Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de Vol.1 Translation Project, Chapter.2 Alias? That’s the Basics

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This is Korean To English Translation.

Translator: daniel Yang

Editor/QC: dragonmaou

TLC Help: Frozen



My name is Guiltia Sin Jurai.

In this world I go by the name of Ando Jurai.

I’m just a typical High school Student…well this is my disguise; I’m actually a person with special powers.

The forbidden power within me, <Dark and Dark>, is a power that can destroy the God itself. It’s obvious at this point but even my powers are considered a sin. I am that kind of being.

Ahh~ I have sinned a lot today.

After school, I joyfully headed towards the club room.

You may ask me why. The answer is simple. Just now during the class, I thought of a cool sounding enchantment for my power. An Enchantment that covers the criticism by Tomoyo for having [too much word chaos], has just been finished.

Now all that waits is to test it!

Now, let’s hurry to the club room, so that I can use <Dark and Dark> in front of the mirror while making a cool pose. Let’s Go!

Jumping down the stairs I reached clubroom on the first floor.

Just then I heard a sound from inside. It seems like someone’s already in there. I peeped inside using window on the door.

The person inside the clubroom was… Tomoyo. <Closed Clock> Kanzaki Tomoyo.. She was standing in front of the mirror in the empty classroom.


She was making a cheeky smile. This girl, why is she smiling by herself?

[Fine. If that’s how it is, then I, Kanzaki Tomoyo, will be your opponent. But with this powers such as yours, are you even a match for me, for she who controls the fabric of this world, Closed Clock?] <Shamelessly got it from anime. Thanks to whoever done the sub!>

With swift movement, she lifts up her shoulder length hair like it comes all the way down to floor.  Her eyes were filled with coldness like she was staring down at her opponent, and she had a mocking smile on her face.

[Kat] she made a sound with her mouth. I get it; she must be mimicking the sound of High Heels slamming down on the floor with her tongue.

[It’s too late for regrets. Now! Be sealed within a time loop, and continue to roam there for eternity!]

Tomoyo! That Kanzaki Tomoyo has fun saying such things in front of the mirror while she is alone in the room.


Just then, I wonder what kind of expression I had on my face. Well, since my face was reflected on the window I knew fully well what kind of face I was making. I had… a very amused expression.

Slide…  I opened the door.


Tomoyo shuddered. Then she turned around towards the door mechanically.


Her face got redder and redder, and her mouth kept opening and closing.

“D-D-Did you see?”

I then said from bottom the of my heart.

“Way to go, chuuni!”


Suddenly Tomoyo disappeared. It looks like she used her powers. I thought she ran out of the club room, but she was just crouching in the corner of the room, pulling her hair out.


“… I wanna die.”

Tomoyo said sorrowfully, while burying her face in her hand.
“Hey, hey.”

I gently put my hands on her shoulder, like a gentleman.

“Man, you haven’t been honest Tomoyo. You’ve been saying otherwise but, you like the name I gave you, which means you’ve been tsundere this whole time~”

“S-Shut up!”

Snap her teary eyes are glaring at me. Normally that would make me scared but, to be honest it’s not that scary right now. To be honest I can’t help but smile.

“Wha? Wait wait, wasn’t the person most excited just now actually the person doing such things in the empty classroom~”

“..Uuu… Y-You are the one who does that all the time…”

“Yup, I do that all the time because it’s cool. I never did anything embarrassing. But~ I wonder who was the one mocking me all the time saying ‘Chuuni, chuuni’ at my awesome ceremonies?”

“Uuu, you are making fun of me…”

“Hey, hey. I have never made fun of you at all. Actually I’m trembling in joy, I have finally met my comrade!”

“I am not your comrade!”

Tomoyo was shouting at me, but I couldn’t stop my smile.

“Hmm~. Then, why would you do such a thing just now~?  Didn’t you hate chuunibyou~?”

Tomoyo was shaking in fury, in the end she started to murmur something.

“… I-I don’t like chuunibyou, I really hate it. Like, your naming sense or your thought process, I really hate it… B-But sometimes, rarely but there are times where I’m like ‘Wow, that’s cool’.”


“E-Especially, I… think <Closed Clock> has nice ring to it. Using 永遠 (Eternity) and reading it as <Closed Clock>… it matches my ability and, making it sound like it seals you in time, I like it a little. I-It’s only a little though !”

“…Kuu, Kekekekeke!”

I couldn’t hold my laughter. Man, I’m so happy. My naming sense got praised, it got praised.

People like me can’t be happier if we are praised for our chuuni style rather than our looks or personality.

Damn, Tomoyo. She’s got a cute side to her as well.

She seems happy with the lines I gave her as well!

“D-Don’t you get carried away! It’s only a little! 99% of things you say still make me gag. It’s just that, once in a while there are things that aren’t so bad!”

“Kuku, don’t be such Tsun Tsun Tomoyo. Now, why don’t you fall to Chaos with me.”

“Ahh, really, those things aren’t cool! Don’t just think you can make things sound cool by adding the word Chaos!”

“Now now. Although you say that, but your inner self thought it was cool  right?”

“~~~ Uuu! R-Really!”

When I made a fool out of her, Tomoyo kicked her chair out and glared at me like she was about to charge.

“Stand up! Since it comes to this I’ll end you right here! With your stupid power, you will never be able to defeat me!”

“Hey~, go easy on me~. I can’t beat someone   who controls the fabric of this world, <Closed Clock>-san. Woah, so scary~ I’m about to be sealed inside time itse…”

“~~~Uuu! Uwaaaaaaaa!”

Tomoyo, who just stood up collapsed onto the table.

My flawless victory.

Weakness of those suffering from chuunibyou, I know it too well. If I had to say it like Shinomori Aoshi, “If it’s about my sword, I know the swordsmanship all too well” or something like that.

For people those who say chunnibyou things, it’s not being ignored nor being rejected nor being treated like fool… but being laughing stock that’s more humiliating than anything…

“Hmm. To deal with you, it seems like I didn’t even needed to use my <Dark and Dark>.”

It’s rare winning against such fellow, so I’m gloating for a bit.

“True power, its divinity increases as you don’t use them for fun. Yes, just like the essence of technique that cuts down your enemy while still being within the sheath.”

“… There’s no one here who plays around with ability more than you do!”

Tomoyo said quietly. Yeah, that is true.

I do activate my <Dark and Dark> at least three times a day and bask in its glory. It got to a point where if I don’t see my dark flame at least once before going to bed, I won’t be able to sleep. It’s like special ability bargain sale. Bargain sale of level comparable to Super Saiyan from Dragonball.

“The true power, even if you mess around them its might doesn’t diminish, rather it gets stronger. Yes, just like sauce from eel shop that taste better and better as it ages.”

“… That example made no sense.”

Yeah it made no sense whatsoever. Anyway, I’m surprised that Tomoyo is also chuuni. There were some signs before, but I never thought it would be this bad. Her actions just now have shaken me up quite a bit, so I forgot everything I was thinking just no…


No way! I forgot that cool enchantment I thought of during class!

“Oi Tomoyo! Thanks to you I forgot my enchantment!”

“Whatever! It’s not my fault!”

“No way.. What was it… I can only remember reducing the word ‘chaos’ to only two times…”

“That’s still way too many.”

“I should have taken a note of it… Ahh, flash of imagination like lightning, it may never come back again…”

I got depressed. Damn it, cheer up. Think back to what happened before. Ah, if I remember correctly , I got bored during class so I looked up the meaning of ‘Apocalypse’ on my electronic dictionary and started laughing by myself; then I thought the girl sitting near me was laughing, so I thought “damn it is she mocking me”, I got paranoid… after that I went back and searched ‘Genesis’…

“Tomoyo. Lend me your PC for a sec.”

If I search for ‘Genesis’ on the internet I might remember. I politely asked then headed toward her computer.

Toward the laptop that has been open ever since I came into this room.



Since she closed her computer at warp speed, my hand got caught between it. It felt like mice getting caught on mice trap.

“That… hurt. What the hell.”

“It’s because you are trying to look at other person’s computer without permission!”

“What? Everyone uses your computer.”

“If you want to use it then get permission first. Now, go ahead and use it now.”

Then she handed me her computer. There was nothing on the screen whatsoever, just ordinary picture of lake was present.

“What, were you looking at ero sites?”

“Idiot! Don’t lump me like your kind!”

Hmm. I wonder what she is hiding. It bothers me, but I guess it’s polite not to ask such things. Anyway I’m more worried about the enchantment.

“Now, my friend Google. Let’s go on an adventure to find my lost memory.”

“Just shut up”


By the time I thought of cool sounding enchantment with the power of Google, members all arrived at the club room. Beside me and Tomoyo, Hatoko, Chifuyu and Sayumi-san, those three were also here now.

“Tomoyo. Thanks for the computer~”

“Yeah. So, did you remember?”

“Ahh. Nope, it’s bit different to remembering it. How do I say it? It came down on me, or we met again.”

“… Driving me nuts.”

“Thanks to that I thought of new alias, in the end its all clear.”

“… You, stop trying to think of your own alias. It’s hurt just to see that.”

Ignoring Tomoyo who’s face is turning blue, I took out a notebook from my bag.

Dark, pitch black notebook.

“Wow, it came out! Book of dark history.”

“It’s not book of dark history! It’s Red Holy Book [Bloody Bible]!”

[Bloody Bible]

It’s a forbidden scripture that contains all the truth of this world.

“… Ando. I’m not going to make fun out of you, so burn that thing right now. You will faint when you look back at it in the future.”

Ignoring Tomoyo who’s giving me a serious advise instead of making fun of me like always, I wrote down ‘Enchantment’ and new alias into my Red Holy Bible. My my, another sinful name has been added.

“Ah~ Ju-kun is that, that black notebook you bought before?”

Hatoko interfered.

“Ah, so nostalgic~. Was it about a year ago? We went to the five different shops together to find it~ Ju-kun was kept asking the shop assistant ‘is there any black notebook?’ multiple times.”

Due to of Hatoko’s casual words, Tomoyo started to give me cold stares.

“No no, what are you saying Hatoko? This is like Death Note. It suddenly fell in front of my feet?”

“And Ju-kun painted the white part of the notebook with red pen, and then painted the part you write your name with black pen then wrote your name with a marker. Ju-kun  was into art since when we were young.”

”No this is… Mmm, let’s drop it.”

Since Tomoyo is looking at me like she’s looking at some garbage, I give in a bit.

I turn my attention back to my [Bloody Bible]. The red line on the black fabric, it has resemblance of red moon coming up on the dark night sky. So freaking cool.

In squared fonts I wrote [Bloody Bible] (I did my best with my ruler), and on the place where names go it has my true name ‘Guiltia Sin Jurai’ written on it. Actually I wanted to write all in English but I made the word Guiltia up so I didn’t know how to write it, in the end I gave up.


When I was looking at my [Bloody Bible], Chifuyu’s voice came.

“You shouldn’t play around with that notebook.”

“Chifuyu, this is different. This is [Bloody Bible].”


“… Yes. I am sorry. I was playing around. This won’t happen again so forgive me.”

“Hmm, that’s fine.”

Being defeated by the pressure of her innocent eyes, Chifuyu nodded her head in satisfaction.

Damn whenever she does it I can never win.

“Hmm? By the way Ando, this here.”

Tomoyo said while pointing at the title of the book. It has ‘Red Holy Book’ written on it, and on top of that it has ‘Bloody Vivre’ written in small font. Man I get shivers reading that.

“You spelt Bible wrong.”

“… What?”

“Bible is written as ‘Bible’. You wrote it as ‘Vivre’.”

I slowly looked at the title. It sure has Vivre written on it in cool looking font.

Wait, wait, wait?

My head is about to explode from the confusion. I panicked so much that I didn’t even mock Tomoyo saying ‘Oh so you know the spelling of Bible, wow you sure are something’. No, before that.


I hurriedly went over to the president.

“W-When I asked for spelling of holy book you said it was ‘Vivre’ didn’t you!?”


When I asked, she made sound like she couldn’t hold it in anymore. Her shoulders are trembling, trying hard not to look at my way.

“… I-I’m sorry, Kuu. I-I accidently taught you the wrong… Kuu.”

I can see just from looking at her back that she’s enjoying this.

So this girl, she taught me wrong word on purpose!

She must have laughed inside her head whenever I took my notebook out! What a Sadist!

“Ando that makes it vivre, Bloody Vivre. Why are you making fashion brand of Aeon group bloody.”

“Ah, but Ju-kun. Since you bought that book from Vivre stationary shop next to the station so this is must be fate~.”

Listening to Tomoyo making fun of me and Hatoko’s laid back answer, I fall to the ground.

Too much, this is too much Sayumi-san… I can’t rewind that back. Even if I cover ‘Vivre’ part with black pen it won’t be the same. Bloody Vivre…

I fell into despair, but since no one paid any attention to me I recovered fairly soon after.

Oh well. Let’s say that world I live in instead of Bible, it has Vivre. Just like Giogio instead of Jojo on Jojo Part 5 where Italy was the background.

… But even so, how come members in this club don’t comfort me when I’m in despair and just ignore me. Maybe they figured out that if they let me be I will go back to normal quickly?

I changed my mood and took my seat again. Flipping pages of my [Bloody Bible], I ask them this question.

“So what are your aliases?”

Just then, mood of this room changed. Sayumi-san who just managed to stop her laughter said to me like she’s lecturing me.

“Why don’t you stop asking questions and making it sound as if having an alias is a requirement?”

“Ehh! So, none of you guys have any alias!?”

“Normal people won’t have any, so no.”

“Is that so, ah… if that’s the case, does that mean I’m truly one and only special kind.”

“That would be so. First of all, if you are the one thinking about it you can’t call it an alias right?”

Sayumi-san was absolutely right. Since situation got bad, I turn towards everyone and changed the subject.

“Alright, like last time, let’s have show of hands. Raise your hand if you’ve got an alias.”

No one showed their hand. As expected.

“Then raise your hand if you don’t know the meaning of alias.”

This time, only Chifuyu raised her hand.

“Oh, so Hatoko already knows?”

That’s unexpected. Hatoko usually is ignorant about this kind of stuff.

“Hmm, alias are like nicknames right?”

Hmm. It feels a bit different from nicknames.

Since I’m struggling to answer, Sayumi-san and Tomoyo said.

“To put it simply for normal people to understand, it’s like “Witch of the West” or “Daimajin”? In world of sport there are quite a lot of aliases (二つ名) or nicknames (異名).”

“In anime there are things like “Witch” or “Ice Queen” or “Shinigami” like that. There are lots of examples of these three out there so it won’t be surprising if someone copies it. And “Witch” has infinite possibility by just adding “Witch of the OO” to it.”

It was an easy enough example. Hatoko clapped her hands.

“Ah, I get it. It’s like ‘Count of Heisei’ or like ‘Talking Magician’“ <Can’t find reference to these names. I’m sure it’s something to do with Japanese tv shows>

It was answer that only Hatoko would give; unexpectedly of her she really likes comedy shows. She watched Shoten <TN Japanese skit show> every week and when M-1 <TN Autobacs M-1 Grand Prix competition show that aired in japan> finished she was so upset that she cried.

”Okay then. Let’s all think about our alias today.”

Such an amazing suggestion at such an amazing timing.


“I refuse.”

“I don’t wanna~.”


And just like that, rejection came at me like a storm. But I’m not about to give up just at that. I quietly put my hands inside my pocket and pulled out a coin. It’s wasn’t an ordinary 100 Yen coin nor a game arcade token, it was foreign coin with some kind of emperor on it.

Why wasn’t it Japanese coin?

Because it’s cool.

“You guys all know the rule right? If there is disagreement then we flip a coin.”

Everyone gave me a look like they are saying “No, when did we agreed on that…”, but I ignored them and flipped the coin. Making an arc like graph of Y = -X2 I caught the coin with back of my left hand. Just like how I practiced countless time at home, coin fell on my hand perfectly. I cleared my right hand, and showed the result that god has given us.

“It’s tail.”

Coin has a picture of some kind of a shrine as tail. Seeing that everyone was saying “It’s tail” “So it’s tail huh”. And in unison they said

“”“So what?”””


I forgot.

I didn’t specify what we’ll do when it’s a head or when it’s a tail… What do I do, everyone’s looking at me.

Please help! God please!

When I’m sweating cold sweat, Tomoyo said “Well, let’s put that aside” and let go of that topic. I like it when she’s considerate sometime!

“Alias is, isn’t it something that others around you call you by and therefore stick around that way right? It’s not something you think of yourself.”

Well in the world of fiction that’s how alias are set. In reality it would have been the author thinking of alias by squeezing ideas from their head but that’s not the point here.

“And also, we already have names for our powers so won’t that do for our alias? Just like “Accelerator” or “Railgun”.”

“That’s fine like that but~. You guys all want multiple names right?”

“Don’t need it. I don’t hate the idea of having alias but I don’t like the fact I’m thinking of one.”

“Yo Tomoyo. You are quite against this. Did I touch your dark history?”

“I-Idiot! That’s not it!”

I said jokingly but, Tomoyo was seriously worried. So it looks like she made her own alias in the past.

As I thought, this girl. She was proper Chunni in the past.

“Hey hey, calm down Tomoyo. Even if you can’t, I’ll make a cool alias for you.”

“I don’t need such thing! Don’t gift a stupid alias to a girl! Ah, this is the worst!”

“Eh? Won’t you be happy if you receive an alias?”

“There exist no girl who will be happy after receiving an alias!”

Is that so. In that Sports comedy light novel I read before <TN I think he’s talking about Ro-Kyu-Bu! But I’m not too sure>, main character got friendly with the female character by giving her an alias… well it’s no use talking with Tomoyo at this point, so I changed my target to a defenceless female primary schooler.



“Do you want to make an alias?”

“Is that fun?”

“It’s really fun.”

“Then I’ll do it.”

Persuasion done. Other members gave me dirty look but, I don’t care.

In this club, Chifuyu’s opinions are always respected above everything else. In other words, if you make Chifuyu your ally, then rest just happens without objection.

Therefore, let’s start make everyone’s alias.


When everybody got their notebooks out  while moaning, I got in front of the whiteboard and started my ‘Making alias (二つ名) from scratch. Nickname (異名) lecture’.

I started off speaking like a teacher.

“Okay everyone~, there are patterns when you see an alias. Let’s start off with basic ones. Okay, with alias, you can group them up in two groups. In our world we call them [Kaminoku] and [Shimonoku].” <TN Kaminoku (上の句) mean front of the poem, Shimonoku (下の句) means end of the poem. I wonder if it’s better to put it as Front and Back.>

“What kind of world is that” Ignoring Tomoyo, I wrote something on the whiteboard.

[Witch] [God] [Queen] [King] [Ruler] [Noble] [Wizard] [Clown]

“Well, these are traditional Shimonoku. For Kaminoku.”

[Crimson] [Darkness] [Pitch Dark] [Golden] [Forbidden] [Chaos] [War] [Oblivion] [Destiny] [Dawn]

“That’ll do. It looks like Kaminoku has lots of expressions to do with colour. So then, let’s take one each from both Kaminoku and Shimonoku then let’s make an alias with it.”

[King of Darkness]

“And we get this. Ah, this one is good~. You can feel the corruption and antiqueness. If he was one of Four Divas it sounds like he’ll be the final boss.”

“It’s just full of chuunibyou delusions.”

Ignore the mocking. It’s getting to the good part.

“[King of Darkness] is fine by itself, but by arranging one more part we can take this to next level. Just like cooking, by adding bit of seasoning we can take it further. Now then, Hatoko-chan.”


“I like your enthusiasm. Now can you add ruby characters to this?”

“Yes~ Excuse me Ju-Kun-sensei. What is a ruby?”

“It’s like Yomigana (よみがな). First, please write something in front of [King of Darkness] in Katakana.” <TN It’s like Pseudonym that small text next to Japanese characters are Yomigana. Also known as Furigana.>

Hatoko thought for a second and wrote something with her pen.

[King of Darkness (Black King)]

“Here it is! Hey hey, how is it? Ju-kun,  is this kind of thing right?”

“… Haaa~”

As expected I sighed.

“Hatoko. I’m disappointed in you.”

“Wha! Ju-Kun turned back to normal!”

“It shows how shocking that was. Hatoko, what have you been learning for past 17 years?”

“I’ve been studying various things~”

Looking at Hatoko who was pouting, I shook my head.

Really, she doesn’t know anything. I erased [Black King] and wrote something else in its stead.

[King of Darkness (Lord of Thanatos)]

“This is the correct answer, and also one of the many aliases that I own.”

There are too many childish names with King in it so we’ll use Lord. And instead of using Black we can use the Greek God of Death Thanatos. Point is to not be predictable and use King of Darkness.

So cool, Thanatos is really cool.

“Uuu~ Tomoyo. I don’t know what’s going on anymore…”

“There there it’s fine. There’s nothing wrong.”

Leaving those two to them, I went back to lecture with my mock teacher tone.

“For Shimonoku, it is said we can use your own name. For example, if we’ve got a person of name Tanaka-kun, we can use Storm as Kaminoku and thus create [Tanaka of the Storm].”

… I just thought this after saying that but, name Tanaka isn’t that cool. Actually, not just name Tanaka, any Japanese name are quite difficult.

“Well, that’s that. This kind of method is better suited for foreign names. Like [Rahoul of the Storm] or [Reo of the Flame]. For well-known examples, [Straw Hat Luffy] [Smoker the White Hunter] comes into this category. Now then Chifuyu-chan.”

“What is it?”

“Why don’t you give us some aliases like these you know ?”

“[The Borrower Arrietty]”

”… So Close.”

“[Ponyo on the Cliff]”

“Hmm, you think you can use something else but Ghibli?”

“Taira no Kiyomori.”

“Hmm, just because a word goes between names it doesn’t make it an alias. It’s not like Kitomori’s title is Taira.“

“Stupid Ando”

“From all of those the best sounding… wait, who’s stupid!”

“Alias, it’s hard.”

With ending this conversation with her mocking me, I changed the subject.

“You don’t always have to be aware of ’Shimonoku’ and ‘Kaminoku’. They are only tools to help so you can ignore them if you so choose to. As example.”

[Wild Beast (Lion King)]

“Ah, doesn’t that sound awesome.”

I’m falling in love with my own naming sense. This is something I just thought of just now, it’s best to suppress the negative feeling associated with Wild Beast with name such as Lion King which has musical vibe to it.

“Using a classic masterpiece as name is another method. Just like Stand from Jojo it’s fine to cite from foreign things.”

“Hey~ Why didn’t you allow Black King when Lion King is allowed~? They are both King~”

“That is all on your own judgement.”

“Uuu~ I don’t know any more~“

This is all up to personal preference, so it’s really difficult to explain. But nevertheless Black King has this vibe that just doesn’t feel right.

I was getting bored of doing this fake teacher voice and I didn’t really have anything else to say, so I decided to start wrap things up.

“Remember this everyone. I’ve been saying this constantly until now but most important thing is your own feelings. There are no set rules for creating your alias or your nickname so go make them freely, be free.”

I finished by sayings things that an art teacher who’s full of themselves would say.

Everyone is looking at me like they are saying “then there was no point of that lecture” but, well that’s just a segway to next order of business.

It was about time everyone finished so I went around looking at person to person.

First is Hatoko.

“Fufu. I’m confident ~”

Smiling brightly she started to read out the alias she wrote in her note.

“1. [Red Hatoko]”

“Straight out of the manual!”

She just magnificently misused my lecture!

“Isn’t this enough? I thought you can put colour into Kaminokou? <?>”

“Even so don’t put it in front of your real name. [Red Hatoko]… it’s meaningless!”

“I also don’t know the meaning of Ju-kun’s [Lord of Thanatos] as well!”


I can’t say anything back at that. Well truth be told Alias gives importance in its looks so most don’t’ have any meaning attached to it.

And there are quite few like that as well.

“Anyway first one is out. Next.”

“2. [Blue Hatoko]”

“It’s the same!”

“Eh~ but I put colours in mine from 1 to 10~”

“Why! Are you a colouring pencil!”

“Hmm. That example is bit weird.”

“… You are strict on jokes aren’t you.”

“Ah, Ju-kun I got it I got it. Don’t worry this time.”

“Okay, let’s hear it.”

“11. [Bright red Hatoko]”

“That’s still the same! Stop with this repeating jokes!”

“Ara, really? I made a repeating joke…? Ah~ I’m so embarrassed.”

“You look happy.”

It looks like she’s’ happy that she managed to make repeating joke without realising it. What the hell.

“My god. How many times are you going to repeat the same joke over and over again? Are you a humanity or what!”

“Ah Ju-Kun. That metaphorical retort you just said sounds excellent.”

“What, really?”

“Yeah yeah. That dark feel sounds good, like black humour.”

Kuku, it looks like my comeback skill has gone up during this short conversation.

Growing in skill in middle of a battle, so cool.

“Hatoko. You too, strive toward so as not to lose against me.”

“Okya. Now I’ll keep going. 11. [Hatoko of Heisei].”

“That makes sense since you were born during Heisei period but, rejected.”

“12. [Hatoko of Showa].”

“It’s not that I’ve got problem with Heisei. Rejected.”

“13. [Play along straight man Hatoko].” <TN thank you anime again!>

“No, I don’t think play along straight man fits you….”

“Eh~? That’s not true~ I can do so… Wait, no course I can’t!” <?>

“You are doing it?! After saying that you can’t?! What is that, self-contradiction?!”

“Ehehe. I did it I did it. So therefore my alias will be [Play along straight man Hatoko]!”

Since she was saying that while innocently laughing I couldn’t say anything else.

Hmm, well no matter. She’s happy with it.

Since I’ve concluded with Hatoko I moved onto next person.

Next is Sayumi-san.

“I’m not that confident.”

While saying such a humble thing, she was giving off a confident vibe; it was obvious she was confident of herself.

“1. [Konayukihime]” <TN Powdered-snow princess>

“Ah, that sounds good.”

So she’s twisted a bit from Snow White.

As expected of Sayumi-san, doing everything to perfection. It’s perfect example of a name.

“On the contrast don’t change it and make it [Shirayukihime (Snow White)].”

“That’s a good name. It gives off ‘Simple is Best’ vibe.”

“This maybe common but. 3. [Girl of Steel (Iron Maiden)]”

“It’s a bit old-fashioned but it’s a yes.”

It should have been ‘Maiden’ but changing it to ‘girl’ makes it sound modest like Japanese women so I’d give it a high score. <TN umm… okay?>

“4. [Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty)]. This is more like Chifuyu-chan then me.”

“It does fit her more yes.”

“5. [Senran no Utahime]” <TN literal translation War Diva or Diva of Battlefield.>

“They are all good. There’s nothing to criticise about. As expected, Sayumi-san is great.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Maybe your style is similar to mine.”

“Ando-kun. When you are the one saying that instead of being praise it becomes an insult so be careful. I can get compensation for defamation for that.”

Sayumi-san said such thing without hesitation.

Anyway, this person is incredible. She’s got wide range of hobbies and talents so even if we ask for difficult favours she answers with utmost quality.

Although if I pick something that catches my attention…

“Sayumi-san’s alias. They are like Princesses or a girl; all of them are something cute.”

“… What?”

Her face froze.

“It’s just that, in my head Sayumi-san is always mature person so I thought ‘Witch’ or ‘Queen’ fitted you better, but since everything were something cute so I was just bit surprised.”


“Sayumi-san. Do you admire princesses and such? If that’s the case I guess you do have childish part of you.”

“… Hm!”

Suddenly Sayumi-san twisted my arms in swift motion.


“Don’t be so loud. I’ve only dislocated your shoulder.”

“Isn’t that quite major?! You can’t dislocate some joints like battle manga in real life! Aaaaaaarg my shouldeeeeer!”

“That’s fine. I fixed it with <Route of Origin> right after dislocating it so pain should have been an instant.”

“Eh? …. Ah, that’s true.”

When I moved my shoulder as a test, there weren’t any pain to speak of. Actually it’s in great condition.

To heal the wound straight after attack, and thus only administer the pain without making open wound…

That’s scary ability, <Route of Origin>. No, you are suspiciously way too skilled in this Sayumi-san.

“My goodness. Ando-kun is getting big headed so you disrespect people above you, that won’t do.”

She said in a sulky tone.

I wasn’t thinking of teasing her though.

“We are all playing along with your little play with everyone’s corporation so make sure you remember that “.

“…. Yes, I’m so sorry. Ah, hmm, so Sayumi-san’s alias. What will it be?”

“I’m not interested in such things right now.”

And she turns her face around. I don’t understand exactly what but it looks like her feelings were hurt. But since we got to this point I pestered her for her pick.

“Please anything will do.”

“Then [Doki doki angel Sayumi].”


She just didn’t care.

Since negotiation with angered Sayumi-san seems unlikely I moved onto next person.

Next is Chifuyu.

“Chifuyu tried her best.”

She showed her notebook confidently.

“[Strawberry (Mikan)].”

“…. Ah~ yes.”

What can I say, it sounds like astral. Her Ruby just looks like a misprint.

“How is it? Ando.”

“Ah, that’’s. Yes, well its fine… Has it got some special meaning?”

“Ando told me to write anything I like. So I wrote something I like.”

“Ah that’s right. So Chifuyu must love strawberries and oranges.”

“Yes. I like them.”

“…… But the thing is. Hmm, this is bit different. How can I explain it.”

“Ando told me to be free.”


“You said like but, this is no?”

Her innocent eye stops me from saying anything. Ah crap, since I told her to be free in what she chose I can’t strongly disagree.

Without much of a choice I just praised her with “No, its fine, it’s great. You must be a genius.”. So Chifuyu seemed to be have so much fun that she showed us more alias she came up with. <?>

“[Strawberry Mochi (Mikan Mikan)]”

“Why did you repeat oranges twice?”

“I copied Ando’s [Dark and Dark].”


Hearing that I can’t say anything. No that’s not it, there’s deep meaning in why I say Dark twice in [Dark and Dark]…

“[Loser who eats lot of Strawberry Mikna]” <?>

“… Yes thanks. Thanks for listening in my lecture.”

“[Hero of Fruit]”

“If that meant ‘mistake’ then it might have been better… Chifuyu. Don’t you have anything other than fruit?” <TN in Japanese and Korean. Fruit can be written as 過失 meaning accident, mistake or fault.>

When I asked Chifuyu replied saying ‘Yes’ then she spoke while pointing bit further away from Fruit names.

“[Mother (Father)].”

“That sound like complicated family?!”

“Chifuyu loves mother and father very much.”

“Well that’s a good thing! That might be the best thing in the world!”

“[Former Mother (Witch)]”

“What happened between you and your mother in the past?!”

“[Late Coming Dad (Cheater)]”

“That’s not true! His work just finishes late!”

“[Father’s Co-worker (Thieving Cat)]”

“They are just normal co-workers! Please believe in your father!… Chifuyu, I think family ones are fine so shall we go to next ones?”

“[Teddy Bear (Honey)]”

“… Hmm it’s cute so pass.”

“[Panda (Black over White)]”

“Only Ruby sounds cool!”

“[The Wing that doesn’t touch the Sky (Penguin)]”

“This time only main part sounds cool!”

“Next is…”

“Wait, I think we’re done with animals too.”

I drew a deep sigh. As anticipated, it seems like the concept of alias hasn’t been understood by Chifuyu. Well, that can’t be helped; she’s still primary school kid.

To understand the delicate harmony that is created by use of Japanese foreign words and Katakana, you must have a matured mind.

Yes, just like me!

“Chifuyu. You’ve done well thinking off all these names. Then shall we choose one that you like the most?”

“Mmm Mmm”

Chifuyu crossed her arms and started to think hard. After thinking about it for about a minute while lightly stomping her legs or pulling Lissun’s <?> tails, she said ‘This’ and pointed at a name.

“[Sweet Sour Pork (Pineapple)]”


From all those that came before, it’s most astral.

Maybe it’s so bad it did 180 and made it cool.

This child might be way ahead of her time.

“Does our Chifuyu really like this?”

“Chifuyu loves pineapple in Sweet Sour Pork.”

“Is that so…”

“So mum often makes Sweet Sour Pork with just pineapple.”

That’s no longer Sweet Sour Pork you know. In the first place you put pineapple in Sweet Sour Pork to tenderise the pork using their enzymes, so that’s just defeating its purpose.

“From now on you can call Chifuyu [Pineapple].”

It sounds like she’s proud of that. As usual her thought process is none the wiser.

Well since it’s been decided I head over to next person.

Well, things are definitely not going the way I thought they would.

How can I say, it looks like everyone’s missing their power of Chunni, they lack the will that appeal towards their soul.

Then again, I know that wishing everything going the way I want is also wrong…

Even with complicated feelings, I talk to the last contender.

“If we’re gonna do it then just do it quickly.”

Tomoyo said coldly while pointing at her note.

“[Antinomy Witch Who Sneers at Twilight (Endless Paradox)]”


“I-I just thought of that without thinking much of it! I only thought of chunni thing that you might like after listening to your lecture!”


“I-It’s not like I want to be called that or anything, it’s not something I thought of in the past at all!”

“… Tomoyo.”


“You win.”


“I’ve got nothing else to teach you. You have achieved a license.”

“I don’t need such thing!”


“Don’t call me master!  What’s up with that look of envy?!”

“[Shishou [Master]]…”

“Don’t write [master] in ruby either!”

“But never forget, Tomoyo. There are no ends in the way of Chuunibyou. Do not think that you’ve mastered everything.”

“I was never interested in it in the first place! Never mind that what are you?! Are you my senior or underling?”

“Your Comrade (Friend).”

“Don’t write comrade and read it as friend!”

“W-What is this! Power of Chuunibyou, 7000, 8000, no way. It’s still rising…?”

“Stop with that Scouter play!”

“There’s no end to this power.  How much power does my

[Ye heavenly infant dokjon (Hakoware)] need to defeat this…” <TN If you read hunter x hunter then please tell me I got this right…>

“Is my Chuuni power as powerful as Menthuthuyoupi?!”

I, Guiltia Sin Jurai, for the first time felt fear… in front of true terror and ultimate despair… in fear and hopelessness I let a tear drop. This was also the first time for me…

“Stop crying! Stop chattering your teeth! What am I, a Freezer?!”

As usual Tomoyo’s counterattack hits its target.

No, beside from joke it is actually really cool

[Antinomy Witch Who Sneers at Twilight (Endless Paradox)]

I like how she used Sneer instead of Smile. Also I understand a bit when she uses Twilight instead of Dark.

But the best part is… Antinomy

… Cool, Antinomy is so cool.

“So with that! The winner of 1st Alias contest is… [Closed Clock] Kanzaki Tomoyo’s [Endless Paradox]!”

“When did this became a contest!”

“Now! Everyone round of applause!”

[Wow…] Clap Clap Clap

“Everyone’s playing along?!”

Tomoyo was shocked. I was also surprised but accepted it quickly.

Hatoko likes to play along with everyone and Sayumi-san likes to make fun of people. Chifuyu is… well it feels like she doesn’t understand but she just copied everyone.

After judging that I could irritate her in this mood I decided to go all in with this.

“To winner Kanzaki Tomoyo we award everyone the authority to call you by your alias for next one week ”.

“Is this some kind of penalty game?!”

“Now the [Endless Paradox]-san, a word please.”

“Quit calling me with that! … I haven’t really got anything to say…”

“It seems like from judge’s perspective the use of the word ‘Antinomy’ gains quite high points.”

“What do you mean ‘judge’s’… isn’t this all your preference?”

“’Paradox’. It’s really cool. It resonates into my soul. What is the deep meaning behind this word?”

“… That’s. Well… i-I don’t really know the meaning behind but… the feel of the word, i-it sounded cool…”

“If that’s the case [Endless Paradox]-san decided to use a word that you do not know the meaning to as your alias?”

“…… Yes.”

“Heh, hmm, heh…”

“What is up with that irritating expression?! If you’ve got something to say then just say it!”

“And that was some word from [Endless Paradox]-san. Now everyone, once again round of applause for [Endless Paradox]-san!”

““”Clap Clap Clap”””

“Again why is everyone going with the flow suddenly?! Am I surrounded by my enemies?!”

“Now then everyone, all together! Endless! Endless!”

“””Endless! Endless!”””

“They started to chant?!”

“Paradox! Paradox!”

“””Paradox! Paradox!”””

“Antinomy! Antinomy!”

“””Antinomy! Antinomy!”””

“Antinomy! Antinomy!”

““”Antinomy! Antinomy!”””

“Isn’t Antinomy being chanted again?!”

“Antinomy! Antinomy!”

“””Antinomy! Antinomy!”””

“I beg of you guys now please stooooooooooop!”

And thus we end our 1st Alias contest.

Well, what can I say.

Today was fulfilling day too.


After club has ended five children roam around the road dyed in golden light.

[Lord of Thanatos] *One of many aliases.

[Play along straight man Hatoko]

[Doki Doki Angel Sayumi]


[Endless Paradox]

… Still long way to go. There must be a limit to how astral this is.

Everyone has got technique name which I gave that has been transcended into being cool so maybe it’s better to go with technique name = alias.

“Oi, [Endless Paradox]”


“Oi, stop ignoring me [Endless Paradox]”


“Don’t pretend you can’t hear [Endless Paradox]”

“… Don’t call me by that name!”

With terrifying force she turned around and like she was about to breath fire as she shouted.

“If you make fun of me anymore then I will explode!”

“What are you saying, who’s making fun of you. I was really thinking that you’ve got good sense for naming things?”

From bottom of my heart I gave out praises. I really think the name is great so that’s why I’m calling her [Endless Paradox]. Making fun of her, how dare her.

Well if I do say so, personally I like something short and concise as my alias but that’s up to my personal preference.

“… Why don’t you just make fun of me already then…”

Tomoyo sighed with complicated expression on her face. [doki doki Angel Sayumi], Sayumi-san comforted such person.

“Please lighten up, [Endless Paradox]-chan.”

“E-Even Sayumi-san…”

“Because of Ando-kun, you are stuck with such a name as [Endless Paradox] that reeks of Chuunibyou… I really do sympathise… Fffft!”

“But you are enjoying this!”

When even Sayumi-san laughed, Tomoyo grabbed and pulled her hair.

“… Ahhh really. Just forget about that alias.”

“Kuku, it’s unfortunate. Your real name has already been entered into this [Bloody Bible]. There is no way that you name will be forgotten… Ah, what?”

When I put my hand into my bag to take my [Bloody Bible] out, I realised.

“I-It’s gone?!”

[Bloody Bible] isn’t there! The scripture that contains the truth of this world?!

“What, what is it?”

“Tomoyo… it’s an emergency. [Bloody Bible] is gone.”

“Ahha, Bloody Vivre is gone?”

“Hey, don’t call it Vivre.”

What will you do if that name sticks.

“Ah damn it. Have those ‘people’ finally started to make their move. It’s dangerous, inside that scripture it has countless amount of forbidden art which has been sealed written in there….”

“Shut up, Chuunibyou… Ah, thinking back didn’t you spill your bag in spectacular fashion in front of the entrance?”

Ah, when I think back that’s it. I horridly put things back in and chased after these guys. Ah, maybe I dropped it back then…

“… Does that mean it’s dropped in front of the club room?!”

“Well, maybe I think?”

“… Damn, that’s not good.”

If it’s outside of our club room then other people can see it. It’s one thing that our club members who know everything to see, but if someone who doesn’t know anything ever read it…

Just imagining it drains blood from my face.

“I’ll go and look for it so go home without me guys!”

Not waiting for other’s reply, I sprint back into the school.

Run! Hurry up!

Before anyone else picks it up I need to take back my [Bloody Bible]!

Since Ando ran back to find his notebook back we decided that four of us will go back on our own. We thought about waiting for him but since he told us to go back first we decided to follow his words.

“Ju-Kun is such a klutz~? Tomoyo.”

Hatoko, who was walking beside me suddenly let out hopeless laugh and said, turning toward me.

“Ah, I forgot. I need to call you by your alias. Umm, eh, what was it…”

“Drop it, this kind of thing. Ando, that guy who brought it out in the first place will forget about it by tomorrow morning.”

Beside from that if they don’t really stop it’ll be super embarrassing.

“Fufu, okay then~”

This time Hatoko laughed like she’s enjoying herself.

Relationship between Ando and Hatoko is full of mystery. By the looks of it they’ve been known each other for a long time as childhood friends, but it looks like they both deeply understand each other well and don’t understand each other at all at the same time.

Hatoko feels like Ando’s mother or an older sister, but at times she feels like his daughter or younger sister .

It’s full of mystery.

But if there’s one thing that’s certain, Hatoko does not understand Ando’s Chuunibyou at all. It must be said she’s got no knowledge at all.

To give an easy example, it’s like asking if you can explain Chuunibyou to your own mother. To people who don’t know at all there’s no use in explaining, no use at all.

It’s a privilege of those chosen to be Chuunibyou, or maybe for those who has not been chosen.

It’s not like everyone can understand its value.

… Wait a minute. I’m totally thinking like Chuunibyou right now. Woah, Ando’s bad influence rubbed off on me…

“Alias huh…”

“What is it? Hatoko.”

“Ah~ yeah. I was just thinking about the past… to tell you the truth, I was bullied when I was in primary school.”


I froze up at sudden turn to dark topic. Sayumi-san and Chifuyu who were walking in front of us also stopped and turned around.

In sudden turn of the mood, Hatoko realised what had happened and hurriedly waved her hands.

“B-But it wasn’t really much of bullying. In fact it really wasn’t’ bullying at all~”

Then she made self-despairing smile and continued.

“I was called Yakitori-chan back then~ because my last name is Kushikawa, so it came from ‘Skewer’ and ‘Skin’ and my given name being called ‘Pigeon’.” <TN Kushi means skewer, Kawa means Skin and Hato means pigeon.>

Yakitori huh, it’s not intentionally bad name but it’s also not a name girl would like to be called.

“Guys calling me ‘Yakitori’ were all my friends, since they called it friendly I really couldn’t tell them to stop… I wouldn’t mind it too much if it was now, but back then I really hated being called that…”

Innocence of children, often are cruel.

The side that gave her that name probably didn’t have bad intentions, and most likely started to call her such out of friendliness.

But such innocent act sometimes hurt others.

For young Hatoko being called Yakitori must have been stressful, even I would have hated it.

“The person who helped me back then was Ju-Kun.”

Hatoko said.

While light slightly shining in her eyes.

“Ju-Kun said ‘I can’t forgive such lame nickname!’ and gave me a new nickname~”


Wait a minute. That’s so much like him, but how does that link with solution?

More than that this guy, he was like this since when he was a kid.

“Hmm~ let’s see. I think the nickname he gave back then was… ‘Fire Phoenix’.”

… Maybe Phoenix because of Hato (Pigeon). Well it’s not like I can’t understand his reasoning.

Well as expected of primary school kid, nickname sounds nice since it’s so simple.

“After that everyone said ‘Eh, if we have to call her something so lame like that we’d rather call her Hatoko-chan from now on’ so that is how they stopped calling me Yakitori-chan.”

Hatoko was telling her past with big smile on her face. Without thinking I said.

“… Hatoko. You aren’t really thinking that Ando calculated all this?”

“Hahaha. Even I don’t believe that~ Ju-kun was depressed for a while after that.”

That’s so like him.

“Ju-kun was just doing what he wanted right?”

Yeah that must be it. Ando I know is person like that. Sayumi-san and Chifuyu-chan seems like they had same opinion with us so they constantly nodded their head.

“But still. I think Ju-kun helped me back then.”

“… That’s right.”

Sayumi-san said in a dark tone.

“It is true that Ando-kun is such an idiot that we can’t do anything about, but I think he’s surprisingly reliable person.”

Saying that, she placed both her hands on her chest, slowly closing them.

“For example my power [Route of Origin], a power which turns every object back to  how it was. When I first obtained this power there was one question I had in my mind… I wondered if I could bring dead back to life.”

That must have been something she couldn’t have avoided thinking about.

Just like how, if there was a character in manga that had same ability as her, they would have to address this at the very beginning.

“But thanks to Ando-kun… I was relieved.”

Since six months ago we had countless amounts of meetings. In our very first meeting there was something Ando had said.

— Please listen carefully Sayumi-san.

— Please don’t ever try to bring dead person back to life.

— Not even animals.

— This is not about being able to or not being able to. Please don’t even think about trying.

Back then Ando was deadly serious.

“I realised now why that was. Power that can bring dead back to life, it should never exist in our world. If I ever succeed in such a feat after testing it, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep myself sane.”

Unlike her normal self, she spoke in a small and trembling voice.

Real life isn’t like Dragonball. It won’t be like ‘He’s no longer dead let’s all cheer~’ in real life.

If Sayumi-san did have power to bring person back to life…

… It’s scary just to think about it.

“He also spoke with Chifuyu.”

Suddenly Chifuyu raised her voice.

“Ando told me to never create life.”

That’s right. Ando also said something similar to this child.

— Chifuyu-chan. You can make anything you want.

— But you must never create human, never create life.

— Never. Please promise me this.

Ando has… That Chuunibyou Ando said such a thing.

One day our power had awakened and when everyone was panicking, he was the only one keeping cool head and said such things.

Ando Jurai, who must have gone through many number of simulations before was able to accommodate everyone half a year ago.

“Back then I did lose my composure. Now I know how dangerous it is to revive someone, but during the time when my power was awakened I don’t know what I would have done. I could have well made a mistake and caused an accident.”

The person who stopped me back then was Ando-Kun. Sayumi-san added at the end.

At those words Chifuyu-chan nodded her head as well. If Ando wasn’t there for this child back then, she could have created human or animals without thinking much about it.

“Ju-kun thought hard about our powers as well~”

At Hatoko’s words, Sayumi-san agreed.

“Ando-kun has thought about our powers more than we have. He contemplated, analysed, sometimes imagined, sometimes calculated. He also gave us nice names as well. Although it was a lame Chuuni name.”

I know very well what they are trying to say.

Everyone here, we were scared.

Suddenly gaining power like God we were scared and weren’t able to do anything.

But Ando, even though his own power has nothing in value whatsoever— power so weak that if we decided to suddenly ambush him he won’t be able to last more than 5 seconds but he wasn’t afraid of us.

He took care of us until the very end.

He said that our powers which can only be weapons are ‘cool’

Now that I think about it, when he gave us that Chuuni name he said something.

— Keke. Now with this half of your power is mine.

— I will bind them with this name. Kuhahahaha!

That guy… he’s shouldering half of our weight for us.

“… Yeah.”

But I smirked and spoke.

It wasn’t like me to think highly of him.

“That’s thinking too much. He’s just done whatever he wanted to do right? His chuuni imagination has just gone wild. There is definitely no way he had deeper meaning.”

When I laughed it off, Hatoko and Sayumi-san chuckled.

“That’s right. Only thing Ando-kun is thinking about is his chuunibyou scenario.”

“He said that his alias has increased~ how great of him, Ju-kun.”

When we were laughing away, Chifuyu took quick steps and pulled on my skirt.

“What’s up?”

“Chifuyu lied before.”


“When we were talking about chunni.”

Ah, back then.

“I was embarrassed, so I lied.”

Chifuyu said.

Rubbing her face on my blazer, looking embarrassed.

“Ando, actually he’s really cool.”


We did not deny her praise.

We could not deny it.

“Ando, such Chuuni.”

“That’s right; Ju-kun is such chuuni.”

“He’s such a chuunibyou.”

“He’s pile of chuunibyou work.”



I ended up sneezing spectacularly inside school void of any human interaction.

“Oioi. Looks like Freischtuz was sniping me with their extra-long range magic sniping.”

That’s dangerous. If I didn’t lower my body when sneezing there would be a hole in my head right now.

Anyway I hope it is fine. Note of dark history… no my [Bloody Bible].

To imagine someone is reading it… I want to just die.

Actually, I’m not embarrassed at all of the content in that note. [Bloody Bible] is my pride, and what’s written in it is truth of this world?

But even so… right?

It’s not good to show the truth of this world to anybody?

… Anyway I can’t show that to anyone!

I sprinted toward Literature club room.

“… Eh?”

When I arrived in front of the club room door a guy was standing in front of it. He was tall and skinny with long legs. His hair was bright sliver, and he was wearing black clothing, his style was coordinated into bright and stylish outfit, like a band member.

He was wearing circular sunglasses.

On his hand… he was holding a black notebook.

“Ah. Nooooo!”

I screamed and sprinted toward the guy. This is bad! He saw it! I saw the [Bloody Bible]!

By the guy who just looks like a Riajuu! <TN it means youth/youngster or someone in a relationship>

“Aaa aaa aaa aaa.”

Well I just randomly screamed so I couldn’t help but suddenly become shy around that guy.

“Is this yours?”

He said in a low and cool voice. When I got near him he was actually a handsome guy.

Damn… of all people a handsome guy read it…

“Yeah yeah that’s mine.”

“This notebook. You call it [Bloody Bible]?”

“… Y-Yeah.”

“Does that mean that you are the person whose name is in written here, [Guiltia Sin Jurai]?”

“……… Yes.”

Humiliation that rips through my body attacked me. Shit, what he’s saying is undeniable truth so I shouldn’t be so embarrassed… Kuuuuaaaa! I wanna die!

Since I was about to go completely insane, he just raised side of his mouth smugly and returned my [Bloody Bible]… and said.

“You’ve got good naming sense..”

“… Yes?”

“’Guiltia’ as in Guilty, while ‘Sin’ also makes it like wrongdoing. Person full of sin as double meaning. ‘sin’ also relate to god, connoting a being that carries more sin than that can be repented. Furthermore ‘Guiltia’ gestures Arcadia and Utopia. Meaning something like Sinful Paradise. To finish it off Cursed Thunder… gives me chills.”

Receiving my book I couldn’t close my mouth. I was ready to be ridiculed but. It was an unexpected development.

To be… praised as such.

Not only that… to be understood.

“[Bloody Bible] eh. This is a coincidence; I own something of similar sort.

With that said he brings out pitch black note from his body. On its front page Upside-down cross was drawn.

“I call this [Scripture Abandoned by God (Reverse Crux Record)]”

“R-Reverse Crux… Upside down crosses. Symbol of rebel against God, Cross of the fallen…”

I was so surprised how cool it was. So cool, Reverse Crux is so cool.

Seeing how satisfied at his answer, he showed deeper smile.

“My name is Kiryuu Heldkaiser Luci First. However I am known in this world by my temporary moniker Kiryuu Hajime.”

True name and temporary moniker.

Doki suddenly something inside of me moved.

“… [Heldkaiser] means hell and kaiser, thus recalling Ruler of Hell. Not only that making it perfective by using [Held] it make it sound so bleak that even hell has fallen. Furthermore by adding [Luci] and [First] you make [Lucifer], a fallen angel… every part of that name symbolises the rebellion against God… It’s so cool that I get goose bumps.”

And the best part is using Kiryuu’s katakana… <?>


Kiryuu-san made unique dry laugh. It was similar to how I usually laugh.

“You’re the best.”

He’s laughing like he’s enjoying here. I stared at his face. I can see part of his eyes over his sunglasses. Only his left eye had crimson colour.

Odd Eye, or maybe coloured lenses?

“Hmm? Ah.”

When we realised my gaze he corrected his sunglasses.

“Oh I do apologise. I nearly took control of you with my Evil Eye.”

“E-Evil Eye…”

“I didn’t have this right eye from when I was born. I have inherited this forbidden eye from someone long gone now. Sometimes it goes wild so I’m wearing these sunglasses to stop that.”

Evil Eye. It sounded chilling to my soul. I’m sure that he purposely moved his sunglasses when he was giving my notebook back but it’s so cool I’ll forget about that.

“Evil Eye huh. You own something quite dangerous… Ku arrrg.”

“Oi, what’s happening? You alright?”

Kiryuu-san held his breath looking at me who was grabbing my arms. Well I’m actually alright, but to his eyes my right arm looks like something terrifying.

“That right arm… You, could it be…”

Finishing by saying ‘could it be’ and leaving me to finish! This guy, he knows it too well!

“No, I’m okay… This happens frequently. It hasn’t been listening to me lately; I’ll be teaching it some lessons next time.”

“For you to have ‘such thing’ in your right arm at that age… You, what kind of hell did you see?”

“… Fufufu, aren’t you the same?”

“Ha, that ain’t wrong too.”



Me and Kiryuu-san laughed meaninglessly.

No! There is a meaning!

Meaning that only us two understand!

“Keke. My goodness, I came here to play at literature club but I found someone with talent right? Guiltia Sin Jurai.”

“I sense destiny in this meeting. Kiryuu Heldkaiser Luci First.”

We when stare at each other.

It feels like I’m looking at a mirror. Feels like two sides of a coin, same person. But not of equal being. Contradiction of him being someone else but feeling of being twins.

Two beings, walking the path parallel to each other, never to interact. This is First Contact.

Between him and i… the war that’s going to shake up our entire universe have started from this day forward.


“… But Literature club? What business do you have with our literature club?”

“Ah, I’m alumni here. I got fired from my part time yesterday so I got free. I came to play.”


Ara, this is strange. It feels like fate has disappeared to somewhere.

7 thoughts on “Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de Vol.1 Translation Project, Chapter.2 Alias? That’s the Basics”

  1. Thanks for the translation, i just finished the anime and i was like…. “i need moreee”, so you are a lifesaver sir, hope you can keep traslating it.

  2. Thanks for the translation, i just finished the anime and i was like…. “i need moreee”, so you are a lifesaver sir, hope you can keep traslating it.

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