Quick update since it’s been too long.

Well hello there folks.

It’s been long time so i would like to do this quick post to give a short update on what’s going on. i’ll probably delete this in next chapter update.

Yeah, i’ve been on holiday for quick long time now and the reason for tha is result of few things. First being i visited Korea for the first time in long time and second, i visited Japan with my family for the first time. I originally wanted to do a short blog about my trip to Japan but it turns out all i took photo of was the food…

Now back to the topic. I’ve been working on the next chapter of both DX4 and Inou Battle, however few things have caused me to delay in both of them. Obviousely the holiday was one, but another is that i’ve just moved house and currently got no solid internet. All i’ve got is mobile hotsopt which is… not too ideal to say and since my desktop is not connected by WI-Fi, i’m out o luck there.

Another major event in my life is that i’m going back to uni for (hopefully) my final year of university life, therefore i have been busy preparing for the new course which starts in two weeks time.

All this is basically me saying ‘yup, i haven’t done as much tl as i wanted this summer’. Sorry about that.

Regardless, the next chapter of DX4 is on the way and it will be complete very soon, same goes for the next Vol 5 Inou Battle chapter. We’ve started the next chapter of Vol 6 Inou Battle but that one will take time.

So expect an update of DxD and Inou Battle soon, but please don’t get your hopes up.



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