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On Baka Tsuki


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Part 1

I’ve been having these thoughts quite a bit lately.

If someone who is not a member of the ORC comes to visit the club room, it usually is the beginning of some annoying shenanigans that we unwillingly participate in.

One day, the person who came and visited the club room was from the Khou academy primary school division… A primary school boy…

He was a lively boy, wearing Khou academy’s uniform short. He had spiky hair and there was a sense of arrogance in his eyes. Judging from his height, he seems to be around Year 5-6.

Although he seems to be a bit nervous, he gave his greetings enthusiastically.

“N-Nice to meet you! I’m Hoderi Yuukihiko! I’m Khou academy’s Year 6! I’ve come here with an introduction from Sitri Sona-san. Pleased to meet you!”

When the boy bowed his head quickly, Buchou nodded her head and spoke,

“Yes, I did hear the story from Sona.”

I then asked Buchou.

“…. As he knows the Kaichou’s real name, he must be a human who knows our true identity.”

The fact that the members of ORC are either Devils or an Angel is a secret to normal students here. Instead of her real name, kaichou also goes by the name of [Shitori Souna] in the human world. The fact is that not only did he address kaichou with her real name [Stiri Sona] but he also came here with an introduction from her. It’s safe to say that he knows of our real identity.

As expected, Buchou nodded her head and confirmed it.

“He’s from a prestigious family that handles and collects Holy and Spirit swords.”

So he’s from such a family. There are quite a few people from the student council that has a similar background. Just then, some questions then came into my mind.

“So they had humans from those areas in the Primary School division as well!” I said. We also have the captain of the tennis club, Abe-senpai, who also is a Beast Tamer, in the High school division. She also knows that we are Devil.

“There are many people of these backgrounds in each faculty of Khou academy who attend this school while hiding their identity.” Akeno-san answered my question.

Oh ho, so our school takes in people of special background. Well, this school is realistically under Gremory’s control so that kind of thing must be possible, especially since Gremory can get the benefits by interacting with special humans.

…I can understand that but why did he come and visit us?

Buchou started the conversation.

“Hodori Yuukihiko-kun. From what I heard from Sona, you came and visited us to have your [debut]?”

When Buchou asked, the boy… Hoderi Yuukihiko nodded his head enthusiastically.

“In our household, as part of rite of passage, everyone participate in a real battle when they turn twelve with the opponent being mystical beings…either Youkai or Devils. Both my older brother and sister all had their rite of passage at my age but… they said only I won’t be doing it…!”

Although he’s got a polite tone to his voice for his age, I can sense some anger in his voice. It seem like he’s got a lot of pent-up anger… or more like dissatisfaction.

“So your brother and sister are already engaged in house activities then?”

When Buchou asked him, Hodori Yuukihiko nodded his head,

“Yes. My brothers and sisters are all doing their duties faithfully. But…”

He showed some dissatisfaction on his face and pouted.

“Maybe because I’m the youngest, people in the house kept saying things like [As long as you don’t cause trouble for others, you can do whatever you want.]… And since it cost money for the rite of passage, they are saying that they won’t do it… To say that they allow my brother and sister to do it but not me; don’t you think it’s unfair? Even if my brother and sister are much better than me, it’s so unfair!”

Ah, now he’s acting more like his age.

In a nutshell, this kid wants to take the rite of passage, but his parents are satisfied with his brother and sister since they are doing fine with the household tradition. Therefore, they are saying [do as you wish] to the youngest.

Kiba is looking at the luggage that Hoderi Yuukihiko was holding, a sword pouch.

“That sword of yours is….”

When he heard Kiba’s words, he grabbed his pouch.

“Ah, you mean this?” He then opened the bag….

A katana in its sheath came out; I can feel chills just by looking at it….

This, what is this? I get the same feeling as when I see Holy Swords and Holy Spears. It’s giving a vibe that we shouldn’t even touch it.

“This is the Holy Spirit Sword, [Totsuka-no-Tsuruhi].”

Oh, so this is the Japanese Style Holy Sword! But instead of looking like a katana, it looks more like an ancient sword. Xenovia reacted when she looked at the sword.

“Holy Sword wielder, so you are the Holy Sword Samurai Boy.”

“Xenovia, that Japanese is wrong.”

“It’s my first time meeting a samurai!”

Irina found an error and Asia is excited. It seems like the foreign members of our club have the wrong perception of a samurai! “Holy Sword Samurai Boy” is a bit…

“If you talk about the Japanese Holy Sword, [Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi] is quite famous.”  Akeno-san said.

Ah, that’s the sword Buchou spoke of during the Holy Sword incident. Hoderi Yuukihiko spoke after hearing Akeno-san,

“You mean Murakumo? According to rumours, it got broken into half during a certain incident. They said that it was a real pain to fix it.”

It broke! Just like the Excalibur, every legendary Holy Swords just break so easily like that!

The wielder of Durandel is also a power idiot by the name of Xenovia… it seems like the fate of the legendary Holy Swords is to get utilised in a rough way…

“Totsuka-no-Tsuruhi is also quite famous right?” when Buchou asked, the kid nodded his head.

“There were several Totsuka-no-Tsuruhi from the ancient times and this is one of them.”

“Is it alright to let the youngest son keep hold of it?”

“Yes, my parents said [As long as you don’t use it for evil deeds or get it stolen, it is fine]. If those things do happen, I need to take responsibility so I think they were implying to guard it with my own life.”

Such a free spirited household! If you are a person from the household that handles Holy Swords, shouldn’t you take care of it more?!

I was thinking on such a matter in my mind but Rossweisse-san then asked Buchou to further confirm the situation.

“So regarding the rite of passage, as per Hoderi Yuukihiko-kun’s request, how will the [debut] battle with the mystical beings happen in the end?”

That’s right. This is a problem of either accepting or denying the request. Since we are Devils, if we decide to accept the request, we need to be compensated accordingly.

…But the client is a primary school kid. Won’t it be too much to ask for monetary compensation?

“If it’s fine, I will give one of my Holy Swords from my house as compensation but I can’t give away the Totsuka-no-Tsuruhi.”

He said it so casually! Really?!Is it alright to hand over something like a Holy Sword that easily?

Buchou put her hand on her chin and tilted her head slightly

“Hmm, we are going to be paid for this but we need to think about how this rite of passage will happen for a bit.”

Oh ho. Mystical beings…but how can we help with the rite of passage which involves fighting with mystical beings? It seems Buchou is thinking about that problem. Well, letting us fight against this kid is a simple answer but…

“…if anyone is to fight us, they must be incredibly strong… You’ve got no experience fighting mystical beings before right?”

When Kiba asked, Hoderi Yuukihiko nodded his head. Kiba made an awkward expression and scratched his cheeks.

As Kiba have said, including Buchou, our {King}, we have all become stronger and stronger through fierce battle. I am the seikyuutei, Buchou has the Power of Destruction, Akeno-san is Priestess of Thunder and Light, Kiba is the Wielder of Holy-Demonic Sword, Xenovia is the Wielder of Durendal, Rossweisse-san is talented in counterattacking magic while also being a former Valkyrie and Gasper contains a Scared Gear that stops time. Koneko, who’s sitting on my lap, is also able to use senjutsu and is strong enough to take on a fair amount of opponents and render them useless. Irina is also a reincarnated angel under Michael-sama’s guidance.

To fight against people like us… if I was in that boy’s shoes, I will definitely refuse! Everyone’s a monster!

“….Then, Asia-senpai?” Koneko tilted her head and said that!

“Kuu! A-Are you telling me to fight that Holy Sword wielder?!” Asia is shocked! Xenovia put her arm around Asia’s shoulder and nodded her head.

“Asia, this is all for this young swordsman. If he fights us, he’ll lose his confidence. Show him your power. Well, at least just pretend.”

“[Bishop] Asia-chan might be a very good opponent indeed! Ah, God must also see your sacrificial mentality very fondly! Don’t worry! If it seems it might get rough, Xenovia and I will help you.”

“Of course! If Asia is about to be in deep trouble, I’ll help you with my Durendal!”

Xenovia and Irina are saying such ridiculous things! Having been involved, Asia is making a worried expression and got antsy!

Oi, you two! What are you doing making Asia, who’s not even our front fighter, taking such a job! Asia, who’s very earnest, will take this job very seriously to the point that she’d be prepared to die! Not only that, isn’t the idea of two former church fighters joining fight against an primary school child very immature?!

“In the end, I guess we need to ask someone of similar calibre or summon someone who’s similar?” Rossweisse-san said calmly. I was thinking that this was the only way while going through suitable opponents in my head.

Suddenly, the door to the club room flew open!

“I heard the story! Leave it to me!”

The person who entered the room confidently was Azazel-sensei! His face was shining! This guy must have been hiding somewhere and was listening to us in secret!

Striding in, sensei spoke to Buchou in an energetic voice.

“I’ve got a great idea!”


Buchou and Akeno-san both rejected at the same time. Both are giving him a suspicious glance without any hesitation! Sensei obviously will think of something stupid, no one will allow him to go through with it! I would also deny the request!

“Probably you made something weird again?” I said to sensei as I sighed. But sensei, ignoring our concerned expressions, just cracked his knuckles.

“Fufu. Soon, you will regret what you said. Coincidentally, the devil side and I are doing a joint project developing something fun.”

Saying such a thing, sensei takes a file out of his pocket.

“Look closely! This is a project briefing for [Azazel Quest]! Using the Devil’s technologies, the Game Field, we are creating an RPG area! The technicians from the Devil’s side are all joining the project: left, right and centre! Through the introduction from Sirzech, we are also getting help from the technicians from Ajuka Beelzebub, who are providing us with the technology! Current Beelzebub is very talented in creating games like this!”

I skim-read the proposal I got from sensei.

…to explain briefly, this [Azazel Quest] is using entire Game Field and provide adventure-type experience. It’s experience RPG where within the massive field, there are things such as villages, caves, towers, and you become a player, who venture through the area. Of course, it says that monsters appear during the adventure. To put it simple, it’s an open-field RPG.

Oi! Sensei, what are you making with the Devils?! This thing, does it even help the Underworld at all?! It just seems like the people from the two factions are just making this for fun?!

Sensei took another proposal, and gave it to Hoderi Yuukihiko. When he saw it, his face brightened up and showed interest!

“Wow! This isn’t bad! It seems like fun! You can also fight against monsters right?”

When he asked, sensei made an arrogant expression and nodded his head.

“Of course! It’s an RPG game which can be experienced first-person, you can go on an adventure with your comrades and defeat the evil Dragon King!”

“I would like to use this game as my Rite of Passage! Everyone! Please participate in this game with me!”

Oh, his face is shining brightly… he’s reading the proposal carefully with an innocent look in his eyes… Since we always got into trouble at sensei’s expense, this proposal looked like a contract given to us by the Grim Reaper. Well, he is the Governor General of the Fallen Angels who lives in the Underworld!

Sensei asked Hoderi Yuukihiko while putting his hand on his shoulder.

“So then boy! I’ll take it that you will be playing this game then?”

“Yes! Thank you very much!”

“Okay! Pick the three roles that your comrades will have from this list! Then we will take care of the participants from our end!”

“Yes! Wow~ comrades! Knights, wizards, and priestesses….”

Haaaa….. This kid, he’s looking at the proposal again, this is getting out of hand… Placing her hand on her forehead, Buchou sighed and asked me.

“…I’ll leave the rest to you, Ise.”

When I heard Buchou, my eyes nearly popped out! I got sucked into something stupid again!  Every time I get caught up in this type of disaster, I end up nearly dead always!

“….Good luck.”

Koneko was cheering me up while sitting on my lap but…

This is how I was forced into participating in the game that Azazel-sensei created….


Part 2


Next holiday.

I headed out to the field where [Azazel Quest] is being held, teleporting straight from the Hyoudou Residence. In front my eyes, a huge wilderness appears and looking from the top of the hill, I can see some villages far away. There are also forests and mountains appearing out from the ground….

It’s quite a huge place, just like a game of open world. How large have they made this RPG experience?

I’m the only one standing on the meadow. None of the other people from my peerage came with me since sensei asked only me to come here. It seems like the others are part of this game in another way or are not part of this game at all. Participating in a game that sensei created in my free day… I’m sure this won’t end well!

When I was sulking inside, someone approached me.

“Ah, you are Gremory-senpai’s…”

When I turned around, I saw Hoderi Yuukihiko wielding a sword as well as wearing a light-armour… Oh, he looks just like a Hero from the RPG game and it looks quite real since he’s also wearing a cape as well.

As usual, I’m wearing the Khou academy uniform but this can be considered more like a Gremory uniform at this point.

“You are Hoderi Yuukihiko-kun.”

“Please, call me Yuukihiko.”

“I realised that we haven’t been introduced formally. I’m Hyoudou Issei, call me Ise.”

“Yes, Ise-senpai. Please, take care of me today.”

We shock each other’s hands. Well, he doesn’t seem to be a bad kid. Since he’s this innocent, he’s been tricked into participating in this game by sensei. To be honest, we haven’t been ‘tricked’ yet, but it’s inevitable we’ll be ‘tricked’ by sensei, the source of all evil! Does this kid even know that sensei is the Governor General of the Fallen Angels? Most likely he wasn’t told of that yet… Hmm, I wonder if telling him the truth is a good idea… As I was thinking that, I heard a voice coming from above.

[Welcome to Azazel Quest! I am your narrator, Azazel! While playing the game, please brighten your room and play as far away from your television as you can!]

…So, you are the narrator. From the tone of your voice, it seems like you are having fun. He’s also saying a bunch of random things!

“Oi~ sensei, what’s my role? A party member?” I pointed at myself and asked towards the sky.

[Ah~ you aren’t a Party Member, but just a companion. As such, you don’t have to do anything. If something happens, just sort it out with best of your abilities. Hmm, like a debugger? No, more like a solution provider?]

A debugger?! A solution provider?! So if something unexpected happens, he’s asking me to solve it?! This game is in development right?! Oioioi~! So my role is not as a test player?! Ignoring my thinking regarding the bleak future ahead of us, sensei continued.

[As requested earlier by the kid… No, the Hero, we have assembled the party members! Now, let’s introduce them! First, the Priestess!]

With the voice announced from above, the magic circle appeared in front of us and it was a teleportation circle. It looks like the party member is using that to jump to our location.

After the light has disappeared, the priestess that appeared in front of us was Asia!

Wearing a nun’s outfit as usual, Asia stepped out of the magic circle!

[Priestess Asia!] The voice from above announced. So she’s the priestess then!

“P-Please, take care of me well today! I’ll do my best to accomplish the role sensei has entrusted me!”

Asia is full of spirit. Whatever happens, I’ll protect you! I must do my best so that my precious Asia doesn’t get hurt by this game created by the evil sensei! Wait, he places a real nun as the priestess in the game! It is true that Asia is our healer though!

[Next is the Wizard!]

The voice from above announced and another teleportation circle came out. And the person that came out is…!

“Hello~! I’m the Wizard, Levi-tan~☆”

The person that came out was Serafall Leviathan-sama!!!

No way?! Really?! Why is Leviathan-sama participating in this garbage of a game?! While I was confused, another party member is appearing in front of us! Another teleportation circle appeared!

[Last person… is this guy!]

Pst! With a bright light emitting from the circle, the person that came out was… a man in a special Hero costume!

“Hahahahahaha! I am Satan Red from the Satan Ranger, titled the Clown”


My mouth was wide open as soon as I saw the person that appeared in front of us…

And right after, I was shocked! No way! It’s Sirzech-samaaaaaa! I met Satan Red before! I fought him! Sirzech-sama went berserk while wearing that costume! He is fitting of the title [Clown] as well, logical choice sensei!

“Is it really okay to have Clown in the party?” when I asked Hoderi Yuukihiko the question…

“Ah, I thought playing is also important in an adventure.”… He replied as such! I want to decline this kind of ‘play’! He’ll experience what it means to ‘play’ to these two today until he’s sick of it! Buchou’s brother and Kaichou’s sister are outrageous!

When I was pulling my hair, The Maous greeted each other.

“Ara, it’s Satan Red ☆”

“Fufufu, so you are the Magical☆Girl Levi-tan. Let’s do our best today. By the way, I’m the Clown today!”

“I’m also a Wizard today ☆ Ufufufu, both you and I got invited to quite an interesting game ☆. I’ve always wanted to participate in a game that Ajuka made! Apparently this game has a very slight note of the System, so I was looking forward to this!”

“Same here. Even if he got some notes from things Ajuka was experimenting on… To be able to create such an original work… Azazel is also a genius at creating these kinds of games.”

Looks like the two maous are enjoying themselves.

Hey, Clown! Wizard! Oioioi! Sensei, why did you invite these people as Hoderi Yuukihiko’s party member!

[Hmm, now that everyone is here, I shall explain the details.]

Don’t just go off in this kind of situation! So is this it?! Did you tempt the two maous with your position? They must then come, right? Those two, who loves these kinds of stuffs, will happily agree with sensei’s suggestions!

[It’s simple. Just venture around the field today. Level up by defeating the enemy and clear the game by defeating the final Dragon King!]

Sensei was explaining the details but….

[By the way, from this game’s system, if the boy’s level is 5, Asia is about 20.]

Oh, that seems quite fair. Asia’s healing ability is top notch, it must be around that.

[And Wizard and Clown’s levels are 5000. Well, it seems alright.]

“What did you just say?! Only those two are different from us, more like they are out of this world! Not only the final boss but they seem like they are able to one shot the hidden boss that you can encounter after clearing the game! Why are these two travelling in the first place?!”

Well, even if their levels are fair enough, for a beginner that level is ridiculously high! It’s at a level where you can basically do anything! They can even achieve peace without breaking a sweat!

[Now, Hero and his company! Go defeat the Dragon King and bring peace to this world!] After the voice from above said that, the adventure has begins! We can also hear the opening theme tune that doesn’t sound half bad!

“Hero, let’s go on an adventure together today!”

“Let’s go and destroy that Dragon King thing ☆”

“I-I’ll do my best too!”

Clown Satan Red, Wizard Levi-tan, and Priestess Asia all said to Hoderi Yuukihiko. It seems like he’s also excited. He pulled out his Totsuka-no-Tsuruhi and pointed into the sky.

“Yes! I will also do my best as a Hero today!”

Ah, he’s full of spirit… and I have to follow these guys around as a person in charge of sorting out problems when they occur…. I wonder what roles others got…?

And thus, I accompanied the World-destruction level party consisting of the apprentice Hero, the Priestess, the wizard (Maou) and clown (Maou).


Part 3


A few minutes later after walking in the field.

[Slime has appeared]

With an announcement, a magic circle appeared in front of us, and a group of monsters made out of slime came out!

Ah, so this is how the monsters appear and we begin the adventure with slime monsters for beginners.

The hero, Hoderi Yuukihiko, pulled out his sword and charged into the group of monsters.


Slash! And like that, he defeated the group of monsters easily with his Holy Spirit Sword.

[20 points of damage given to the Slime monster. You have defeated the Slime monster.]

So he tells us the damage as well. It’s both fun and annoying at the same time…

Anyway, our Hero is quite skilled with his sword. He’s not at the level of Kiba or Xenovia but against normal monsters, it seems like he can deal with it without any problems. Seeing him defeating the Slime monsters, Wizard Levi-tan stepped into the front and held her wand out.

“Hero-kun, not bad! I can’t lose here! Go, Fire Shot!”

Pssst! Bright light came out from the end of the wand and…

BOOOOOOOM! Making a loud shock that can be felt from all over the field, the Hellfire rained from all over the place. With the surroundings turning into a sea of fire, the area turned into hell.

….When the fire died out, the field was burnt to the ground! Did you destroy the entire meadows just to kill one Slime monster?! Maou-sama, if you don’t control your powers, this entire game field will be destroyed!

[63 million points of damage given to the Slime monster. You have defeated the Slime monster.]

We heard the announcement! I don’t think I’ve heard that kind of number before in an RPG?! What did this slime monster do to deserve such a massive damage given by that attack?!

“Hm, not bad, wizard. You destroyed that slime monster easily with a beginner spell.”

And then our Clown, Sirzech-sama stood in front of the slime monster!

“I can’t lose here! I will show you the circus of Clown!”

A few circular shaped spheres of destruction formed on his hand. Those spheres floated all over the ground! This is one of Sirzech-sama’s ultimate magic! It’s something that even my magic didn’t work on!

“I spin around these mysterious spheres like I’m juggling them and I aim at the enemy. Then…”

Ping! The spheres of destruction easily eliminated the slime monster!

“Oh, amazing! The enemy is gone without a trace as if I performed a magic trick!”

[Gone without a trace] my ass! That wasn’t a magic trick since he destroyed the enemy using the power of destruction! He is just like Clown! He can win the whole game just by fooling around! How strong is that slime monster for Maou to need to use an ultimate magic on them!

If we are accompanied by two Maous, how evil did they set the Dragon King to be?! I beg of the Dragon King to just not be greedy and just live his life in the Deep Mountain quietly! Two beings with tremendous power are on their move to kill you! I, however, do know it’s foolish to say these kinds of things in the game!

Ba baba ba! <This is the sound of trumpet>

Suddenly, a trumpet melody came out from the sky! W-What’s going on?! I was confused and looked up at the sky and when I did…

[Wizard and Clown’s Level have gone up! Wizard and Clown’s levels are now 5001!]

Level up?! Just by killing a Slime monster?! Wait a second! What was the exp point of the Slime monster caught by those two which justifies the levelling up of the Maous from level 5000?!

[That is all.]

What! So the Maous levelled up from level 5000 but Hero being a level 5 and the Priestess being a level 20 have not levelled up?! This game, what is going on here?! This game smells like garbage!

“I don’t think I’m needed in this party!” Asia exclaimed! Yes, that is right! Let’s just look and observe this game from the side with me! The situation is getting so out of hand to the point that I am getting a headache.

“Wizard and Clown are stronger than I expect! I now know how weak I am.” The Hero was discouraged a little bit! No, for your first fight, you’ve done very well! You shouldn’t compare your skills with those two! The Wizard and Clown over there are the strongest in the world!

With that, the first battle ended with a terribly balanced match. Afterwards, various monsters appeared as we ventured through the field but they are all defeated with our Hero’s swift attack and attacks at the level of world destruction from the Wizard and Clown.

During our adventure, we decided to visit a village. The wooden houses were built in a line and the villager in simple clothes walked towards…. Hey! I was shocked when I saw the villager!

“This is the Kara Village.” The person who said so is Xenovia!

“Xenovia! Y-You’ve got the role as a villager?” I asked as such but…

“This is the Kara village. I am to keep saying this by order from sensei so I’m simply just repeating the [This is the Kara Village]. This is the Kara Village.” Xenovia was repeating the phrases like an NPC from a real RPG.

For a person from a Gremory to take the role of a villager… wait, she’s holding Durendal! Why is swordswoman, who wields the ultimate holy sword, just introducing a village?! If she’s one of the villagers, normal monsters won’t even dare to attack this village! No, just come with us!

“The village seems quite fully fledged. I would like to get some weapons!” Our little Hero wandered around the village and went inside a shop that has a sword mark on its sign. We’ve got enough money to buy some weapons. When we defeated the monsters, they turned into coins on the spot. Well, it seems it is part of the game system. We followed our Hero inside…

“Welcome, what weapon are you looking for?”

The person who greeted us was… the handsome shopkeeper, Kiba!

“I will prepare any Holy swords or Demonic swords you request.”

After saying this, he produced multiple swords! This place is ridiculous! Kiba, who can produce any Holy or Demonic swords at will, is running a weapon store in the first village! Will he make us some Holy-Demonic swords if we ask?!

“I would like an Ice Demonic sword ☆. I think a wizard with a weapon does not seem too bad.”

“Then I’ll get the Fire Demonic sword. I haven’t been in combat lately so I feel that I’m lacking in my offensive ability.”

Wizard Levi-tan and Clown Satan Red said something so ridiculous and requested the Demonic Swords! You guys, you guys don’t need such things! You guys have got enough power to destroy the world! It’ll have the opposite effect and reduce your attacking damage point!

Just like that, our Hero party have purchased our weapons from the first village. When we got back onto the field, we encountered a cave while making our way slashing the monsters and we decided to venture into the cave. We advanced through the cave with ease, defeating the monsters inside it… Since we’ve got two Maous, we can just relax and chill!

The problem that I need to worry about constantly is the possibility of us being caved in due to the attacks of Wizard and Clown. It can lead to a cave in accident so I just want to avoid that.

“It’s been a while since I made a sphere of destruction this small.” Satan Red, who’s making small tiny spheres from the tip of his fingers, is sending it off towards the enemy and…

“It’s quite hard controlling my powers ☆”

Levi-tan who’s freezing the enemy while tilting her head! Even the monsters inside the cave are ravaged by the two maous!

During the adventure, we also found a treasure chest and got some kind of herb but since we’ve got Asia, we won’t need it. Also, since Wizard and Clown are so strong, no one in the party received any damage! Sensei, the balance in this game totally collapsed!

When we went deeper into the cave, we arrived at quite a spacious area. It feels like the boss is about to come out and as soon as I thought that, we heard a voice.

[Lizardman has appeared.]

There was an announcement that tells us that a monster is appearing! Lizardman? Lizard man hybrid? Or Lizard monster?

When I was imagining a humanoid lizard, the thing that showed itself from the depth of the cave was…

Thump Thump!

The thing that showed itself with footsteps that rumble the whole cave is a monster with a huge body! it has huge arms and legs, the magnificent figure of a Dragon! It’s not a Lizardman! Before I complain, I’m quite familiar with this Dragon who’s got the role of Lizardman!

“…..I-I am L-Lizardman…” the Dragon who’s saying that shyly was… Old man Tannin!

“O-Old man! N-No way, why is the old man doing a thing such as Lizardman…”

“Oh, it’s been awhile, Hyoudou Issei. Well, I’ve been requested by General Azazel to help a boy turn into a man. But once I got here… he said my role is this.”

It’s too extravagant! The Lizardman is a former Dragon King! This isn’t a humanoid lizard at all! This is a fully fledged Dragon! Dragon King as well!

[This is a crucial event that only the Hero must fight! Others do not step into fight! Now, Hero! Defeat the Lizardman!]

We heard from the sky! My god! Leaving the weaklings to the two Maous but leaving the old man, Tannin, to the Hero alone?!

“…..I-I’m scared. But this Lizardman must be nothing like all the weaklings we fought until now! I will do my best as a hero!”

Hero Hoderi Yuukihiko, pulled his Totsuka-no-Tsuruhi out and charged! No, no, no! This kid, since everyone in the party is so strong, he thinks that he got stronger as well! That’s delusional! Your opponent is an ultimate class Dragon!

However, the Kid Hero, unexpectedly, is fighting against the old man Tannin with fast movements combined with impressive sword skills. Even the old man exclaimed [Oh ho] quietly when he saw Hoderi Yuukihiko’s sword skills.

“As expected from a human from the family that handles the Spirit/holy swords, it seems like you’ve been trained well in swordsmanship. However…”

When the old man swung his arms around, Hoderi Yuukihiko got flown back by the wind that was generated.

“You still lack real experience. Okay, I will train you today! Go back after engraving the fear of Dragon into your heart today!” Ah…the old man’s switch got flipped on. I know all about this since I’ve been trained by him all summer. Once he’s like that, he doesn’t stop until either the opponent is about to die or until he’s satisfied.

Uuuuuu He just said he’s a Dragon! Wasn’t he a Lizardman?!”

Our Hero was swinging his sword while crying his eyes out! Well, it’s good enough that he’s not running away, he’s got strong will. I can understand why that old man wants to train him.

“Hmm, do your best boy.”

“The fight against Tannin will be a great experience ☆. Real battle experience is all about quality and not the quantity of the fight ♪”

Both Clown and Wizard are nodding their head and are watching the growth of the kid… if you think about it, you’ve got two current Maous as your comrades, your opponent is former Dragon King and the Governor General of the Fallen Angels are looking over him. Isn’t that a glorious experience…? Well, that kid wanted a battle against mystical beings so by the end, even if I thought this game is total rubbish, this kid would have gained a valuable experience.

“Asia, when Yuukihiko is about to die, heal him please.”


The support is also perfect. Even to me who’s just observing the situation, this situation was great for training the kid and so, I decided to just look from the side.


Part 4



The elementary school Hero was totally knocked out as if his spirit was gone from his body. He managed to fight the old man Tannin for an hour. The old man went easy on him and Asia also healed him whenever necessary but seeing him fighting against a former Dragon King for an hour, his physical fitness must be in great shape and his future looks very bright.

After placing him on my back, we exited the cave. We continued the game, and made our way to the [Dragon King Tower] where our final boss, the Dragon King, resides.

Well, since we’ve got two maous, the battle won’t be too hard and they are indeed happily fighting against the enemy. These two maous seems like they are enjoying the game.

When we climbed up the mountain, we reached a stone tower and while defeating the weaklings…


Four enemies blocked our paths.

“We are the Four Heavenly Guardians who serve the Dragon King!”

The people that appeared while saying that was… Irina, Rossweisse-san, Koneko and a cardboard box! The front line consists of Irina, who had her halo and Angel wings out, Rossweisse-san, who is in her usual Valkyrie uniform, Koneko, who is wearing Khou academy uniform, and a cardboard box. That box must be Gasper. Irina spoke in voice that seems like she’s enjoying herself.

“Fufufu! You guy have managed to come all the way here! I am one of the Four Heavenly Guardian, the Angel of Love and Hope, Irina!”

“I am one of the Four Heavenly Guardian Battle Valkyrie, Rossweisse. I was hired for 5000 yens.”

“…. Just like them, I am one of the Four Heavenly Guardian, the Queen of the White Tiger, Heaven Cat. By the way, our character names have all been decided by sensei.”

Woof…… I-I am also fitting for the Four Heavenly Guardians, the Vampire Box of Darkness.”

The Four Heavenly Guardians… are all people from the ORC! Not only that, their names are also terrible! Irina has a nickname that’s not even fitting for an evil army, and Gasper is just a cardboard box! Vampire Box of Darkness?! The name just sounds like it came from some kind of shitty urban legend!

Gasper seems like he’s always appeared in these kind of event in a cardboard box!

“Now, Hero! If you wish to fight the Dragon King, you must defeat… W-Wait, the Kid Hero, has he fainted?”

The enthusiastic Irina was confused having realised our situation. The kid Hero is still unconscious and still on my back.

“And even if it’s us, fighting against the maous is a bit… I don’t think 5000 yen can cut it.”

Observing our party, Rossweisse-san frowned. How much are you willing to accept to fight the maous then?!

[Ah, then let the Hero fight on his own again.]

The voice from above spoke like it didn’t care! Sensei, you are bored aren’t you?! Seriously, what a disrespectful developer you are!

But since we got all the way here, I should wake him up. I put our Hero down and slapped his cheeks.

“Oi, Hero, we got to the final dungeon~ The Four Heavenly Guardians have appeared~”

“…Ugh.. Woah… W-What?”

Well, he’s awake now. Since Asia healed his wounds, the rest depends on his will and his strength. Although his strength must have reached rock bottom after fighting the old man, Tannin, let’s swing your sword against the Four Heavenly Guardians at least once now that we’ve reached all the way here.

After realising what’s happening, he grabbed his sword and charged at them with a tearful expression on his face! As expected, he’s struggling against the Four Heavenly Guardians. Our club members are considerably stronger compared to normal Devils…

Uuuuuuu! I didn’t know how strong mystical beings wereeeeeee!”

Hoderi Yuukihiko fought back his tears and shouted. Hey, there are skill levels within mystical beings. All the boss battles you’ve been fighting are all High Level Devils.

But since normally, people don’t get this kind of opportunity, we all thought this will be a good experience for Hoderi Yuukihiko so we decided to just watch the fight.



This time, the Hero’s spirit seems to be totally sucked out of his body. He was drooling all over the place and his eyes were also flipped. He was so broken that he didn’t even give us a reaction when I slapped his cheeks. Well, he did fight against those four for half an hour so I think you’ve fought well even if they were going easy on him. Even then, for a kid from primary school to fight this well, it’s very impressive. As expected from a kid that came from the family that handles Spirit Swords.

The only enemy left is the Dragon King, our final boss but…. Isn’t it safe to say that The Rite of Passage, requested by the kid to fight against the mystical being, was already achieved successfully?

Even then, since we got all the way here, we should see the face of the final boss at least once.

After climbing all the way to the top, we arrived in front of a lavishly decorated throne.

The person who was sitting on the throne had a scary-looking armour…. Saji?! Saji, no, the Dragon King, saw us and stood up while starting to laugh.

“Hahahahaha! I am the Dragon King of Darkness Vritra! Hahahahaha!”

Oh ho, he’s quite excited I see. But Saji as a final boss huh. The Dragon King of Darkness Vritra…

“Heroes! You have managed to arrive here! But for you do defeat me is….” When he was shouting out his lines, he took a closer look at our team… more specifically, our Wizard, he was so surprised that it seemed like his eyes were popping out.

“….W-W-Wait a second! What is Serafall-sama doing here?!”

“Hey~☆ Saji-kun, it’s been awhile~♪ I came here as a Wizard today~☆”

“And this Clown/substitute hero is Sirzech-sama.”

I roughly informed him. Clown Satan Red also pointed his finger towards the Dragon King, Saji and said in a joyful voice.

“You evil Dragon King! We came here to defeat you!”

When he heard that, Saji was terrified.

“WHHHHHHHHAAAAATTTTTT?! W-Wait! This is different from what I heard from Azazel-sensei?! It’s completely different?! This is totally a game that’s impossible to clear! It is totally impossible for me to clear this game!”

Yes, this is an impossible game! If I was facing the two maous, I would have said that as well. But Satan Red and Levi-tan was full of excitement.

“Since our Hero has fallen, it’s up to me, Wizard and Priestess, the three of us to defeat the Dragon King! Isn’t that right? Levi-tan!”

“Of course, Satan Red! Let’s get revenge for our Hero! Prepare yourself, Dragon King!”

The two of them went into a battle stance against the Dragon King with a serious look! Seeing that, Saji, who was about to burst into tears, made up his mind and set out his dark flames combined with gigantic snakes as if he had nothing to lose.

“SHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIT! I know that stopping Serafall-sama at this point is impossible! Since it came to this, let’s do my best until I die!”

Using the Vritra Promotion, Saji turned into a giant dragon! The two maous charged towards Saji who turned into a dragon!

As soon as the battle between the Dragon King and the two Maous started out of nowhere, the tower is being destroyed like it’s nothing. Carrying our Hero, Asia and I escaped from the tower! This is no joke! I’m going to escape!

5 minutes later… inside the demolished tower blocks, Saji was lying there motionless.

“We won! We have won!”

“We have defeated the Dragon King!”

The two maous were grabbing each other’s hand and even dared to celebrate their victory. Of course you guys were going to win. Rest in peace, Saji…

“”What is going on here?””

Out of nowhere, we heard other voices. When we turned our head towards the source of those voices, Sona-kaichou and Grayfia-san are standing there! Both look like they are furious! Seeing them, the two maous also trembled!

“T-This is. Azazel asked if I want to try this game…”

“T-That’s right, Sona! This is an important job making a boy into a Hero!”

Both of them started spewing excuses but, Kaichou and [Ultimate Queen] aren’t going to listen to that… In the end, the maous are dragged back via their ears.

“I will hear the detail back at the Castle. Ignoring your job and playing around in a game, I can’t forgive you this time.”

“Onee-sama. Let’s have a serious talk about your future today shall we.”

The teleportation circles have appeared and the two maous have been taken back by their family. So the weak point of the so-called ultimate beings in the universe is their family! Hmm, both Sona-kaichou and Grayfia-san are scary when they are mad…

Also, there have been progress at the control room where the voice from above came. We heard another angry voice besides sensei.

[Azazel, what are you doing in a place like this?]

[Welp! Shemhazai! What is the Vice Governor General doing here?!]

[That’s my line! I have not heard a single word that you were making such a game! Have you used the Grigori funds yet again?! Suspicious robot, useless UFO and now, this weird game… why do you always make something stupid like this!]

It seems like sensei is also getting escorted off by his subordinate. Also, you made this in secret?! Well, I knew it!

After that, since the game finished, we exited the field.


We learned after the incident, that [Azazel Quest] is still being developed but sensei has been expelled from this project and someone else from Grigory filled the position. This game is developed for humans with special abilities who want to fight against mystical beings.

By the way, the person who told kaichou, Grayfia-san and Shamaizai-san all of this was Buchou. She was observing this in secret and as events unfolded and she learned more of this, she contacted the appropriate people.

Our client, Hoderi Yuukihiko, have experienced fear from this but seems like he had fun by saying things like [Thank you very much! I will have going into this field of work as my goal!]

Although he lost, it seems like he developed profound interest in the world of supernatural beings.…. Since he’s able to think in this way after fighting such strong foes, his future seems very bright.

Also, I was basically a side character this whole time! I don’t know if I’ve lost or gained anything! Ah, I’m so exhausted. When I get involved with either sensei or Sirzech-sama, something so stupid always happen to me!

“Oi, Ise! I’m now making a game in which you hunt monsters with weapons. The opponents are the Dragon King and the Former Dragon King as well as the Heavenly Dragon! Please be an enemy this time!”

Sensei seems like he’s making something stupid again! You, how much hardship are you going to put the Legendary Dragons through?! Cut it out!


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