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On Baka Tsuki


Part 1

One afternoon during the weekend, everyone (all the girls living in my house) was in my room playing the Underworld version of Game of Life.

Irina suddenly opened her mouth and said.

“By the way, shouldn’t we have some kind of Temple or Shrine for Ophis-san? She is a Dragon God.”

…like that.

Temple, shrine…?

That’s right. Ophis is known as the Ourobobros Dragon. Well, [Former].

Koneko said while rotating the roulette.

“……Dragons have always been worshipped as gods and is a symbol of power. Even average dragons are more powerful compared to most monsters so normally they are worshipped as [Dragon God].”

I’ve also heard that from Rias and Sensei.

In both the Eastern and Western world, Dragons have always been kind of the symbolisation of power and from a human or another being’s perspective, they were considered to be threatening beings. So in occasions, dragons are considered to be marvellous beings that can be comparable to Gods.

I have encountered from High class Dragons to Legendary Dragons and they were all terrifying.

Normal humans or Low Class Devils have trouble fighting against a dragon. Well, since an average dragon is that strong, it’s not strange that they are being worshipped as a god in different parts of the world.

After Koneko, Akeno-san continued the explanation.

“Even for dragons, the strongest and most noble are [Kings of Dragon], Dragon Kings. Beings that are even greater than [Kings] are [God of Dragons]”

[Kings] specify the Five Great Dragon Kings. [God] specifies this Infinite Dragon-God Ophis over there and True Red Dragon God Emperor specifies the Great Red. If I think about it, both have [God] in their name. Well, the Great Red can also be called [Dragon of Dragon], [True Dragon] or [Apocalypse Dragon].

But Noble…beings huh. I glanced at Ophis.


The Loli Dragon God-sama noticed my gaze and tilted her head with a question mark on top of her head…

I know that Ophis is special and is a very strong dragon but…

Apart from my trusted partner, Ddraig, and Ddraig’s rival, Albion, the only dragon that I look up to is the Former Dragon King, old man Tannin…

The other Dragon Kings I know are the Sloth Dragon King, a Dragon King that gives out deadly curse and a wild and violent Dragon King…but there is no Noble Dragon King! Just the fact that old man Tannin, who gave up being a Dragon King but still acts a lot like a Dragon King, makes me suspicious at the criteria required to become a Dragon King!

“As a reference, since they are more powerful than a Dragon King but not as much as a Dragon God, the Red and White Dragon Emperor becomes the [Two Heavenly Dragons]” Ravel gave extra information.

Oh, so there was that kind of story behind the Two Heavenly Dragons.

Rias, who is sitting beside me, sipped from her cup and asked Ophis.

“Although building a Temple is a bit too much considering our position, if it’s only a small shrine… Hey Ophis, would you like a shrine?”

When Rias asked, our loli Dragon God sama tilted her head from side to side. She makes that cute movement when she’s deep in thought. As always her expressions are blank but it’s very cute nonetheless!

Seeing her reaction, Rias smiled and nodded her head.

“Seeing Ophis who normally would straight up say no when she doesn’t like things to be deep in thoughts, it seems like she’s also interested. It is good timing also since we are currently being consulted on a certain matter. Let’s ask them about this as well.”

I didn’t understand what Rias was talking about at that moment but…

Having decided that we should end this conversation here, we went back to the Underworld Game of Life.

And then…


Our next holiday.

To greet the guest that is coming today, we have been assembled in the teleportation room underneath our house (Kiba and Gasper have also come.)

I’m guessing it is the person involved in that [certain matter] Rias has mentioned before…

When I heard the person’s name from Rias for the first time, I was so shocked. For that person to be that girl…

When I was thinking that, the magic circle shine and there was a red torii! <TN door that is normally used in Japanese shrine.>

Oh! A Torii! That just came out of the magic circle! Wait, this Torii is familiar to me! Yes, this is from Kyoto…

With the light coming out from the magic circle, the space in the middle of Torii has warped in. At that same time, multiple wisps of smoke appeared. Ah, it’s the same as before.

As I was thinking that, a person appeared from Torii was…

“It has been awhile! Daughter of Yasaka, Kunou has arrived!”

The person who came out of the Torii energetically was wearing a miko outfit and had blond hair. It was Kunou!

Seeing this kid with her pointed animal ears standing up and her soft tails shaking around, it is so cute.

Kunou is a Yokai princess that we were indebted to when second year students of Khou Academy including me went to Kyoto for a school trip. Her mother is the leader of the Kyoto Yokai and is a nine tailed fox… Yasaka-san! Since she’s a real beauty and also has huge breasts, I remember her clearly!

Kunou also brought along fox eared shrine maidens that attend to her. They are most likely fox youkai onee-samas who we’ve met before. Ah, fox onee-samas are also great!

I say to our little princess.

“Welcome, Kunou. It’s rude of us to let you stand here and talk so shall we go up?”

“Hmm! Then please excuse me for intruding!”

Her reply is very energetic.

After that, we lead Kunou and her female attendees to the Hyoudou residence VIP room. When we arrived there, BANG! The Fox Youkai onee-samas bowed to Kunou and us and disappeared from the room, leaving behind a smoke trail.

The person who’s got business here today is Kunou.

Rias, with a smile on her face, greeted Kunou.

“It is nice to meet you. I’m Rias Gremory. I heard that my servants have been indebted to you back in Kyoto.”

Ah, if I remember correctly, this is the first time that Rias and Kunou are meeting together. Actually, not only Rias but it’s also the first time meeting her for Akeno-san, first year Koneko, Gasper and Ravel.

When Rias gave her greeting, Kunou politely bowed her head and replied.

“No, it is my pleasure to meet you. I am called Kunou, I’ll be in your care from now on.”

After greeting her, she stared at Rias’s face and her body.

Realising her gaze, Rias checked around her to see if there was something wrong with her appearance but…

Kunou suddenly said in an excited voice.

“Oh ho, as according to the rumours, you’re such a beautiful person! As expected of the Legal Wife!”

Well, Rias sure is beautiful, she’s my proud Master!

Rias, hearing what Kunou said, seems like she’s a bit flustered.

“I do appreciate your thoughts but, L-Legal Wife…?”

It seems like she’s flustered with what Kunou have called her.

Kunou nodded her head and continued.

“Yes! I heard that you are Ise’s master and his lover! So to me, you are the Legal Wife! My mother also said that I need to serve the legal wife well in order to have the Heavenly Dragon’s babies….” As soon as Kunou have said that loudly, the fox youkai onee-samas reappeared and blocked our little princess’s mouth.

“Kunou-sama, it’s still too early to say such things!”

“It’s good to leave good first impressions first! If a relationship between the legal wife as well as his mistresses aren’t good, [Kyoto – Heavenly Dragon Descendant Plan] will be broken into pieces!”

Kunou is constantly nodding her head while her mouth is still covered.

…. When we stare at them with a suspicious gaze, they just laughed like [Hohohoho] and was intentionally vague about it. They disappeared again afterwards.

W-What is that [Kyoto – Heavenly Dragon Descendent Plan]…… does Kyoto Youkais want something from me…? Not only that but Legal wife and my mistress….

Xenovia pointed at herself and asked Irina.

“…I don’t know about Asia but I’m also part of his mistresses. Right?”

“For now, we need to just be good to Rias-san”

It seems like those two have some thought after hearing Kunou’s words

Both Ravel and Koneko are whispering to each other.

“…Koneko, what is the ranking currently?”

“…Even when we aren’t talking about top spots, there are people who we don’t even know if they are going to take part or not so it’s a complicated situation. Not only that, it seems like that kid is also….”

….what is this. The girls are ignoring me and are just talking to themselves…

F-Fine, let’s leave the topic for now. Anyway, it seems like after parting with us at Kyoto, Kunou kept pestering other people as she wants to come and see us. But since Kunou is a princess of the Kyoto Youkais, she can’t just come here on her whim.

Yasaka-san and the Youkai around her were perplexed on what to do with her and so, it seems like they ended up contacting Rias…

Anyway, it seems like Kunou didn’t just come here to play, but rather, she has an objective.

After mentally preparing herself, Kunou puffed her chest up and proudly proclaimed.

“You guys are building a Shrine for a Dragon? But I heard that since you guys are Devils, you guys don’t know how to do so! But don’t you guys worry now! The Nine-tail fox…Yasaka’s daughter is here! I will teach you from the basics!”

Building the shrine…… that’s Kunou’s [Objective] for coming here, and also a decision that both Rias and Yasaka-san have decided upon in the end. It’s a nice idea that solves both [Ohpis’s shrine] problem that came up as a topic before and [Kunou being childish] problem for Yasaka-san.

Kunou looked around us and saw Ophis.

“Hmm. Beside from Ise, the only other person I can sense a Dragon’s aura is from that lady… You are also a Dragon right?”

Ophis tilted her head and went into [?] mode. At the same time, it’s going to be a problem if she says [I Ophis] to her.

To the outsiders, our Infinite Dragon-sama isn’t supposed to be here. Since the situation is like this, she needs to be careful of her surroundings.

Before Ophis say anything stupid, I quickly gave an explanation to Kunou.

“Y-Yes! She is O……. no, a Dragon called Phis. For one reason to another, she’s doing home stay in my house! Since she’s a decedent of a famous Dragon, we were talking about whether we should build a shrine for her… something like that.”

I just blurted out whatever came into my head!

“Oh ho. You are saying that by building a shrine, you want to worship this dragon, called Phis, as a [Dragon God]!”

Ah, Kunou just believed whatever I just said without any suspicion. That’s a relief.

“I thought we are building a shrine for Ise but… well, it’s okay! But where are you guys going to build it?”

After Kunou directed that question at us, we headed to our rooftop.

The rooftop is made into the communal garden. There are flower pots and there is also a small vegetable farm as well. We also have a table and chairs to drink tea so during the holiday, at least one person spend their time here.

Since there is nothing in the corner of the rooftop, we’ve decided to build the shrine there.

Kunou is constantly nodding her head while inspecting the place we decided.

“What do you think?”

I asked. Kunou then gave us a huge smile and gave us a thumb up.

“Hm! We can build a small shrine with this amount of land! Okay! Since we now know who this shrine is for and decided on the plot, let’s quickly obtain the tools and materials!”

Kunou clapped her hands twice and then with a loud bang, smokes appeared and a fox onee-sama reappeared and handed Kunou a wooden box.

That shiny wooden box had an elegant design and feel to it. When she opened the box, there were tools such as a chisel, a plane, a wooden mallet, a saw and so on inside.

“These are historic tools that have been passed down for generations. We use these to refine the materials that are going to be used to build a shrine!”

Ah ha, so these are tools used to build the shrine.

…. No, but I don’t know… including me….. When the other Devils saw the tools, our bodies shivered. The only ones that seemed to be fine are people who handled Holy Swords such as Kiba, Xenovia and Irina.

Rossweisse-san spoke up.

“Maybe because the tools are used for sacred purpose, it’s giving off a holy aura. If Devils like us touch it, it might burn us. It might be alright if we use a relaxation magic but… it will be good to think for a moment on whether we are going to use these tools or not.”

That’s right, as Rossweisse-san have said; these tools are giving of a holy aura. So that’s why it gave us such chills, it’s not as bad as Holy Swords or a Cross but it seems like our bodies will get hurt if we touch them. It’s quite inconvenient being a Devil at these times.

Now that I think about it, building a shrine for a Dragon God is a divine ritual.

Hearing that, Kunou made an embarrassed expression.

“Ah, I have not thought that far ahead…… Hmm, although I can hold them with no problem…… Thinking back, there are only a few from my kind who can use these tools as well.”

Kunou is holding them without any problem but it’s too much for us to do so. If Azazel-sensei was here, he would give us some advice. He seems to enjoy getting involved in these kinds of stuff. But for some reason, we couldn’t see our trouble maker sensei.

“Sensei is quite reliable in these kinds of situations…” Xenovia said. Akeno-san then spoke with a hint of displeasure.

“Azazel-sensei has left saying that he’s participating in a [316th Leader of Fallen Angel  Mahjong Competition]… Really, dragging even my father and holding a mahjong competition, no one can stop him…!” Akeno-san said while she was slightly dumbfounded. Wait, Mahjong competition?!  With Fallen Angel Leaders?!

…. To say that it’s a bit too peaceful considering there has been more than 300 competitions, they’ve been holding them far before the peace talks… Since there are a lot of geeks within the Fallen Angel executives Mahjong might be quite popular among them.

Ah, Maou-samas are also all geeks! Both the high branches of Devils and Fallen Angels are a bunch of weirdoes!

“I’ll ask about these tools to my old friend. There are departments back in my home land that are quite well versed in these tools.” Rossweisse-san created a small communication circle.

That’s our Valkyrie that used to serve Nordic god! Thinking about it, the person who has seen this kind of thing the most closely must have been Rossweisse-san.

After briefly talking about the communication circle, Rossweisse-san spoke.

“I learned some magic from an old friend. If we use this magic on a pair of gloves they said we will be able to use these tools without a problem all day.”

They are such great magicians and since they are so kind, the tools that Kunou brought are not going to waste!

Kunou gave a big nod and put her hand up energetically.

“Hm, next are the materials! Let’s go and obtain the wood!”

We have decided to split up and look for materials for the shrine.

……I wonder what kind of shrine will be made.


Part 2


The place that I, Rias, Xenovia and Kunou visited is a forest. We came here through teleportation circles but…

Every trees that are in this forests are impressive as it looks like they’ve been living for centuries… they are stood in front of us with such a height that easily overwhelm us.

… Not only the trees, but the silence of the whole forests gives off a spiritual atmosphere. Maybe because we are devils but our senses are resonating with it. It could be that there are no humans around here as well.

“This is the correct destination, right?” Rias asked Kunou.

Kunou nodded her head in agreement and took a step forward.

“Yes, as expected, Legal-wife-sama is amazing, we have arrived at the exact spot. We have already talked to the god of this mountain and we are allowed to take one aged cedar tree.”

Oh ho, so they’ve already talked to the mountain god here… so we are allowed to take one of these impressive trees. We are thankful for the generosity but at the same time felt like it was a bit of a waste to just use the trees for something so sudden.

“Is it really okay to use such an impressive tree as a building material?” I asked without thinking. Since it is a very old tree, it won’t be strange to think that these trees have developed a consciousness. I have this Japanese mind-set that tells me objects can have their own soul, so I feel a bit obligated to ask.

Kunou then said to me

“Ise, don’t worry. They told me that there is a tree that was broken into two during the last disaster so we’ve got special permission to take that.”

When we arrived where the tree was… there was a grand tree that has been split in half near the center.

“I heard this tree have been living for around 400 years. They asked us to only take the broken parts and leave the rest.”

400 years! T-T-That’s impressive! This one’s quite a good looking tree!

Xenovia placed her hand on the broken tree.

“So shall we move this one then? I thought I will be taking down the tree with my Durendal.”

“Your thought process is still out of place!” I suddenly criticized Xenovia.

For a Devil to chop down a few hundred years old tree that lives in the holy mountain with legendary Holy Sword… That’s just so weird that I thought maybe we should do that once just to see what happens!

“Then let’s get to work.” We started working under Rias’s instructions.

First, Kunou gave a ritual to thank both the mountain god and the tree and then, I quickly put on the Balance Breaker armour and held the tree trunk. Xenovia, while taking note from the diagram brought by Kunou, cut the tree trunk using the sword that’s been treated with magic (prepared in advanced for this purpose.)

Finally, Rias transported the wood using the teleportation circle.

The destination for these woods is the basement of the Hyoudou residence where the carpenter team is standing by. The wood is being processed there.

On the rooftop, the concrete foundation building team should be the building foundation for the shrine.

… While I was putting wood into the teleportation circle, I suddenly felt ominous about the future.

Will we be able to create the shrine when we’ve never done carpentry before? It’s different from building a simple hut.

Not only do we have to process the tree into building woods but even if all the woods are prepared, we haven’t got the skill to make them into a shrine. Since we are Devils, maybe we can simplify the process using our magic but we probably will need help from professionals for technical parts…

Rias asked Kunou.

“Those attendants are professionals at this kind of things right?”

“Yes. They have gone through proper training. We have also prepared the building blueprints in advance. The woods are currently being processed into building materials.”

Ah, is that so. Those fox onee-sama are professionals at these kind of things and so, I can feel at ease. They should be charging the operation and giving orders to the ORC members then.

Xenovia and I can relax and send the wood over there.

When Xenovia and I are working in silence, we heard the conversation between Rias and Kunou.

“Kunou is curious at how legal-wife-sama is able to keep her nice figure on her body.”

“I don’t do anything special to be honest. Besides that, Kunou-chan, well…. When you call me [Legal-wife-sama]… it’s a bit uncomfortable.”

“Is that so?! I-I do beg your pardon! … If that’s the case, should I address you as Madam?”

When Kunou becomes surprised, Rias quietly laughed.

“That’s not what I mean. Just call me Rias. Ise also calls me that right? Will I be able to call you [Kunou] like Ise?”

Hearing her words, Kunou’s face brightened up.

Kunou, who was tensed when talking to Rias, let go of her tension for the first time.

“I understand, Rias-sama! Please call me [Kunou] from now on!”

“Of course, Kunou.”

Oh, it looks like Kunou and Rias became close suddenly! As expected from someone I love, she flattered the nine tail princess with a single smile!

When those two were getting comfortable with each other, Xenovia said something.

“…As expected from the Legal Wife, the pecking order is coming up so naturally. It’s good that I joined in early.” While giving Rias a glare of respect, Xenovia suddenly said…

“Ise! I’ve been thinking lately that I should increase my feminine power! And then I will win the inevitable war between the girls of ORC!”

Xenovia said so and energetically chopped the tree but… aren’t you mistaking feminine power with something else?! Feminine power doesn’t indicate your physical power! It’s talking about your charm as a woman!

Well, that answer you gave is just like you, I’m not going to say anymore.

I don’t hate the fact that you are a power idiot! But at least control yourself a bit! Kiba, who keep pointing out the importance of technique more than power, is going to just cry his eyes out at this point!

Anyway, in order to build the shrine for Ophis, we continued our work.


At the workshop under the Hyoudou residence, the tree has been processed into the building material and is piled neatly on different parts on the floor.

Coming back from the mountains, we (me, Rias, Xenovia and Kunou) decided to help them with this work. The two attendants / professionals brought by Kunou explained the process carefully in detail so the making of the outline of the shrine wasn’t too difficult.

We are now also waiting for the concrete base in which the shrine will sit upon to dry.

The only thing that’s left is the Torii and the straw rope used to hang on the shrine but because the orders have been made in advance, all we need to do now is to wait for the delivery. Since it is impossible to build a shrine in one day, we decided to call it a day and rest for now.

My body’s aching from not having used my muscle in a long time.

We had our dinner with Kunou’s group at the ground floor dining room.

“I’m Kunou. My mother and I were indebted back at Kyoto, so…”

My parents were surprised at Kunou’s politeness despite her looks. This girl does have an energetic and selfish side to her but since she’s a Youkai princess, it seems like she’s been given proper etiquette lessons.

Not only that but they’ve brought some gifts and they are massive amounts of Kyoto-style Inarisushi.

Kunou’s group did forget to hide their fox ears and tails but when my parents saw that…

“Ara, that’s cute ears! Your tail accessory is also very cute!”

“Hmm, your shrine maiden costume is not bad.”

Well, it seems like they believe the girls are cosplaying as shrine maidens and also wearing these kinds of accessories. Since they kept meeting people with strange and weird logic, their mental abilities are becoming stronger and stronger.

Just like that, Kunou finished the meal with my parents and came back up to her room.

“Ta da! I’m wearing a school uniform!”

Kunou, who’s been missing for a little bit, came back wearing Khou academy’s female student school uniform!

Even though the uniform looks like it doesn’t fit her well and did look baggy, it’s definitely Khou academy’s school uniform!

“Where did you get that from?”

When I asked, the fox princess put out her chest and replied.

“I asked specially and got it through telemarketing. I heard that this uniform is quite popular among the young women in underworld.”

I remembered that. I heard this story before.

During Rias and Sona Kaichou’s Rating Game, both Gremory and Sitri wore this school uniform and the young people in underworld got influenced when they watched the battle on television.

It won’t be weird if the House of Gremory is selling these uniforms in the Underworld. They are quite good at these kinds of business.

But the uniform that Kunou is wearing should be the smallest size. Even then, her sleeves are still way too big for her. Well, it’s cute in its own way!

“It fits you and I’d bet it’ll look good on you when you grow up a bit.”

When I told her that, Kunou blushed and twisted her body.

“H-Hmm! I will become a woman that will look good in this uniform so look forward to it!”

“I’ll be waiting.”

“And when I become the [Female High school student], I will enrol to the Khou academy High school division! I already made a promise with my mother as well!”

“Khou academy?”

I wonder how long that will take. I imagined High school version of Kunou… Yes, she will become such a beauty! Judging by the look of Kunou’s mother, her b-b-breasts will also become huge! Ah, I’m looking forward to the future!

“… You are thinking about something indecent aren’t you?”

Kuu! Koneko’s sharp words jabbed my body.

Ravel laughed quietly.

“Ah, Ise-sama. Please don’t touch little girls that are smaller than Koneko-chan.”

“…I’m not a little kid. In the near future, my breasts will also become large like my onee-sama.”

“Ara, we… can’t be sure that the younger sister will be glamorous just because her older sister is such a beauty.”

“Uuuuuuu, my breasts will definitely become bigger! It’ll get bigger than Ravel’s!”

Arrra, Koneko and Ravel started their argument yet again. Well, this is a common occurrence but they will make up with each other soon.

“I will also wear it.”

….Our Dragon God-sama is also wearing the Khou academy uniform!

It seems like the smallest size just about fit her.

“I, look good?”

“Yes, it looks good. Very cute.” When I pet her head, she gave a reaction that she’s happy.

“I also want to wear Phis-sama’s clothes.”

“I also want to wear the shrine maiden clothes.”

It seems like those two are getting along well and the atmosphere is great right now.

When our nine tail princess and the Dragon God-sama finished wearing each other’s clothes, Irina came back with a box in her hand.

“Since we’ve eaten our dinner and had our uniform fashion show, let’s play a game! Let’s all play together to celebrate Kunou-chan coming here! We’ve got the Underworld Game of Life and I’ve also prepared the Heaven Game of Life!”

“We also got cards and UNO.”

“And Karuta as well! <TN Japanese card game>”

Both Xenovia and Asia also brought their games!

Well, Kunou came here to hang out with us today so let’s have good time together for the time remaining!

“Then let’s have a Hyoudou Residence Games night!”

When I raised my hands and announced this, everyone shouted [Ohhhh!] and gave an enthusiastic reply! And just like that, we started a games night with Kunou and her attendants.

…just then, Akeno-san took her phone out and sighed.

“……it seems like the Fallen Angel Mahjong competition has gone in an all-nighter mode.”

It seems like they are also having some kind of situations…


Well, peaceful days are indeed precious to us!


Part 3


The day after.

After working through the weekend, the shrine construction has gone into the final stage.

While putting together the small wooden materials together, we also put our shrine up on the precise location. The craftsmanship on the materials is so great that we managed to build a small shrine just by following the blueprint. We then placed the completed shrine on top of dried concrete foundation and fixed it into place.

“Well, we’ve finished.”

Kiba sighed. The place he looked towards to is… A beautiful wooden shrine existed!


Everyone gave a round of applause.

“The Torii have also arrived.”

Xenovia brought the red Torii that arrived through the teleportation circles, it was a torii big enough for one person to pass through. We placed the Torii and hung the straw ropes which also arrived with the Torii around the shrine.

“We made this with the leftover woods.”

One of attendants placed the wooden box in front of the shrine.

… It’s an offering box! Now the shrine looks more like it!

Now that the shrine is looking more and more like a real one, the last decoration to put on is a small statue.

Instead of the Komainu <statue that protects the entrance of the shrine>, the twin dragon statues are placed on both sides of the shrine. One is coloured red and the other is coloured white.

“Is this the Two Heavenly Dragon statue?”

When I asked Rias, she replied.

“Yup, when I asked O…. No, when I asked Phis which statue she wanted, she said she’d like the red dragon and the white dragon.”

Hmm, just like me and Vali?

When I was thinking that, Ophis slapped the red dragon statue. Seeing as how she tilted her head, she’s suspecting something!

“Great Red? I will defeat you.”

Don’t just slap it! That’s me and Ddraig! Don’t defeat meeeee! Is it always Great Red if they are red?! Give me a break, Dragon-God-Sama…

Well that happened, but after Kunou gave a prayer to the shrine, the shrine have finally completed! Having stood on top of the shrine, Ophis-sama seemed very happy.

Just then, Kunou spoke.

“The ceremony is kept brief but this should be enough. If we did a full ceremony the power of shrine will be too strong for you Devils to handle and so, this should be enough.”

Just like Kunou said, I didn’t feel any power that makes my body shiver in fear. If it’s like this, we won’t have any problem having it on top of our roof.

Akeno-san just then thought of something and she opened her mouth.

“Ufufu, for the celebration of shrine’s construction, shall we make a wish to Phis?”

Oh, that sounds fun!

Just like that, we gave our prayer to our Dragon-God, Ophis-sama!


Asia’s wish

“Let there be peace in this world.“

“Peace… World peace, where does peace come from……?”

That was a deep answer.


Koneko’s wish

“… I would like Ise-senpai to be less perverted.”

“Expect it in the afterlife.”

Is it impossible in this life?!


Xenovia’s wish

“I want to raise my Feminine power.”

“Make Ex-Durendal yours.”

That is not what feminine power is!


Akeno-san’s wish

“I would like my cooking to get better.”

“I will also like it.”

So will I!


Ravel’s wish

“I want my height to grow.”

“Drink milk every day.”

Isn’t that just a simple advice?!


Irina’s wish

“I wonder if it’s alright for a Christian to wish to a Dragon-God…”

“I’m more powerful than Michael“.

What’s up with that illogical reasoning?! Also why are you smug about it?!


Kiba’s wish

“Hmm, I wish that we get more job of the Devils.”


She’s sleeping! At least make Kiba’s proper wish come true!


Rossweisse-san’s wish

“I wish for a boyfriend and money”




Gasper’s wish

“Instead of feminine power, I would like more masculine power.”


What?! How does she know him?!


Kunou’s wish

“Although I’ve got many wishes, as long as Kyoto is peaceful, I’m happy!”

“Thanks for the Shrine”

Both of you did well!


Rias’s wish

“Not as big as Asia, but I would like everyone in this town to live happily.”

“I will protect the peace in this town”

If Ophis really makes her mind up, no one will be able to attack this town!


…well, everyone has made their wish meaning only I remained.

“…it’s obvious that you will wish for something perverted.”

Koneko’s on point as usual! I nearly wished to do some perverted things with the girls! Anyway, I will now pray for my wish.

“Although we are getting involved in all sorts of incidents but I wish to live with everyone peacefully!”

We are always getting involved in various incidents, so our daily life can easily get interrupted. That is why I wish for us to live peacefully and if that daily life includes perverted things, it will be great!

“…Don’t worry Ise, I will always look out for Ise. I will help you whenever. Ise is my friend.”

…Hehe, this is reassuring. But to make sure Ophis does not get involved in the front line, it will be my duty as a [friend].

When I was rethinking that, someone came up to the rooftop.

“Haaaam~ the sunlight after staying awake for the whole night is too strong…” it was Azazel-sensei! It seems like the Mahjong competition which went on for the whole night ended.

“How did it end?

When I asked, he shouted [Baraqiel won!] and exploded. Akeno-san, who was near, shook her head in disbelief.

“Oh ho~ so this is the Dragon-God’s shrine, it’s well made. As expected, Kunou is the Nine-tail princess.”

When Sensei gave his compliment, Kunou said [Obviously] and puffed her chest forward.

“Everyone is making their wish.” When I explained, sensei came forward to Ophis and put his hands together.

“Then shall I also make a wish! Hmm, please give a more lenient way of thinking to that bastard, Shemhazai. Please make Baraqiel more flexible and please make more cute angels fall since we haven’t got any executives and it will be better if you make Seraph Gabriel fall. That bastard Michael is giving us everything that could be done in their side so it’ll be best if all of Heaven fall. And the King of Heaven is also such an annoying person so I hope he trips while walking and break his nose!”

Maybe it’s because he stayed awake for the whole night but sensei spewed out everything like a canon!

For Gabriel-san to fall, that will actually be quite great! If the Beauty, Gabriel-sama, the owner of that perfect body while also being a bit of an air head, becomes a seductive Fallen Angel, it will just be amazing!

After hearing sensei’s wish, my imagination ran wild.

Just then, the sky became dark with cloud and started to strike lightening. And right after….

Bang! A Single lightning struck from the sky!

The lightning struck sensei who was wishing for something evilllllll! Ack, the lightning also struck through meeeeee!

The lightning went through both of our bodies!



Having been struck by lightning, both sensei and I got roasted.


However, Ophis just looked at us not realising what had happened.

…The Heaven is complaining at sensei and I was punished for thinking perverted stuff…

In the end, both sensei and I became roasted but Ophis’s shrine finished without any problem.


It is now time for farewell.

After using up the excuse of building a shrine and after staying overnight, Kunou is now going back to her home. Everyone gathered around the teleportation circle underneath the house.

Now that we’ve handed Kunou a huge baggage full of gifts, the preparations have now completed.

“Thank you, Kunou.”

“Please, do come visit us again.”

Rias and I said our farewells to Kunou and she, although disappointed that she’s going home, said [Hm, it was fun! Thank you for your hospitality!] in an energetic voice.

As last, Ophis stepped forward and spoke to Kunou.

“I will like it if you can come and play with me.”

Hearing that, Kunou made a bright smile.

“Hm, Both Phis-sama and I are friends! So let’s play again!”

The Nine-tail princess, Kunou. It feels like she’s going to visit us often from now on.

I wonder what [excuse] she will have to come here in the future.


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  1. Thanks for you hard work on the latest translation, as always they are well worth the read 😉

    Now just one thing and it is do with this part:
    “The other Dragon Kings I know are the Sloth Dragon King, a Dragon King that gives out deadly curse and a wild and violent Dragon King…but there is no Noble Dragon King! Just the fact that old man Tiamat, who gave up being a Dragon King but still acts a lot like a Dragon King, makes me suspicious at the criteria required to become a Dragon King!”

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