Another two bite the dust…

Phew, what a year has it been.

Thank you to everyone who’s been supporting me with the translations, and i do apologise for slower speed in TL this time, but a lot has been going through my life lately so only thing i can do right now is just apologising.

Finally, both DX3 and Inou Battle 1 has been translated! Man that’s quite a bit off my shoulders. As always, thank you to ZX Code Zero and Alexis for help along the way. Not to mention FirstAidTent and dragon-maou for the help with Inou Battle, took us awhile huh?

Now for DX4 and rest of Inou Battle. I will be translating them, but i will need to buy the books first. Inou Battle is easier since i can get it as EBook, but i will need to buy the physical DX4 so translation for DxD won’t start until late next month.

As for Inou Battle. We’re currently discussing how we will continue the TL, starting with Vol 2 or where anime has left off. If you are waiting for Inou battle, then don’t worry, I’m still on it.

Not that many people read it anyway, but the seasonal anime list i’ve done on what i’ve watched wasn’t posted for long time, and for now it won’t be a regular thing anymore. I just haven’t and can’t get the writing done regardless of what happens. Of course i’ll upload something like that time to time but it won’t be at the end of a season anymore, and again it’s not like people read it anyway so no loss there.

Anyway, that’s little update for you guys. thanks.


5 thoughts on “Another two bite the dust…”

  1. Thanks for your hard work. Just tell us if you’ve already secured a physical copy of the DX4 or if you are already starting to translate.

    Man, I just want to say thank you for your considerable effort to translate all of these works. It must be truly hard work and I can’t help but just say that we hope that we can support you in this effort of yours to translate works but all I can do right now is to show appreciation and support. Man, thanks for everything, you know.

  2. Good evening, thanks for your efforts so far, i’ve liked ino battle so deeply and simply don’t have the smallest idea for where search, you’re going to continue the ttanslation, if not send me something about ino battle,ONEGAI SENPAI

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