DxD DX Vol 2 Translation Project, Afterword

This is fan made translation. The full right goes to the authour Ichiei Ishibumi. Please support the original authour if possible.


This is Korean To English Translation.


Translator: daniel Yang

Editor/QC: Alexis138

Special Thanks to Code Zero, samat654 and various others for the help!


On Baka Tsuki


It’s been a while. Ichiei Ishibumi here.

I bring a short story collection of the second volume of High school DxD [DX] series to you guys.

As I’ve said before, there are still plenty of short stories left and stockpile has been steadily increasing as well while publishing this volume.

The short stories should be worth around three or four volumes if we were to compile them into the length of normal volumes and these includes the ones which were published serially, in magazines and given out in some events.

Well, serialisation will continue along the way so maybe this series will exceed 10 volumes…I therefore appreciate everyone for their continuous support.

I’ll now give the context of each episodes listed in this book.

[Oppai is the sun!] – Straight after Volume 9.

How does the descendant from the extinct families in the 72 pillars live? I have had this question in my mind and I also haven’t written a story with the sea as the background and so, this is how the story came to be.

I thought it’ll be nice to have actual mermaids as well since all the mermaids which made an appearance in DxD are tuna with legs……

Since the majority of the main Devils look like human, I thought a devil in the form of a monster might be nice and this is why I introduced Forneus. He reminds me of that guy from Romancing SaGa 3…

I also introduced Poseidon but… it looks like many gods in this world are free spirited.

Now, mermaid Lilitifa-san also appears in other short stories. That story may be released in the next DX volume. I think it can also be put in the main series but… well, it’s not finalised so please wait patiently for now.


[Student Council’s decision] – After Oppai is the Sun.

I had an idea about what does the Stiri peerage of student council do normally. By having Ise experience the job of the student council, he gets to be friendly with them and to get to know more about what they do.

It has finally been revealed that Sona is disastrous at baking cakes. It has been known for quite some time now but I couldn’t really fit this into the story in the main volume.

The fact that Rias doesn’t like camels (originally the Devils of Gremory appear to be riding a camel) also appeared before in some stories so I wanted that to be released in short story volumes as well.

The title of this short story is similar to that of the student council series in Fujimi Fantasia Bunko but… please don’t mind that. The author of the series Aoi Sekina-san and I have made our debut on the same day of the same year and so we are quite close.


[Let’s go with Training!] – After Volume 10.

This is the story where the details of Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi being broken first appears.

Right now, I am enjoying Open World type games but when this short story was first published, I wasn’t particularly interested in such games. When this story was compiled into the DX2 volume and I was reading back, I’ve noticed that this story was all about the Open World game. I have edited the story to make it less so this time.

It is mentioned during the course of the story but regarding Azuka’s game… I want to have a story about it separately in a later date but right now… Editor H-san, I’m so sorry but I am writing the story slowly ……? I will publish it sometime in the future so, please…please wait patiently!


[WorshipDragon-God girl] – After volume 13.

I wrote this story after my increasing feeling of “I want to have Kunou in a short story!” and I also wanted to involve Ophis somehow. Unexpectedly but kind of expected at the same time, Ophis and Kunou got very close. I enjoyed writing it and I also thought the illustrations fitted well.

I was originally going to have Kunou only appear in volume 9 but her visuals are nice and since she is a cute fox lady, this increases her popularity. I was always thinking that she would appear one more time every time she appears even if it was little by little and so in the end, she managed to appear in the main volume again. In volume 19 Kunou became a great friend with Ophis but in reality, they are already friends by the end of this story. I really want to write more stories about those two hanging out with each other.


[NekometaNinja Scroll] – Within Volume 14.

I wrote this story with the thought that foreigners have a very huge misconception with ninjas. I thought that if foreigners have misunderstandings of ninjas, I’m sure the Devils and Angels also will have misconception about them too.

When I read it again, I’ve introduced too many characters with strong impressions so I felt like this story was getting out of hand. I regret having Satan Red appear. This maou-sama, what is he doing…

I also introduced Kappa Salamander Tomita. We talked about him in the last short story volume in main series but now we finally see him.

If I get a chance, I would also want to write about The Ultimate Battle at the River Terrace where the ORC members met kappa.


[Maniac’s Sanctuary] – After volume 17.

Finally a story about Seekvaira Agares, about Seek-chan. unexpectedly, she was really into mecha, I remember this story having such a great response before.

Seekvaira-san, who wasn’t very well known from the Rookies Four, is finally in the spotlight but for her to be Mecha otaku…

Since her influence was based on me who is huge mecha and Plastic-model mania… she has become such scary lady.

But ever since this short story was published, her popularity has risen and her personality has been settled on and so maybe I can call that a success?

And she also has a huge role in another short story so please look forward to next time… I want to imagine what kind of tactics she used against Sona but at the same time I don’t even want to think about it.


[Hyakki Yako and Pandemonium] – After volume 18.

This is a brand new novel for DX2. Since there was a lack of Ero stories in the main volume, I wanted to replenish that with a short story volume. In this story, Ise’s perverted self has fully shown.

Volume 19 move straight to volume 20 and since I wanted to base the short story around this time frame, sometime around volume 18 seems appropriate. So you can think this as the most recent event.

I never thought I would show Ise’s new technique in a short story… well, since Dress Break’s spell breaking ability is only a minor change version, I couldn’t really find a scenario to use it in the main volumes.

FYI this technique is split into A and B. I’m sure there are people who realised this but it’s homage to the A and B version of Avan Strash. People in my generation will think of that when we hear about the technique difference.

A and B, when you combine them together…? If you are curious then please look forward to the later stories.

[Hyakki Yako] from the title of this story, it might remind you of Okita Souji who in the [DxD] world can perform Hitori Hyakki Yako. I considered adding him in this story but if I do, it might complicate the story so I decided to go against it.

Instead, I was able to write story about the Himejima clan, the Nekometa sisters, Kunou, Ophis and Ise’s new technique. I think that the main focus of this story was on the Nekometa sisters, Kunou and Ophis.

Since this story involved a lot of youkais, I also considered adding Salamander Tomita-san but the story becomes lighter and his past with Koneko would have made it more complicated so I gave up on the idea.

Tomita-san is a useful character who I can use in other different short stories, he’s one of the strongest youkai in the Kanto region.

Now, this became a story about humans with abilities in japan and mystical beings. DxD includes all sorts of myths which is also set in Japan but in the past, not many mystical beings from Japan appeared. The only ones shown were in volume 9 during the School Trip chapter with Kyoto youkais.

So based on reviewing the volume 9 I wrote story about youkais and [Five Great Families] including the Himejima. I’ve decided to only lightly touch on the [Five Great Families] subject. If you want more information about them I would suggest reading other works that deals with them.

But in the main series, there are some information on the higher ups of these families so look out for it if you want.


Now I would like to give my thanks.

Miyama Zero-san, Editor H-san, thanks for everything you did. In the meeting before the new volume came out, we all decided that [Instead of introducing new characters, let’s only use existing characters!] but I ended up introducing [Nurariyon] and Tortoiseshell granny in novella…

Can’t I introduce Tortoiseshell granny’s human form…? If she’s in the form of a young woman, the illustration would be great… N-Nevermind, I’m sorry that I always include new characters!

I think that I would like to handle the Kanto youkais in the DxD’s serialised short stories and in the web novel [SLASHDOG].


Ah, before I forget, thanks to all the readers. I, Ichiei Ishibumi have celebrated 10th year since debut as writer. Somehow I’ve managed to make it until now.

This is all thanks to all the fans out there, Miyama-san and editor H-san and the people at the editorial. Now I will do everything I can to take breaks when I can and get to the 20th year.

Ah, and also my debut works [DENPACHI] has become available in e-book. It’s a story about using your phone to play a game in the real world with your life and it reminds me of certain events in DxD… if you are interested please go and read it. Nevertheless, it has a lot of weak points since it’s my first work.


Next main series is volume 21, it’s going to be released sometime next spring. If it goes according to my plan, it will finish the main story of the 4th arc and with volume 22, there will be the epilogue of the 4th arc and very exciting events will happen for all the readers. It’s going to be surprising.

… Hmm, if the final showdown doesn’t get too long, I think that’s going to happen! I would love to finish it with one book…… volume 21 might get too big but, I’ll do my best.

I wonder what will happen? Please look forward to the next volume of the DX series!

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  1. I was thinking that I believed that HSDxD was less old than the Seitokai series, but the doubts the information about both authors making their debut at the exact same date brought was dispelled when he mentioned a debut work. Nice.

    The Seitokai series is a collection of novels whose title is always “Seitokai no _” (“The Student Council’s _”) with the last word containing an homophone of the volume number (Ichizon, Futagokoro, Sanshin and so on) styled as a (fictional) novelized minutes of a laidback student council composed by four girls, elected via a popularity poll, and one guy who entered through nomination as the top achiever, and who has a dream he’s very open about of making a harem (he still doesn’t take all the advantage of the girls he could, though, as he believes it could break the StuCo). Has two anime seasons under the title of the first novel, Seitokai no Ichizon.

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