Competition, money saving and consumers. Case of Crunchyroll

This is rough piece of writing I though I would write quickly. Don’t be too mindful about it (not that people will care)


Competition, it’s something that humans always like. We always want to show off and prove that we’re better than other person, people or a group. It’s also encouraged innovation between companies. Competition is there so that consumers get a choice. Oh you don’t like this brand of tea? Go get another company’s tea. Oh you don’t like this phone from Samsung, apple, htc or sony? Don’t worry; there are hundreds of companies who want your money.

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Good Bye, Fall 2016

Warning, this article hasn’t been edited by anyone, so things may not make sense at times.

Well what a crazy year has it been? It was a year of elections that threw not only one, but two countries off their expectations, year of many old celebrity deaths and most importantly, the year where Nekopara kickstarter have managed to fulfil their goal within an hour of them starting. Well if we know one thing about internet, it’s that we do love cats.

Well it’s not like any of those matters to me right…? (Angrily looks at Brexiters god damn it) what really matters is anime that I’ve watched this season. and I have to say compared to last season there have been very interesting shows that has been airing which I have (surprise surprise) not watched. Really I need to catch up on Re:Zero and Mob Psycho! Damn it’s hard finding time to watch these. Well with that said, here are list of anime I’ve watched this past season. just go easy on me please L

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PEA and what they are doing to CS GO Pro Scene.

Sorry about this rant. Inou Battle translation will come out either later today or tomorrow!

I don’t normally talk about things beside from anime in this blog of mine, let’s be honest, people aren’t normally interested in anime posts anyway. But there are times where something happens that makes me want to either vent my frustration out or just want people to listen to what I’ve got to say just like my last non-anime post.

There aren’t many things I’m passionate about in this world, and of few things I do truly care one of them is CS GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive), a tactical FPS game created by Valve. I wasn’t much of a gamer but this one game has caught my attention long enough for me to be absorbed into it. And after about 6 months of playing the game I found out about a Pro Scene behind this very game. And it was beautiful.

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Good Bye summer 2016


Three months… it sounds like it’s very long time but when you actually live through it you feel like there isn’t just enough time in the world to do everything you want, especially when that thing you want to do is watching anime and indulge yourself in otaku lifestyle. Even though university left me with near 4 months of holiday I ended up being too busy with various events during summer to properly indulge myself in anime, but at the same time I also think this season was one of the most lukewarm season in a long time for me so I guess I didn’t miss much at all. There were many shows that made me curious such as Mob Psycho 100, but for some reason and another I wasn’t able to get to that show. I mean, I still need to watch Re:Zero that I promised to marathon when It finish, then again it could be that I’m mostly interested in Slice of Life shows nowadays. Oh well, let’s see what happens. On the subject of anime and such, it seems like two of the most prominent Shounen Jump manga Bleach and Nisekoi has finally ended… Wow I thought I would never say that in my life time, yes Bleach has ENDED! What gives? Now we just wait for One piece to finish… in probably 40 years’ time with Fairy Tail ending just before then. Oh course I’m exaggerating a bit but it was real shocker that now only 1 out of the Big Three remains; and now we wait patiently for even that to finish.

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FUNimation X Crunchyroll best ship ever?!




If you guys haven’t heard already, massive news has come out on 8th September. FUNimation and Crunchyroll, two major anime streaming services have now gone into partnership where they will help and share their licenses with each other to bring more content to anime fans in west.

Crunchyroll is one of the biggest, if not the biggest legal anime streaming site there is, with countless amount of shows available to watch in Sub depending on the region, whereas FUNimation is known for their excellence in Dub releases and home video releases. This partnership allows both companies to use their expertise and their strength to bring best possible experience for us anime watchers without making us worry about whether Crunchyroll or FUNimation will get the streaming rights. Let’s be honest, subscribing to two streaming site for anime is not cheap but previously without resorting to illegal means we weren’t able to watch some shows if you only subscribed to one service. Now with this partnership there will be one less headache for anime fans… that’s the hope anyway.

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Why PC gaming is NOT way too hard.


Get ready for very long rant. Also part of this might sound like I’m bragging about my computer and i do apologies for that.


This is not usual post that I make on this blog. Usually I make post on things like my translations, list of animes I’ve watched through the season and other otaku-shit that I want to write about, just because they are things I like and to share with others if possible however small the audience might be. (Even then, thank you guys for sticking with me.)

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Good Bye, Spring 2016


I’m not particularity proud of this article, and I wasn’t originally going to release it, but longer I didn’t publish it, more it bothered me. I’m sorry about that but i had to release it for my own sake.

Oh my, is this that time of the year already? I just can’t believe that half of year has already passed, let alone that I have (hopefully) finished my second year of University. This is crazy.

With me hopefully going up to 3rd year of study at University, new chapter of Spice and Wolf sequel to look forward to, waiting for steam summer sale to totally ruin my wallet with games that I will never get to play, and DX2 for me and Alexis to translate, this summer seems to be good one and I can’t wait for it to start. But before that, as usual, I’ve got some list of anime that I’ve watched over the course of spring, in hopes that if nothing less, anime + booze will keep me from going insane with all the troubles of exam.

Now, as always, this is not a review, but my humble opinion so with that, let’s gets to it.

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FunimationNow, will it keep me subscribed?



EDIT 17/06/2016: It seems like if nothing else, Funimation’s customer service and PR is quite great. People have been receiving emails about their reduced fee for next month subscription for current subscribers due to disruption in their service last weekend. Great job on that, credits where credits due.



If people haven’t heard of them, Funimation is one of biggest anime licensing/broadcasting company in western world. If you are a fan of dubbed anime, the chances are that dub has been done by Funimation. They also license their show in subs and make them available in DVD and Blu-ray (if I remember correctly.) It is also broadcaster of one of my guilty pleasure Highschool DxD in western world (although I believe they are censored during broadcast.) But only problem they had was that they were only available in American continent, and as anime watcher across Atlantic  ocean, only way I could watch shows that have been licensed by Funimation has been either hoping other distributors such as Crunchyroll and Daisuki will simulcast them, or watching videos that have been done by the fan sub groups.

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