DxD DX Vol 3 Translation Project, Life. 2 The Ordinary Days of Red Dragon Emperor

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On Baka Tsuki


Life 2: Ordinary day of Red Dragon Emperor


It was a few days after Rias left for Romania. That day when I was passing by the Student Council room by chance…

“Come on. Show me your new skills today☆.”

I heard a familiar voice.

Hearing that voice, I stopped and peeped into the room through a small opening on the door.

“Onee-sama. To come here unannounced and to ask my peerage to show their artificial sacred gear, why did you…”

“What do you mean why~ Sona’s peerage just gained a new ability, right? Onee-sama wants to see it!”

… The perplexed Sona-kaichou and her Sitri peerage along with Maou Leviathan-sama, who was making an unsatisfied expression, were inside that room.

Wait, what is Maou-sama doing here?!

It hasn’t been long since the wizard’s attack, so the underworld should be busy with the aftermath right………?

Leviathan-sama noticed my confused expression and looked around…soon, her eyes met with mine as I was peeping into the council room!

As expected of Maou-sama! Her detection skill is too good!

Maou-sama flung opened the door and gave me a bright smile.

“Good timing! You follow me too, Sekiryuukei-kun ☆.”

Whatever the case, it looks like I’ve been dragged into some troublesome event…


Part 2


Me, Leviathan-sama and Kaichou… And the Sitri peerage was all assembled at a different location. Everyone, including me, was now in our gym clothes.

This was an area underneath the land of the Sitri. It was just like the area that the ORC members and I used for our training. It was basically the Student Council version of that.

— And the reason why I’m here with Leviathan-sama and Student Council members is…

“—As our special guest, Chichiyuutei-kun has joined us ☆ Now show me Sona’s peerage’s new powers!”

Leviathan-sama was still filled with excitement; she really is a person with a lot of energy…

It looks like the reason why Leviatan-sama suddenly visited us out of nowhere is to see the artificial sacred gear that the Sitri peerage obtained recently.

Looks like she’s mindful about the new powers that her sister got her hands on. Not only that, she seems to have been interested in the artificial sacred gear since a long time ago.

Sona-kaichou, who was standing next to me, said this while giving me an apologetic gaze.

“Ise-kun, I’m so sorry that you got pulled into this mess……”

“No, it’s fine. Well, I was surprised that Leviathan-sama suddenly visited us…”

I really was surprised, you know. It wasn’t long after the surprise attack. In this kind of situation, I really started to get worried as a devil that Maou-sama decided to visit our school.

Kaichou continued.

“It seems like she came here to re-affirm the current combat capabilities of this place, a special administration of the 3 factions. Since that kind of incidents happened before, Maou-sama would personally check it… Although I think there is considerably a lack of tension.”

Looks like even the Kaichou wasn’t approving this visit.

But then again, that incident happened not too long ago and so, the fact that someone from the higher up wanted to check on our battle capabilities isn’t too far fetching.

I wonder if that’s why Leviathan-sama wanted to see the Sitri peerage’s new powers.

Looking at her younger sister sighing, Leviathan-sama pouted.

“We can’t even get through a proper meeting because those grandads from the council keep giving us shit.”

She ranted cutely.

Is she talking about the higher ups in the government when she said ‘grandads from the council’? I did hear that the experienced politicians that are older than the Maous are still quite vocal.

— And the reason why I came here is because I was chosen to be the opponent to test the new powers of the Sitri peerage. And I’ve decided to participate.

My fate was sealed as soon as I peeped into the room.

Kaichou said towards me while I sighed.

“But don’t worry. We’ve already got the permission from Akeno and your manager Ravel-chan. Ravel-chan was excited at the fact that this was a good time to learn more about the Sitri peerage.”

So she’s already got permission from Akeno and Ravel. As expected, Kaichou is very quick at getting things done. And it seems like Ravel is okay with me training with the Sitri peerage.

Well, if it’s that girl then…

“Since Ise-sama was utterly defeated by the Sitri peerages in the previous game, if we know more about our opponents, it’ll come in handy in the future.”

… Probably said something similar and gave them the go ahead.

Kaichou then continued.

“In truth, we thought about training together with the Gremory peerage. But before then it seems like we will get to spar with Ise-kun first.”

I am also in favour of a joint training with the Sitri peerage; it’ll be beneficial to have a training session with the other peerages.

Kaichou then addressed the Sitri peerage.

“Everyone here knows how Ise-kun performs within games and his fighting style in real battles, right? Just think of today as part of your learning experiences.”


They answered unanimously.

Well, I’ve somewhat been dragged along here but listening to their story wasn’t much of a deal. I can just do what I’ve been doing with the Gremory peerage during my training with the Sitri peerage.

All in all, I just have to participate in the training session with the Sitri peerage!

— Thinking like that, I recapped the situation in front of me before the special training started.

The Sitri peerage was training daily like the Gremory peerage. After having witnessed the part played by the Gremory’s during the surprise attack by the wizards, Kaichou said…

“We will also increase our training sessions.”

… And had a thought like that.

She said that she was certain that even for devils, if they train continuously, they will be able to have an impact far beyond its basic capabilities.

As mentioned before, this huge space is the Sitri peerage’s personal training ground. It was basically the same as the ones that the Gremory peerage was using. It was said that Kaichou created this area after looking at our training area and got inspired. To create such a space on her own expense, it was such a Kaichou thing to do.

Now that I am warmed up, shall I join in the training? Training with someone different is getting me excited.

… Seriously I’m such a sucker for training, just getting excited because my partner has changed. It just shows that I’ve gotten more into training.

Well, it is a good thing to get stronger, especially when you think about your future as a devil or just in case of a surprise attack.

After making my mind up, I asked Kaichou.

“So how should we go about the training?”

“Is spar alright? We are doing our basic training regularly. So what we lack is a real life styled brawl training.”

Spar, I also like this format of training. it integrates into the basic training well and there’s nothing better than a brawl to learn more about your opponents.

“What about Pailingual?”

I asked. The Sitri peerage got quite a few female members so I asked in advanced if I can use my technique which can talk to female breasts.

“””Please don’t use it.”””

This time, the female members of Sitri peerage answered in unison. I knew this would happen!

“Kyaa~ so this is that famous Shinigami ☆.”

I heard Leviathan-sama’s shrill. When I turned around, I saw her bear hugging the recent addition of the Sitri peerage, the Shinigami—[Grim Reaper] Bennia.

I just noticed this but, the Shinigami Bennia and the Giant Rugal-san was here. Both of them have impressionable attire but, maybe their presence is weak……

Bennia is in her usual Grim Reaper clothes and Rugal-san is in his gym clothes like the rest of the Sitri peerage.


Rugal-san is keeping quiet. He’s a giant and has a great build and on top of that, he’s a [Rook]! It seems like his attack and defence is pretty solid so I feel like I can have a proper match with him.

<Me and Rugal-nii is just going to watch today.>

Bennia said so. Ah, so they are just going to observe then. I wanted to see the Grim Reaper’s characteristic scythe but… oh well.

Leviathan-sama hugs Bennia from behind and started to dote on her.

“Ufufu, so cute ~☆ Rugal-kun also looks dandy♪.”

Looks like she’s fond of the new members of the Sitri peerage.

Well, then shall we start the brawl.

I quickly activated my balance breaker and adorned my armour.

“First will be our [Rook]—Tsubasa.”

When Kaichou finished, a tall girl came forward. She was wearing a pair of half-finger gloves.

“I’ll be in your care, Hyoudou.”


This girl was— Yura Tsubasa, one of Sitri’s [Rook].

She wasn’t born from any special families but it was said that since she was young, she was able to see or touch supernatural beings or phenomena. So even before becoming a devil, she fought against these beings on her own.


As soon as Kaichou finished, Yura jumped towards me!

Unlike what her figure suggests, she kicked and jabbed toward my sight using agile footwork and light movements!

Hmm! Maybe because of her weight, unlike our [Rook] Koneko’s punch, her attack has some weight to it!

Koneko’s movement is faster, but Yura’s reach was further due to her height. Her upper roundhouse kick changed its course several times, so I’ve been hit by it several times even though I thought I dodged it.

But I’ve activated the Red Emperor armour, [Boosted Gear Scalemail]. Even with a punch filled with demonic aura, I won’t take any damage! Well, the shockwave from the punch still transmits through the armour though!

While having a close-range brawl with Yura, I struck a conversation with her.

“Now that I think about it, I heard that back when you were a human, you used to beat up monsters or evil spirits with martial arts alone?”

She then made a confident smile.

“Yup, but I couldn’t go against stronger monsters as a human!”

Yura concentrated her aura onto her right fist! I dodged her sharp attack— but I felt a pain on my hip.

I’ve been hit by a low left kick filled with demonic aura! So her right fist was just a bait! So she anticipated that I will dodge the first attack!

Hell yes! This is what I call a fist fight! But I’ve got something up my sleeves!

I fired a Dragon shot from my right hand!

Dragon shot travelled in a fierce pace but as it was about to hit its target, something changed from Yura.


Shield materialised from her left hand and blocked my Dragon shot!

Artificial Sacred gear, Shield of Spirit and glory—[Twinkle Aegis]!

There was a loud explosion, but she was fine! Her shield successfully blocked my attack.

This shield is going to be a nuisance! This is the artificial sacred gear that she got from Azazel-sensei! With the addition of [Rook]’s characteristic of solid defence, it showed its ultimate strength.

Did they also made a contract with the spirit and applied its power into the shield?

… Seeing as the flame has enveloped the shield, maybe it was a fire spirit?

Yura then threw the flame shield at me like it was a Frisbee! If I block it, it must go back to her!

Hand to hand brawl in close quarters, defence using her shield and now she can attack at longer ranges by placing certain characteristic into the shield.

… Truthfully, it’s a flawless ability. Not only does this increase the usefulness of the artificial sacred gear, it also covers its weaknesses. It’s hard to find a [Rook] this difficult to fight against.

Observing Yura’s ability, Leviathan-sama exclaimed excitedly!

“So that’s the Tsubasa’s shield that she can throw like a yoyo☆ I wanna see her tossing it like it’s a flaming yoyo!”

…… Maou-sama, your eyes are twinkling you know?! How much do you like your sister’s peerage?!

As I was slowly getting warmed up, I charged towards Yura with all my powers.

15 minutes after—

Yura dropped while panting and raised both hands.

“… As expected, Seikryutei. You’re strong. I’ve lost.”

Yura surrendered but in the end, I couldn’t penetrate her shield and give her a finishing blow. Well then again, I didn’t use my Trident and [Queen]… but man that shield is tough.

“Hey, that shield is really strong.”

I said while helping Yura up.

It can completely negate any power type. The shield itself is very strong along with all those technical moves she can do by making a contract with different spirits. For us Gremory peerage who are filled with power type, she’s one of those nuisance ability users.

… In the real match, it feels like either skill types like Kiba or Rossweiess-san, who can use many different types of element magic, will be the ones to deal with Yura.

After our brawl has finished, kaichou picked out my next opponent.

“Next is Tomoe”


The girl wielding a katana styled sacred gear stepped forward.

Tomoe Meguri-chan. One of Sitri’s [Knight].

From what I’ve heard, she’s from the Meguri clan who mainly exorcise demons as their way of life. They’ve been defeating demons using holy swords and their unique sword style.

However buying resentment from a certain demon, the Meguri clan was then cursed and it was said that her soul had been cursed from the day she was born.

Not being able to live with their cute daughter dying of the said curse, they have decided to ask a devil to release the curse on her as a last ditch effort.

And the devil that was called upon was Sona-kaichou…

However, the only way that the curse can be lifted is to be reincarnated into a devil. In the end, honouring her parent’s request, Kaichou made her part of her peerage.

It’s a good thing that the devil who was summoned was Sona-kaichou. Even after saving Meguri-chan, she didn’t demand any other retribution apart from making her a part of the Sitri peerage from the Meguri clan.

However, since one person from the clan became a devil, Meguri-chan’s family was exiled from the exorcism business but even then, Meguri-chan is living in this town with her parents peacefully.

Just like with Yura, Meguri is a front line fighter.

Meguri-chan got into a battle stance. Hmm, her stance is different to Kiba. Kiba uses a Japanese kendo fighting style stance but he use a more freestyle stance. Xenovia doesn’t even have a stance.

Unlike them, Meguri-chan had a moderate stance. Beautiful, yet showed no weakness.


As soon as Kaichou said her command, Meguri-chan swung her Artificial Sacred Gear sword! The blade covered in bright and dark aura soared towards me!

The Dragon slaying blade of light and darkness, [Blazer Shining of Darkness Samurai Sword]!

Damn that name is long! What is wrong with Azazel-sensei’s naming sense?!

It feels like it’s to do with his chuunibyou and black history past… But the destructive power of this sword was quite high. When I dodged the attack, the blade had destroyed the floor that I was just at!

… It looks like it has different properties to Kiba’s holy and demonic sword. This feels more like the concentration of properties of light and darkness is activated at the same time and their high output is clashed with each other. This Artificial Sacred Gear is different from the combination of the properties of light and darkness… According to sensei, that sword is a result after the researching takes Kiba’s Holy-Demonic sword as a reference…

This sword is lot more closely to Xenovia’s destructive power than Kiba’s Holy-Demonic sword.

Seeing Meguri-chan’s katana, Leviathan-sama became even more excited.

“That’s the same as the one that Azazel swung about at the Sports Festival! I don’t mind it at all! We need that kind of personality in politics!”

Seriously?! Do we really need that chuunibyou in underworld politics?! I-I can’t believe it!

I nearly got distracted by Leviathan-sama. Anyway, from Meguri-chan’s attack, stance and her movement showed her talent clearly. But thanks to fighting against better swordsman than her, I could easily dodge all of her attack.

Spotting a weakness, I punched her side and sent her away.

Meguri-chan tumbled few times, got up and put both of her hands up.

She surrendered. I went up to her and offered a hand.

“Hmm, this sword is strong but it doesn’t work against Hyoudou-kun.”

Meguri-chan said while getting back up.

“Well, I always train against Swordswoman who overwhelm the enemy with the overwhelming amount of attack and would one hit and one kill a swordsman. To tell the truth, I’m used to fighting against sword users.”

“You mean Kiba-kun and Xenovia-chan. I feel stupid that I get slightly angry hearing their name.”

Meguri-chan made a bitter smile.

“I think Meguri-chan’s skill is great too. Also that sword is made by Sensei right? There might be some kind of hidden features…”

Actually I’m fearful of even getting hit by this sword. There is a chance of something like [Hidden Ability Activate! Poison!] happening when I get hit by it……

Meguri-chan genuinely got horrified.

“D-Don’t say stuff like that! I didn’t think about that much on purpose…!”

Ah~, so you had that kind of anxiety. So why did you choose this Scared Gear?

Thinking back when I asked her before, she replied saying [It’s strong]. Meguri-chan is unexpectedly a funny person.

Yura, Meguri-chan, next is…

“Now let’s have three people challenge at the same time. Momo, Reya, Ruruko, You three fight against Ise-kun.”


This time, [Bishop] Hanakai-chan, Kusaka-chan, [Pawn] Nimura-chan came forward.

… One front, and two rears. Hanakai-chan and Kusaka-chan’s abilities aren’t suitable for combat. So she made them fight alongside Nimura-chan.

Hanakai-chan’s father is someone high up in a certain company and apparently had relationships with the Sitri House since the past. I don’t know the actual reason but Hanakai-chan is currently a devil. It doesn’t seems like she became a devil due to a wish or as a payment…

Kusaka-chan’s grandmother was a witch and due to that link, she got to know about devils and met Kaichou that way. Kusaka-chan’s communication/spying ability is based from the magic that she learnt from her grandmother.

Finally the [Pawn] Nimura-chan. By chance, she learnt that the Student Council members were devil, and in a light-hearted manner she asked to be reincarnated.

“H-Hyoudou-senpai. You are making a bitter smile looking at me in that armour right?”

First year student with good awareness— it’s Nimura-chan everyone.

Well, although this girl who decided to become a devil light heartedly is amazing, the president who agreed to this is also amazing.

… Or maybe not. If it’s Council President then she might have seen through her talent, since she doesn’t waste her time with useless agenda.

Now, let’s get this 3v1 started!

[Pawn] Nimura-chan and I confronted each other. Her long twin tail hair is impressionable. She has a strong will, and also she’s one of those people who’ll say anything and everything.

Her two legs were shining with bright lights and her legs were then covered in armour. That is her artificial sacred gear.

Moon and the Rabbit, [Precellarum Phantom]—

The armour came up to her hip. That artificial sacred gear was said to give more importance in increasing her pace and the destructive power of her kicks.

Nimura-chan promoted to queen, then after jumping with light step— she disappeared!

She suddenly disappeared from my eyes! If that’s the case—!

Noticing a presence on my back, I turned around and took a defensive position. Just then a sharp body kick came towards me! it was powerful enough to be felt through the armour!

The auras from her leg armour are coming out energetically and increased the power of her kick. No, it wasn’t just any ordinary power up, it felt like it was at least 10 times more powerful than an ordinary kick!

After her kick gets blocked, Nimura-chan backed off and disappeared from my sight once more. Turning my head towards a place where I felt some presence, I saw Nimura-chan next to two [Bishops].

She’s quick. She’s not as quick as Kiba but she’s definitely faster than Xenovia. It was quicker than what my eyes can follow. If I don’t rely on her presence and feelings, I would be cornered.

Looks like her synergy with the properties of [Queen] and [Knight] seems to be great, which is the complete opposite to me with great synergy with [Rook].

Seeing that, Leviathan-sama spoke in bright voice.

“Ruru’s really quick~♪ [Pawn] with [Knight]’s properties can be used against the game’s irregular tactics. Even in chess, depending on the situation, instead of promoting to [Queen], they promote them as [Knight].”

Nimura-chan disappeared again. She’s going to attack again, I lowered my body and waited for her to strike. Her attack wasn’t something that can’t be blocked against. Her sneak attack using her speed is outstanding but it yet does not reach [Fatal] level.

Just then, Nimura-chan appeared next to me while I was in a defence position and threw a kick. As expected, she is quick. Her attacks hit me consecutively while mine doesn’t even get close to her.

Taking light steps, Nimura-chan sent multiple precise, but weighted kicks.

Well I’m used to this really. I struggled all the time because I can’t land a single hit that often since everyone just dodges against me and aim for counters. But I’ve got a tactic for these kind of situations!

Taking the opponent’s attack, I grew a fire inside me, and taking big breath— Fire!

The surrounding area was enveloped in dragon fire. That flame nearly devoured Nimura-chan but— sensing a danger she tried to escape the flame. As expected, she’s trying to get away after I set the surrounding in fire!

Having expected this outcome I navigated through the fire and caught up with Nimura-chan.

“Watch out!”

Her face got tense! I caught her!

When I was about to punch her with my right fist…

The blue barrier surrounded Niura-chan! That thing was strong enough to withstand my attacks!

I looked towards the [Bishop] Hanakai-chan. There was a wristband that didn’t exist only a moment ago.

“Leave the defence to me, Ruruko.”

Hanakai-chan smiled. Garden of Moments, Applause Wall, if I’m correct.

Her artificial sacred gear has the ability to surround a person in barrier. That barrier was sturdy and won’t budge at any ordinary attack.

It’s an annoying ability where she can cast a barrier at will within a certain distance.

— Just then something touched my shoulders. It was a floating mask.

When I turned around towards Kusaki-chan, she stuck her tongue out.

“I’m a spying specialist so attack isn’t my forte. But I should at least do something like this right?”

Mmm, that’s commendable! [Bishop] Kusaki-chan’s artificial sacred gear is the countless number of masks floating in the air currently.

Masquerade of monsters, Scouting Persona I believe.

You can control from distances that are far away and thus, would be suitable for spying activities. Using her masks, she can scout distances that are far away. She can move the masks around like this but… against heavily defended opponents, all she can do is distract.

“Momo and Reya have powers which reflect their personality ☆.”

Levithan-sama said while nodding.

Just like she said, the sacred gear of the Sitri peerage is all based on distinct personality. They are quite good at role allocations.

I got back to my battle position. Now, what shall I do? Nimura-chan and Hanakai-chan’s combo are perfect. If I could just defeat one of them, the rest will follow but they are covering each other’s weak points. So I couldn’t decide which one I should go for first.

To cover each other’s weak points using their best points…. I thought to myself that the Sitri peerge is a lot more balanced team compared to the Gremory peerage. We just go head on towards the battle…

Making a bitter smile, I shook my head and focused.

… Then let’s have a dual to see whether my stamina or Nimura-chan’s stamina will run out faster.

As soon as you get tired, it’ll be the end Nimura-chan!

I launched forward. Sensei’s artificial sacred gear and my sacred gear, let’s see which one is better!


“You really are a monster. To have a stamina battle in a 3v1…”

Saji just sighed next to me.

I supressed Nimura-chan’s group in prolonged battle. It seems like Nimura-chan hasn’t yet made the Scared gear truly her own as she mistook her pace and ended up tiring out first.

After that, I caught Nimura-chan and Hanakai-chan easily. Kusaka-chan gave up after the other two surrendered.

With that, the training session between me and the Sitri peerage who received the artificial sacred gear from Azazel-sensei has finished.

“So I don’t have to fight Saji or Sira-fukkukaichou?”

I asked the two of them

Fixing her glasses, Shinra-senpai said

“Yes. Today’s training purpose was to make Hyoudou-kun and Artificial Sacred Gear users spar… most likely Kaichou wanted to analyse many different things while making you, Longinus user and Sekiryuutei.”

Ah ha, maybe this was to allow her peerage to get used to their sacred gear? Well they did just receive them only a few days ago.

Maybe because of that, everyone was feeling fatigued after using their sacred gears. Yura and Hanakai-chan are currently sitting down in the corner of the field waiting for their strength to come back.

They said that this is a unique occurrence with artificial sacred gear. Since it’s dangerous to either take or apply sacred gear, you can’t normally do such things.

I mean, Asia died once because her sacred gear was removed from her and in order to gain Vritra’s sacred gear, Saji had to go through a procedure at the Grigory institute.

The Artificial sacred gear that Azazel-sensei has researched and invented also has several limit and side effects and some of them which causes fatigue after their usage is the biggest concern.

“Is it harmful for your body if you use artificial sacred gear excessively?”

I asked Saji. He made a bitter smile and nodded his head.

“Yeah. I heard that it gets to a dangerous state if you use them for long periods of time. Sensei said that although there won’t be any decrease in your life expectancy, it may affect your powers and abilities.”

Thinking back I also heard that even the genuine sacred gear may have a negative effect on your original abilities if you obtain them in some other ways. I guess this is similar to this scenario.

Kaichou, who was observing the match until now, was now talking to the new recruits, Benia and Rugal-san. They are probably talking about what they felt watching the matches against me. I’m sure that Kaichou is already thinking about how she’ll be using her new recruits in her team. She’s such a scary person.

And Leviathan-sama…

“So Ben likes Oppai Dragon?! Aren’t you watching Magical ☆ Levi-tan?”

<I am a Seikryuutei fan through and through, although Levi-tan isn’t bad either. Since I’m fan of the original Milky so I don’t think I can just like Levi-tan much.>

“Oh my! So you’re a Milky fan! I’m so happy! Which one is your favourite?! I love them all!”

<I’m an original purist, ah but the third one…>

Ah~ Leviathan-sama and Benia are talking. Looks like the new recruit had become friendly with the Maou-sama. For her not to be nervous around Maou-sama, she definitely is courageous.

“……… I don’t know what that is”

Rugal-san said in short.

— From our side, we also continued our conversation.

“Maybe I should have gone for the healing type of sacred gear like Argent-senpai.”

[Pawn] Nibura-chan said while tilting her head.

“Why do you think so?”

Sinra-senpai asked.

“There’s Tomoe-san and Tsubasa-san at the front line so it’s sorted there, and I’m not as good at CQC like [Rook].”

Oi, you fought really well just now. You were fast and your kicks were accurate.

Then I said that—

“To hear that from Seikryuutei Hyoudou-senpai I’m feeling more encouraged.”

Nimura-chan said that. Like that, she’s such a cute first year student and as simple as Xenovia.

“Not only that, although the Healing type of sacred gears are theoretically possible, I hear they come with great danger.”

When Hanakai-chan said that, Saji repeated.


“He said that it’s so difficult to master, to the point where you have to sacrifice your other traits. Therefore, unless you give up your other powers, you cannot truly use it to its full potential. Hence that’s why healing powers are so precious.”

Just like Hanakai-chan said, the Healing abilities are rare and so precious, that’s why everyone wants such ability.

So in short, Asia had such power since she was born, but it means that if someone tried to attain such power afterwards, there will be many consequences.

Hearing that, Nimura-chan smiled brightly.

“Saying that Argent-senpai is so cute~. She always has such a bright smile on her, you can’t help but idolise her. She’s a person that totally fits into the Healer type of image.”

Oh ho, i guess Nimura-chan is fan of Asia. Yeah she’s so cute and always has that smile on her. I am proud of her.

Then I just blurted out whatever that came to my head.

“So how does the Sitri peerage think of the ORC members? Ah, not in terms of fighting abilities but in the social kind of way.”

Thinking back, we never asked the Student Council about us before.

“Ah, and I know what you think about me, Kiba, Rias-Bouchou, Akeno-san, Asia, Koneko and Gasper roughly, so more about the others please.”

I’m a pervert and Kiba’s the handsome guy, Rias and Akeno-san are super popular idols onee-samas. These are all known facts. Koneko’s probably this school’s [Mascot] and Asia is also probably the [Cutie].

I also heard about Gasper before. Meguri-chan is his fan since she likes younger boys.

So I wonder how they think about the others?

[Rook[ Yura said this as soon as she opened her mouth.

“Shidou isn’t a bad person but… She is quite weird.”


Others just agreed with Yura.

Hanakai-chan then continued.

“Shidou-san was praying in front of the vending machine few days ago. It was one of those that had the ‘winning’ ones but, it looked like she was praying to heaven hoping that she could win it.”<?>

IRINAAAAAA…. Someone saw your pitiful state! So you prayed to win something from that vending machine! You’re the Ace of Micheal-sama aren’t you!

[Bishop] Kusaki-chan also continued from that.

“I saw once when she was giving out bread to people who couldn’t buy them from the shop. It looked like she made some with Xenovia-chan with home bakery stuff.”

Nimura-chan then said.

“Ah that’s actually a bit famous. They called it [Irina bread and it was super popular amongst the poorer students. But because the shop manager was complaining, we had to ask Shido-senpai to stop.”

Hm, Ahhhh there are talks about that home bakery stuff. That thing that the Church Trio bought from Akihabara! I did see them making bread time to time. So they were giving it out to students! And got a complaint against you!

She probably started it out of good will but… it would have been a total humiliation from the shop manager’s prospective. She must have been giving out while saying things similar to someone leading a stray lamb or something!

Haaa, are you trying to open up a bakery or something?

“I’m sorry”

I blurted out an apology. I reflected by thinking that I should apologise since a girl that is home-staying in my house did such a thing!

Next they talked about Xenovia.

Saji started it off.

“Everyone at sports club is trying to recruit her fiercely. We get requests like [Can you do something to make Xenovia-chan come to us]at the student council.”

Hmm, sports clubs huh. Well, to be fair her sports sense is way too good so that was to be expected.

[Knight] Meguri-chan then spoke.

“Especially the Kendo-club is gunning for Xenovia-chan and Shidou-chan. Although I also get that request from time to time, those two are on a whole different level. Well, if they’ve got those two Nationals wouldn’t be a dream to them anymore.”

That’s true, if they get those two then Nationals won’t be a problem, so for them to want these two are no surprise. But for reincarnated devils and angels to get involved in human world affairs, it might be a little problem since it would most likely be against a rule.

Well, including Meguri-chan, all the reincarnated swordwoman here probably was of Nationals level even before their reincarnation.

Nimura-chan then said with a bitter smile.

“Xenovia-senpai is super popular amongst the first-year girls. The reaction from the first-year girls are quite something. She probably has more female fans than the male fans?”

Well, if you just look at her image she looks cool and those kinds of girls often get idolised by the same gender kouhais. Although she can be goofier than me sometimes, that’s probably another characteristic of her.

“I don’t think Xenovia-chan is a bad girl either.”

Saji said so and Kusaka-chan agreed.

“I don’t know about during battles but normally, she seems quiet.”

That’s also true, Xenovia tend to be quiet at school, both during classroom and break time. Since she was living in a church facility before coming here, there are times when she would show that she lacked common sense but she would apologise straight away when she was in the wrong.

The third person to be discussed was Rossweisse-san.

“She’s full of missed opportunities.”


Everyone finished at that.

Finally, we finished off with Ravel. As soon as she became a topic, everyone at the Student Council said from one after another

“Can’t you spare her to the Student Council?”

“We want her in the council next year!”

“She’s so great that we’re trying to recruit her like this!”

Hey hey hey hey. Your opinions on her are great! Not only did they praise her highly, but they are actively trying to recruit her to the Student Council!

Then again, I did hear from Gasper that Ravel is, not only in classroom, but also a model student in social aspects.

She does complain a bit but she was known to have an honest personality so her habit of complaining became one of her personalities…

That’s why the student council is being like this. Of course, not as part of their peerage but as a student at Khou academy.

Even I realised that my manager is really great! Even if she does go into the Student Council, she’ll be able to do any work without any problem.

Hanakai-chan then pulled her face closed to me and said.

“I want to ask Hyoudou-kun who has her as his manager! We need her in the student council next year!”


Yura next to her also nodded.

That’s right; Saji and the others are already thinking of next year.

“But isn’t the student council Sitri-peerage only? Is it fine for outsiders to join?”

When I asked, the members of the council looked at each other and nodded.

“Others beside the Sitri peerage can join the council and this is Kaichou’s opinion. It’s not like we can increase the number anymore anyway.”

Saji replied. That is also true since it won’t be easy to run the student council with just the Sitri peerage. The number of peerage that the [King] can have is 15 maximum. So that means that after the Sitri-peerage graduates, the student council must be made from people outside the peerage.

So considering that, they are recruiting people outside the council from now on.

That must be why Ravel is one of the best contenders.

I thought about it for a long time. It’s not like I need to give them an answer right now. It’ll be better if I talk with Ravel and the rest of the ORC members.

When I was considering this, Kaichou walked towards us.

“Please don’t say things that might put Ise-kun on the spot.”

Kaichou threw me a life support! Thank you so much!

Fixing her glasses, Kaichou changed the subject.

“Now that the brawl against Ise-kun has finished, we can have a reflection meeting. Everyone is fine with that right?”


Everyone in the Sitri peerage spoke in unison. So they are having a proper reflection meeting. They are doing self-analysis way more strictly than us.

— At that time, Kaichou spoke directly to me.

“Ise-kun. Can you spare some of your time after the reflection meeting?”


While I was wondering what was going on, Leviathan-sama with her sparkling eyes came into my sight.

“…… Ah, I know what you mean.”


Part 3


The place that me, Kaichou and Leviathan-sama arrived to after coming out of the training field was— a Mega toy store, one of the ones that open even during night time.

“Kyaa~! The best toy stores are definitely the ones in the Human world, especially the ones in Japan.”

The highly motivated Leviathan-sama ran around the store acting like someone not of her age! Ahh, she has started to look around the store running here and there!

That’s right; the reason why Sona-kaichou asked me to spare my time was to visit this toy store on the way home. All In all, to help Leviathan-sama with her shopping.

Walking around the store, Kaichou asked me

“Ise-kun. What did you think while fighting my peerage?”

“I think it’s a great team. Let’s just say the balance in the team is great, I think it’s a team that can cover each other’s weakness when it is needed.”

“It doesn’t have impact—some kind of special flair, doesn’t it?”

I did think that…

It’s probably because I know my team, the Bael peerage and the bunch from the hero faction that I might be thinking that. We’re all one weird bunch after all.

“I still think its fine as it is right now. The people I have chosen have great synergy and are people who can learn new powers.”

It’s true their synergy is one of the best. They’ll probably be able to learn more useful things than us.

Kaichou continued.

“Like Rias, I am thinking of entering the Rating Games in proper matches in the future. However, my peerage and I, unlike the Gremory peerage, will taste the defeat in the beginning.”

… This is the complete opposite to Gremory peerage that I belong to. We are expected to win everything as soon as we debut and that just shows how many high-level people there are in there as well as how we are judged right now.

Kaichou then gave me a confident smile.

“But that’s all fine. The life of a devil is long meaning the amount of time being active in the rating game will also be vast. I will take my time and polish this team. I am planning to make this team into something that can react towards any event or any opponents.”

Then she suddenly asked me.

“By the way, Ise-kun. Don’t you think that it’ll be difficult to face off against opponents who are hard to defeat even after vast amount of research and investigation?”

— Uuu!

…. That’s scary. Kaichou had the same smile like any other days on her face but when I heard what she had just said, I just got a chill.

… this person is already planning for games in the next ten years…. No next hundreds of years if not thousands of years.

It just got chilly. This team— to think that far in the future, this team led by Sona kaichou will be our rival. In all honesty, it scares me.

We are a bit special. People expect us to be one of the rising stars. As soon as we enter the official games and thanks to our flashy style, we will be able to rise in ranks early on.

But… what if the other teams study us?

Not everyone is adaptable in the first place. Unlike real battles, there are many rules in the game which can either be a great weapon or a great drawback against us.

… Like us who have many exceptional abilities, the rules tend to hinder us but wouldn’t teams like the Sitri peerage be able to use these rules to their advantage?

A team composition that’s able to hold its ground among the many different rules—

So maybe she got hold of people with high adaptability so she’ll be able to use their abilities in the long term.

That was a great lesson learned since it seemed like this would have been a great thing to note when making my own peerage in the future.

I then began thinking about my future peerage while looking around the shop

Just then, Leviathan-sama spoke while touching a displayed toy.

“They said that this place stock their item a day before release but if you negotiate then you’ll be able to buy them early ☆. I really wanted to come here since there’s gonna be a new release related to Milky ♪.”

She looked so happy right now, seeing her like that, Sona-kaichou said.

“… She made some time out of her busy schedule so I’m happy that she’s able to enjoy herself at least for now. It’s going to get busier than ever, so I think that even a Maou-sama can act like this for now.”

— Uuu. I can feel a warm and fuzzy feeling which that she has towards her sister.

Yeah, since the terrorist started to make suspicious moves, she would have more and more jobs to do as Maou. That’s why this Maou-sama’s toy shop visit must be like a peace moment that is granted upon Leviathan-sama briefly.

Leviathan-sama then turned around towards me.

“That’s right. Going forward, I’ll also call Seikiryuutei-san by Ise-kun! Since Sona is calling you that, I’ll also call you that ☆.”

“Ah yes! It’s my honour!”

I’m so glad that she’s not calling me Oppai Dragon, especially since she has Oppai Dragon as her rival.

— Just then Maou-sama stopped in front of a toy.

“This is it ☆.”

The thing that Maou-sama pointed to was— a wand from a certain magical girl anime.

Hmm. Its name is [Milky Miracle Hyper Stick Triangle Ver].

“”Is this…the New item from the Milky series?

When I asked, Leviathan-sama gave me a bright smile and nodded.

“That’s right ☆.”

Leviathan-sama made the brightest smile while grabbing it.

I thought that we have finished the shopping without any trouble but— Leviathan-sama’s gaze followed somewhere else.

“Ah! That’s Pla-model of Mobile Gundam J! I love that too!”

Having turned her gaze, Leviathan-sama then proceeded to drag me and Kaichou around and checked out every item in the shop. She even got herself a shopping cart and put everything inside there!

Seeing that, Kaichou’s patience ran out.

“Onee-sama! Please restrain yourself! What are you going to do after buying all these toys?!”

“Oh Sona, you can’t say that this far in.”

“No way! Please only buy one toy! Take everything back beside the Milky item!”

“Uwwwwah~! Sona’s bullying onee-chan! Then let’s negotiate and only buy five?”


Ahh. That kaichou who was talking strategy with a sense of coolness around her can’t do anything against her older sister. It looks like Leviathan-sama’s shopping will continue for a long time.

As I was sighing, I started to look for a gift to give to Milicas.


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