our pride and joy of [Vortex Bunch], [Four Invincible Generals]! You say you four will handle the situation!”

One of the executive took his cape off. What showed up was… person with brown skin who dressed like a fortune teller, as well as wearing pentagram on his face.

“Leave the front charge to me, Count Pentagram. Using my fortune telling, I will turn prime tourist area of Japan… Kyoto into utter chaos!”

When men of pentagram, Count Pentagram stepped forward, everyone got excited again.

“Ooh, Count is stepping in personally!”

“Foreign born fortune teller who still uses name ‘Pentagram’ despite his job <TN Pentagram is related to devil/bad luck, and he’s a fortune teller who still uses that name.>! Not only that he’s a high social elite, a ‘Count’ !”

“But his skills are the real deal…! Thanks to his evil deeds in Kyoto, he was barred from all the shrines there.”

“It’s said that he swapped every fortune into ‘Worst Luck’ and hung up a plaque saying “Go die, normies” on wishing wall over there…”

While other combatants were telling the glory of this Count, Kaiser gave him an order.

“… Count Pentagram. Turn the capital of history and culture, Kyoto into ….”

Count kneeled, his mouth had cold smirk.

“Leave this to me. Voooooortex!!!”


The next target was decided while all the members made weird pose.


Part 3

Third day of the trip! After staying in Hokkaido for two days, my friends and I have arrived at our next destination, Kyoto.

“Leave the tour to I, Kunou!”

And as we decided before, we joined up with Kunou and asked her to be our tour guide.

“I’m so sorry to ask you to be our guide every time we come here, Kunou.”

When I told her that, Kunou made peace sign with her hand and said joyfully.

“No worries! As someone living at Hyoudou residence, I should be able to do this much at least!”

We’re going to spend only a day at Kyoto. While here, we decided to visit places people wanted to see together. Xenovia said that she wanted to visit Kinkaku-ji and Ginkaku-ji that gave such a great impression when she visited here for the school trip.

We asked Kunou for the most optimal course route that will satisfy everyone.

While we were visiting all the places and eating Kyoto specialities, Kunou suddenly said this.

“It would have been better if Phis-sama were here with us…”

“Phis… and Lilith can’t move outside the house for certain reasons.”

Well we can’t help it, so sorry Ophis and Lilith. Kunou’s with us but please look after the house for today!

Rias then told Kunou to ease her worry.

“Ufufu. We are sending them plenty of delicious food as soon as we find them so don’t be sorry worried.”

“If it’s those two it won’t be weird to imagine them just waiting in front of the circle for food to appear.”

Akeno-san also chimed in.

Hehe I couldn’t help but to imagine the scene where those two are just patiently sitting in front of the circle with their mouth filled with saliva waiting for food to appear. Just imagining that makes me relieved.

Hearing that Xenovia, Irina and Asia all said in union.

“But it’s a shame that they couldn’t look around Kyoto.”

“I wanna come here with those two at least once.”

“Yes, let’s do that one day.”

… Agreed, I also want to take those two everywhere. I want to show them a lot of things, I promised that much as a friend.

We also want to go travelling with Kunou who was looking after Ophis and Lilith.

…. It was when we arrived at Kiyomizu-dera while talking about that, looks like there’s something going on in the temple.

“Hm, what’s going on? It’s quite noisy, and we’re showing Ise-sama’s group around here…”

When Kunou said that, Fox shrine maiden appeared and explained the situation.

“Dear princess, that is… some weird person appeared at the temple and is complaining about everything…”

We were worried so we decided to go towards the noise.

Observing the people around the temple… a weirdo wearing pentagram on his face brought a bunch of people in black clothes and is complaining to the temple manager.

“Fufufu! I have turned every fortune here into “WORST LUCK”!”

That Pentagram weirdo shouted while giving a weird laugh.

“D-Dear customer! P-Please hold on!”

The manager seems to be quite angry. Well if someone changed the fortune without anyone knowing then it’s to be expected. It is, after all, part of their business.

Just right then, one of the employee at the temple pointed at the pentagram weirdo and said.

“Ah! It’s this guy! A weirdo known for getting banned from every shrine and temple in Kyoto!”

… Ah, so it’s this guy. Ahhhh, same with that salmon, why do we have such bad luck meeting these weirdos while we’re on holiday…

Xenovia and Irina also got angry.

“That’s unacceptable! Irina, you wanna join me take care of this guy? Those guys from Hokkaido are the  same guys as these ones.”

“Let’s go! Even if we teach them some lesson, Lord surely won’t mind us doing so!”

Unlike that campsite from Hokkaido, there are too many people here so we will cause a scene if we just release our power. Not only that if we cause too much trouble we’ll be the ones getting banned.

“K-Kunou. What can we do? Weirdos are causing trouble.”

Firstly, I asked the princess of youkais here.

After making the shrine maiden call somewhere, Kunou said this to us.

“There’s no need for you guys to do anything! It’s simple as calling police for those idiots. Now I’ll lead you to delicious restaurants so follow me!”

Ah so they’re calling the police… well police can handle the things here then, and if they try something weird  Kunou’s youkais won’t just stand there doing nothing.

After reaching that conclusion, we continued on our tour.


After Ise’s group finished enjoying their trip.

[Vortex Bunch]’s hideout…

“Unbelievable! You are saying Count Pentagram has lost?!”

Leader… Kaiser Vortex was shocked at his subordinate’s report.

They continued their report.

“T-To be exact, he was captured by the police. H-He’s currently under  investigation.”

Kaiser stiffened his expression and touched his forehead with his hand.

“… Ku. He better not tell them about this location. Police are bad news.”

Never underestimate the force of Japanese Police— that’s one of the caution told to [Vortex Bunch] members.

At the news of Count’s capture, air of uncertainty began to cycle but…

“Kaiser! Please leave da things ta me, anotha [Four Invincible General]! I will conquer da region o’ Osaka!” <Osaka accent this time>

Just then everyone heard a strong Kansai accent! And one of the executive threw away his cape and mask.

The person that showed up was… figure of tiger wearing the uniform of pro-league baseball team Hanshin Tigers. Unlike his appearance, he’s a spirit who was picked as number one [Draft] at [Vortex Bunch] meeting. Not only is he the owner of ‘tough as steel’ body, and he is a giant at over 2m.

“Hmpt! Coach Tiger! For you to step up by yourself…!”

When Kaiser was perplexed, tiger … Coach Tiger laughed.

“Nyayaya! No need ter worry! With this Dontobori nails, I will take on da fools!”

Taking his sharp claws out, his laugh was surprisingly cute.

Everyone couldn’t contain their excitement!

“Look its Coach Tiger!”

“A true warrior who force-fed countless Kanto people his okonomiyakii meal…!”

“I’ve heard that he knows literally any comedian on the face of the Earth! When asked to recommend a person, it is said that he recognises the person’s sense of humour 100% of the time and recommend them the best match he could give!”

“There’s an unborn legend that says his power increase by hundred folds when Tigers win!”

After calculating something with his abacus, Coach Tiger once again laughed.

“Nyayaya! I’ll dye Osaka with da colour o’ [Vortex Bunch]! Voooortex!!!”

When Coach Tiger made the V pose and shouted the chant, everyone followed his example


However, unfortunately Tigers did not win this year.


Part 4

Fourth day! I, Hyoudou Issei and my friends have parted way with Kunou after entrusting Ophis and Lilith to her, and arrived at the City of all things tasty… Osaka!

Xenovia shouted in a loud voice.

“I heard that in Osaka, you can eat until your wallet gets empty and still won’t be able eat everything here! Asia, Irina! Let’s go and stuff our self until we get absolutely stuffed!”

Irina and Asia both raised their fist and replied to her.

“Of Course!”

“I want to eat original Takoyaki!”

Asia was singing about original takoyaki for a while. Since this is my first time, I should also eat till I’m stuffed.

… And finally people who have joined us late opened their mouth.

“Nyayay! We’ve finally joined nyaa. Let’s stuff ourselves Shirone, Le Fay. Us nekomata can eat till we die.”

“This is my first time at Osaka. I’m so excited!”

Kuroka and Le Fay said that. Oh and Kuroka isn’t wearing her Kimono this time, and is in long coat and a skirt. Looks like kimono gets in her way of eating.

Koneko’s eye shone at Kuroka’s words.

“Of course. I prepared for this day by not eating a lot during dinner for past few days.”

That’s true. Koneko ate significantly less during Kyoto. Looks like she was preparing for this day.

Rias puts her hand on Koneko.

“Koneko’s sense of taste is quite reliable at this occasion. We’ll be in your care today, Koneko.”

“Rely on me, Rias-nee-sama. I’m not going to let you sleep tonight.”

Oooh, she’s being quite reliable! She did look for every destination’s speciality restaurants before we came.

“Nyayay! It’s best to prepare yourself when Shirone is in front of food heaven nyaa.”

Kuroka seems like she’s enjoying herself as well… I think she’s also going to be quite an eater.

After going around famous Shinsekai, Tsutenakaku and Osaka Castle, we decided to have our meals at the main attraction Dotonbori.

As if trying to stuff everything we see into our mouth, we filled our bellies with takoyaki, kushiage, okonomiyaki, [Speciality Curry] with raw egg, roasted squid and pork manju.

These were all good… and it’s as if there’s a fear in our head like we’re going to miss out if we don’t eat everything here, but…

“The real deal starts from now.”

“Yup yup.”

Koneko and Kuroka seem like they are still hungry. Are nekomata ’s stomach just a black hole!?

While we were surprised at the two sister’s proclamation, we noticed something happening in front of us.

People were crowded into one place, and we also heard a loud voice.

After scouting what’s going on, Xenovia said to Koneko and Kuroka.

“Hey Koneko, Kuroka. There’s a tiger type… nekomata? Cat yokai? Something’s up there.”

Nekomata sisters looked at each other in confusion.

When we arrive at the origin of the noise… this guy with tiger head was having a fight with normal person. Not only that he was wearing Hanshin Tigers uniform.

And around the tiger guy was…. Another men in black uniform!

“What the hell….? Cat…. Tiger spirit? Yokai?”

Looks like even Kuroka was confused.

When we got nearer we realised what was happening. This tiger…. Spirit was forcing plates of okonomiyaki and white rice at the unfortunate guy.

“Oi ya Kanto bastard! Eat da rice and okonomiyaki right now! Force it ter ya mouth!”

“What the hell?! How can I eat both rice and Okonomiyaki together!”

Looks like the guy is from Kanto region, he was disgusted at the fact of eating okonomiyaki and rice together. Seeing that reaction, tiger spirit got mad.

“Wot da fuck did ya just say?! Okonomiyaki is a fine side dish! What part that ya don’t understand?!”

“They are not side dish! Okonomiyaki, takoyaki even yaki soba! They’re not side dishes!”

When the guy shouts that, Kansai people around him were…

“Wot?! Wot’s wrong with eating them as side?”

“This is why Kanto people no nothing about their food!”

… And agreed with the tiger spirit. Oh so this is what they call Kansai spirit, they find fun in every situation.

When the guy’s expression got worse, tiger made evil smile and said.

“They got spaghetti in them bento innit? This is same as that innit. Once ya get used ter it this ain’t nothing. Now why don’t ya try eating this as side.”

My god is he really trying to force the Kanto person to eat Okonomiyaki meal?! W-Well I learned that people from Kansai region eat like this but… even I can’t do that. Okonomiyaki is definitely not a side dish! Well maybe yaki soba is an exception to that!

When I was thinking that, Koneko stepped forward. And while protecting the Kanto guy.

“Hey tiger-san. You shouldn’t bully normal people.”

Then the tiger, unlike his terrible face, laughed like a kitten and said.

“And wot are ya miss? Ah Nekomata? Well that ain’t matter. I’ll feed ya this Okonomiyaki meal as well!”

That tiger thing shoved bowl of rice and Okonomiyaki onto Koneko.

With that, Koneko made a overwhelmingly confident smile.

“That’s not even a challenge, but I can’t forgive you for causing trouble here, in the land filled with foods.”

While the crowd was shouting [Hit him up missy!], fight between tiger and a cat started…


After Hyoudou Issei’s group have enjoyed their fill of tour around Osaka…

Inside hideout of [Vortex Bunch]… there was a picture of Coach Tiger on the one side.

“Unexpected of Coach Tiger to be defeated…!”

As if shocked at the outcome, the leader… Kaiser Vortex covered his face with his hands. Looks like even he couldn’t believe what he is hearing.

Even the combatants were giving their reports in madness.

“They said 2 months until full recovery! Damn it! If the Tigers won the season then he wouldn’t have been defeated this easily …! Damn it!”

Kaiser then shook his head.

“Don’t say such nonsense. This was his fate. We couldn’t wait for the Tigers to win…!”

In the middle of heavy mood due to defeat of two of their executives, a laughter filled the hideout.

“Pffft! Both of them are such embarrassments! Let me lead the Fukuoka next!”

Third one threw away his cape and the mask. And the person was… a pig monster wearing an attire similar to Ramen shop owner. His head was one of the pigs, and he also had wrapped a towel on his forehead.

“so, it’s you who’s going to go next… Chief Pork Bone.”

Kaiser narrowed his eyes. His expression showed that he realised this is now a time for third executive to head out.

At his deployment, every combatant was all terrified.

“S-So even chief is getting involved.”

“for a monster that is to be the best that Kaiser has created to step in… Fukuoka is as good as destroyed now!”

“He apparently charmed away customers from a ramen shop that only serves their regular customers!”

“… They say that once you step into the shop that chief owns, his special ability activates and you are forced to follow the house rule…! No talking! No phones! Start off by drinking soup!”

“Once you get charmed by its taste then you start   writing on blog owned by ramen maniacs! Thanks to that his shop is crucial source of this organisation’s income!”

“Once his special water draining ability, <Last Pig Drain> gets activated, then Fukuoka is as good as gone!”

While the tensions rose inside the hall, Chief Pork Bone made a cruel smile.

“Pufufu, I will turn Fukuoka’s prized possession, street stall area useless with my Ramen! I will turn every one of them into my [Vortex Bunch Ramen]! Pufufufuf! Vooooortex!!!”


While every combatants was shocked at this deployment, Invasion of Fukuoka has begun…


Part 5

It’s now our fifth day of travelling! I, Hyoudou Issei and friends, have arrived at Fukuoka.

After enjoying looking around the area, we decided to go around finding for places to eat just like we did in Osaka.

Xenovia once again made a bright smile and said.

“We’re gonna eat loads in Fukuoka again! Let’s go Asia, Irina! We’re gonna go around as many stalls as possible!”

As eating lots of food from all over the places is taking a toll, Asia and Irina grabbed their abdomen concerned about their weight.

“No doubt I’ve gained weight! But Pork broth ramen, triple hot pot, fermented roe, grilled gyoza, chicken skewers…! I feel like they are sending a call to me to eat them!”

“Ise-san! Don’t hate us even when we get fat!”

Don’t worry, I won’t hate you for that. I’ll even help you with your diet!

Eating champions Nekomata sisters were full of energy today as well.

“I’m not going to go easy on you nee-sama.”

“Nice, I’m gonna enjoy speciality food here while drinking Fukuoka’s special sake nyaa~”

Even Valerie and Tosaka, who were overwhelmed during entire trip around Japan were…

“My my, I’m being satisfied with all these rich foods and not blood, even though I’m a vampire. Ufufu~”

“There are so many delicious foods around the world…!”

And were excited and mesenteric about Fukuoka. Since they were sheltered all their lives, rich food would overload their taste buds. Hopefully we’ll have more chances like this in the future!

Watching this situation, even Rossweisse-san smiled.

“It feels like instead of graduation trip, it’s quickly becoming a foodie trip.”

Rias also smiled and said.

“Ufufu. Eating each region’s speciality is also part of fun during a trip.”

“That’s true. Since we can go looking around the region while looking for good places to eat, it’s so convenient.”

Just as Rias and Akeno-san said, this way we’re definitely feeling like we’re on a trip! Going around seeing region specific things and eating anything that looks good! This is what travelling is all about!

We decided to go to Fukuoka’s speciality stall street and look around the food stalls there.

But looks like that general area… was quite noisy.

“Ara, looks like the stall area is quite lively.”

Rias’s expressions turned dark while looking forward.

She’s right. Black curtain stalls were surrounding the area. Having ‘Ramen’ written on their curtain it seems like they’re selling just that…

Looks like the owners of other shops are having some argument with the employees of these stalls.

Ravel walked toward the stall, looks like she’s going out to scout ahead.

“Ravel, what’s going on there?”

When I asked, Ravel touched her forehead with her hand and pointed at them.

“… Ise-sama, everyone. Looks like those black stall people are causing trouble for other stall owners there…”

And when we looked at what she was pointing at , someone…. A pig… spirit that looks like the boss of these stalls is directing his employees and starting an argument between the stall owners.


I couldn’t figure out what to say. No, I was dumbfounded.

… It’s those black clothes bunch and weird spirit again!

We heard that they’ve been causing trouble around the tourist areas but, to meet them this frequently… ahhhh, this is causing me a headache.

In all honesty, aren’t spirits showing themselves in front of normal people too much?! I swear this won’t bode well with the other world?

Well it might just be a doll suit or just bad cosplay though…

Ravel followed up.

“…Whatever the case, it looks like these are those [mysterious costume bunch] we’ve heard about before. I never would have guessed that it would be a monster, not just random cosplayer, who are causing this much trouble.”

We looked at each other and just sighed.

“… Looks like we need to step in just to enjoy our graduation trip. It’s not like we can just ignore these people.”

In order to protect the food, and the owners of these stalls we walked toward the area.

Anyway, after this I need to get some pork bone ramen.


After Ise and his friends had enjoyed their Fukuoka specialities…

At the hideout… Kaiser, filled with rage, kicked his chair over. On the shrine the picture of Chief Pork Bone was added.

Heaving his shoulders, Kaiser shouted.

“This can go no longer! I will personally step in!”

Being disappointed continuously by his executives, he announced that he will personally step into the fight.

Everyone was horrified at that statement.

“What?! Kaiser himself will?!”

“P-Please calm down! I-If leader steps in, t-the world will be devoured in darkness!”

Everyone tried to calm him down, but Kaiser Vortex erupted his rage while emitting thick dark aura from his body.

“Our goal is no longer domination, but destruction! Destruction! After this continual defeat of [Vortex Bunch], only option left is to destroy this known world and start over!”

His voice was enough to shake the entire hideout.

In the middle of all that, the voice trying to calm the Kaiser kept coming in.

“Please calm down lord… looks like the very last [Four Invincible General], I can only protect Kaiser.”

Taking off his mask and cape, the final executive… the fourth [Four  Invincible General] stood next to Kaiser.

Finally Kaiser smiled and welcomed the person.

“Oh, you’ve come… Master of defense, ‘Final Death Xiezhi’”

The final executive revealed himself! The person was… black furred lion, no dog sized Xiezhi was sitting there. The cutest looking Xiezhi was the final executive!.

Everyone there… all welcomed Final Death Xiezhi and mouthed off his legend.

“T-That legendary person is finally making his move…!”

“He’s a being that is said to protect a household, but instead of protecting anything, he is said to just wander around travelling!”

“It’s that Final Death Xiezhi’-sama who was picked by female members as ‘Someone who we want to protect’’ 5 years in row! And he’s protecting the leader!”

“But after deciding to protect someone, his protection level is so great that even if three of [Four  Invincible Generals] attack, it won’t be able to get close! Now there are no one who can touch our Kaiser who has announced world destruction!”

“He’s weak against bishoujos but… any men will be weak against that!”

“Not only that he himself is so cute! He’s our mascot character!”

Kaiser put Final Death Xiezhi on his shoulder and stood in front.

Final Death Xiezhi then cutely laughed and said.

“Then let’s go and invade my old home Okinawa. If the news breaks out that I, Xiezhi, didn’t even protect the citizens of Okinawa and went around destroying the world, world will plummet into despair.”

At that suggestion, Kaiser nodded.

“Hmm that’s good idea. Then let’s destroy Okinawa as first step to world destruction! Let’s go my comrades!”

Then Kaiser himself enters the scene, all the members shouted with a force that can’t be compared to  before.


… And thus, the final battle of Vortex Bunch has begun.


Part 6

After starting all the way up north at Hokkaido, and after visiting Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka, we have finally reached the end of our graduation trip… Okinawa!

I, Hyoudou Issei have finally arrived the tropical Okinawa! This warmth! It’s still March but it’s warm enough for us to take our coat off!

After a week of travel, we’ve decided to spend last two days at Okinawa.

And the first day at Okinawa…

“Definitely beach!”

We’ve decided to enjoy the beach of Okinawa at the Hotel’s private beach which was owned by House of Gremory! Let’s all get changed quickly!

Blue sea! Bleach white sandy beach! And… half naked bishoujos!… ahhhh and these bishoujos are my friends!

So, it’s obvious they’d all be such bishoujos! Akeno-san, Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Ravel and Rossweisse-san all were wearing their bikini and was playing in the water. Oh and Kiba was swimming there as well.

Koneko and Kuroka were sitting under the parasol and enjoying Okinawa fruits… looks like these Nekomata sisters weren’t full yet.

And next to them was Le Fay drinking fruit juice with happy smile on her face.

Valerie and Gasper were also playing on the sand beach.

“Ufufu, to build sand castle on a beach. It’s just like a dream.”

“it’s so fortunate that we’re daylight walkers.”

Man, it’s such a heart-warming scene.

When I was looking at everyone who’s enjoying their Okinawa experience, Xenovia approached me. She was wearing bikini that’s covering virtually nothing! After approaching me with her bouncing breasts, she said something outrageous to me!

“Ise, can you rub oil on me? I think even I should be wary of getting sun-tan.”

With lecherous expressions on my face, I hurriedly received the oil from her.

“Of course! I’ll gladly rub oil on you with all my heart into it! Although I thought you wouldn’t really mind about your skin being burnt.”

Then Xenovia suddenly grabbed my hand and shoved it toward her breasts! While her softness of her breasts was felt by my right hand… Xenovia spoke with sensual voice.

“I’m in your peerage right. It’s not an exaggeration to say that both my body and mind are yours, so shouldn’t I try to keep my body as your interest fits? You like white skin  don’t you?”

…..!!! ….. This Xenovia, where did she learned to say such things! Both body and her heart are mine…! Well I am indeed her [King]!

Xenovia lied down onto the mat and pulled her bikini hook off. Her bare chest and nipple were just simply gorgeous!

“Now rub it on me. Ah, where are my manners asking such thing so rudely towards my master… Ise-sama, please rub oil on my body! …. Maybe that’s better?”

Don’t go around saying such things so cutely! W-Well don’t mind if I do! Yeah yeah I’m gonna rub it on you! Since I’m your [King] I’ll rub that oil on your body with all I’ve got!

“Y-Yes! I’ll rub oil on my peerage! This must be one of [King]’s duty right!”

“Yes, I’ll be in your care, my [King].”

As soon as I was about to rub oil onto Xenovia’s body…

“T-Then as your peerage I wish you would rub oil on me as well!”

Asia ran up to me and said such thing ! Not only that even Ravel followed!

“E-Excuse me, since I-I’m your peerage as well so umm… It’ll be an honour if you rub oil on me as well! Ise-Sama!”

Asia and Ravel tossed their swimsuit away as well!

Oioioioioi, not only Asia, but even Ravel became so bold now! This is private beach so no other people are here but aren’t you guys taking your tops off to casually?!

Well that’s that, but seriously I’m so happy that you two’s breasts are getting bigger during puberty! Those beautiful breasts with little gorgeous nipple on top is so great!

Then after that everyone else came!

“I-I’m your peerage so please rub oil on me too!”

“Darling, you’ll rub oil on me, right? I’m your teammate!”

Those were Rossweisse-san and Irina! Ooh, my peerage ’s [Rook] and [Knight] both came as well!

“Ara ara, I’m going to join in as well!”

And as if acting like a final boss, Akeno-san (she’s already got top of her swimsuit off and got ready to join in the battle) joined in!

Not only that Akeno-san hugged me from behind, and gently bit my earlobe! And through my back I felt her ginormous breasts and… that was such a bliss moment in my life!

“O-Oi. I was the first person to ask him to put oil!”

Even Xenovia got up, and while showing her bare chest grabbed onto me!

“I-I can’t rub oil on everyone at one time! K-Keep to an order!”

!!! since all these beautiful women are grabbing onto me, there’s so much I can stay calm!

“I’m first!”

“No me!”

!!!!! right, left, front and even behind! Three’s breasts everywhere! God this is breast heaven…! The soft sensation of female body is pleasuring me! But thinking this can’t go any longer, Ravel let go of me and while letting her large chest bounce, she suggested an idea.

“Then I’ve got a suggestion! Let’s choose the order by Toppling Stick!”

So, in order to choose the order in which I get to rub the oil on their body, all the girls decided to play Toppling Stick <Ba-Taoshi> on the beach while still exposing their chests, a tournament style game at that!

… Looks like this is going to take quite a long time. I just sat there with dumbfounded expression while holding onto single bottle of oil. Am I just supposed to sit here and watch them play…? well just watching bare chested girls play in sand pit is plenty fun enough! Ah~ I just want to get this over with and rub oil on their body!

While I was thinking just that…

“Ufufu, looks like they’re having fun.”

Rias strike conversation with me, then she asked me a question.

“Ah Ise. Will you keep your promise with me now?”

Instead of swimsuit, Rias was wearing short sleeve t-shirt. She was gazing at something little bit away from the beach. And there was… a red convertible.

Rias asked me again.

“You remember agreement I had with Rossweisse right? Let’s go on a drive date with me around Okinawa.”

… Ah right, I went on drive a date with Rossweisse-san at Hokkaido. Instead at the next destination…

I smiled brightly and nodded my head.

“Yeah sure. Let’s go.”

Since it looked like it’s going to take a while before Toppling Stick tournament between girls to finish, I decided to go on a drive date with Rias in the meantime.

After changing into my casual clothes, I got into passenger seat on the convertible. Wow Rias owns a lot of different cars… at Hokkaido she was driving a red saloon, and now she’s riding her red convertible.

Car that she’s driving is currently cruising through the road, and with that we drove through the seaside road of Okinawa.

After driving for a while making small talk…

I suddenly said something like this.

“… This is something I thought about when I was on date with Rossweisse-san earlier, but I think I should get myself a license as well.”

“Ara, so you will take me on the drive date next?”

“Yeah, I wanna be the one who drives at least once in the future.”

After getting my license I want to cruise around on a date with my girlfriend.

Rias smiled at me. Slicing through the road with her car, her red hair fluttered around beautifully.

“Ufufu, that sounds nice. But it was my dream to take my boyfriend around to a drive date, so I think it’ll be great if we take turns doing that.”

“Ah, that sounds nice too.”

It’ll be nice to take turns driving  even after I get my license.

Looks like Rias’s got a destination in mind. After driving for about an hour we arrived at Okinawa’s famous aquarium.

They said that this aquarium has multiple whale shark species, and scene of these creatures swimming is very majestic.

After entering the aquarium filled with tourist, we enjoyed our self watching many different aquatic creatures.

It was dreamlike scenery where inside the aquarium we saw many whale sharks and gigantic stingrays swimming with many different fish species, as if they are flying inside the tanks.

I’ve seen and experienced many different fantasy-like adventures… yeah even in normal life there exist something so dreamlike adventure.

Rias placed her hand on to the glass, and continuously chased after the creatures with her eyes just like a little girl.

“Ise, aren’t they just gorgeous?!”

Rias was enjoying herself to the fullest. She said before that she wanted to come here as soon as we arrived at Okinawa.

The scene like this where Rias acts her age still warms my heart so much.

Quickly looking around… I… pulled up all my courage and tried to create a good mood!

There are only us two around here! Let’s try to make a good memory here! It’s not like we’ll be punished for having a quick kiss or something!

At times like this I need to act like a man! After making my resolve I was about to take Rias to somewhere with a nice atmosphere…

“Hey Rias, let’s…”

Just when I was about to ask her…


We heard screams coming from somewhere nearby!

“What’s going on?”

We both looked at each other briefly and ran toward the place where scream was heard.

Once we reached the outside… a certain man wearing a helmet resembling a dragon was laughing while leading the men dressed in black.

“Hahahahahaha! Run! Run! You bunch of ignorant people!”

Looking around, we saw those guys in black were stealing and taking bags from the tourists!

That helmet person then announced to everyone over there.

“from now on this aquarium is under leadership of I, leader of Vortex Bunch! All the otter, sea cow, whale sharks, all sorts of fish, I will personally turn all of you into my soldiers!”

And then guys in black all in unison shouted something.


That pose they are taking with both of their hands above their head… this must be same ones we’ve been keep bumping into! Not only that this guy just said he’s the [Leader]? So boss has stepped in?

Wait wait wait wait… why in the hell have we been meeting these lot ever since we started at Hokkaido!

Is this on purpose?! Are you guys stalking us or something?! Or is this just a bad coincidence? Is that’s the case then our luck is utter trash for past few days… not only that this guy is letting out quite a lot of pressure and aura, he’s not so weak!

Rias narrowed her eyes and ranted.

“Just like what Ravel said about at Fukuoka, these guys seem to be that [Mysterious costume group] thing…”

“Ah~ Yeah I guess so…..”

All I could do was just agree with her at this point.

After exchanging eye contact that seem to confirm that we’ve got no choice but to step in, we stepped in front of them.

I shouted with voice filled with annoyance at this point.

“Oi, you guys. Stop with all these nonsenses.”

Rias also shouted while standing in front of these lot.

“You guys sure are annoying lots of people at the tourist area. I, the Heiress of House of Gremory— and my fiancé Issei will stop you lot.

That was such Rias-like announcement. Since she says it like it’s Stray Devil extermination job, tension rose… Wait, fiancé?! I-I’m honoured but that’s unexpected!

“… I’m correct right?”

When Rias asked me, I engaged my armour and got in to battle position.

“Of course! To become a man that befitting of your presence, I will continue to work hard!“

Looking at us two, guy in his helmet smirked.

“Kekeke. Such enthusiastic boy and his girl. But there is no one who can penetrate the barrier of my guardian. Our guardian that boasts the highest defence characteristic out of everyone in my organisation, Final Death Xiezhi will be protecting me! Show your might!”

That guy called upon something, but no one showed up.

Frowning, that guy asked one of the black clothed guys.

“…. Hm? Where did Final Death Xiezhi go?”

Then that guy explained the situation to his boss.

“T-That is, maybe he got lost… he hasn’t joined us yet.”

Hearing that, the leader went into shock.

“….. W-What….?”

And just barely managed to get those words out of his mouth. Looks like he was so shocked at that news his energy has weakened.

…. W-Well, should we attack now?

“… W-We can get rid of them now right?”

Rias, with dumbfounded expression on her face, nodded.

“Yeah, looks like they’re bad guys so let’s quickly wrap this up.”


When I and Rias approached them, that guy in helmet, as if he’s making a final stand, emitted a overwhelming aura from his body!

“Fine! You red hair girl and red armour boy! We will defeat you! Do not take the leader of [Vortex Bunch], Kaiser Vortex, so lightly!!”

That guy then commanded the people to attack us!

And just like that, our little [weirdo extermination] has started..


Few minutes later…

We defeated this weird group.

The guy in helmet was actually quite strong, I had to activate my armour this whole time. But thanks to combo attack from me and Rias, including those guys in black their organisation was obliterated.

And since it felt weird handing this guy over to the police, we left this case to Tobio Ikuse-san. looks like they were one of the organisation that he was chasing after, Ikuse-san came as soon as we called. House of Gremory also took care of the rest.

Soon after leaving the aquarium, we went on a walk around the beach.

“It’s a beautiful beach.”


Walking through this beautiful white beach, we talked.

I was interrupted when I wanted to make a good mood between us, but since we ended up being together with just us two, I guess it’s all fine?

Rias, who was walking just in front of me, turned around and smiled at me.

“Hey Ise. You know, I want to travel all over the place with you. Not just here on Earth, but also places in underworld…”

“Yeah me too. I don’t know when we will be able to, but I promise to go with you… no actually, I will take you anywhere you want. Next time let’s go on a date with my car.”

Lifespan of a devil is really long , so it’s possible to go everywhere we want to. We can walk on any soil we want…

Rias, who’s red hair is fluttering with the wind, smiled and looked at the blue sky.

“yes, I can’t wait. But I want to go on trips with others as well.”

“That too, let’s go. We’ve got plenty of time left.”

We continued to talk like that.

… Rias, I’ve decided. I’ve become High-class Devil, but there are many things I’m lacking. So I want to learn many things in my life.

My life serving you is amazing… but now I’ve become High-class Devil myself. So by going independent, I want to walk into my future with my own two feet.

And most of all, I want to become a man that can stand next to you, Heiress of House of Gremory and a person who wants to become the Champion of the Rating game. I will become a man who can proudly stand next to you.

Yes, I will become a man that is most befitting you…

Therefore, when this graduation trip finishes. I will start my journey…

I want to enter the international Rating game where Vail, Sairaorg-san, Cao Cao, Saji, Dulio, Ikuse-san, many gods and rivals that I haven’t met are waiting, and I want to win against all rivals that have entered the game.

Of course, even if the opponent I face will be Rias, I…

… but Rias, this is what I think. Until that person, that Azazel-sensei returns, I stride to become a amazing men.

… Azazel-sensei.

During the trip, everyone at one point made lonely expression on their face. Most likely we’re still chasing the shadow of our sensei even as unconsciously, that even at most unlikely situation, he would just randomly turn up and join us in our trip.

I… wherever I go, will look out for sensei’s shadow.

“Ah! There he is!“

… Just then I heard a voice of Xenovia. When I turned around, everyone (who have changed their clothes) were chasing after us!

Asia was pouting and was verge of crying! My damn somehow, they’ve found us! How the hell have they managed that? Actually, if it’s these guys finding us won’t be that hard, they are quite good at sensing where we are!

“Ise-san! Rias-nee-sama! You guys are so mean! What are you doing leaving us alone!”

Ravel was also chasing after us with notepad on her hand.

“We’ve decided on the order with that tournament! Let’s start rubbing oil!”

Oh right, Oil rubbing! They’ve finally managed to set an order!

Meanwhile Xenovia showed me and animal(?) she was hugging.

“I caught a Xiezhi just over there! I’m thinking of keeping it as my familiar!”

Xenovia was holding onto black Xiezhi so they really do exist.

Looking at everyone, Rias laughed and pushed my back toward them.

“Ufufu, looks like skinship between your peerage will be a priority, rookie [King]-san.”

Ahahaha, looks like we’re ending this with a good mood.

With lecherous face, I raised my fingers and said to the girls.

“Ha! Well since it came down to this I’ll rub oil on you guys as much as you want! There’s no point in hiding your breasts now! Show me your breasts with all your might!”

I didn’t manage to have a kiss with Rias! So as compensation I’ll rub oil on everyone here!

“Then will you rub oil me once we get back as well?”

Even Rias said something like that! Well we came this far let’s go all the way with this!

Hey, Azazel-sensei. I’ll try my best to become [King] and also harem king, so be prepare to listen to my story once you come back!


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