FunimationNow, will it keep me subscribed?



EDIT 17/06/2016: It seems like if nothing else, Funimation’s customer service and PR is quite great. People have been receiving emails about their reduced fee for next month subscription for current subscribers due to disruption in their service last weekend. Great job on that, credits where credits due.



If people haven’t heard of them, Funimation is one of biggest anime licensing/broadcasting company in western world. If you are a fan of dubbed anime, the chances are that dub has been done by Funimation. They also license their show in subs and make them available in DVD and Blu-ray (if I remember correctly.) It is also broadcaster of one of my guilty pleasure Highschool DxD in western world (although I believe they are censored during broadcast.) But only problem they had was that they were only available in American continent, and as anime watcher across Atlantic  ocean, only way I could watch shows that have been licensed by Funimation has been either hoping other distributors such as Crunchyroll and Daisuki will simulcast them, or watching videos that have been done by the fan sub groups.

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