i have finished the Korean translation of Sono hanabira light novel christmas for two of us main story.

i did not translate the last 4 pages where there are round table discussion as when translated, it made no sense.

anyway all it need to do before release is to be proof read.

send me an email if you are interested.

[email protected]

or my twitter


Yet another update

I have two updates
First, regarding dailymotion. If dailymotion rejects my videos three times, I will upload them to videoweed and provide the link to the video in the descriptoon, after that, when the YouTube video is also uploaded, I will provide the link to YouTube video as well.
Secondly, the korean translation for sono hanabira xmas light novel is coming along nicely, my plan is to try get the translation finished by end of this week and then get some people to check for the errors. Although I promise to finish it by this week, I cannot gurentee the actual date.
If you are interested in helping me, contact me on twitter or via my email
[email protected]

Dailymotion Frustration

I upload playthrough videos to dailymotion and YouTube.

YouTube videos I censor so I don’t get flagged. However on dailymotion, I usually don’t.

This had worked for several weeks with one minor error, however now, dailymotion is being stupid.

Part 17 and 18 of first series of sono hanabira palythrough videos had been rejected for unknown reason from dailymotion. At first all I though it was just an error so I reuploaded and only Part 18 got through.

Now Part 9 of second series is being rejected as well.

When I looked up on Google why this was happening I found out dailymotion rejects videos that are inappropriate. Bullshit.

I’ve seen many other videos on dailymotion that are far more inappropriate then my videos and also if dailymotion think those particular videos are inappropriate then why don’t they reject rest of my videos?

Anyway, I am left with few choices.

Find new video hosting sites and redirects people to that site if dailymotion rejects my videos, problem being is that it may have to be some adult sites or use YouTube’s uncensored videos and redirect people to that. Only problem being is that YouTube uploads are quite far behind.

I’ll try to find a way to all the videos.

By the way, if you are wondering about light novel translation. I’m still working on it. But I really need to have somebody have a look at it.

Korean translation project update

I have finally found a descent OCR software and successfully converted some files into words documents.
They are now stored in my Google drive and as I said before, if you would like to help me translate them, send me an email at [email protected]
Translation project has now officially started!!
First translation is yuna x nanami Christmas light novel

Snono Hanabira light novel Korean translation

First of all. i do realize that Korean is not a major language at all. this is just a personal project that i will be doing while i have free time and for fun

But that does not mean that i won’t be needing help.

So…. yeah.

my name is Daniel Yang (A.K.A empbike) and i would like to start Korean translation for Sono Hanabira light novels, but here are some problems.

1. i cannot read Japanese at all. This means that i can only translate the novels that has been translated into English which i can read.

2. i will be needing someone to help translate and make sure that translation make sense.

3. i need free OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. If you don’t know what that is, google it.

what i am intending to do is create google drive document and share the document with whoever want to help me get through the translation project.

if you want to help me with the translation project, please email me at [email protected]


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