Good Bye, Fall 2016

Warning, this article hasn’t been edited by anyone, so things may not make sense at times.

Well what a crazy year has it been? It was a year of elections that threw not only one, but two countries off their expectations, year of many old celebrity deaths and most importantly, the year where Nekopara kickstarter have managed to fulfil their goal within an hour of them starting. Well if we know one thing about internet, it’s that we do love cats.

Well it’s not like any of those matters to me right…? (Angrily looks at Brexiters god damn it) what really matters is anime that I’ve watched this season. and I have to say compared to last season there have been very interesting shows that has been airing which I have (surprise surprise) not watched. Really I need to catch up on Re:Zero and Mob Psycho! Damn it’s hard finding time to watch these. Well with that said, here are list of anime I’ve watched this past season. just go easy on me please L

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