DxD DX Vol 2 Translation Project, Life.6 Maniac’s Sanctuary

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On Baka Tsuki


Life.6 Maniac’s Sanctuary.


Part 1

It was a day near the beginning of our winter holiday.

“Hmm, this is coming along nicely♪”

As I was saying this, I moved my hands and was also whistling. I am currently in an unused room that’s located in the upper floor of the Hyoudou residence and I am in the process of…. Building a Pla-model. The current phase is painting and I was washing the parts after using the sandpaper. <TN Plastic model. Ones where you assemble yourselves.>

Lately we Gremory peers have been busy like crazy. Not only do we have to focus on our school as well as our job as a Devil, we also needed to fight terrorists. In addition to this, we can’t skip out training in case of an emergency and so that we can respond when required in short notice. The truth is that things such as these are not something High Schoolers should be doing.

But it can’t be helped. I’m a person with the power of… the current Sekiryuutei. I want to do as much as I am able to with my power as I don’t want my friends to get hurt.

But I do like to have my own personal time where I can relax and focus on something else. Maybe since I have been accompanied by many people lately, I wanted to spend time on my own. So a thing which I do when I get time for myself is… building a pla-model.

This empty room is my own personal space. I keep my tools on the desk and I also have an old compressor as well as an air brush which I got from Azazel-sensei. I can build my pla-model without any unwanted disturbance.

I’m building a robot pla-model. When I was young, I was into [Mobile Suit Gundam] and often built one of them. As I got older, I slowly stopped but even after becoming a High Schooler, there’s been a time when I wanted to build one. W-Well, it could be said that I was only using an empty box to hide my porn DVD…

The notion of being given such an expensive compressor by sensei and not using it bugged me a little. To get something that I wanted when I was young but couldn’t afford it for free… I’m glad we have the peace treaty between the three factions!

After about an hour of starting the painting with an air brush, I heard a knock coming from the door and Asia entered.

“Ise-san, I’m sorry to bother you. Umm, there’s a guest who came to meet Rias-onee-sama so she wants everyone to come and greet her.”

Rias’s guest? Hmm, from her tone, guest seems to be a VIP guest… if that’s the case I should get going. After becoming the Sekiryuutei, I keep hearing [You should make acquaintance with people for now.] or [There’s no harm meeting them] from others.


Leaving my Pla-model aside for now, I headed towards the VIP guest room with Asia.


The person who unexpectedly visited Hyoudou residence was… a female Devil who seems to be around our age.

She wore a pair of glasses which covered her beautiful eyes, gives off a sense of coldness rather than calmness and had a blond hair with a slight hint of light green. She has a stricter aura though compared to Sona-kaichou when I first met her.

She wore clothes that are fitting for nobles. The flashy design and accessories with an Agares seal on them gave off a posh vibe. Although she’s a woman, she wasn’t wearing a dress but instead, she was wearing a mini skirt and high boots. She was wearing very well for a person who looks like she’s about our age but was matched with posh clothing.

“It’s nice to meet you all. I’m sorry I came here so unexpectedly.”

The person who greeted us with a smile in a cool voice was the next heiress of Archduke… Seekvaira Agares-san! Behind her was a black haired guy in the butler uniform… that person is Agares peerage’s male [Queen].

But for Seekvaira-san to visit the Hyoudou residence is unexpected! Well she is a member of the anti-terrorist organisation [DxD] and like Rias, Sona-kaichou and Sairaorg-san, she is one of the [Rookies Four] so she is one of our acquaintances. But this is the first time she visited here for personal matter.

Rias, who seems to have been told of today’s visit, told everyone.

“Seekvaira came here because she’s got something she needs to discuss with Azazel, more specifically, with Grigori.”

She’s got something to discuss with Azazel-sensei? Well that guy is normally around this village so if you want to meet him, the fastest way is to come here.

Seekvaira-san sipped her tea that Akeno-san made and spoke.

“I stopped by here since I’m an hour earlier than the time I was supposed to meet with the former governor.”

So she just stopped by. Hmm, her movement while drinking tea is elegant and graceful! It’s like I’m seeing what a noblewoman should act like! She has a scary aura but she’s also really beautiful! Her figure… also looks amazing!

“(……Ise-sama, it’s rude to just stare.)”

Ravel gave me a warning in small voice! Well that is true… but since I’m looking at a bishoujo, my eyes are grateful!

Rias spoke with a soft expression on her face.

“It’s been awhile since we drank tea together. We often met with each other when we were young.”

“Since both you and I are the heiress of our families, it’s no wonder that your schedules are no longer as free. Not only that, we are currently part of the anti-terrorist organisation.”

Seeing her rare smiles, my first impression of her faded a bit… well, to be honest, when we first met her last summer in the Underworld… she was fighting that Yankee Devil Zephyrdor Glasya-Labolas.

She was saying scary stuff like [Even if I kill you, I won’t be blamed by the people on top.]! It’s normal to be scared of her after that. Asia, who was with us back then, have a tense expression on her face… she’s certainly someone you don’t want to anger… well, since she’s a Princess from the Archduke Agares family who holds an important position in the underworld, it is no wonder that she’s so strict.

While we are all tensed up, the elegant chat between the [Kings] continued.

Seekvaira-san spoke to Rias in a joking way.

“Rias-chan. didn’t you used to call me [Seek-Chan]? You can still call me that.”

Right then, Rias’s face became so red.

“T-That’s when I was younger, when I didn’t even know some manners. Stop telling me that…”

Wow, that’s a cute reaction. It’s always fresh and nice to hear stories about Rias that I didn’t know about. I want to hear more!

Just then, Seekvaira-san looked at me who was trying to eavesdrop on their conversation.

“…Sekiryuutei, Hyoudou Issei-san”


When Seekvaira-san spoke to me out of nowhere, I replied in a flustered voice.

She continued.

“You don’t have to be so nervous. We are all fellow Devils and we will be knowing each other for a long time. Anyway, you are an important person within [DxD] so using my position, I will support you to my fullest abilities. If you’ve got something you need of me, don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

Hearing my answer, Seekvaira-san smiled and addressed everyone here.

“Everyone here can also use me, the heiress of Archduke, as you like. Since we are comrades, let’s help each other. To use each other… fufufu. That sounds more like Devils who hold importance of equivalent exchange so that sounds quite comfortable.”


Everyone said in unison. To use Archduke… I can’t think of anything right now but in the future, we will inevitably rely on each other. If we think of different generations, the archduke that we will rely on the most will be this archduke.

… Just then, Seekvaira-san looked at my hands and murmured.

“The thing that’s on your hand is…”

Hand? When I looked at my hands…colourful pla-model dyes are on my hands! Woah~ since I was in such a hurry, all the dye had not been cleaned off! I ended up showing pathetic side of me!

“Ah! I-I’m so sorry… I didn’t know you were coming until just now… I’ve been busy with my hobby…”

I tried to wipe it with a wet towel given by Ravel but since I was using Lacquer paint, it seems like I can only get rid of it when I actually wash my hands properly!

In this situation where another person might have looked down on me or at least laughed at me, Seekvaira-san…instead… showed interest and asked me a question.

“Your hobby… does it happen to be pla-model?”

“Ah, yes. I was in the middle of building a mecha pla-model… I was painting it until a few moments ago.”

As soon as Seekvaira-san heard that, her eyes shone. Her calmness escaped her eyes and was replaced with excitement.

“Mecha… so Dundam? Or Macross?” <TN Dundam means Gundam. Don’t ask me how Code told me.>

… For me to imagine the Princess from Archduke Family to say such words… I would have never believed it. [Dundam] is the pla-model that I’m currently building based on [Mobile Suit Gundam] and [Macross] must be the anime about robot turning into jet planes [The Super Dimension Fortress Macross]

The atmosphere around Seekvaira-san changed so suddenly that everyone was so surprised.

“It’s Gundam, I made one when I was young…”

When I answered her, she clapped her hands and smiled at me!

“Ara, what a coincidence. Actually I really like Gundam!”

And Seekvaira-san put her face right against mine and kept asking!

“So which one is your favourite? First? Z? Another? Or OVA? Or maybe the Manga original.”


When Seekvaira-san tosses me questions like an innocent child, I got flustered and couldn’t answer her! Oioioioi, miss Princess! You are such a Gundam maniac! It seems like you know everything there is to Gundam!

It looks like even Rias is surprised at the totally different side of Seekvaira-san since her mouth is hanging wide open and she couldn’t say anything! This is another side to her that Rias never knew and her expectation have been exceeded!

We didn’t know what kind of reaction was appropriate but just then, Seekvaira-san’s butler, Agares’s [Queen], told his [King].

“Seekvaira-sama. Sekiryuutei-sama is in an awkward situation. Please, since he’s Rias-sama’s fiancé go easy on him.”

Having heard that, it seems like she came back to her sense. She hid her mouth with her hands and laughed.

“Ah, excuse me. Ufufu. If I start talking about Gundam, I can’t stop.”

… I couldn’t follow her extreme change of pace. While I am still flustered, Seekvaira-san’s butler came up to me and whispered something. A low bishounen voice came into my ears.

“(I do apologise. Seekvaira-sama is mecha anime maniac. She especially is obsessed with Gundam.)”

…I-Is that so?! The heiress of Archduke is… a Mecha anime fan?! U-Umm. I wasn’t expecting this at all. This is so shocking that my previous image of her has been erased. Just then, the butler said [Ah, please excuse me] and gave a formal introduction to me.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sekiryuutei-sama. I am Seekvaira Agares-sama’s [Queen] and her butler, Alivian.”

Agares peerage’s [Queen] Alivian-san. Hmm, I do recall his name being such from before. I remembered him from the video of Sitri VS Agares Rating Game with everyone. He was always beside Seekvaira-san and gave orders to his peerage.

It was Alivian-san who gave Sitri team a run for their money until the end. He is both great at attack and defence and he is an all-rounder type who’s good at both fist fight and magic. He is the reason why Saji was trapped and had to turn into Vritra. Alivian-san had to face against an offensive Saji and in that moment Sona-kaichou was successful at finishing off Seekvaira-san herself.

According to Rias’s opinion, even if Saji didn’t turn into Vritra, Sona-kaichou would have found out a solution to win the long fight in the end.

I returned the greeting to Alivian-san.

”I have heard rumours.”

“Thank you very much.”

Just then, Ddraig spoke.

[Partner, that guy is… a Dragon. From his aura, an Eastern European Dragon… Zmei huh, Rare Dragon.]

That right. Just like Ddraig have said, according to our information, he is a Dragon whose appearance is of Human normally.

“Alivian-san is a Dragon right?”

“Yes, I am from the Dragon clan called Zmei. My master has forbid me to turn into my normal appearance so normally I look like this.”

Alivian-san said in a bright tone. It seems like he’s not a bad person after all.

Alivian-san then spoke to his master again.

“Seekvaira-sama. The appointed time to meet with the Former Governor has arrived.”

“Is that so. Then Rias-chan, everyone. Thanks for…”

Seekvaira-san stopped her sentence mid-way and looked at me.

“Actually this might be good opportunity. Won’t you all come with me? I’ll show you something fun.”

Me and Rias looked at each other.

We were curious at what kind of deal Seekvaira-san and sensei made so we decided to follow along.


Part 2


We decided to use the giant teleportation circle that’s underneath the Hyoudou Residence to jump straight to Grigori facility in this town.

The place we teleported to was…a testing lab situated under this town… that former Fallen Angel Governor built this kind of place all over the town and that’s just for his amusement!

… Is he making some weird contraption in this facility as well? I’m beginning to think that…

The [Queen] Alivian-san spoke while walking down the corridor

“The truth is that we, House of Agares, are preparing for character business as well. Just like what the House of Gremory is doing with [Oppai Dragon], we are going into the media business.”

Seekvaira-san nodded her head and continued.

“We can’t think of a character marketing as a menial thing. The higher ups think of the [Oppai Dragon] as something stupid but [Oppai Dragon] is so popular that everyone in the Underworld knows what it is. And thanks to that, the House of Gremory raked in some good money right?”

[Yes, thanks to that] Rias replied briefly. Just as Seekvaira-san said, the House of Gremory is making a huge profit on the [Oppai Dragon], so much so that there’s an unbelievable amount of money being deposited into my bank account every month. Well Grayfia-san is managing those money so I can’t just spend them all as I wish.

From what I heard, people such as Kiba (Darkness Knight Fang), Koneko (Hellcat) and others, whose characters of [Oppai Dragon] is based on, also received an unbelievable amount of money into their account and so, we know how huge [Oppai Dragon] is. In a nutshell, the House of Gremory can get rich just on [Oppai Dragon].

… Well, a Devil’s life span is near infinite. So [Money to last for a life time] for humans will be not even 1/100 for Devils so I will need to earn more. Building your life for 10000 years eh, it’s going to take a long time…

When I was thinking that, Alivian-san opened his mouth.

“That’s why we decided to start our own character business but if we create something similar to the [Oppai Dragon] we won’t be able to get support from the people. Even if the House of Agares makes a Hero character, all it’s going to be is an imitation of the [Oppai Dragon] or other series… more bluntly speaking, it will be plagiarism.”

That sounds about right. It’s hard to succeed by copying other people. It seems like there have been others who copied what the Gremory have been doing and created a tokusatsu hero show but it seems like it’s not as popular as the [Oppai Dragon].

When we reached the end of the corridor, we arrived at a place that looked like a hangar. This place had all sorts of weapons… from tanks to jets. The weapons included even the ones that we saw in the Underworld that works on a Devil’s power.

These kinds of things are under our town?! Is this all owned by the Gremory… it might be over the top but this must be necessary to protect this town from terrorist attacks…

Standing in front of the vehicles, Seekvaira-san turned around and said.

“Plagiarism is not an elegant solution but I also want to jump into the character business. So I’ve decided to go into something that even the Gremory doesn’t do!”

Seekvaira-san said in a confident voice. Something that Gremory doesn’t do? What would that be?

While we were tilting our head and thinking, a familiar person came towards us.

“Ah, you are here.”

The person who came up to us with his hand greeting us was Azazel-sensei. Sensei is wearing a white lab coat like a scientist.

Sensei shook hands with Seekvaira-san and spoke while smiling.

“Ah, actually we’ve just finished building this morning so it’ll take some time to resupply but there won’t be any problem if it’s just for inspection.”

Seekvaira-san said [Thank you] after hearing those words.

Then sensei said to us.

“Hahaha, you guys came here at a nice time. Well, just watch for now.”

As I was feeling a bit suspicious at what he wanted us to see, I heard a noise of a machine working from the inside. The thing that showed itself was… a 20 feet tall humanoid robot! Wow~ it’s the same robot as the ones that comes out in a mecha anime!

“Kekeke, everyone thanks for coming along today.”

The person who stood next to the robot is one of the leaders of Grigori Sahariel-san, a mad scientist with thick glasses! Last time I went to Grigori institute with Akeno-san and Gasper, I have been troubled… no I was in a mess because of that guy…

Azazel-sensei stood next to Sahariel-san and puffed his chest out and said.

“”Today we will show you the Robot Army that Grigori developed!””

……R-Robot army?! We heard more noises coming out from the inside and all sorts of robots made an appearance! There’s one where the bottom half of its body is a tank and others with all various designs!

Everyone from the ORC including me was blown away by the sight! We did see weird monsters and a beast man before but robots… Ah, there was a time when Sensei made something called [Maouryuga] or something so the thing that expended from that are these…!

“……Wow, so cool!”

After seeing the robots, Seekvaira-san was… in such awe that she had her hands on her mouth. The cool person aura that once surrounded her was completely gone and she was looking at those robots with innocently childlike eyes.

Alivian-san spoke while seeing her like that.

“The business that the House of Agares is going into is real life mecha but since we are not used to these kinds of things, we weren’t able to create a functioning model, so….”

So the House of Agares enquired Grigory, whom always research and create a wide range of things, to create special tokusatsu robots. It seems like they decided to ask for help after hearing rumors of Sirzechs-sama receiving his personal robot [Maouryuga] from Azazel-sensei.

“Obviously we didn’t have any reason to refuse. As long as you pay us, we will make anything!”

“We will make anything!”

Sensei and Sahariel-san both said so while giving us a thumbs up! Both of them smiling with joy!

Well~, if it’s these two, they will really do anything! Sensei and Grigory love making these kinds of things! Since they will gladly create a beast man, they would have had fun making these robots!

Anyway, so the business the Agares are going into is Mecha.

……… isn’t it enough to use CGI? Saying such a thing might be too rude. The person who ordered these robots, Seekvaira-san, is looking at these robots in awe!

But, I also… I think can respect that! In truth, aren’t robots great? I like both mediocre tokusatsu hero mecha robots and more sophisticated and life like mecha robots! Haa, when I get excited about these things, I’m glad that I was born male! Maybe because I’ve been building pla-model until just now, I’m getting more excited!

“Oi, Kiba! Gasper! Robots are great aren’t they?”

I asked with my eyes shining! This feeling, I want to share with other guys!

Kiba made an awkward face and scratched his cheek.

“Well, I don’t think it has to be humanoid though.”

This guy doesn’t get it at all! Don’t you get that people feel this way because these are humanoid robot!

But Gasper looks like he’s interested, he’s touching the robots.

“These kind of coffin seems alright~”

Coffin?! Are you thinking of sleeping inside the robot?! Hmm, maybe vampire’s way of thinking is different…… if some hikikomori vampire rise from a robot cockpit, is that under the fantasy genre or the SF genre? I can’t make my mind up.

“Senpai, I like these things.”

Koneko gave me a thumbs up! Oo, Koneko understands me!

“It looks like my Onii-sama might like this too.”

Ravel also said so. That’s right; if it’s that Raiser, he might like these things.

“I don’t think I understand robots well….”

“Me too. I think the money spent making these can be used to create something more convenient.”

It seems like Akeno-san and Rossweisse-san didn’t understand the appeal of robots.

Irina and Xenovia were having fun going around and touching each robots.

“… I would like to deploy these in the Heaven as well.”

“I heard that Japan is passionate about these things… so this happens when Azazel-sensei gets involved. With this, even if you lost your body, we will be able to turn a person into a cyborg.”

“Ara, if you lose your body, you can’t have a baby. I don’t like that.”

“That’s also true. We can’t have our body not being able to bear Ise’s baby. But Irina, for you to think such things when we were talking about cyborgs…… your sexual desire is huge even when you are an angel.”

“X-Xenovia! Don’t make it sound like I’m some kind of pervert all the time! You make it sound like I’m some kind of nympho angel who only think about perverted thoughts!”

“…… Weren’t you?!”

“Why are you so surprised?! What?! Do people think of me like that?!”

… What are those two saying in front of the robots…

…… Just then, I heard Asia’s surprised voice.


Asia was looking towards a corner of the room while saying this in a surprised voice. When we looked towards where she was looking…a familiar golden dragon was sitting on top of a tank!

Fafnir is riding a tank! What is he doing there?!

While we were in shock, Sahariel-san said while fixing his glasses.

“Ah, this is the creation we made after fusing a panty dragon and a tank… a Dragon King Tank. It’s a hybrid robot. It’s a low emission robot that runs on nothing but pants.”

Panty Panzer.

…… That must be the worst thing I have heard recently! What the hell is that?! It’s over exaggerated and playing around with words… it’s the worst!

“…… Fafnir-san, I did wonder why I haven’t seen you lately……”

Seeing her partner’s transformation, Asia made a sorrowful expression. Or maybe she’s just confused and don’t know what kind of reaction she should have.

Fafnir was moving around by moving that tank caterpillar track around. I don’t know exactly how they move around but… it must be powered by panty.

Fafnir made a smug expression and said to Asia.

[Asia-tan, this body. Became Panzer.]

“… You, did you become like that just to say those words?”

I just gave him a scolding but… well whatever, let’s just quickly forget about it. Let’s just leave him be. Actually, no, shall I ask sensei to fix his head while at it?

“… I want to gift one to Millicas.”

Rias said so. Millicas eh. Yes, he will be happy seeing these things.

While everyone was reacting to these robots in their own way, Seekvaira-san was having a serious talk with sensei.

“Former governor, this airplane… does transform right?”

“…Hm? Transform? Ah, this is just a simple support plane. Like a support mecha.”

“What? It’s in the form of an airplane, isn’t it? But it doesn’t transform into a mecha, that’s a lie right? Every fighter jets in japan transform into a mecha.”

… They actually don’t?!

I scolded her in my mind! I found another devil that’s got such a wrong impression of Japan! Everyone is looking at Japan in weird eyes! We don’t have samurais, ninjas don’t have ridiculous abilities and fighter jets doesn’t turn into mecha robots!

Because of the Pure Blood Devil’s image of Japan, I am lost for words. Just then, as if reading my mind, Alivian-san spoke.

“You were thinking [why does this person love robots so much] just now right?”

“Ah, yes…… it seems like she’s a bit too obsessed with them as the princess from Archduke Family.”

Well, in my head, her character has been utterly destroyed. She’s turning from a cool beauty when angry to simple mecha otaku girl.

Alivian-san spoke.

“…… Seekvaira-sama has always been clever since when she was young. The ways she accurately and calmly thinks of everything have made people assure that there won’t be any problem for the next generation of the House of Agares.”

In other words, she’s an amazing woman. That was evident from her appearance, just like Rias and Sona-kaichou I thought of her as an example of noble woman.

“However, as she is the daughter of Archduke and was born with the title of being the heir of Archduke, she must attend events related to the politics between Maou-sama and Great King, House of Bael, in the future. The Maou factions who are liberal and the Great King who holds importance of traditional values, both of the factions have different views… so standing between them is impossible with just normal mental fortitude. The current Archduke, being the father of Seekvaira-sama, is worried about the naïve nature of his daughter. A person with naïve nature will have their mind and body destroyed by pressure when it comes to making important decisions.”

I did also hear how much stress Archduke is under quite often.

Alivian-san held up a finger and continued.

“So the current Archduke taught her a way to clear the mind… change the mood and relaxation method to Seekvaira-sama. That relaxation method was…the viewing of Japanese mecha animation.”


…… What? What does Japanese mecha animation got to do with this at all?!

I was confused and have many questions but Alivian-san just shrugged and continued.

“That was the method that her father, who she respects, told her. That is why Seekvaira-san didn’t refuse. That is also why she watched so many Japanese mecha animations. The result was…”

Alivian-san’s gaze went to…

“… This won’t do it. Please make the replacement parts for both hands to be drills. The fact that the mecha, which looks like it’s from the 1970s, doesn’t have any drills is just outrageous. Have you guys not seen [Getter Robo] or [Steel Jeeg]?” <TN god damn it what’s up with them reference>


“… I like the 90’s robot animation…”

His gaze was going towards the heir of Archduke, who was giving her opinions to Azazel-sensei and Sahariel-san, the two leaders of the Fallen Angels.


Alivian-san said in a confident voice.

“Thus, Princess Seekvaira Agares-sama, who normally is calm and have a great sense of judgement but who also loves to watch mecha animation during her personal time, has born!”

“You must have failed?! Archduke has totally failed her education right?!”

This is wrong! She is the precious heiress of Archduke House of Agares! Why have you made your daughter into a mecha anime maniac?!

While I was giving her a piece of mind inside my head, a small communication circle appeared by the side of Alivian-san’s ear.

“… Ah, please excuse me for a second. This is…”

Alivian-san made a serious expression while listening to the information he is given.

“No way! Seekvaira-sama!”

Alivian-san ran towards his master and gave her a report of what he heard.

Seekvaira-san, who was just making a passionate speech about robots, makes a serious expression.

“What? Stray Devil?”

…Ku! As soon as we heard that, everyone here tensed up.

Stray Devil. These kinds of things happen at this kind of time. Not only that but for this to happen while the people from Archduke who gives out commands are here, this is new.

Seekvaira-san spoke to Rias.

“This is an extreme case. Rias-chan, I’m sorry to ask you this but would you cooperate with us in terminating…”

It seems like Seekvaira-san realised something mid-sentence.

“Ah, wait a minute… Yes.”

Seekvaira-san asked Azazel-sensei.

“Former governor-sama. Are these able to deploy right now?”

Seekvaira-san said while looking at the line of robots!

Oioioioioioioi! Are you going to let these robots terminate Stray Devils?! And not only that, but allowing the Archduke herself?

When sensei heard Seekvaira-san’s suggestion he made a playful smile! N-No way! Sensei does outrageous things when he’s making that kind of smile!

“Hoho, I think I know what you are thinking of. Sahariel, can we deploy these right now?”

When sensei asked, Sahariel-san smiled confidently.

“Fufufu, since we didn’t know if these situations might happen, I made it so that it’s ready to launch whenever. Not only the outer looks are complete, but these are able to answer the call for emergency deployment!”

Sahariel-san pulled out a switch from his pocket and as soon as he pressed that switch, the red lights all around the room shone a few times and then, we heard some noise of a large machine moving. The catapult track then appeared!

[Scramble, Scramble.]

With a voice of warning telling us, the emergency sound rang around the facility!

The exit that leads to the ground above appeared and the robots automatically moved towards the catapult track! Amongst them was the Panty Dragon… no, Fafnir was amongst them! He’s launching into action! The Panty Dragon King is launching into action!

Sensei made a cynical smile on his face and asked Seekvaira-san.

“… So we are launching now? We didn’t even do any test? It won’t be strange if they suddenly stopped working… even then, will you defeat the enemy using them?”

“Yes. We’ve got our robots here, and the enemy has come to us and I am here right now… in other words, it’s the best situation. Let’s go!”

Seekvaira-san said something that sounds like it came out of a mecha anime and went to the place the Stray Devils were at with us.


Part 3


The place we have arrived… it was an abandoned factory at the edge of a neighbouring village.

The surrounding was dark already; it’s that time where Stray Devils normally start their activities. This place also looks suitable for their base.

Seekvaira-san leads the way and said confidently.

“Those who leave their master and living only to satisfy your own desires, that is a sin worth thousands of deaths. In the name of Archduke Agares, I will punish those! Show yourself!”

The heiress of Archduke shouted towards the abandoned factory. Not long after, a disturbing aura filled the surrounding. The ones that showed were cyclops, a beast man with boar head and a slime monster in the shape of a human. All three of them were reincarnated Stray devils who left their master. I can feel the evilness from the aura around their body.

“…Che, the Archduke herself made a move.”

“Damn it!”

“Now that it came to this, we can only fight until we die!”

Realising who we were, the Stray Devils started to give out a dangerous aura from their body! While the killing aura fills the surrounding area, there was a flash in the night sky. Next with a loud noise, a robot army landed on the abandoned factory one by one!

Having seen the robots arriving one by one, it looks like stray devils are surprised.

“W-What the… Robots?!”

“The Archduke is… Bringing robots?! What’s going on here?!”

The Stray Devils were surprised at the ridiculous scene they are looking at right now. Directing her words at the confused stray devils, Seekvaira-san proclaimed confidently,

“Devils are advancing like there’s no tomorrow… now behold, see the mecha robots that the underworld is proud of with your own eyes!”

With her words as the signal, the robot army charged towards the Stray Devils! The Jet engines on their back burned and the rifles on their hand fired laser shots!

“What the hell is thiiiiiis!”

“I did think the exterminator might appear tonight but……!”

“I never thought it would be robooooots!”

The Strays Devils were screaming while they were terminated one by one.

…… We are Devils right? And they are Devils as well right? All I can see in front of me is just typical actions involving gundams…

BOOM! We heard something exploded from the sky! When we look above, we saw something with smoke coming off it like it’s been shot down.

“It looks like only one robot exploded in the sky?!”

I pointed at the object and shouted! Then a communication circle appeared in front of us and Sahariel-san came into our view. The speckled leader said to us.

[That was Panty Panzer. It might have had some problem with assembling.]

…… He was only sitting on top of the tank though!? No, the sheer fact that you launched a tank with a Dragon sitting on top is weird itself! Actually, I’ll understand if the Dragon itself was the problem!


Asia shouted Fanir’s name which got shot out of the sky. Xenovia then hugged Asia who’s shouting his name.

“No Asia, it’s for the best. Let’s not let Fafnir’s sacrifice be in vain.”

Irina also put her hand on Asia’s shoulders while sobbing.

“That’s right! Fafnir-kun must have been the first Dragon King to become a tank!”

Sahariel-san then added.

[His last words were [I will let Asia-tan ride me after this fight. And I’ll ask her to say Panzer Cannon]. Thinking about that now, it must have been the Death Flag.]

…… That guy, he’s an absolute idiot……! He’s so stupid that I’ve got no words!

“Let’s get revenge for Fafnir!”

Xenovia held her Durendal on one hand and charged at the Devils! Irina soon followed her.

“Yes, let’s go! Let’s put some panties into his coffin when we get back!”

Well, most likely he survived! There’s no way that panty Dragon King will die from this!

Seeing what is happening right now, Rias just sighed heavily towards the ground. Akeno-san, being next to her, also just said [Ara ara] and made a bitter smile.

“… Let’s get to work.”

When Rias said in a voice that was lacking enthusiasm, we followed her orders.


After suppressing the Stray Devils instead of killing them, we sent them to the Underworld. As the night sky slowly gets brighter, Seekvaira-san said in determination to her [Queen] with the morning sun and her robots behind her back.

“I’ve decided, Alivian… let’s deploy these robots around the lands owned by our House.”

Alivian-san just shrugged his shoulders.

“I wonder how many years it will take for that to happen.”

It seems like Alivian-san is used to his master acting like this.

Seekvaira-san then suddenly turned her head towards me.

“By the way, Hyoudou Issei-san. Thinking back, I still haven’t heard which Gundam series you like. Maybe… do you like the one that came out as a video game? Red Fortune is certainly a masterpiece. Besides that, tell me which Doll Armour you like the most, my favourite is Gemu II High Mobility Type.” <Dundam = Gundam, Red Fortune = Blue destiny, Doll Armour = Mobile Suit, Gemu II = Zaku II. I don’t even know.>

Noooooooo! Otaku! Such an otaku! She’s way above my league! But, Seekvaira-san is making a face like she has finally met someone who understands her hobby…..!

When I couldn’t answer her back… I sent a gaze towards Rias to help me. Rias lightly laughed.

“It looks like the person who’s going to understand Seekvaira well from our generation is going to be…… Ise.”

Really?! Even if she’s such a bishoujo, I can’t handle such a mecha otaku…! But I can’t avoid questions from the heiress of Archduke either…..!

“U-Um! S-Since it’s now morning, I’ll be going back!”

“Yes, that’s fine. Let’s go back to your house and just talk while relaxing. I also want to hear your opinion about the other mecha anime.”

When Seekvaira-san said this, Alivian-san grabbed me!

After that, I talked about robots with Seekvaira-san until the night fell…… Both Rias and Akeno also came as [King] and [Queens] but… it looks that they got mentally tired along the way; they couldn’t keep their head straight!

I can’t get along with Archduke at all! I much prefer the Great King, Sairaorg-san!

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