Korean Light Novel release for May include DxD DX 2

For those of you waiting for DX 2 translation, well I’ve got good news for you. Actually, two good news.

First good news is that ZX-ZX-ZX is currently translating one of the short stories from DX 2. The Student Council’s decision. I don’t know how long he’s going to take, and please don’t bother him about it either.

Second good news is that Korean light novel licensee Novel Engine (노블엔진) is releasing Korean translation of DX 2! (Here are full release for May)

But….. of course there’s a catch to that. See, I’ve got this thing called exam in May…. so i won’t be able to translate the book until exam finishes which will be at the end of May so i will be able to start translating from beginning of June. (And since all the internship places rejected me I’ll have plenty of time during summer to translate :P)