DxD DX Vol 3 Translation Project Life. EX 1 Cross X Crisis

This is fan made translation. The full right goes to the author Ichiei Ishibumi. Please support the original author if possible.

This is Korean To English Translation.


Translator: daniel Yang

Editor/QC: dragonmaou


On Baka Tsuki


Huge thanks to Dragonmaou who spent his Christmas morning editing this work for me!


Extra Life. 1

Cross X Crisis.


Part 1

Inside training room under Hyoudou residence, two weapons crossed their blades.

Wearing training gloves, two people were colliding with each other as if they were dancing.

Sometimes they were slashing from top to bottom, others bottom to top. Time to time they were jabbing at each other.

They were avoiding each other’s attacks by hair’s breadth, and powerful attacks narrowly missed their cheeks.

Although their attacks were nullified by each other, both of them smiled.

“You’re not bad!”

“That’s what I should be saying!”

|— Shidou Irina is currently having practice match against my friend and old comrade Xenovia.

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