PEA and what they are doing to CS GO Pro Scene.

Sorry about this rant. Inou Battle translation will come out either later today or tomorrow!

I don’t normally talk about things beside from anime in this blog of mine, let’s be honest, people aren’t normally interested in anime posts anyway. But there are times where something happens that makes me want to either vent my frustration out or just want people to listen to what I’ve got to say just like my last non-anime post.

There aren’t many things I’m passionate about in this world, and of few things I do truly care one of them is CS GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive), a tactical FPS game created by Valve. I wasn’t much of a gamer but this one game has caught my attention long enough for me to be absorbed into it. And after about 6 months of playing the game I found out about a Pro Scene behind this very game. And it was beautiful.

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