DxD DX Vol 2 Translation Project, Life. 1 Oppai is the Sun

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On Baka-Tsuki


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Part 1


“Hey Ise… Do you know of the Devil Mermaids?”

That incident started with these words from Buchou.


One day, after school after returning back from Kyoto.

We, second year students were telling the first year students, Koneko and Gasper, about what had happened in Kyoto.

“Just as I thought it must be someone from the extinct…”

“It’s amazing how the Kaichou found it.”

Meanwhile, Buchou and Akeno-san, who attended the club meeting hosted by the Student Council, came back while chatting to themselves.

Putting down the documents that were used at the meeting on the table, Buchou turned her attention toward us.

“Everyone, I’m so sorry to ask of you since the culture festival is so near but, I would like you guys to help with the club activity report.”

Club activity report? That is….

“…Are you talking about the report which you have to send back to the Underworld as a condition for Buchou to live in human world?” Koneko raised her hand and asked.

Yes, Buchou should have attended a prestigious school in the Underworld but instead, she’s attending Khou academy as a special student. She therefore needed to gain the academic points which she would have achieved through attending school in underworld by participating in activities in the human world. A few activities include carrying out a Devil’s job or by writing report on creatures that live in human world. Koneko also knows of this.

Hearing Koneko’s question, Buchou smiled and nodded her head.

“Yes, I’ve got interesting information from Sona. As well as achieving academic points, I think we can get some useful information for the Underworld as well. Not only that, we can also use it to publish in the corner of [Reports on UMA] in the school newspaper’s Occult section.”

Oh ho, the information does sound very interesting. On top of that, information that’s good for both the club and the Underworld? Buchou was making a happy expression when it seems like she heard something interesting from Kaichou.

“What’s it about?”

When I asked, an intriguing phrase having been brought up at the beginning of this story catches my attention…

“Hey Ise… Do you know of the Devil Mermaid?”

…..like that. But an image which comes up in my head after hearing about the mermaid is a part of physical appearance of the mermaid raised by Beast Tamer, Abe-senpai…. Fish with legs! I teared up just thinking about the appearance which shattered my fantasies! When you mention mermaid, the top half is usually a beautiful woman! The bottom half is fins covered in beautiful scales! I was thinking about these! But I don’t know how much the world’s perception of mermaids changed. When you relate the mermaid in this world as an ugly creature being a gigantic tuna with legs, it makes me want to cry.

When I witnessed what I saw, I fell into despair! Life is such a cruel place!

“Ah…. Mermaid, you say….”

I replied in a subdued voice. Looking at me who was disappointed, Buchou gave me a bitter smile.

“Ise was surely disappointed after meeting that mermaid. Well, it’s understandable since all the mermaids in stories have beautiful appearances.” Buchou said while stroking my cheek.

“Now, shall we all go and meet UMA?”

Buchou said so but… Hmm, I can’t get excited about this.

“UMA, that’s just normal monsters. Well, monster exorcism doesn’t sound too boring.”

“I want to meet a mermaid!”

“Do we need fishing rods?”

Xenovia, Asia, Irina. The Church trio heard the word, “mermaid” and could not contain their excitement! Wait, don’t fish it, Irina!

…every incident that started like this never ended well! It’s obvious that we are going to meet a weird UMA… mermaid.

Although I wasn’t very enthusiastic about it, it was decided that the ORC members will visit the sea next holiday.


Part 2


And so, on goes our next holiday. After going through multiple teleportation magic circles, we have arrived at the beach where it is summer all year around.

Bright sun in the sky! Bright white endless beach! Even the sea was so clear that you can see the bottom! There is also no one else here other than us!

…It’s autumn in Japan right now but places like this where it is currently summer does exist in this planet. After all, it is a big world.

“It’s the sea~!”

Shouting in an excited voice, running across the beach as well as jumping into the sea was Irina in her swimsuit. Following her, Asia and Xenovia also dunked their foot into the water.

“The sea is not bad, Asia.”

“Yes, Xenovia-san! The weather is nice and the water of the sea is also cool as it feels so nice. This is also actually my first time going into the sea; it’s very different from a pool.”

That’s right, Asia, who grew up in church, have never been to the beach before. Now, let’s check out the swimsuit of the church trio! Irina and Xenovia are in a bikini! I don’t know about Xenovia but for Irina who’s an angel to also wear a bikini….! Both have got a pair of nice breasts so their breasts jiggle whenever they jump in the sea …. It’s really wonderful! Their white skins are so bright!

Asia’s wearing a marine blue one piece styled swimsuit. Even though it doesn’t show too much skin, this is also very nice!

By the way, I am also wearing a swimsuit but it’s one of those boxer types.


Oh ho, Koneko also walked past me and went into the sea. Since Koneko can’t swim, she went in with a tube. She’s wearing a school swimsuit! It’s beyond fitting for her, the words [this is it!] just comes out naturally!

Mmmm, since all the girls are wearing swimsuits, my eye got quite a service and since we are the only ones here, we don’t have to worry about other people!

Actually, thinking back we never went to a beach this summer. We spent all of our summer in the Underworld. I spent my precious youth huddled up in the mountain training with dragons….

Actually, this is a great chance to take back my lost summer as a second year high school student! It’s summer! I can feel the lost summer coming back!

“Now, I should also enjoy myself. Ise-kun, do you want to play beach volleyball later?”

Kiba appeared in swimming boxers. Even though he’s quite tall, he does not have any excess fat and his muscles are quite balanced. He seems slim but also tough at the same time.

…I’m one of those types where I gain muscles as I keep training and my body get more toned…. Even though Buchou complemented my body saying it’s more reassuring, I’m still envious of Kiba’s body type!

“…W-Why do you keep looking at my body…?”

He said in an awkward tone! T-This guy! He must be thinking of something strange!

“Hey, you idiot! I’m just admiring the fact that you don’t gain all that excess muscles! I’ll participate in beach volleyball, so just get into the water already!”

“Fufufu, got it.”

Kiba gave me a bitter smile and headed towards the beach… Che, all the guys including Gasper in the club misunderstand my gaze as something weird!

“Now, has everyone put on the special oil for devils? Since the sun is strong, you might collapse if you don’t put them on.”

“Ara ara, everyone’s so young. Since we packed lunch, if you get hungry just come back.”

Buchou and Akeno-san, the two onee-samas are resting under the parasol. Both were calm, and their tone almost like saying [there’s no reason to be excited, it’s only a beach.]! They are more like our guardians than anything!

And the swimsuits they are wearing are….! Buchou is wearing a red bikini that is very revealing! Her B-Breasts, having not been covered, is so voluptuous! The bottom piece also didn’t cover much and it is amazing! Ah, your silky smooth feet are too incredible!

And Akeno-san is wearing a white swimsuit! This one also doesn’t cover much since it seems like her breasts are about to pop out! Are you two trying to compete who can show as much breasts as possible?! It’s wonderful! Thank you for the view!

“Hey, Ise. Can you rub some oil on me?”

Buchou called me out and then, proceeds to take her top off and lay on the picnic mat! R-R-R-Rub oil on herrrrrrr!

A man’s dream! A must when it comes to beach! It won’t be an exaggeration to say that it’s the best event at the beach. Rubbing oil on a girl’s body?!


I quickly returned to the parasol and sat beside Buchou! It’s the first time after the pool!

“If that’s so, I would also like to.”

Akeno-san also requested me to rub oil on her! After taking off her top, she laid next to Buchou!

As soon as she lay down, her breasts stick out from the side! Those breasts, it’s the best! Of course both of you!

Yes! This is it! I want to change my job to rubbing oil full time! This picnic mat with four breasts sticking out from the side is the best work place!

I normally touch Buchou and Akeno-san’s body all the time so even if I’m rubbing some oil on them it’s nothing much…. Is definitely not what I’m thinking right now! That is that, and this is this! The sensation of a woman’s body is that what you can feel over the oil is so great that it’s beyond the comprehension of any men’s imagination!

After taking the bottle out and spraying my hand with some oil, I rubbed it against my hand. Then I took my hand towards Buchou’s back. Rubbing my hand against her back, I applied the oil gently onto her soft back.

Pst! I had a slight nosebleed. Woah, Buchou’s body is still the best! It’s smooth and so soft to the touch! Now that I finished applying oil on her back, next is… her thigh!

My hands are able to feel an amazing sensation from her tender thighs! It’s so soft, my brain might ascend to heaven but I need to suppress myself. It’s not over yet! Next is Akeno-san!

“Please, I’ll be in your care”

I rubbed oil on Akeno-san’s back and thighs while she was saying that. Kuu…..! This sensation from her tender skin really is the killer! The feeling of my hand being buried on this amazing skin is just amazing! It can be compared to a pudding that doesn’t topple over! Soft as a mochi!*

“Ise, keep rubbing oil on me too.”

Buchou keeps urging to rub oil on her as well….

“Buchou, it’s not fair. Are you trying to keep Ise-kun’s hand to yourself?”

After Akeno-san complained, I periodically switched and rubbed oil on both of them but….

Even though the feeling on my hand is just amazing, it got pretty tough when I kept being hurried! Nevertheless, it’s happy job nonetheless! This is called happy hardship!

There is also someone at the corner of the mat who is moaning…. It is Rossweisse -san.

“Since I’ve been reincarnated into devil, the sunlight must not be good for me. If I run around this beach, the sun is shining so brightly that I might get wrinkles on my skin…. Ah, so scary.”

Rossweisse-san is muttering to herself while rubbing oil onto her skin herself. Although not as bold as Buchou’s or Akeno-san’s, her swimsuit is still a very bold bikini. Her breasts and her thighs are also great!

…. And even though our age differences aren’t very much, she’s talking like she’s in her mid-20s to early 30s. I think she’s beautiful enough not to worry about those kinds of things… I really can’t understand how woman thinks.

Our torture teacher, Azazel-sensei did not come with us today. He likes this kind of stuff but he’s on business leave due to some circumstances. The Governor of Fallen Angel sure is busy, but whenever he’s free, unbelievable incidents do happen.

…Wait…? There seem to be someone missing from the ORC members…

I searched through the beach but…. Couldn’t find him…. Ah, there is a familiar box near where we put our luggage.

After rubbing oil onto these two, I hesitantly approached the box. And when I opened the lid….

“…. GASP… I… I think I….I’m going to die…”

With his face blue and sweating madly, Gasper was in the box.

Gasper! What are you doing here?! Besides that, you look terrible! That is right! As a devil, vampire and a shut-in, for Gasper to come out into sunlight like this is a matter of life and death!

But the fact that he’s wearing a woman’s’ swimsuit seems so out of place!

“A-Are you alright…?”

When I spray some water from a nearby water bottle…

“Ah, Ise-san. That bottle is…” after coming out of the sea, Asia said looking at the water bottle I was holding.

“It’s… holy water that I prepared just in case”


I replied in a half-witted way. But it was too late; the water that was in the bottle was…

Pssssssst! From inside of the box, I heard something burning, and at the same time smoke came out from the box! Holy water is bad news for both Devils and Vampires! For him, who’s already weakened, that thing must have caused critical damage!

“Kuuuuuuuu….! I…. can’t stand it any longer….” Gasper shouted as his head collapsed to the side. His expression was peaceful, like he was released from pain!

“Gaaaaasper! I’m sorry! Come back!”

As if trying to bring back Gasper’s soul, I shook his shoulders violently.

Even though such tragedy occurred, we still managed to enjoy the time to make up for last summer’s loss.

Wait. We came here to meet the mermaid!

… To tell the truth, I’m not that keen on this but I’m happy enough that I got to rub oil on Buchou and Akeno-san so I shouldn’t complain.

And like that, after enjoying ourselves at the beach, we decided to go and meet our mermaid.


Part 3


“This is it.”

Following Buchou who was in the lead, we headed from the beach to somewhere bit further away, covered in moss.

Waves are splashing against the rocks and in the corner there is…

When we reached our destination, there was a beautiful woman sitting on top of the rock! W-Wait, no! It’s only her top half that’s beautiful woman! Her bottom half is… Fish! T-This is…!

Not being able to distinguish if I’m dreaming or not, I stood there bewildered with my mouth wide open. I-I mean… I thought the “mermaid” we were going to meet today was the same as one Abe-senpai was raising…! And that image never left my memory since then…

Buchou, leaving me, who was bewildered behind, went and talked to the woman.

“Hello. You must be the one who requested protection right?”

When talked to, the beautiful woman nodded her head shyly, while twirling her beautiful green hair.

“…M-Mermaids do exist!”

Finally, after realising what is happening now, I got emotional and my body trembled! They exist! They exist! Mermaid-san! It’s not some tuna with legs!

If there is a God of the sea who I don’t even know exist, thank you so much for letting real mermaids exist! While crying without myself knowing, I gave my thanks to the sea God.

Not only is this girl super cute, her rare green hair is so dreamy! Since mermaid themselves are dreamlike, it’s a perfect combination!

Buchou introduced us to the mermaid.

“She’s Lilitifa Vepar. As you can see, she’s a mermaid but she’s also a Devil.”


Wow, her voice is also cute! They say that mermaid has beautiful voice and they were right! I’m so glad that it’s not same as that [Gyo gyo gyo] noise made by that tuna!

“It’s a mermaid!”

“Hmm, mystical.”

“This must be another will of Heaven!”

Asia, Xeoniva and Irina, those trio’s eyes were shining at the sight of a mermaid.

Wait? There was something that’s strange from what Buchou said earlier. One was the fact that she was a Devil, but a bigger problem was with her name.

“Vepar? Hmm. If my memory serves me correctly, isn’t that name from an extinct family?”

That’s right. Vepar is one of the High Class Devil families. But when I was memorizing the names of the 72 pillars, I learnt that the House of Vaper has gone extinct.

Having heard what I said, Buchou nodded her head and spoke.

“That’s right. It was originally one of the High Class families in the 72 pillars, but due to war in the past, their House has gone extinct. She, Lilitifa, is a descendent who has inherited the blood of Vepar. All women in the House of Vepar are beautiful.”

R-Really?! They were alive?! My, this is amazing! Not only that, she’s a Devil and a mermaid!

Hm, so descendants of the families who were thought to have gone extinct are living quietly in this world. Then again, Vali also inherited the blood of old Maou.

“Although they have children, there are High Class Devils who fell into economic bankruptcy due to wars between the three factions in the past. While their House was in trouble due to getting involved in the mess of the fall of the Old Government and establishment of New Government, their House couldn’t survive and went extinct. Since they couldn’t keep their House from going extinct, they had to flee and live quietly in the Human World. Not only that, during conflicts between the Old and New government, the government couldn’t support the ones in trouble. The current Government is regretting what happened in the past, and therefore are currently searching for descendants of the extinct Houses.” Buchou explained to us.

It’s quite a complicated situation; it does mean that there must be people from extinct Houses that live their lives like this.

Buchou coughed to get our attention and continued her talk.

“I’ll tell you guys what happened. I heard from Sona about a mermaid, a descendent of Vepar living in the sea around this area. When they find the descendent from the House thought to have gone extinct, it is the job of a High Class Devil for them to either protect or get in contact with them and understand the situation. This is however an extremely rare case.”

Ah ha, so that was it. So it’s High Class Devil’s job to respond to rare cases.

Buchou continued.

“Originally, these kinds of jobs are for Maou Leviathan-sama’s team who knows more about sea, but apparently both Serafall-sama and Sona are too busy with their work to set a date for a meeting…”

Akeno-san then continued.

“That’s why Kaichou asked us to get in touch with her. Well, thinking about our Buchou’s academic points and about our club’s activity, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Fufufu, maybe Kaichou thought about that already and asked Buchou because of that reason.”

When Akeno-san smiled softly, Buchou blushed and grumbled cutely, saying [That makes it sound like I’m just a bad student who always gets help from her friend]

So Sona-kaichou not only looks after her friends well, but she also knows how to use the right person at the right time.

Buchou just sighed and went back to talking to the mermaid.

“Well, I’ll ask Lilitifa some questions. Just answer the questions that you can answer.”

After that, with one hand on the rare case manual, Buchou asked some questions of the mermaid.

Buchou asked questions such as how she is living here after not being able to continue the name, how does she thinks of new government, if she had any inconvenience or dissatisfaction living here, so on and so forth. And Akeno-san is noting down the answers given by the mermaid, it seems like she wanted protection from the current government. Irina also is taking note. Is she going to give it to the Heaven?
When we got to the [Anything that she is worried about] question, mermaid, Lilitifa-san’s cute face suddenly got darker.

Noticing the change, Buchou asked her softly.

“It’s alright; you can talk to me about it.”

When Buchou spoke in kind voice, Lilitifa-san opened her mouth.

“…Umm…. Actually… I’m getting threats from a scary person…”

She spoke hesitantly. What?! There’s a bad guy who dares to threaten someone this cute?!

“Scary person? That’s…”

Buchou was about to ask for more, but suddenly, dark shadows appeared and… formed a fog.

…what is this? I can feel some aura.

Seeing the fog Lilitifa-san’s body trembled, saying […No] with her voice.

“…Smells fishy.”

Koneko frowned and pinched her nose. Fishy? When I heard her say that and thought about it for a second, I heard some weird noise.

Kyoooooooo… squawking noises echoed around the area here.

[Mermaid of Vepar, finally found you.]

With a terrifying voice, what showed up from the fog was… a gigantic ship!

W-W-Woah… it’s a gigantic battle ship! Pirate ship? No, ghost ship?! A posh looking battle ship anchored near the rocks.

“I am Captain Gregg!”

Shouting from the head of the ship, the person in the pirate costume was…an ugly giant! His face looks like some kind of ugly fish! Judging by the fins that come out of his face and under his hat, he looks like a monkfish? He has an eye patch on his left eye, and he had a cutlass on one of his hand.

For his Jolly Roger, instead of skull…. Magic circle! Seeing the circle, Kiba muttered.


Hearing him, Buchou nodded her head.

“Yes, looking at the Magic Circle, it seems like them. One of the High Class Devils, the House of Forneus.”

“Another High Class Devil?!”

I’m surprised! Forneus…! If my memory serves me correctly, Forneus is one of the 72 Pillars, just like Buchou! We are meeting with a lot of 72 Pillar House members!

Woah, This type of Monster devil is new to me! I knew that monster devils does exist, but everyone around me all look like human!

Monster pirate… Forneus stood with the people in crew uniform that looked like his subordinates and shouted in a commanding voice.

“Did you people intentionally messed around in this area even knowing this area is an area owned by the House of Forneus?! Sensing your aura, you guys seem to be Devils like us.”

Even when knowing we are Devils as well, he didn’t change his attitude. But after having heard his subordinates, his expression changed.

“Captain! From their auras, they must be High Class Devils!”

Looking at Buchou’s crimson hair, Forneus narrowed his red glowing eyes.

“Hmmmm. Crimson hair…..A person from Gremory… I do beg your pardon, representative of House of Gremory. I am from the House of Forneus, Gregg Forneus.”

It seems like the name of Gremory comes in handy at times like this. That monster captain’s attitude became softer. Buchou, noticing the shift in mood, also returned the greeting.

“It’s pleasure to meet you, Gregg Forneus. As you said, I’m Rias Gremory of the House of Gremory.”

Hearing that, Forneus snorted.

“I’m sorry to inform you but that mermaid is a person we’ve been searching for. I’m sorry to interrupt you in the middle of your conversation but won’t you give her to us? I will finally make her part of my peerage Kukuku

While Buchou was having an important conversation, he spouts nonsense like that. Not only that, he also let out a laugh that sounds nothing less than evil. Such a wicked laugh! He must have other plans for her! He can’t fool a pervert like myself!

“……………..I’m scared.”

Lilitifa-san hid behind Buchou’s back. Seeing her reaction, we can see who she was talking about when discussing who was threatening her, it must be this monster.

Protecting Lilitifa-san, Buchou made a frown.

“What are you saying all of a sudden… I heard that the House of Forneus is well-versed in ocean life, and gives great names to ocean creatures but, I guess there’s an exception. I think I get the reason why Sona asked me instead of the House of Forneus, who owns the area there.” Buchou sighed, looking at deplorable situation.

Even I got the feeling. Instead of asking the person from House of Forneus, who owns the area around here, asking Buchou would be safer for this mermaid. Even now, mermaid-san is scared of the ugly monster.

By the way, if you own the area around the sea, I wonder what kind of jobs you get. It seems like there are lots of islands here, do they make contract with the people from the island? Or maybe just like pirates they are doing some bad things around here.


Hearing Buchou’s words, furious Forneus showed his fangs.

“Oi, this bitch, just when I was going easy on her…! Do you have the right to invade into other’s territory and have that kind of attitude…! I thought that only your breasts were big, but your ego is as equally large as one!”


Hearing Forneus’s words Buchou was still smiling but…Aura enveloping Buchou’s body became more and more visible! Ara?! I can feel her anger building up from her aura?!

After being given nickname ‘switch princess’, she was sensitive when it came to discussions about her breasts! Forneus has just touched on the switch that must not be approached!

“Captain, Captain!” One of his subordinates approached him.

“My underling, what is going on?”

“T-That person is that famous Rias Gremory from House of Gremory! Younger sister of M-Maou Sirzech-sama!”

Having been surprised from hearing that, Forneus pointed his finger at us.

“What?! Younger sister of Maou-sama?! That person who said to contain unidentified power in her breasts….!”

“Captain! T-They are famous for not only having beaten the Old-maou faction, but also the God from Northern Europe, it’s “Sekiyuutei & Switch Princess, and their 7 lively comrades + α ”!”

W-We are known as such…..

“…….W-What the hell is “Sekiyuutei & Switch Princess, and their 7 lively comrades + α ”………?!”

B-Buchou was saying that while grinding her teeth and her body trembled! S-she’s mad! Mad Buchou’s really scary!

“Is + α me?”

“You must be, you do hang around with us a lot Irina.”

Pointing at herself, Irina tilted her head sideways and asked Xenovia. Well, you must be the one.

Forneus suddenly changed his attitude and said

“…That kind of celebrity is trying to snatch my pray huh.”

“…snatch? You must be joking. We are simple just trying to protect this person of the House of Vaper since it seemed like some suspicious people are targeting her. Besides that! I’ve been quiet for the last few minutes and you guys kept saying ‘switch’ multiple times! Are you guys saying that my breasts are some kind of Sekiyuutei Growth switch or something?!” Buchou said in extremely displeased tone.

B-Buchou exploded! Buchou, even when they didn’t say such a thing!

“We have already our eyes on the mermaid of Vaper!”

Forneus shouted with the top of his lungs.

“No way, we are going to protect her!”

Buchou didn’t back down either! Those two glared at each other, there were tension between two families then both sides went into the battle stance……

…..was going to happen but just then.

Large pillar of water came from the sea! W-what’s going on?! Wait! Something came out of the sea!

After summersaulting multiple times in air, the person landed on the rocks was… wearing a crown in his head and wielding a trident in his hand. There was an Old man with a beard wearing fundoshi.


That old man shouted with a voice loud enough to be heard from miles away! So loud! My ear’s gone deaf! Others also blocked their ears!

“Who are you?!”

When Forneus pointed his finger at him, Old man in fundoshi spun around his trident and started to laugh!

“Fuhahahahahahaha! Zeus in the heaven, Hades in the hell, and I in the sea! King of the sea! I am guardian of the sea Poseidoooooooooooon!”


Hearing the old man, everyone couldn’t believe their ears.

“P-Poseidon-sama?! W-What are you doing in this area?!”

“Fuhahaha! The Sea is my territory! Since there are mass terrorism across different mythologies, isn’t it obvious to at least patrol the area!”

“Patrol by the God himself?!” Both Buchou and I were surprised!

This bearded old man is a god?! Ah, I remember! There was a god like this in ancient Greek mythology. And if I remember correctly, Ddraig also mentioned this in Kyoto as well! The origins of my special move, Triaina… Trident, the weapon of sea god!

S-So this person is Poseidon?! He looks like an ordinary muscular old man in fudoshi!

I-Is my thanks about meeting the real mermaid that called him here?! I-I don’t want to think about it!

“Even gods patrol around for safety! Coincidently I was passing by when I saw bickering between Devils! Don’t fight between comrades! I said don’t!”

Poseidon is swinging his trident around and was being angry at us. Both us and Forneus’s peerage all was astonished at the sudden appearance of the god.

Not only that, Poseidon suddenly nodded his head, and then continued his talk without other’s regard.

“I don’t know the details but you guys are fighting about that mermaid over there right? Okay then! Then why don’t you guys decide the winner using a game like real devils!”


Both Buchou and Forneus flinched at those words.

T-That’s… is he talking about rating game? So the winner of the game is able to claim Lilitifa-san?

“We have not yet officially participated in the game so…”

Fundoshi god then pet Buchou’s head excitingly while she was saying that.

“Fuhahahaha! Although you are a Devil girl, you give attention to such small details! You don’t have to nip pick small details like that! The important thing is the battle itself! I, Poseidon will be the judge of this game! Claim this mermaid fair and square with this game! Fuhahahahaha!”

The tension is so high! And aren’t you deciding it yourself without other’s concerns?!

“C-Captain! An unexpected situation has occurred! What should we do?!”

Forneus’s side also seems to be perplexed.

“uuuuuu….! We can’t back out now that Poseidon-sama is here, and we didn’t want to back out from the beginning but…..! Ok fine!”

Seems like Forneus made up his mind as he provoked Buchou.

“Oi, bitch from House of Gremory! Let’s decide who gets the mermaid from House of Vepar by Game!”

Buchou, after being provoked, let out a large sigh and shouted back at him with a determined look on her face.

“Although it seems like this situation has gotten out of hand, I will gladly accept the invitation to the fight! We will definitely protect her! Now, let’s begin the Game!”

It’s been decided just like that!

“…..What’s going to happen to me?”

Seems like Lilitifa-san is getting anxious.

“….Well, everything will be alright in the end.”

Koenko spoke, and then she decided to have her banana that she packed as her snack.

As such, it was decided there would be a game between Gremory and Forneus on a wimp, and Poseidon-sama as a judge!


Part 4

On top of the sea.

We are waiting on top of a yacht that can carry multiple people. In front of us is a gigantic battleship!

After initiating two fields, Poseidon-sama, together with Lilitifa-san, is standing on top of a giant turtle. Next to them is Irina, who is floating next to them with her angel wings out. Since she’s not part of the Gremory servants, she decides to watch this by the side.

“Good luck, everybody!” Irina cheered for us. Yeah yeah, we’ll do our best…..

“When I give the signal, begin the match! The rules are simple! First one to sink loses! Be cautious to not kill each other!” Poseidon-sama explained in an enthusiastic voice.

….The beach holiday that was meant to recoup our lost time during the summer has suddenly turned into another battle. Fufufu, looks like Devils suffer all the time.

“Uuuuu….. I hate the sea…” Gasper, whose body is still not well, is inside a cardboard box at the corner of the yacht. To tell the truth, I don’t think he’s going to be any use today. Koneko is looking after him by continuously fanning him and saying [….Gasper-kun, are you alright?] to him.

“Since my stress was released during the time at the beach, let’s go all out shall we.”

“Ara ara, it seems like we end up fighting wherever we go.”

Xenovia is full of fighting spirit and Kiba is making a bitter smile. The two [Knights] are wielding their swords and are in battle mode in their swimming suits.

“Ah…. It seems like there’s nothing for me to gain from this battle…. I’m worried about my skin condition since the sun is so bright here.”

Rossweisse-san is holding her sun shade and is complaining. I can’t feel any fighting spirit within her at all!

“Fufufu, I wonder how I should destroy that boat.” Akeno-san has a sadistic expression and is making a dangerous smile on her face! It’s been a while since we saw this sadistic side of her!

“Issei-san. What shall I do?” Asia asked me while tilting her head. While petting her head, I said [well, something will happen if we leave it to our offensive team]. As long as the other team isn’t massively strong, it really seems like everything will be fine if we leave it to the offensive team.

Looking at the lack of tension in the Gremory team, Forneus said,

“That big breasts of the House of Gremory! My peers are specialists at battle in the sea! You can turn back if you are scared! Even with those huge breasts of yours, you are only a little girl! Hahahahaha!“

Forneus bravely shouted those words and laughed. Buchou was….. trembling not in fear but in anger! Scary! Her body is emitting an aura that’s condensed with her anger!

“….I will annihilate that fish.”

Hiiiiiiiik! Buchou was making an expression that can only be described as pure anger! Her crimson hair was waving around with aura also coming out of her body!



“Don’t go easy on them! Get into Balance Breaker and shoot them with your gigantic Dragon Shot!”

“Yes ma’am!”

I had no choice but to reply as such! Whatever, I don’t care anymore! Like Rossweisse-san, I’m not really up for this fight but, for that cute mermaid-san to be defiled by that monster, I can’t allow that as a perverted student!

“Let’s just shatter them into pieces!”

As soon as I get pumped up, Poseidon-sama shouts in loud voice.


As soon as Poseidon-sama gave his signals, cannon balls are blasted out of the canons on the battleship loudly! Landing on the water near our yacht, the cannon balls made huge water pillars.

“Shooting cannon balls at us…?! Yuuto, Xenovia! Charge forward!”

As Buchou give out orders as such, two of them replied [Yes] and open their Devil wings and fly straight towards the battleship! Through creating shockwaves with their swords, they begin to destroy the opponent’s ship! Buchou also deploy destructive magic balls toward the ship.

With loud noises being heard, the ship is slowly getting destroyed! The ship mast is being broken easily and Jolly Roger is getting worn down!

“Noooooo! My precious Flying Dutchman!”

Forneus seems to be so surprised at the destruction of his ship that it seems like his eyes seems is about to pop out.

“Damn them! Get rid of them!”

Forneus pointed at Kiba and Xenovia with his cutlass with his servant Devils then put forward their hands.

“Water! Become a snake and bite them into shreds!”

Servant A, who looks like a swordsman, shoot water out of his sword which then becomes a snake and is heading towards Xenovia!

“Come! Beast of the wind!”

Servant B, who looks like a magician, summons a beast from his shadows and order it to shoot a tornado towards Kiba! Both of the attacks of water and wind is fitting for pirates.

“This is too easy…!”

“Need to try harder!”

Both dodge the attack easily, and after landing on the enemy ship, they slash their enemy. Froneus’s servants can’t even give a proper fight and are falling down one by one. It is obvious they are not trying to kill them and instead, they hit them with the back of their swords. If we end up killing them, there may be some problems between the respectable Houses.

“Both of you get away from the ship!”

When Akeno-san shouted, Kiba and Xenovia both opened their wings and flew away from the ship.

At that exact moment….. [Boom]. Lightening came straight down from the sky, striking the battleship! Having been hit by lightning, smoke came out from several places on the ship! It seems like that attack just has given tons of damage to the ship! It seems like fire is spreading on the deck, and Forneus’s servants got burnt to a crisp after getting hit by that attack!

Several servants that avoided the lightening by jumping into the sea also got hit by Rossweisse-san’s magic and floated on the water with their backside.

Hmm, as expected, we are quite strong.

“It’s finished even before I got into Balance Breaker…?”

When I was thinking that… Forneus isn’t standing on his deck?! He’s nowhere to be seen! If he got hit by Akeno-san’s attack, he must be lying on top of the deck right now!

When both Buchou and I are looking around to see where the opponent is…


We hear a woman’s scream. When we turn our heads around, we see Lilitifa-san being captured in tentacle of squid or octopus or whatever it is!


That annoying laughter is…! Making a loud noise and creating a giant pillar of water, a huge squid monster and Forneus shows up, standing on top of the monster!

“This guy is my loyal monster, kraken the sea monster! Mufufufu, I will be taking this mermaid!”

“Forneus! To kidnap Lilitifa in front of Poseidon-sama, it seems like you’ve got a death wish!”

Buchou is right! Wait, was Poseidon-sama just sitting there letting him kidnap Lilitifa-san?!

When I was about to complain to the god….


He was snoring while standing?! This sea god, he’s standing with his two feet on top of the turtle and fell asleep!

“He seems tired. As expected, it seems like there a lot to do carrying out a god’s duty.”

Buchou, is it okay to just accept it like that?!

“Since the god isn’t looking, you can do whatever you want! Just like this!”

When Forneus ordered the kraken, the giant squid captured the women of the House of Gremory! And while at it, it also captured Irina that was floating in the air.


“Ku, so sticky!”

Asia looks like she is disgusted by the kraken’s tentacle and she makes an unpleasant expression with Xenovia’s face being just frozen.

“Ara ara, the swimsuit is…”

Just like Akeno-san said, a woman’s swimsuit gets slipped off due to the mucus from the kraken’s tentacles! The breasts! Their butt! As their swimsuits get peeled off from their body, there is an amazing scenery.

Pst! Got a nosebleed! Kraken, Good job!

“I won’t look, I won’t look”

The gentleman, Kiba, looked away. Trying to be a good boy while he’s so obvious!

“Ise, once your countdown has finished, finish off Forneus as well as this kraken!”

Buchou gave me order while her breasts are showing off! My eyes keep looking toward her breasts but…

“Understood! Wooooah! Balance Break!”

I quickly summoned the armour and concentrated the aura on my hands! Then….!


“Dragon Shot Ocean version!”

Shouting the name of a skill that is no different compared to the normal one, I shot a huge Dragon Shot towards the kraken!

“W-Why is this magic shot so huge?!”

My shot hit the kraken, and shocked Forneus who is riding it!


Thus! With a loud noise being heard and the ocean being split, the kraken turned into fish food  and sank. I then caught mermaid-san who got flung out from the kraken, keeping my cool.

“Miss, are you alright?”

When I said that while also keeping my cool, Lilitifa-san blushed and replied with ‘Yes….’! So cute! Mermaids are so great!

Fufufu, Forneus got hit by that attack and is floating around the sea nearby. Ah, that eye patch is fake! There is no scar on the eye that he was covering! He was enjoying himself pretending to be a pirate! So atrocious, good job he’s gone now! I also saved the mermaid!

“Solved another problem. Cool, Lilitifa-san. Let’s go back to the beach, and play some volleyball or something.”

When I suggested that….


I heard Buchou’s voice behind my back. When I turned around, I was beaten up by the women of the House of Gremory! Since all of their swimsuits are gone, they are only hiding their important body parts with their hands.

“Thanks for finishing up but…”

“Leaving us behind and trying to get friendly with the mermaid…”

Both Buchou and Akeno-san are smiling, but are also giving off a dangerous aura!

“…the swimsuit that I got is ruined.”

“Ah, I also got caught in the fight.”

“Uu, this is too much Ise-san.”

“You better pay back for the swimsuit…..”

Xenovia, Irina, Asia and Rossweisse-san all complained to me! Ara? Ara ara? It seems like everyone is giving off a negative vibe towards me…?

When I was about to leave with mermaid-san, Koneko grabbed my arm!

“…Since it got to this, just take the beating.”

“No way~!”

In the end, I got the treatment of getting a beating from lovers.

Anyway, as we won the battle against the House of Forneus, we were successful in protecting descendent of the House of Vaper.


Soon after receiving the desired official protection from the government, Lilitifa-san decided to live quietly in the lake that is within the area owned by House of Gremory as there is no sea in underworld.

And since the reports on the mermaid are finished, articles are published as part of the ORC research as well as part of the academic points in the Underworld school.

Now that I think about it, Poseidon-sama just disappeared…. What was that fundoshi old man doing there in the first place?!

“….it seems like senpai is loved by weirdoes. Ah, will it be correct to mention the weirdo god in this case?”

Koneko! That definitely did not sound like a joke! Are you saying that it was me that summoned Poseidon-sama?! Haaaa…… am I some kind of a weirdo god magnet?

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