Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de Vol.1 Translation Project, Chapter.4 The Charm of the Black Dragon

This is fan made translation. The full right goes to the author Kota Nozomi. Please support the original author if possible.


This is Korean To English Translation.


Translator: daniel Yang

Editor/QC: dragonmaou, Ice Phantom

TLC: Frozen


On Baka Tsuki


“Hey, hey~ Ju-kun. What are you doing~?”

After school, at the Literature Club’s clubroom Hatoko called out to me casually like she always does.

As always, everyone was present today. Sayumi-senpai was reading a difficult-looking book she managed to excavate from [God of] <TN Also read as Second Hand Bookstore, but ando is mixing up japanese and english words apparently>, and Chifuyu was just sitting there hugging her plushie.

Tomoyo, as usual, was doing something on her laptop.

Nothing seems to have changed since her meeting with Kiryu-san. She was acting like her usual self as if nothing had happened at all. Maybe she’s processing the incident with her brother inside her mind.

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Competition, money saving and consumers. Case of Crunchyroll

This is rough piece of writing I though I would write quickly. Don’t be too mindful about it (not that people will care)


Competition, it’s something that humans always like. We always want to show off and prove that we’re better than other person, people or a group. It’s also encouraged innovation between companies. Competition is there so that consumers get a choice. Oh you don’t like this brand of tea? Go get another company’s tea. Oh you don’t like this phone from Samsung, apple, htc or sony? Don’t worry; there are hundreds of companies who want your money.

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About Inou-Battle and story progression. 

I saw on jcafe that someone commented saying it would be faster if the translation began where the anime has left off. 

Now that’s a great idea. But there’s a problem with doing something like that and that problem prevents me from translating from where the anime has left off. The anime progression is completely different to light novel progression so far and sometimes outright omits part of the story (from top of my memory). 

For example. Current chapter I’m translating right now follows a skit where Ando wants to draw a picture of Black Dragon on his arm, with different members following his little gag. This has never happened in anime, however this is a story which has happened quite early on in the light novel. 

Second example second chapter of Vol 1 where Ando figures out that Tomoyo is (or was) Chuunibyou. This should be the part where Ando also learns that she is considering writing a light novel herself, but in the source material this has not happened yet. Moreover the following scene in the light novel shows Literature Club creating their own Alias which in anime, happened before Ando learns the truth about Tomoyo.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, that as much as I want to just continue where the anime has left off, there’s no way of knowing how many stories have been jumbled up across several volumes. Not only that we don’t truly know how many stories we will be missing out if I decide to translate from where anime has left off. Only way of making sure this doesn’t happen is by translating it from volume 1, work its way up until we catch upto latest release. 

Hope you guys understand.