DxD DX Vol 4 Translation Project, Power. 4 Power MAX vs Technic MAX The Lion King’s Iron Fist and the Hero’s Holy Spear

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Translator: daniel Yang

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Part 1

It’s the beginning of the battle between [Team Imperial Purpure] and [Team Spear of Heavenly Emperor]!

The game field looks like it’s imitating one of the Underworld’s ruins as it was in the middle of the desert.

The area looked like similar in size compared to Khou Academy and since there were no buildings to hide, enemies will be able to meet each other quickly and the battle will begin not long after the match begins.

Now that I think about it, that match that we had against Raiser is almost like [Lighting Pace] since the fighting began as soon as the match had started and the result was concluded quickly.


Just as Naud-san said, the time limit for this game is very short for a Rating Game. There were times when people fought for an entire day and night.

Naud-san continued his explanation.

[The victor is either the one who topples the other’s [King] first or the team who has managed to defeat the most amount of enemy in terms of piece value if both [King]s remain undefeated by the end of the game!]

It’s such a simple rule. In the case where both [King]s survives until the end, the victory is decided upon who has earned more points by taking down the opponent’s players.

In the case of where one team is lacking members and therefore has disadvantages, there are rules in place which levels the playing field for them.

The monitors in the control centre show the movements of both teams, and as soon as the teams have identified the map of the field, both teams made their moves.

The [King]s of both teams, Sairaorg-san and Cao Cao both gave orders to their team and headed towards the middle of the field.

Soon the caster Naud-san started to shout-cast the battle.

[Ohh! Looks like a battle has already started at the north side of the field!]

When we shifted our attention to the monitor that showed the fight… we saw [Team Imperial Purpure]’s Pale Horse riding [Knight] Beruka Furcas-san was facing against [Team Spear of Heavenly Emperor]’s brown haired [Knight] Perseus.

Perseus of Cao Cao’s team was a member who wasn’t present during that time we faced the Hero Faction, and he showed himself for the first time during this event. They said that he was an ex-member of the Hero Faction, and also joined up with Cao Cao once more because of this event…

[I am the [Knight] of Sairaorg Bael’s peerage Beruka Furcas! I’m looking forward to a fair fight!]

Just like when he fought Kiba before, Beruka-san charged head-on wielding his lance! Just what I expected from Sairaorg-san’s [Knight]!

His opponent Perseus also looked very knight-like wielding a round shield and a long sword!

[I am the Great Perseus! I do enjoy a fair fight!]

Saying that he blocked Beruka-san’s jousting and aimed his long sword towards the rider, but the Pale Horse backed off as if to say he’s not letting Perseus take his owner out like that easily.

The First battle is getting so heated up that the crowds couldn’t’ help but get excited!

Understanding Beruka-san’s ability from that encounter, Perseus changed his expression to a serious one.

[Not too bad, Great King’s [Knight]. Not too bad at all. This is it. This was what I was looking for!]

Perseus then… tossed his round shield away! And his left hand, instead of the shield…. An aura was forming something!

I’ve seen this from previous records! This is his Sacred Gear!

It was… a giant shield with a face of a human etched into its front!

That face was… a face of a woman with the hair of a snake… a female demon so famous even I know of… Medusa!

Perseus shouted.

[Rise, my Sacred Gear! The royal command of execution by the Queen of Snakes! [Aegis Mineralization]!]

As soon as he’s finished, the face etched onto the shield… Medusa’s eye opened! Beruka-san has managed to dodge the attack before Medusa’s eyes fully opened so he survived, but if anyone was hit by that terrifying Sacred Gear, they would have turned into stone instantly. If anyone who’s weaker than Perseus gets hit by that beam then they would instantly be petrified.

Kiba, who was watching this match with me, said.

“Perseus is a unique guy, who uses his Sacred Gear which can be related back from his origin of the hero [Perseus]. Anyhow, being hit by that beam is dangerous.”

It’s good that Beruka-san is the agility type, if he wasn’t able to move around that quickly he would have turned into stone by now…

Apart from these two, the fights were happening all over the field now.

On the south part of the field, the thick fog was covering the surrounding area. It must be the works of the Hero Faction’s Georg… that fog has the ability to block attacks and confuse the enemies.

So that guy came back from Hell then. I heard that he, Cao Cao and that [Annihilation Maker] kid was sent to the Hell by Indra…

Is that kid not part of the main team because he’s currently acting as a stand-in? Actually, thinking about it, it’ll be hard for someone who caused that big of an incident to participate in the tournament. He might not even participate in the tournament at all this time.

… Just then something happened on the monitor showing Regulus and Sairaorg-san.

When Sairaorg-san group was nearing the ruins in the middle of the field… a huge man stepped in front, blocking his paths.

When that person showed himself, Sairaog-san’s expression brightened.

[Ah, so the first person to block my path is… you.]

[Heh, it’s been awhile.]

That person was… Hercules!

I didn’t see it personally but I heard that these two fought during the monster incident in Lilith!

[N-N-No wayyyyyyy! The person that Sairaorg-sama has encountered is Herculeeeees!!! Hercules, who has had a past feud with Sairaorg-sama has blocked his paths before he reached Cao Cao!!!]

Even Naud-san was shouting into his microphone.

Many people know that it was Sairaog-san who apprehended Hercules during the Monster incident. So, to many people, the fight between these two people are like fate itself.

Hercules scratched his cheek.

[I still remember that punch I took from you clearly. It was a class of pain that’s beyond comprehension.]

Hercules took his top off and showed off his toned body.

[I, who have never felt fear until that time, have experienced shiver for the first time in my life.]

With bulky muscles and veins popping all over his arm, Hercules narrowed his eyes and said.

[I was scared… and so angry at the same time… I had those weak feelings inside me bolted up until now. Hehe, I’m like a girl, aren’t I?]

Hercules then took his fighting stance.

[… so that’s why… let me redeem myself here.]

After finishing his sentence, Hercules leapt towards Sairaorg-san with such speed that was not expected from his build. Sairaorg-san reacted to Hercules’ movement instantly and fought against him.

As soon as Hercules’s punch hit Sairaorg-san’s face… there was an enormous explosion! So that is his sacred gear!

But Sairaorg-san neither stumbled, nor backed off. Using the smoke created from the explosion, he ran through the smoke and landed a punch filled with his aura on Hercules’s face!

Just like that, those two started to punch each other in their faces! Such power from both of them!

Both Sairaorg-san and Hercules suffered nose bleed but looks like they were fine apart from that.

I’m sure Sairaorg-san hasn’t used all his strength yet, but even so, that Hercules is quite impressive with only a nose bleed from Sairaorg-san’s attack.

“… Hercules’s defence has gotten so much better than before. He took quite a lot of damage from the same punch before.”

Kiba spoke, and since Kiba saw the fight between these two before, he was able to tell instantly how much they have changed… Hercules also seemed to gain a lot more strength.

Hercules stretched his neck and spoke.

[Pah, I should tell you this… I’m not here on my leader’s order. I’m here on my own accord.]

[That may be so. But if it’s that guy, wouldn’t he have guessed that you would do such a thing?]

When Sairaorg-san countered, Hercules made a bitter smile.

[… that guy, his brain works in such an unusual way.]

Instead of being bothered by Hercules’s action, Sairaorg-san was, in fact, enjoying his encounter.

Sairaorg-san then asked Regulus.

[… Let’s go, Regulus. Looks like I won’t be able to win without your help.]


A masked young boy then turned into a giant lion and jumped towards Sairaorg-san! When those two collided… a bright aura has gotten stronger and engulfed the surroundings!

[[Balance Break!!!]]

The person who emerged after that shout was Sairaorg-san wearing his lion armour!… It was a scenery befitting of the Heir of the Great King known as King of Lion.



When Sairaorg-san wore his lion armour, every child in the arena started to cheer for him.

Then suddenly, Sairaorg-san, who was standing there with his immense aura emitting off from his body, just vanished!

Hercules was… looks like he was able to chase after Sairaorg-san with his eyes, he managed to dodge his attacks by an inch every time. But because of the immense power of Sairaorg-san’s punch, the pressure waves left bruises around Hercules’s body.

Even if you’re not hit by the punch, the pressure waves from them alone will eat away your stamina. Even though Hercules couldn’t even back off from the fight… he had such joyful expression along all that time.

[So finally, I am fighting against you and your armour! Before, I was knocked down by you without  your armour like an idiot!]

When Hercules said that, Sairaorg-san spoke even while keep sending his punch and kicks.

[I’ve trained constantly after that incident but looks like you also trained during that time, perhaps even more so than I have!]

While delicately moving his body here and there, Hercules dodged getting hit by Sairaorg-san’s punch directly. But his body soon became tattered with injuries due to the pressure waves.

Hercules’s attack and explosions hit Sairaorg-san time and time again but… that didn’t cause much damage to him and the armour was even scratched from it.

Finally, when Sairaorg-san’s punch hit Hercules’s abdomen, his body bent 90 degrees forward. Sairaorg-san then kneed Hercules’s pained expressed face without any mercy.

Hercules, who got kicked in his chin was not engulfed in Retire light, but he fell on the floor instantly…

[DOOOOOOOWN!!! Hercules could not survive the last attack and is now down!!]

The commentator also shouted in excitement.

Shiba then explained after the fact.

[Now it’s a real battle from here now. If he has really inherited the soul of the hero then he will stand up from this. If he doesn’t, then he becomes just a fake.]

When Shiba said something incredibly harsh…

Hercules didn’t seem like he’ll stand up any time soon, but then some changes happened amongst the crowd.


On the corner of the stadium, a few kindergarten boys stood up from their seats.

[Hercules-ojii-san! Fighting!]

[Stand up!]

That was… the voice of the kids who were supporting Hercules.

… I knew that Hercules was protecting a kindergarten in Lilith but… maybe they are from that kindergarten?

As if he had heard the kid’s voice from the video feed showing the crowds in the sky, Hercules slowly pulled his body up!

Hercules wiped off the blood next to his mouth and made a bitter smile while catching his breath.

[….. I-I-I told you, guy… not to call me ‘ojii-san’….]

Hercules groaned.

After catching his breath and wiping his nose bleed, Hercules spoke with a confident smile.

[I’ll show you my trump card.]

Saying that Hercules took something out from his body.

That was… a few trading cards. The card shown on the monitor was a scene from [Oppai Dragon] show.

Hercules showed that to Sairaorg-san.

[This is quite a rare card… and this one is rarer, these are all the things those brats gave me… something like a charm. They told me that these let you boost your power by multiple times like [Oppai Dragon]. Haaaaaa, they probably got this after asking their parents over and over again, and then they ended up giving it to someone like me.]

Muttering grumpily, Hercules put those cards inside his pocket again.

Then striking a stance, that giant pulled his aura up… When Hercules charged such an amount of aura not even comparable to what was before, I held my breath.

[Those brats who gave me those cards are watching this right now… now my power must increase multiple times just like [Oppai Dragon]!]

Of course, there won’t be any of those powers in those cards but… I was moved by his words.

… If those kids gave him those cards, then, of course, he will be able to pull strength from deep inside himself from them!

From the tip of Hercules’s hands, a violent wave gushed out.

Looking at that, Sairaorg-san smiled.

[Oh ho, so those cards allow you to send off your strongest attack.]

Instead of dismissing Hercules’s words, Sairaorg-san was taking in every word he said seriously.

[….Not only that…!! I’m so angry..!! there are… there are people who are spouting nonsense that you’re a fake!!]

Hercules shouted with all his might.

[I really wish that they were hit by that fist of yours!!! There’s no way that a brute who only knows how to throw a punch will have a cunning brain to use something like a power-up item!!]

And then with speed not seen from him before, Hercules charged towards Sairaorg-san and sent a punch with all his might.

Sairaorg-san tried to bounce the attack too but, a loud noise was followed by a gigantic explosion! We could see that there was blood on Sairaorg-sans’s left hand!

Hercules’s attack penetrated Sairaorg-san’s armour and caused damage to his body!

Not only that, with Hercules’s constant barrage, Sairaorg-sans armour started to crack! Even when there wasn’t even a scratch just before!

Hercules roared.

[I’ve gone and tear apart that Balance Breaker stuff and fixed it from the beginning! I’ve given up on those missile attack! I’ve changed it to those which concentrate the destruction onto a single point!!]

Hercules destroyed the right shoulder armour with a punch followed by an explosion.

[I can make my attack sharper like this!!!]

That Hercules, he tore apart his Balance Breaker and changed it so that he can [Concentrate the Power of Destruction] with his power!

Even though his armour is getting destroyed, and blood is spouting out from his body, Sairaorg-san ignored all those and continued to send punches and kicks towards Hercules again and again!

In the end, after accumulating enough stress and damage from the fight, Hercules stood there catching his breath.

[…. That still hurt, your punch…]

Even though his face was all swollen, Hercules smiled as if he was happy.

It looks like he’s really enjoying having this one on one battle against Sairaorg-san.

And finally, after blocking Hercules’ final attack, Sairaorg-san pinned a well-aimed punch filled with his power straight into Hercules’s face.

A clear sound rang around the arena. One that everyone could tell that it was the final attack of this match.

Sairaorg-san then said to the falling Hercules.

[Thank you, the one who has inherited the spirit of the Hero Hercules. I will take pride in fighting again you.]

Hercules, who has fallen, also said to Sairaorg-san in a proud voice.

[… Hm, I didn’t do anything to deserve such praise…]

Hercules then was engulfed in the Retire light.

[[Team Spear of Heavenly Emperor]’s [Rook] has retired…]

However, the match still continued after.

Since it was a rapid match, the retirement announcement came in one after another.

[[Team Imperial Purpure]’s one [Bishop] has retired.]

[[Team Spear of Heavenly Emperor]’s two [Pawn]s has retired.]

[Team Imperial Purpure]’s one [Knight] has retired.]

[Team Spear of Heavenly Emperor]’s three [Pawn]s has retired.]

Battles have commenced all over the small arena, and members of both teams reduced.

[Ku! They’re sucking the fog away?! I even put new magic into this one!]

Georg tried to create a barrier using his fog, but Sairaorg-san’s [Queen], Kuisha-san, used the House of Abaddon’s special ability [Hole] to suck those fogs away.

[I can at least do this much, I am the House of Bael’s [Queen] after all.]

… just then!

[That is interesting!]

A giant riding a huge red horse came running over and tried to slash Kuisha-san with his Green Dragon Crescent Blade, but Kuisha-san dodged the attack by hiding in her own hole. Appearing somewhere using her ability, she created even more [Hole]s and while not taking even a single step backwards, she started to fight against Georg and Guan-gong. She has become much stronger than when we fought against each other.

But even so, facing against both Georg and Guan-gong is too much. It could be that she’s trying to survive until the short time limit ends…

Just then, another member of the [Team Imperial Purpure] has joined the fray and the fight just got a lot more intense.

Even amongst all that, two people faced off each other in the middle of the field.

Cao Cao, who arrived at the centre first, tapped his shoulder with his holy spear while making a smile and he greeted Sairaorg-san who is covered in his armour.

[Looks like we’ve met at the centre as promised. I did want to fight with the Lion King at his full strength but… Hercules wanted to test his own resolve it seems.]

When Cao Cao said that, Sairaorg-san just shook his head.

[No, it’s fine. In fact, I’m grateful… thanks to the fight against that man, I’m readier than ever.]

As if to prove his words, aura seeped off all over from Sairaorg-san’s injured body.

Looking at that aura, Cao Cao smiled as if he’s enjoying this.

[… Yes, I know. you and Hyoudou Issei are the same… I mean, this could be your best condition, right?]

Cao Cao continued while twirling his spear.

[I’ve already thought of a countless number of strategies to win against you without fighting straight on. Even with hundreds of scenarios of winning as well, I binned all of those ideas. Can you guess why?]

Cao Cao pointed his spear towards Sairaorg-san.

[That’s because whatever method I can think of, compared to the idea of fighting the Lion King one-on-one, they are all worthless.]

While making casual conversations, the match has silently begun. Cao Cao shortened the distance in an instant and quickly sent several jabs towards Sairaorg-san. Meanwhile, Sairaorg-san dodged all of those attacks by only moving his torso, and tried to penetrate Cao Cao’s defence, but Cao Cao sent his body backwards and again, quickly distanced himself.

Noticing that Cao Cao has already figured out his attacking range, Sairaorg-san burst out laughing.

[Fufufu, you are a man with interesting ideas.]

[Anyone who has exchanged fists with Hyoudou Issei all long for this kind of situation.]

[Heh, looks like both you and me have gone mad after taking that idiotic man’s incredible attack.]

Cao Cao and Sairaorg-san continued to talk.

Those two were, those two were joyfully talking about a thing only those two could understand, they sent attacks toward each other, and dodged attacks from their opponents.

… I’m thankful that you guys are talking about me, but seriously, I’m on the edge of my seat watching this match!

Attacks from both of them were critical against their opponents. The holy aura from the spear will definitely penetrate the Lion armour and burn Sairaorg-san’s body from the inside.

Cao Cao also has the body of Human, therefore if he gets hit by Sairaorg-san’s attack even once, that’ll cause the critical wound to himself.

… It’s not an exaggeration to say that whoever lands the first strike will be the victor.

Everyone sitting in this room knows that, and the commentators, Naud-san and Shiba both are focusing on who will land the first attack.

Every attack that Cao Cao sends, he pulls up his Holy aura which creates a massive wave that whenever Sairaorg-san dodge, goes off to some remote part of the map and causes huge destruction.

Sairaorg-san is keeping his distance to dodge even the wave of the Holy Aura, and haven’t been hit directly by them yet.

Similarly, Cao Cao, seeing that he knows the range of the pressure wave created by Sairaorg-san’s punch, kept his distance while dodging his attacks. Just like Hercules before him, Cao Cao tried to dodge both the pressure wave from the punch and the wave from the aura itself

That Cao Cao, he is perfectly keeping his distance when he’s one-eyed…

Those two were having a perfect no-damage, no-guard match.

Watching that, Rias murmured.

“… It’s a god-like battle. Those two would only have seen each other’s techniques from previous footages only, but in this match, they’ve managed to successfully dodge all of each other’s attacks without getting hit once…”

Sona-senpai also spoke while keeping her eye focused on the monitor.

“Sairaorg must be using all the knowledge and experience he has gained from countless amount of training and real battles while Cao Cao is… using his natural gifted sense. At this point, the match will be decided when one person successfully penetrate other’s defences but…”

While everyone was watching, Cao Cao stabbed with his spear while spinning as if he was dancing, and suddenly a halo appeared behind him.

… He’s activating his Balance Breaker while moving so fluidly like water!!

Instead of taking a flashy stance, Cao Cao activated his balance breaker while attacking his opponent. That skilful execution was so amazing everyone was mesmerised.

As soon as he activated his Balance Breaker, an aura and pressure coming off from Cao Cao have risen significantly and the speed of his spear and holy aura also increased abnormally with it.

At that moment, the Holy Aura reached an area that Sairaorg-san has not predicted. Sairaorg-san couldn’t dodge the attack beforehand and his Lion Armour ended up taking significant amounts of damage.

There was smoke coming off from his body underneath the armour. There was no change in Sairaorg-san’s expression, but that must be followed by extreme pain. For a devil, Holy Aura is critical, and in the presence of the aura, his stamina will be greatly cut.

Cao Cao, after equipping his Balance Breaker didn’t equip his orbs but…

[I’m not going to take out my Seven Treasures this time since I’m thinking of concentrating all that energy into the spear instead. I’ve come to the conclusion that for types like you and Hyoudou Issei, instead of using special moves, beating you with simple techniques seems to be the best solution.]

The aura from the spear has… risen up by orders of magnitude. To a point where we could also feel it over the monitor. That aura must be penetrating the armour and burning Sairaorg-san right now.

So, he’s able to create such terrifying aura just by concentrating all the Holy Aura into his spear instead of calling those orbs. A devil will surely retire if they get hit by such aura directly, but other species won’t survive without any harm as well.

Taking a deep sigh, Sairaorg-san shouted.

[Regulus!! Release!!]


With the shout…a golden and purple aura seeped out of all over Sairaorg-san’s body!

Sairaorg-san, and also the lion mark on his chest plate started to chant.

[…This body, this soul, even if it falls into an endless ravine!]

[My Lord and I, we will exhaust this body and this soul to rise up the endless royal road!]

The Lion King armour changed to a magnificent and offensive form!

[Raze, triumph, play, and shine!]

[This is the body of a Demonic Beast!]

[Lodged on top of my fist, is the glorious imperial authority!]

The surrounding was destroyed from all the aura and pressure, the ground Sairaorg-san was standing on also turned into a huge pit!

The earth shattered, air vibrated and even the image from the monitor shook. The impact wave was so big it could even shake the entire field!

And Sairaorg-san and Regulus shouted the last verse together!

[[Breakdown The Beast, Climb Over!]]

A huge explosion of aura followed, then Sairaorg-san in his purple and golden armour, surrounded by an overwhelming aura, appeared.

This was the rumoured Breakdown The Beast!! Seeing that form, it was both an honour to see something I’ve only heard from rumour, but also can’t help but be terrified at the same time!

Every time Sairaorg-san took a step, the earth beneath him shattered and interference formed on the monitor.

However, from Sairaorg-san’s mouth… blood was coming out.

So, it does give so much stress to the wearer! He’s taken damage even before the fight has started!

[Here I come.]

Sairaorg-san disappeared without making any noise. It was such a speed that the ground he stood on was dug in and made into a pit. However, Cao Cao reacted through both his vision and his sense and instantly dodged the punch from Sairaorg-san who appeared behind him!… but looking like he has misjudged the distance, blood came out from his nose! The aura from the punch has given him some damage!

That aura Cao Cao has just dodged opened the ground below and reached to the edge of the horizon of the field. Even I won’t be able to survive if I got hit by such an attack! It’s enough power to destroy the field with a single punch!

Looking at that, Ddraig said.

{Yes, that punch is equivalent to the Crimson Blaster that Partner, you, blast. If not more.}

So that means that I won’t be able to face off against Sairaorg-san’s Breakdown The Beast with my Cardinal Crimson Promotion. <Need to check with Zx>

I probably can’t avoid using Diabolos Dragon God if I end up facing him now…

In terrifying speed, Sairaorg-san sent punches and kicks toward Cao Cao. Every time he does that, the field itself deformed like it was screaming in pain, the shock of entire earth beneath was seen from the monitor.

It was an attack that strong. But those attacks were…

[They aren’t landing! Those attacks are not landing at all! The intense attacks from Sairaorg-sama do not even scratch Cao Cao! Cao Cao is even dodging the aura coming from the punches as well!!!]

Just as Naud-san was saying, Sairaorg-san’s attack couldn’t cause critical damage to Cao Cao!!!

That bastard…!! I can’t believe it! Sairaorg-san is currently moving faster than Kiba, the speed that even I can’t match unless I activate Dragon God!

But Cao Cao is denying such attack perfectly, toying with him!!

Ravel said.

“… Even a single hit would mean Sairaorg-sama’s victory, it’s that powerful of an attack. If Sairaorg-sama’s opponent was Ise-sama then it would become a match of fist fight where each other will land a hit on their opponents every time. But the owner of the [Holy Spear] is… dodging them like it’s nothing.”

Bina-san, my quiet [Queen] also spoke for the first time.

“Power, defence, speed. Sairaorg is above him. But with only his sense, Cao Cao is managing to dodge all of that… Using the talent given to him by the heaven, he’s facing off against Sairaorg Bael.”

… this is the talent of the genius.

Even if he wields the most powerful Longinus, Cao Cao is a human. His physical ability may be greater than those of average human but his body is still one of that of a human.

… But even so, Sairaorg-san’s [Breakdown The Beast] doesn’t work on him…!!!

Sairaorg-san’s face winced every time he threw a punch. His [Breakdown The Beast] was giving him that much strain on his body.

And then, a change occurred during that fight.

Cao Cao was now sending jab and slash while he was dodging his opponent’s attack. At first, he only sent a single attack between his dodge, but soon he was able to send two or three attacks, he was able to jab Sairaorg-san’s shoulder as a horrid counter to Sairargo-san’s punch.


Getting hit by that attack, Sairaorg-san groaned in pain.

His armour was destroyed, and blood was pouring out from his shoulder while smoke coming from the wound due to Holy Aura intensified.

Cold sweat started to drip from his face.

And without any concern, Cao Cao continued to send jabs with his spear! It was now Sairaorg-san’s turn to dodge the attacks. Cao Cao started his counter against Sairaorg-san by sending attacks to where he predicts Sairaorg-san will go.

Sairaorg-san’s armour started to break into pieces one by one, and soon his Imperial Purpure armour was destroyed.

At the same time, the number of injuries on his body increased. Damages done by the aura accumulated and he ended up coughing out a huge amount of blood.

That must be because of both [Breakdown The Beast] and the holy aura.

Looking at the scene, Saji… scrawled his face.

“… is this… even possible?! All that effort, and yet he couldn’t land a single hit but now he’s getting hit by the enemy’s attack instead!”

… same thoughts here, Saji.

I know how much Sairaorg-san worked. No, Sairaorg-san must have pushed his body beyond that.

Even so… even so…!

… so, you can’t beat a natural genius.

Sairaorg-san’s armour broke down even further, and even when he fixed it with his aura it was soon gone again. The body, now emitting thick smoke everywhere, was also covered in blood. His breathing got rougher as well and he couldn’t even take a breath easily.

His punches became less sharp than before to a point where Cao Cao was able to dodge it easily now.

In a positive way, he was able to prevent Cao Cao from getting closer by emitting aura from his body, but even that’s a matter of time before aura is penetrated.

Once that aura has gone weak enough, Cao Cao’s single jab will end the fight.

Even so, Sairaorg-san, instead of even thinking about kneeling down at all, his attacks got even bolder, never letting go of the rhythms of his attack.

Then it happened when I began to think of the scenario where Sairaorg-san might lose…

There was a chance where… Sairaorg-san’s attack nearly landed.

I thought I saw it wrong but… a few seconds later his attack nearly hit Cao Cao once more.

Everyone here also noticed that. And when we focused to see what was happening…

There was cold sweat forming on Cao Cao’s face.

His berating was also irregular, it was obvious that he was getting tired!

Even at that moment, Sairaorg-san ran towards him with his full might and sent an attack toward him.

Cao Cao dodged that attack but… he nearly was tripped over and nearly got kicked by Sairaorg-san’s well-timed kick. Cao Cao somehow dodged that attack also but… he was out of breath soon after.

“He has begun to catch up to Cao Cao’s speed!”

Being excited, Xenovia stood up and pointed at the monitor.

Rias also couldn’t take her eyes off the monitor.

“Stamina… in terms of physical strength Sairaorg is leagues above Cao Cao.”

Stamina… Physical strength…

Just then, I remembered something.

… Physical training… this is something you need to do regularly. That’s why this is one of the training that I trust the most. …

He ran and ran day after day… and even the morning after getting all those criticisms he builds his strength through running…

… even when he loses and fall many times, he trained that body of his.

… thinking to himself that he’ll win next time, to move forward.

… that he can reach somewhere with this fist, training all day and night.

I stood up, and erupting all those feelings that I had in my heart through my tears, I shouted to the top of my lungs.

“Win… Win, Sairaorg-san…!”

Even Saji stood up and shouted.

“Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiin! My lord, you must win!!!!”

Sairaorg-san’s punches slowly inched closer toward Cao Cao.

Out of breath, Cao Cao tried to slow down the attacks with his spear but, Sairaorg-san managed to punch the spear away.

Even then, Cao Cao was a genius. Spinning his body around, he stabbed Sairaorg-san’s side. The expression of Sairaorg-san changed to those of pain, and his stomach where fresh blood was pouring out also emitted huge amounts of smokes.

… but just then, Cao Cao’s legs trembled. Because he has wasted more energy than he thought he needs while approaching Sairaorg-san, Cao Cao’s stance was disrupted. He has regained his composure again soon, but Sairaorg-san didn’t let go of this chance. He sent a reverse knuckle punch towards Cao Cao’s face.

Taking his spear back, Cao Cao… just barely dodged that one too.

But barely… doesn’t cut it. He wasn’t able to dodge the attack from the aura!

When the aura landed on Cao Cao, blood shot out from his nose and Cao Cao’s legs once again trembled. Looks like he has received a slight concussion.

Sairaorg-san was waiting for this moment.

Just one hit.

If he lands one hit…….

Sairaorg-san then sent his fist towards Cao Cao who was trembling on a spot with blood all over his body…

When I saw that attack, I couldn’t stop crying.

Just like that, Cao Cao was sent flying across the field. He tumbles along the ground several times and then….. he just stopped moving.

A silence fell across the map. Everyone watching silently stood up from watching the fight.

And then……

[DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWN!!! Cao Cao is down!!!!!]

Naud-san shouted into his microphone!


Even the audiences were making the loudest noise that we’ve heard so far today!

It hit…

It hit, it hit IT HIT!!!

Saji was now crying manly tears, covering his eyes with his hands. He was shedding tears of joy.

Regardless of how much damage he’s taken since he landed that hit…

Just then, Bina-san spoke with a cold voice.

“It’s not over yet.”

Hearing that, everyone turned their focus back to the monitor.

[… Fufufu]

Small laughter was heard from the fallen Cao Cao.

Staggering up from the ground, he wiped the blood off from his mouth.

His body was shaking, and his legs that were supporting his body was also trembling. It looks like he’s taken quite a lot of damage but, to stand up after getting hit by that punch!

When we were all confused about what happened, Bina-san said.

“… just before getting hit, he used his spear as a shield and avoided getting hit directly.”

….!! N-No way! Just like back in Kyoto when I used [Welsh Dragonic Rook], to use his spear as a shield…

Spitting out blood from his mouth, Cao Cao began talking.

[… legendary weapon, Longinus, holy spear, holy relic… that was a punch that made it feel like those were all worthless.]

Looking at the sky, he continued.

[…… to devils of all classes, and those of ancient devils… watch closely. The one who is currently cornering the holy spear, the being that you were scared of… is strength perfected from continuous training that you’ve been denying for past thousands, tens of thousands of years… Understand that there are limits that you cannot reach on your vein arguments alone, and watch the fight between my Holy Spear and the heir of the Great King until the very end!]


… not only I but both Rias and Sona-senpai both were surprised at Cao Cao’s proclaim just now.

Sairaorg-san also asked curiously.

[Why did you make such a claim?]

Looking at Sairaorg-san confidently, Cao Cao said.

[… I don’t like that the person that forced me into the corner, you or Sekiryuutei, is being looked down upon because of unnecessary suspicion or useless pride. Since both you or Sekiryuutei are my arch rival.]


… I don’t know if he knows what kind of situation Sairaorg-san is currently in but…

No, it’s because he knows the situation that he’s mentioned that. Never have I thought Cao Cao would say such things……

When I was thinking that, something changed in the live commentary booth.

Looking at the monitor we saw that there was a camera installed in the middle of the booth, and in front of that camera was… someone familiar from the television before.

A devil that looks similar to Sairaorg-san… his little brother Magdaran Bael-san.

Magdaran -san grabbed the mic in the commentary booth and addressed to everyone at the arena.

[Heir of the Great King Sairaorg-san is… only fighting with his physical strength only. That’s because he has not inherited one of the most valuable powers of the Great King family, the power of destruction… compared to previous Great King, he will wield less political power. Even incidents that happen within the land of the House, instead of sorting it out by formally sending out delegation, he goes to the incident himself. Seriously, he lacks any common sense.]

Reacting to the voice of Magdaran -san talking about his older brother, everyone in the arena lend him their ears.

[Even putting on a costume and going to sell our area’s speciality, he does all sort of things that nobles really don’t do. And for any requests from the citizens, even if they are the tantrums of a child, he will listen to them all and try his best to fulfil their wishes. He truly tries his best at everything.]

Looking at his brother on the monitor, Magdaran -san shed a tear.

[Even still, I will follow my big brother without doubting him … Sairaorg Bael is the true heir of the Great King, the true Great King Bael…!!]

Once he finished, someone started to clap somewhere from the audience. That sound became louder and louder and soon filled the entire arena.

… but the voice of criticisms was also heard.

But there were people who acknowledged Sairaorg-san, both his ally and the enemy has acknowledged that Sairaorg-san is truly powerful.

Just then, the cast commentator Shiba jeered.

[That was a cool speech. Yes, the king of the devil would have been obsessed with destruction or a thing like his bloodline. Well, I’m not the one who can comment on the costumes of Devils, but I can easily define what a Hero is… it’s ones who is wanted by everyone, and ones whose name that everyone wants to remember.]

[Not only that, but physical strength is also a genuine and proper form of destruction. especially those fists that are the result of countless training. They aren’t something we can be found easily. It’s the word from me, god of destruction, so you can take my word for it. if someone doubts his power seeing that power, then it’s simply out of jealousy.]

It was like he said those comments to suppress the hatred towards Sairaorg-san that was going around the underworld.

… for that God of Destruction, the power of destruction, or physical strength. In terms of the ability to destroy objects, they may look the same. In the end, both of them are the power that can [Destroy] …

There’s no knowing if what Magdaran -san and Shiba has said reached to the field.

But even so, this intense fight between Sairaorg-san and Cao Cao has once again, begin. The fight between the fist and Spear’s [No Guard] was once again, in a full swing!

Dodging and punching, Sairaorg-san spoke

[… you sure are a strange man…. But I like it!]

Jabbing his spear and dodging a kick, Cao Cao replied.

[You’re someone worth taking down!!]

[[I’m the one who’ll be the victor!!]]

What began right now was the collision of each other’s will. Since they were at their maximum power, moving around itself took stamina and on top of that, the fight became one where nobody’s attack landed on their opponent. Even then, both players smiled while fighting each other.

Lose when someone gets hit, win when you hit. This wasn’t a fight that you can easily observe anywhere.

A fight that can only be enjoyed at this moment, both of them are truly enjoying their time.

While the fight was happening, Sairaorg-san’s armour is destroyed completely and…

[[Team Imperial Purpure]’s Pawn, retire!]

Finally, Regulus retired! Due to loss of strength during the Breakdown the Beast] and damage from the spear, Regulus retired first.

After having been stripped from his armour, Sairaorg-san lessened the distance between himself and Cao Cao in his bare body!

Cao Cao also seems like he lacks any sort of strength to maintain his Balance Breaker, he too was fighting in his original state.

They were out of breath and sweats were pouring and blood was gushing out but even then, both of them were still deploying a ridiculous defence and attack and were at each other’s throats.

Finally, the time limit caught up to them.

[…TIME OVER!! The match has finished! And the victor is…]

Since the time limit has been reached, the team who took the most amounts of points by taking down the members of the other team will win! With both [King]s alive, I wonder who gained the most points…

Referee’s voice rang throughout the arena.

[… [Team Spear of Heavenly Emperor] Cao Cao’s team won!!!!]


Looking at the scoreboard, [Team Imperial Purpure] had 19, [Team Spear of Heavenly Emperor] had a total of 25 points. Cao Cao’s team definitely had won more points.

…. So it was a fight between their peerage that decided the match… well since Guan-Gong was here… it’s frustrating but this is the rule of the rating game after all.

…. Sairarog-san’s team has lost…

Once the victor was announced, the shoulder of Sairaorg-san continued to lift up and down while he was breathing roughly. All the stress from the fight has finally caught up to him.

[… So I’ve lost.]

Sairaorg-san walked towards Cao Cao.

[… no, if we continued to fight… well maybe it’s improper to say such thing now?]

[Yes, in the end, the result is what matters the most. Well, I’m satisfied… there will be more opportunity for fights, right?]

When Cao Cao staggered, Sairaorg-san supported him.

The two of them walked towards the teleportation circle.

[… I wonder what rule there will be next time we fight?]

[Hmm, it’ll be fun to fight you amongst all the complicated rules next time.]

[Yes, I’m sure. Well that’s that, seriously, whenever I fight you or Hyoudou Issei, it’s as if I can feel my life being drained from my body.]

[Can’t helps it. Both I or him have no talent whatever except fighting.]

[I’m now anticipating even more hearing that.]

An amazing fight between two [King]s … through this fight, the bond between the two men deepened.

While everyone in the viewing area was sending applause to both teams, without me noticing, Saji was next to me.

“That was such an amazing fight. Thanks to that, I feel like I’ll be able to fight you as much as I want.”

“… Yeah, let’s have an amazing match like the one we just saw.”

In the corner of the stadium that was covered in such excitement, Saji and I made our intentions clear.

A little while after the end of the match, the team that I, Hyoudou Issei, lead will… fight against the Sitri peerage of Sona Sitri.

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