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Life 2: Ultimate!! Onii-chan Mask.

“Ah… this is not good…”

I, Hyoudou Issei, was in middle of a large room, sighing heavily.

Currently, my friends and I are at the Gremory Mansion, the house of Rias Buchou. Nevertheless, it is more fitting to call it a castle rather than a mansion.

Last night, we’ve got a call from Rias Buchou’s mother. She said, “I have a job I would like you guys to help me with.” So that’s why we are here today.

“I would like all of you to sort out all the useless things which Rias bought from Japan.”

She said as soon as she saw us.

From what I’ve heard, Rias Buchou has things that she find interesting in Japan sent back to her house in Underworld. Her room was therefore filled with things which she bought back from Japan.

From a samurai’s armour to a coat of Shinsengumi (TN: Special police organized by Japanese government in 1964.) to even a miniature tower of the Tokyo Tower, the room was filled with souvenirs from all over Japan. Ah, she even has miniature wooden model of a bear – more than one as well!

I would have never have imagined that Buchou’s room in her mansion would be filled with so many things from Japan.

“…I never wanted to show any of you this messy room of mine…”

Rias Buchou blushed while saying that in an embarrassed voice.

…so this is the reason why she didn’t wanted to show her room to us when we came here previously.

Her mother was scolding her,

“This is happening because you aren’t thinking about what you are buying… My goodness, your spending habit is the same as your father. I am going to have to re-evaluate your pocket money again.”

…Oh ho, it seems like she is quite mad. Rias Buchou resembles a lot like her mother. If there is one thing that’s different, it would be the colour of their hair.

So young… if she stands next to Rias Buchou, I could easily mistake them as sisters.

Well, Devils have the ability to change how they look so I can’t tell how old she actually is. But she’s still very pretty.

Anyway, we either need to move Buchou’s stuff to the underground storage or get rid of it. And so, we started to get working straight away.

“Buchou…since there are multiple models of the wooden bear, should I get rid of some?”

When Kiba asked, Buchou started to panic. They were the wooden bears that were sold as souvenirs in Northern Japan.

“Wai…Wait Yuuto! I gave each and every one a ….”

“Yuuto san, we only need one so you can go ahead and throw them out.”

Buchou’s mother interrupted Buchou midway with a serious voice.

“B, But  mother! In Japan, it is said that these objects get enchanted by…”

“Rias. It is good that you are interested in the Japanese culture, but we are not in Japan. They are all the same type of model anyway. You can throw them out, Yuuto san. I will allow it as her mother. Please get rid of it.”

“NOOOOO! Bob! Daikichimaru! Reoooon!”

Having been commanded by Buchou’s mother, Yuuto carried the wooden bears out while also apologising to Rias Buchou. Upon seeing that, Buchou was shouting out the names of wooden bears. It seems the bears consist of both Japanese and Western names then!

At the Hyoudou residence, she acts like a mature and reliable onee sama but since she acts differently at her own house, it was refreshing to watch. Everyone was laughing as they were watching her.

By the way, my eyes were continuously distracted by the giant breasts of Buchou’s mother. Since she is wearing a deep v neck dress, I can see her breasts jiggle.

“I’m sorry but I would like you all to also sort out everyone’s payments that was received while doing the devil’s work. The payments are in the underground treasure storage.”

Grayfia san, who is wearing maid outfit, asked us with her hands full with objects.


We replied.

So, it seems anything we receive through our contract are sent here then. We learned something new today.

“Here, have some tea.”

“Whew. It’s good.”

We were drinking the tea made by Asia and were resting at the corner of the underground storage.

Wow. This place is huge! The entire underground was a treasure storage and it was divided into sections. Also apparently this place is big enough to house several Tokyo Domes.

This place is full of treasures handed down by ancestors. I wonder if other nobles also own a place like this.

By the way, all the treasures are ranked and are sorted by types. Since we were sorting out and moving all the stuff we got as payment to their respective area, we were very tired by the end. Everyone is nearly knocked out.

Assets owned by the super-rich are huge… even if their business went bust they could live off by selling these treasures for long time.

Since I’m going to go independent and make a treasure vault similar to this, I should learn how matters such as this work using this chance.

Ah wait. First I have to rank up and build a mansion first. It’s still long way to go.

When I was resting and drinking tea, I saw a figure, silently gesturing at me…

“Ise kun. Come here for a sec.”

It was a man with a scarlet hair. It’s Sirzechs sama…. Wha, me? It seems like no one noticed him yet. When I pointed at myself, Sirzechs sama also nodded his head.

Seeing that, I ran toward him. So you were at your house today then.

“Sirzechs sama. What’s going on?”

“Hmm. I heard that you were coming to the Gremory mansion so I thought it was about time. I want to show you something. Come with me.”

Hearing that, I was bit confused but I still followed Sirzechs sama regardless.

I came out of the underground storage and walked on the corridor for 10 minutes. Wow, this mansion is huge! I came here multiple times but I’m lost already. Where is this place?!

“We have arrived.”

Sirzechs sama stopped in front of the luxurious, decorated door. Inside….

First thing that came into my eyes was the giant screen! Wow, the seats are arranged like a theatre! There’s a second floor and there also lights too!

Is this the Gremory mansion theatre?

While I was shocked by the size of this theatre, Sirzechs sama sat on the middle seat on ground floor.

“Come here and sit down.”

“Ah, yes.”

I sat next to Sirzechs sama.

“Umm. What is this place?”

Sirzechs sama replied,

“This is a place where we entertain out guests. We use it when we have to present something to the audience but… in truth; we only use it once every few years.”

Once every few years…. There are so many useless luxurious places around here.

While I was amazed by the wasteful habits of the rich people, Sirzechs sama opened what it looked like an album book. Inside, there were plates with things written on it and it was written using the alphabet of the devil.

“….Rias. First bath?”

…what is this? I got curious so I asked Sirzechs sama.

“What are these….?”

Sirzechs sama pulled one out and showed it to me.

“It’s a video recording device used in the underworld. It’s been used for centuries. Nowadays, we are selling video cameras from the human world but for the 72 Pillar houses, we use these instead. I guess it’s more like a tradition? The recording devices are quite similar to video cameras as well.”

Heh, so that’s what it was. Sirzechs sama teleported the plate to somewhere.

Just then, lights turned off and video started to play on the screen. Does the whole theatre run on power of a devil?

“I wanted to show you something nice. This album is a record of Rias’s growth. And I’m about to show you when Rias was just a child.”

…..Buchou’s childhood….?

“I…. I want to see it!”

My curiosity shot up! I can see Rias Buchou’s childhood! Yes, Sirzechs sama brought me here to show me this!

But why is he only showing it to me? Is there a reason why he can’t show it to others? When I was wondering about that, a video started to play on the screen. Sirzechs sama was smiling.

“Hehehe, right? Then let’s watch it together.”

Ah, that face is…! He’s making an expression that shows his desperation to show me this video. If Buchou knows about this, would it not be a huge problem?

[Onii sama you jerk! Ise you idiot!]

And she will definitely be mad at us… I’m worried about what’s going to happen next but I still want to see!

I couldn’t resist my curiosity and decided to watch the video.

“This scene is when Rias was sending me off to work.”

Oh ho, I can feel the warmth between the family members.

Ah, if I remember correctly, I heard this story from Rias Buchou before. When Sirzechs sama was busy with his work, she always send him off and also greeted him when he was at the house.

If I remember correctly….

Rias Gremory’s story.

[I’ll be going off to work Rias.]

[Okay Onii sama. Have a safe trip.]

[Hmm. When I come back, I will tell you a story about the Sephiroth tree and the angels.]

[Okay Onii sama. I will be waiting.]

…it was like this. It felt like a strict atmosphere of upper class and I admired that a little.

As I was still pondering about the story of Rias Gremory, someone made an appearance in the video. It was Sirzechs sama and he looked in the video just like he is today.

There were servants outside of the main gate with Sirzechs sama as well as Buchou’s mother also being present. She was still very beautiful as always!

[Okay then mother. I’ll be going back to work.]

[Yes, please do your best for the Underworld.]

It all seems like an ordinary chat between a mother and her son… Hmm? I can’t see Rias Buchou anywhere…. While I was trying to look for her, I hear a very cute voice.

[Oniiiiii samaaaaa!]

Mini Rias Buchou was holding a teddy bear and was running toward Sirzechs sama.

So cute! It was the same when she was turned into child before but… She’s just so damn cute!!!

Wait, Oniii samaaaa? Did she really say that?!

Sirzechs sama, in the video, smiled and lifted Rias buchou up.

[Rias, what’s wrong?]

Sirzechs sama spoke in a soft voice but tears were running down from mini Buchou’s cute face.

[Oniiiii samaaaaa. You promised Rias that you will read me a story book….. But you are leaving…?]

[I’m sorry Rias, but something important came up. I have to go back to work.]

Hearing that, mini Buchou clung onto Sirzechs sama. He was making an apologetic face.

[Then Rias’s going too!]

[Hmm… that’s bit of a problem…]

When Sirzechs sama was making an apologetic face, Buchou’s mother tried to separate mini Buchou from her Onii sama.

[Rias, don’t make this difficult for your Onii sama. You know that he’s a very important person for the Underworld.]

However mini Buchou was never going to let go of Sirzechs sama this easily.

[No way! Oniiii samaaa is Rias’s Oniiii samaaa!]

[Hahaha. Our Rias is acting like a child.]

That is what I am seeing.

Buchou! Isn’t this bit different to what you were saying before?!

Oniii samaaaa?! Story book?! Forget about talking like an upper class lady. I’m seeing a small child who’s just clinging continuously onto her brother!

Buchou’s mother was sighing in the video.

[Sirzechs, you have a nosebleed…. Honestly, you are spoiling Rias too much.]

I’m sorry Buchou’s mother! Your daughter is so cute that I think I’m going to have a nosebleed too!

“Ria tan was so cute back then.”

…! Maou sama next to me is smiling while also having a nose bleed and tears were on his face?!

“When she was a child, Rias followed me everywhere. She kept saying Oniiii samaaaa and was also very childish. We slept together and we also had baths together. Ah, Ria tan when she was a child…. We can’t go back to those days…. Now she only exist in these records… but Ria tan right now has grown up and is now a beautiful woman so….”

Siscon! There is a massive siscon over here! He’s even talking to himself like he has achieved Nirvana!

This is the Maou everyone! This is the legendary Maou Lucifer!

[Mother, can I take….]

Sirzechs sama in the video asked but his mother just shook her head.

[No way. What are you talking about… you need to say something too. If the Maou of the Underworld is like this, citizens won’t be able to sleep tight at night.]

Buchou’s mother said while looking at the camera.

….who was the person recording this…??..I heard a familiar voice.

[…Ria tan’s face when she is childish is very nice!]

…that was buchou’s father’s excited voice.

What are the son and his father doing?!

“Ah. Father was also having a nosebleed and was also crying in happiness when he saw Rias acting like this.”

Sirzechs sama explained. So that happened?! It seems the reason why Buchou is spoiled is because of you two! When I look closely at the video, even the servants are showing a bitter smile on their face.

Buchou’s mother sighed heavily and said

[….why is the entire male in our house so….]

I thinks so too, Buchou’s mother. But this mini Buchou is so adorable. To be fair, liking this situation isn’t unbelievable. I can understand the males of the Gremory house.

When I was making a bitter smile, Sirzechs sama took another recording plate out and transported it to somewhere again.

The video on the screen changed.

“Next is when she was playing with Sona.”

Sona kaichou? On the screen, there was the mini Buchou and mini Kaichou. They were…

[No! Stella is a gift that Oniiii samaaaa gave to me!]

[Rias is a cheapskate! Let me borrow it for a while.]

They were fighting over a teddy bear.

Just then, a disaster happened.


The teddy bear’s ear was ripped apart.

The teddy bear was sacrificed due to these two fighting.

They were looking at the ripped teddy bear with a devastated look in their eyes.

[Uuuuu…. Stella’s ears fall off……]

Shortly, mini Buchou started crying.

[Uuu…. Stella Oniiiii samaaaa gave me broke~~~~~~~~~~~~~!]

Seeing that, little Kaichou also started to cry and apologized.

[Uuuuah! I’m so sorry Riaaaaaa!]


The two of them clung onto their family while crying. They were Sirzechs sama and Leviathan sama.

[Ahahaha. Don’t cry Ria. I’ll call the maid to fix the ears for you.]

[My my, you shouldn’t cry too So-tan. You apologized so you should be nice to each other again.]

These two were calming their sisters down.

Sirzechs sama and Leviathan sama laughed again.

[I guess we spoil them too much.]

[Yeah, but I still give her a proper education.]

[Our Ria also gets a proper education too.]

[Yes, but our side is still….]

….in the video, the two Maou were having arguments. Having put the two tired children into their own bed, they went back to arguing again.

[….Serafall, I think we need to settle this once for all.]

[Yes Sirzechs. I was thinking that as well.]

The two of them were emitting a weird aura and started to shout at each other immediately.



[Then come with me! I will show you video of when Ria tan first sang!]

[Then I will show you a video [So-tan changing clothes by herself for the first time] which I brought from home!]

The two siscon started arguing while showing each other their collection of albums!

….Sirzechs sama and Leviathan sama did something like this…. What could I say? My image of Maou sama was crushed once again.

Just then, Buchou’s mother came into view again.

She was scrunching her forehead and was twitching her eyebrow furiously.

[You two! What are you doing…?]

[M. Mother… umm, this is…. We were talking about Rias and Sona….]

[Ah! We weren’t fighting or anything….]

As they were talking, she was emitting a furious aura and was shaking her fist.

[…Maous of the Underworld showing off their younger sisters and fighting over it…does both of you think you could shoulder the responsibility?! Sirzechs! Come here! I won’t forgive you today! You too Serafall! Your mother was my friend since the days of school! You are therefore like a daughter to me! You are going to reflect your mistake with Sirzechs!]


[Yes ma’am….]

The two people who were old enough and should have known better were scolded by Buchou’s mother. Not only that, they were both Maous who are responsible for the Underworld.

“Hahaha. Serafall and I could never lift our head up against our mother back then!”

Sirzechs sama was laughing…. I don’t think you can still do that now? Not only that, I don’t think you can do that to your wife, Grayfia sama.

After that, Maou sama continued to show off her sister through another video.

[Thank you very much for coming here tonight.]

Mini Buchou said in a robotic voice. I guess she was nervous on stage.

On the screen, there was a video of mini Buchou playing her piano in a concert.

“Ria-tan’s first piano concert… guest from every Pillars were invited to listen to her piano skills….”

Sirzechs sama continued his siscon narration.

….I don’t know what to feel! Watching how Rias Buchou grew up is both glorious and joyful! But there was also Sirzechs sama, laughing as well as crying sometimes. I just couldn’t concentrate on the video!

Basically….I’m definitely interested in the video, but Sirzechs sama was just too enthusiastic that it made me lose interest.

…Sirzechs sama then took out an expensive looking clock from his coat and checked the time.

“Hmm, it’s already this late. If we stay here for any longer, others might get suspicious.”

Sirzechs sama stopped the video and put the plate away back into the album. When I was looking at the album, I saw a plate that has the word, “SECRET”, written on it in devil alphabet.

Sirzechs sama noticed that I was looking at the plate.

“Are you interested? This… yes, ok….”

Sirzechs sama suddenly stopped talking and started to wonder about something.

What is he thinking about….?

Sirzechs sama said, “Hmm, Ok then.”

The plate was then transferred and the light darkened again with the video beginning to start on the screen.

On the screen was…. Child Buchou when she was sleeping. She was hugging  her teddy bear at the same time as well.

“… Um. Is Buchou… sleeping?”

“Yes, this is….”

The scene changed again…. It was the scene of Buchou sleeping but she is on a sofa this time.

After that, the video of Buchou sleeping continued.

Is this….

“Is this just a collection of Rias Buchou when she is sleeping?”

Sirzechs sama nodded his head. Ah, I knew it.

“This is a record of the sleeping faces of Rias as she is growing up. It’s one of my most treasured records. I do have records from when she was younger but…. I couldn’t get a hold of the scene when she was grown up. It’s shame that it cuts midway of the record.”

Sirzechs sama said while sighing but….

When she was younger it might have been fine but if you do this with high school girls you will absolutely be classified as a pervert!

“So I was thinking…!”

He turned around and grabbed my hands.

“The only person who can follow this path is you, Ise kun. Don’t you want to revive a treasure that was unfinished and has only reached the midway?”

He said something outrageous!

“W. What are you talking about?”

“It is going to be you recording her sleeping face in the future!”


When I gave no answer, Sirzechs sama put his fist up and said in strong voice.

“Then let’s get started tonight! Right! We will do this!”

“Ah? What?”

Even then, I couldn’t understand what Sirzechs sama was saying. But tonight, I will be a step closer to becoming a pervert.

Night time…

Having cleaned the Buchou’s room at the Gremory mansion, we came back to the Hyoudou residence.

When everyone was asleep, Sirzechs sama and I met in an empty room on the top floor of the house.

“It’s good night to capture my younger sister’s face on camera. Agent Hyoudou, don’t you think so too?”

The person who said that was wearing a costume similar to a certain bat that protected a certain city in a certain movie with the person being Sirzechs sama. This is beyond the point of being a suspicious and outright pervert. I was in a pyjamas on the other hand.

“…Yes, Sirzechs sama.”

Having heard my reply, Sirzechs sama clicked his finger.

“What are you saying? I’m not Sirzechs. I’m the leader of [Recording Ria tan’s sleeping face Force] Onii chan mask!”

I don’t know what I should say. He was posing in such a weird way that Sirzechs… no…. I should refer to him as Onii chan mask…!

Please! Go back to that certain city! Actually, go back to the Underworld instead! This place is peaceful! Your presence ruins the peace!

This person, it seems like he only plays around through cosplay. Does he actually do any business related to being a Maou?

“Listen carefully agent Hyoudou. Our objective is just one thing. Record the sleeping face of Rias Gremory. By the way, it will be you who’s recording this. Only you can do this.”

Onii chan mask said this and gave me a camera.

“… I normally sleep with her anyway. Can’t I record it then?”

I made a long face. That seems like the simplest method… but Onii chan mask shook his head.

“We can’t do that, it’s not good if you are striving for continuity as well as consistency. Listen carefully! Recording a face when someone is sleeping is something you do even when you don’t think you should. What you do is you quieten your footstep, sneak into the room and you record either the face of a cute child or a female model or even your loved one without getting found out. The thrill is definitely worth something!”

…It doesn’t matter even if he says it confidently… at the end of the day, you are still doing something only perverts would do. It’s a crime! And what do you mean by continuity?! This kind of Maou, I hate it!

“Did you also do this to Grayfia san?”

“Of course.”

“And the result was?”

“Nearly died. For the first time, I felt like I had an experience closest to death.”

My god! He literally crossed the border of death! Even if you are a family, if you do that kind of perverted things, girls won’t like it. They will be furious! Not only that, that person was someone who competed for the Greatest Female Devil against Leviathan sama! A Little prank like this could cost your life!

“But don’t worry. You will be the one who is going to record the face so you probably will be safe. Just leave the Underworld to me.”

“Uuu. How come I’m hanging around with people like this…”

I’m about to cry! The person who’s on top of the Devil society is pressuring me!

As I got closer with Sirzechs sama, I got to know his not so serious side! I am beginning to understand why it’s so casual between the four Maous!

“I would like you to continue to do this after me! Only you can record Rias’s sleeping face in the future! I can only ask you to do this! You can think of today as a ceremony of inheritance! Ok! I will start giving the commands from here. Move out!”

Saying that, Sirzechs sama send me off. Uuu. What is happening…. I’m doing what he does for a hobby. And what do you mean inherit it….

I put a pair of earphones into my ears and moved out from the top floor.

The destination is my room in the second floor. Currently, Rias Buchou and Asia is sleeping there. I went to bed with them but after checking that they are both asleep, I went to Sirzechs sama.

I managed to get out of my room unnoticed but there is always a chance I can be spotted when I try to re-enter my room.

…I did my best to quieten my footstep and I also tried to lower my presence. What am I doing? This is my house. Why do I have to act like a thief in my own house?

Wait, let’s not think about it. It’s making me even more upset.

When I reached the 4th floor, I heard a voice from my earphones.

[Where are you right now. Over]

“I’m on the 4th floor. Over”

[Roger, keep going. Over.]

It’s like we are playing spy. Sirzechs sama was serious, but I think he’s enjoying this.

…Let’s not think any more. When I was about to go down…

“…Ise kun?”

Someone called me. And I heard footsteps from the stairs.

….it was Akeno san wearing Yukata! She had her hair down and she was coming up from downstairs!

“…Akeno san…”

This can’t be good! I didn’t expect to find her here! My expression stiffened.

“…What are you doing here in the middle of the night…?”

She was showing a confused face. Ah, she is holding a tea bottle. I guess she was thirsty so she went to the first floor to get it? Talk about bad timing!

When I was thinking of ways to escape this situation…

“I…I wanted to see Akeno san….”

I said that with a stiff expression on my face.

What am I saying! Saying “I wanted to see you” to a woman in the middle of the night! It’s like saying I want to take her to bed! Well, actually I want to but Buchou will kill me!

I was panicking but Akeno san blushed and started to tear up a little.

…W. What is with that reaction…

“I’m so happy… You wanted to see me…”

Hu. Akeno san hugged me tightly! The texture of her busty body which I can feel over the thin fabric of the yukata is… Wait, this feeling on the chest is… No bras?!

Akeno san’s breasts pushed against me over the thin fabric. I’m going to die! I’ll die if I stay like that!

I had a nose bleed. This isn’t good at all for the mission! Will it be better if I tell the truth and ask for her cooperation?

“A. Actually, Akeno san… ”

I want to tell the truth, but Akeno san is saying “I’m happy, Ise” so I couldn’t open my mouth.

Not only that, she noticed the camera that I was holding! Is it too late now?! It doesn’t make sense wanting to meet someone with a camera on their hand!

“…Camera? Ise kun, do you want to…. record ‘that’ with me…?”

She’s gravely mistaken! Recording a woman during night is something only perverts do! If I stay like this, Akeno san will come to hate me!

But Akeno san acted like she was more embarrassed than angry.

“….Ise…. do you want to record our first time….? But… if Ise wants to…”

Akeno san was talking to herself while blushing. What should I do?! She’s expecting something from me! Actually, I want to quit doing the stupid thing with Maou sama and play with her all night!

While I was stuck there, I heard a voice from my earphones.

[Is there something wrong? If that’s the case, point the camera at the person and press the blue button. Over.]

I don’t know if he knows what situation I’m in right now but, Onii chan mask gave me a solution to this problem. S. So point the camera at the person and …. Blue button? Ah, this one.

When I pressed the button… it made a vibrating sound and a small magic circle came out of the lenses!

And it hit Akeno san directly!


Her eyes lost focus, she lost her consciousness and collapsed at that spot. I caught her before she fall on the ground.

[That camera has a few features that you can use to avoid troubles. If you press the blue button, a sleeping spell is activated. Over.]

Onii chan mask explained.

….Sleeping spell came out from this camera! This thing, what else can it do?!

“…I met someone and the situation got bit sticky. I used the camera’s ability to put her to sleep. Over”

[Roger. Please carry on with your mission. Over . Ah, put her back into her bed first. Over.]

“Roger. Haa…..”

I carried the sleeping Akeno san back to her room while sighing.

After I put Akeno san back to her bed and came out of the room, I felt someone’s presence!

“….Nyan…. Senpai…?”

This time, half asleep Koneko chan appeared! That’s right, Koneko was living in the same floor as Akeno san.

But is your pyjamas just white shirts?! Although I’m not a lollicon, I am a little charmed by it.

If it was normal Koneko, she would have been suspicious of me with a camera on my hand and would have asked questions but….

“…Nyaaa….. Senpai… Toilet…..”

Toilet? Koneko was saying that and hugged me tightly!

…hu! This… feeling is! I can’t feel any underwear underneath the shirt! All I can feel was a soft sensation of a woman’s body!

Koneko’s bottom had such a soft touch! No panties! No panties! Koneko chan, you can’t walk around with no panties! Wait, you aren’t wearing bras as well?!

I can also see something small and something immoral can be seen through the opening of the shirt!

Koneko becomes vulnerable when she’s asleep! If it was during day time, she would have punched me for being so perverted! But right now, she just purrs in a low voice and give her body to me! Is this some kind of nekometa special moves?!

Shit! My kohai is really cute!

I was trying my best to keep my sanity and took her to the toilet.

After doing so, I put her back to bed and then I managed to get downstairs. 3rd floor is where my parents sleep so I was extra careful.

Finally, I have arrived at my room.

….why do I have to go through this much hardship just to get to my room? I was pondering that when I suddenly heard a voice that caused the entire problem with the voice being the siscon Maou sama.

[Please tell me the current situation. Over]

“I have arrived. I will start the mission. Over”

[I wish you luck. Over.]

Haa…. Now, let’s quickly film Buchou’s sleeping face and end this as soon as possible.

I made as little sound as possible opening the door and walked in.

One step, two steps… I lowered my presence as much as possible and walked toward the bed.

On the bed, Buchou and Asia were sleeping soundly.

….Buchou kicked off half the bed sheet she was using and thanks to that, I could see her negligee.

It was made up of a thin scarlet fabric. So erotic! Her legs were exposed and since the shoulder string came off, half of her breasts were exposed!

Breasts! Butts! Thighs! I can sing about these three words!

I thought to myself…I’m sleeping with an onee sama who wears sexy clothes like this every night. Nowadays, since I’m so used to sleeping together, when I get on the bed, I fall asleep straight away.

It became so natural to sleep with Buchou and Asia.

If I remember correctly, Buchou sleeps with these clothes and hugs me. Thanks to that, I could use her breasts as my pillows sometimes.

….Here within my reach is the best woman.


I swallowed my saliva and pulled on my hairs!

I’m always in this situation every night and why haven’t I took advantage of this situation at all?! Uuuuuu! I’m pathetic! I’m a pathetic idiot!

[Agent Hyoudou, is there something wrong? Over.]

I heard voice of the siscon maou sama when I was deep in thought. Ah, that’s right. I was part of this stupid game planned by Onii chan mask.

“No, I was just having a conflict of youth. I have arrived at the destination; I will carry out the mission. Over.”

[Roger. Quickly record Rias’s sleeping face and return. Over.]

Hm, that’s right. I need to quickly film her face and return. Well, it’s quite weird saying return since this is my room.

That’s that. But her sleeping face is so cute. She’s beautiful and cute!

I could understand Sirzechs sama’s reason to ‘record Buchou’s sleeping face’ a bit now. He wants to keep this as a memory. It’s a face that you want to keep.

And he wants me to carry on the work…. I might not be that bad. I was thinking that.

When I was about to take out the camera and film her face…

Buchou slowly opened her eyes!

“…Ara, Ise? …what are you  doing?”

She was rubbing her eyes and slowing sitting up! This is bad! She woke up!

I panicked and since I didn’t know what to do, I just hid the camera behind my back.

“A, Ah, I was just thinking that your sleeping face was very cute.”

I was avoiding the eye contact. Buchou yawned and had a smile on her face.

“Ara, what are you saying suddenly?”

She got out of her bed and hugged me! Her soft breasts pushed against me! So soft!

Woah! Buchou’s breasts are the best! Not only that, as she got up, the string from her clothes came off so her breasts that were under the clothes showed themselves! Even her pink nipples!

Buchou put her arms around my neck and pushed her face closer to mine.

“….shall we sleep in a different way?”

“D. Different way…?”

When I asked with nose bleed, she just laughed

“Ufufufu. Yes, let’s be closer to each other.”


“Yes, let’s sleep naked and while hugging, we can just cuddle with each other. But we did sleep like that before so maybe it won’t have good reaction?”

“….no way! It’s the best!”

Sleep naked?! I. Is erotic stuff not allowed, or allowed?! Are we just sleeping naked?! But naturally, we might do something more serious?!

If two young male and female sleep naked with each other, the only natural thing to do after is ‘that’!

But I’m in the middle of a mission with Onii chan mask… Sirzechs sama!

But! Since it became like this I want to forget about that and just sleep! Maou sama! In all honesty, I just want to abort this mission and sleep! Buchou’s breast pillows are the best!

When I thought it might do whatever I wanted to….

[Agent Hyoudou. How is it going on? Agent Hyoudou, have you recorded it yet? Over.]

Onii chan mask’s voice came from the earphones.

“Just now… didn’t I hear onii sama’s voice?”

Buchou reacted to small voice from my earphones! Since this is the middle of the night, you might be able to hear it!

Buchou looked at me with hawk’s eyes and noticed camera behind my back and earphones on my ear.

After taking the camera from me, she put the earphones into her ear.

“…this voice. Onii sama? What are you doing?”

She’s glaring at me….

“Huuuuuu…. What’s happening?”

Asia woke up too!

Sirzechs sama, mission failed. It’s over.

“What’s happening here?”

Her anger gauge was at max. She was glaring at us with scary eyes. Next to her, Asia didn’t know what to do but was just observing the situation from the side. Asia, I am sorry for waking you up.

Onii chan mask and I was kneeling down in the room on the top floor.

“There is a reason for this.”

When Onii chan mask started to explain, Buchou sighed.

“Before that onii sama, please take off that mask and costume.”

Hearing that, onii chan mask made a cool pose

“Ahahaha! I am not your onii sama, Rias Gremory! I’m leader of [Recording Ria tan’s sleeping face Force] Onii chan mask!”

“Grayfia… shall I call onee sama?”

When she said that with a plain face, Onii chan mask… Sirzechs sama took off his mask quickly and apologized.

“I was wrong. I’m sorry Rias.”

Weak! So weak Onii chan mask! Are you that afraid of your wife?!

So Sirzechs sama explained this whole situation.

Saying he wanted to record his cute little sister and saying that he wanted me to continue recording her grown up stage.

She was as mad as she could ever be. Not only that, her body was shaking furiously.

“…Rias. What’s wrong?”

Sirzechs sama was confused at her sister’s reaction. Just then, her anger exploded on both of us.

“Onii sama you jerk! Ise you idiot! If only Ise had asked me….Onii sama you have to do all this just to….I don’t know about onii sama but if it was you……”

Buchou glared at me. In her eyes, there were hints of tears….

And she walked out of the room quickly.

“Ah, Rias onee sama!”

Asia followed her.

“H. Hey, so I’m not allowed?”

Hearing [I don’t know about onii sama] was so shock to Maou sama.

“No you can’t.”

Ku. There was another person’s voice! Looking at the direction of the voice, there was a silver haired maid with a dangerous aura all over her body! Grayfia san! W. When did she arrive?!

“Sirzechs sama, I heard everything. Now, let’s go back.”

Grayfia san grabbed Sirzechs sama’s clothes. Underneath her, there was already a magic circle.

“I. I’m in the wrong, please forgive me, Grayfia.”

“I’ll hear your excuses back in the mansion. We can wait right?”

Grayfia san was emitting a tremendous force and Sirzechs sama went pale.

Please reflect on your mistake Sirzechs sama. I will leave him to Grayfia sama. So now, Buchou….

“Issei san, you have something to tell the lady right?”

“Yes! I have to apologize to her”

Yes, I have to apologize to her! Even if it was Sirzechs sama that made me do it, it’s true that I tried to take videos of the sleeping face of Buchou without her permission.

I’m such a terrible servant! I must have hurt her feelings!

Hearing my reply, Grayfia san gave me a smile.

“Yes, please do. Now, Sirzechs sama. Let’s return to the Underworld with me.”

“Y. Yes, then I’ll leave the rest to you, Ise kun…. But I wonder what will happen to me….”

After seeing them off, I quickly went to my room.

The door was wide open. When I looked inside, I saw a bed sheet budged in the middle. Buchou must be inside there.

…I was careless, and was enjoying it a bit too much. This is the worst! My indecent mind must have hurt Buchou’s feelings!

“…I’m sorry.”

I apologized and moved towards the bed.

“Even if I got involved with Sirzechs sama’s hobbies I was insensitive…. Trying to take picture of Buchou’s face while you were sleeping…. But please hear me out.”

I told her my feeling.

“It was such a cute face! It’s so cute that… I understand Sirzechs sama’s feelings… I still want to sleep with you.”

I continued. I didn’t think I should stop. I had to tell her my true feeling. Even if I am still going to get told off by her later,  I still want to tell her the truth!

“I think of us as a family. When we are together, I can relax. And I want to sleep together. That’s not because… ah, maybe it’s sexual… wait, what am I saying…? I mean… the sensation when we hug maybe….”

This isn’t good! My thought is going the wrong way! Come on!

“I want to sleep together with you! Please show your cute face only to me! Please, let’s sleep together!”

I told her my true feelings! Haaaa. If this wasn’t enough… then I’ll apologize tomorrow as well! Then my feeling will definitely reach her!

Buchou moved a little. And she slowly showed her face……


I was so surprised at the face that came out of the bed sheet that my eyes might have popped out!

“…I… I didn’t think…. Issei senpai… thought of me like that….”

It was a cross dressing kohai, Gasper!

Why is this guy here?! Gasper blushed not knowing my surprise.

“I appreciate the words but this is the first time…. And we are both boys as well….”

Stop it Gasper! you are cute outside but you are still a guy! I’m not interested in guys!

“W. What are you doing here?!”

“….I. I decided that I will sleep here tonight…. I can sleep anywhere as long as I have my box…. So I’m currently using an empty room here….”

I didn’t know that! When did you decide?!

That’s right! This guy and Koneko are friends! If he played with her until late night and decided to sleep here, it won’t be that weird! But why is he here?

“I. I couldn’t sleep well… s. so I wondered if Issei senpai was still awake…. But no one was here and there was only a big empty bed…. So I was curious how soft these beds were…”

So he came while I was caught and was at the top floor. I thought Buchou came back here!

Gasper said in strong voice like he made a decision.

“I. If I’m alight, I will sleep with you… b. but please don’t do strange things to me… I’m a guy….”

“I’m not gonna do it even if you ask me. You idiot!”

Ahhhhhh! I can’t believe it! he’s gravely mistaken!


There was a sound of something dropping behind me. When I turned around, it was Buchou and Asia standing in front of the door! On the floor was a tray full of snacks!

“…Ise, what is going on here….?”

Her eyes started to twitch and emitted dangerous aura!

“B. Buchou! Asia! Where were you both?!”

“We went to the kitchen. Rias onee sama said ‘I want to relieve my stress by eating some snacks’”

Asia filled me in the detail! My god! Kitchen?! So she was relieving some stress by eating some snacks! So she didn’t come straight back to the room!

Buchou’s body started to shake and glared at me with a killing intent.

“Onii sama and now Gasper! I’m going to interrogate you until morning so be prepared Ise!”


At the end, I had to apologise until the morning to get rid of all the misunderstandings.

I think I’m going to pass on being part of Sirzechs’ sama’s hobby. But I have this feeling that I’m going to be messed around a lot.

Grayfia san, Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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