Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de Vol.1 Translation Project, Kudou Mirei’s State of Mind & Next Prologue

This is fan made translation. The full right goes to the author Kota Nozomi. Please support the original author if possible.


This is Korean/Japanese To English Translation.


Translator: daniel Yang (KR), FirstAidTent (JP)

Editor/QC: dragonmaou


On Baka Tsuki


Next Prologue



After school, in the Student Council room, I let out a sigh. There’s no one but me in the room since there weren’t any meetings or plans to meet today, but since there was work left over, I decided to remain here.

It is a bit lonely with no one here.

Maybe it’s because of that feeling, but I ended up thinking about the members of the literature club, who are probably playing around lively right now.


It has been about a month since I awoke to my power.

One day, after suddenly being engulfed by a mysterious light, I became able to use a ‘power to steal power’ power.

The characteristic of the power and things like its effects, as soon as the power was awakened, i was able to understand it all and what not.

No, maybe it’s better to say I already knew about this power.

I don’t know how to explain this, but as soon as my power was awakened inside of me, some kind of beginner’s manual appeared in my head as if it was all natural..

Well, obviously it was just a quick start guide, so I still don’t understand the more in-depth abilities of my power yet.

I didn’t catch everything, but I think everyone in the Literature Club have the same feeling as me.

Except, unlike their powers, my power is useless on its own, so yesterday was the first time I actually used my power.


Thinking of yesterday made me upset. My right arm where Takanashi grabbed still hurts (it didn’t break so she did not fix it for me using her power).

Well I brought it on myself though, so I can’t go around blaming them.

I wasn’t calm and collected yesterday. I lost my cool since my identity was revealed by Ando Jurai.

… All I wanted was for them to make me part of their group.

“Why did it go like this… They are most certainly thinking of me like ‘What did she want in the first place?’…”

I grabbed and pulled my hair.

But thinking about it, maybe this would be for the better.

After learning about them through a mysterious text, using my position of Student Council President, I tried to make contact with them indirectly, but thanks to Ando Jurai, I was able to shorten the distance between us quickly.

That’s right.

This was all thanks to Ando Jurai.

When I observed him from afar, all I could think of him was that he was an idiot.

But after barging into their club room as an enemy, my opinion of him has changed.

After my identity was revealed, everyone in the room focused on Ando Jurai first.

As if they were waiting for his orders.

As if that man is their leader.

It’s most likely that they don’t even realize it themselves. Unbeknownst to them, they naturally rely on him.

That shows, that Ando Jurai is centre of that group.

I could see that those girls trust him with everything.

“Ando Jurai…”

I muttered his name quietly, and while at it, I jotted down his name on my notebook.

… and I got embarrassed, so I erased it quickly.

“A-Anyway! It’s certain that that guy isn’t someone to be careless of..”

For example, apart from uniting the girls.

Being able to look through my identity,

Although you can’t think of him as anything but a fool, all of his moves are calculated.

Being able to maximize the uses of his useless power.

In the end, it might seem like it was Kanzaki Tomoyo and Takanashi who were the real heroes of that fight, but it’s obvious that he just gave all the credit to those two at the end.

“Such an amazing man….”

Experiencing the scariness of Ando Jurai, unconsciously I held down my chest.

Since yesterday, whenever I think of him, my heart beats faster.

Can’t help but get flustered.

Not only that, my face gets all red, I space out randomly, and my chest even gets tighter suddenly.

“… Ando Jurai.”

I drew him, who’s still in that literature club right now, in my head.

And reaching into my pocket, I took out a single letter and started reading it.

It  was a love letter from Ando Jurai.

“Fu, Fufu.”

I can’t help but smile.

“Ando Jurai, I’ve fallen for you!”

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