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When i posted on Highschool DxD subreddit that me and my friend was translating the Light Novel, i’ve received a concern from someone. the person’s message was

while it’s a good thing you chose to do something like this, it would be for best if you refrained from this in the future. Code-Zero might take this as a threat and stop translating altogether (he’s nearly done that before, but for a different reason)

Me and my friend would like to say that we fully understand the concern regarding this.

When we started the translation, we intended this to be a fun thing we do when we have time and nothing else. we weren’t trying to compete with Code Zero, or anything else of that nature. we just wanted to see the series that we both like grow.

We really do hope that Code Zero continues to translate DxD. we are both fan of his works and i’m sure many others are as well. Also, since i can’t get my hands on Korean version of Volume 19, this will be the only translation work we’ll be doing.

If Code Zero would like us to stop and leave the translation work to him, we will gladly do so.

lastly. unless he wishes to, the translation that we have done will not be going on Baka Tsuki as we strongly believe that Code Zero’s version will be more suitable and much more accurate to our version.

Highschool DxD Vol. 18 Life 3



This is Korean To English Translation.

We are fairly new to translation so this translation will most likely be shit. it is probably a better idea if you wait for Code Zero’s translation.

But if you can’t wait. enjoy 🙂

Unless he (Code Zero) wishes to, the translation that we have done will not be going on Baka Tsuki as we strongly believe that Code Zero’s version will be more suitable and much more accurate to our version.

Translator: daniel yang

Editor: Alexis138

We (DxD) and the members of the “Brave Saints” have gathered inside the frontline base of First Heaven.

In the centre of the room, we were being shown the situation of each floor through a live broadcast.

Evil dragons are attacking everywhere! The enemies infiltrated the Second, Third and the Fourth Heaven and are fighting against an army of Angels!

One of the Brave Saints reported, “The enemies have completely taken control of the Third 『Heaven』 where human souls reside in!”

A giant, floating city was visible on the screen.  The Third Heaven was said to be enormous but how did Agreas appear out of nowhere?!

The evil dragons are coming out of Agreas!

From the screen, we also recognised some familiar faces.

“…Ladon, Walburga of the Purple Flames and even Crom Cruach!”

Evil Dragon Ladon and Witch Walburga were going wild as they were defeating the angels everywhere!

Only Crom Cruach was showing no interest in fighting as he effortlessly avoided the attack from the Angels.

While watching the screen, I questioned, “How the hell did Qlippoth get here? Unlike the Underworld, Heaven is surely not a place where you can just force your way in?”

I thought that, unlike the Underworld where there were several more ways to get in, the ways to get into Heaven were limited.

Suddenly, someone familiar came into view and answered my question.

“…probably through Hell…”

It was Azazel sensei, who is currently in the human world.

“How is it down there, Azazel?”

Rias asked

Sensei just shook his head.

“All the passages to Heaven are blocked from here as well so I don’t think we’ll be able to bring in reinforcement anytime soon.”

Like sensei said, the door to the human world was closed and we could not open it here. It seems like it was impossible from there as well.

“Is the cause still unknown?”

Sister Griselda nodded her head.

“Yes, the Seraphs are currently investigating the cause but they are also busy trying to prevent the enemies from reaching level 7. On top of that, all the lifts are not functional at the moment.”

The power of the barrier that is protecting the 『System』 at the seventh floor was increased because if that floor gets captured, it will be over for all of us.

Not only the Sacred Gear, but the Heaven and the root of the Religion will also collapse. I don’t even want to imagine what will happen after!

“Sensei! What do you mean by Hell…?”

I asked, seeking an answer from Sensei.

“There are only limited ways to get to Heaven. They can either advance through the proper procedure like you guys or they can die and get accepted to Heaven. They can even get through using other locations.”

Having heard this, Sister Griselda realised something.

“—The Limbo or the Purgatory!?!”

Sensei nodded

“Yes it is different from Heaven or the Underworld because while Heaven and the Underworld are places where people arrive to after they are dead, the Limbo as well as the Purgatory are reserved for people who died with circumstances.

Regardless of whom the person is, his or her sin is cleansed upon arrival to one of those places and is sent to Heaven. The Limbo or the Purgatory therefore, pretty much becomes the door to get to Heaven. Surely, you guys already knew that?”

Sensei looked at us.

“In the church, the Limbo or the Purgatory is also called 「Hades」. God in the bible is said to have created those two places based on Hell. Well, this is all a theory though. On the other hand, the God of Hell, Hades, might know how to get to the Limbo or the Purgatory.  Maybe he managed to create a way.”

An Angel appeared with a report.

“A report came in! We have confirmed that the door from the Purgatory to the third Heaven was breached!”

–! Sensei’s theory was spot on!

Damn it! Did Hades allied with Qlippoth? That is likely; he hated the Angels as well as the Fallen Angels! He must have hated Heaven as well!

Even if the leader of Qlippoth is the son of the old Lucifer, it’s most likely that he has assisted the terrorists if he is able to cause havoc here.

“I’ve heard a report that the Legendary Evil Dragon, Apophis, joined Hades after he was resurrected by the Holy Grail.”

Sister Griselda said.

“From the legend, Apophis is a dragon who was affiliated with Hades, so it isn’t anything unexpected. However, would Hades have assisted them without any benefits to him? It’s not been that long ago since he received a warning from Brother and Azazel.” Rias spoke.

Hades was in trouble for cooperating with the Hero Clan and he did make Sirzechs sama and Azazel sensei furious. Michael san was also disappointed by it so it is not wise to do something like scheming against the large 3 factions this soon.

“……latest information we’ve got from Euclid is that some of the Legendary Evil Dragons is starting to not be under the control of Rizevim. They are Crom Cruach, Azi Dahaka and Apophis. These three…well…they apparently made a deal.”


“Yes. 「if you agree with the condition, I’ll let you go.」 or something like that. We don’t know the specific detail but the deal probably is something along the lines of 「it doesn’t matter which side, make a contract with God」. I don’t know about the other two but Apophis probably made a contract with Hades. Through that contract, Qlippoth attained information on how to get to Heaven from Hades. That is what I think.”

….That’s unacceptable….!

“Qlippoth will say 『we’ve let go of Apophis and the others』 or 『they escaped』 as their excuse and will tell us that the escaped dragons made a contract with God on their own.  Hades will probably say that he just made a contract with a stray Dragon and he didn’t cooperate with Qlippoth]! The three factions will not believe it. Right?!”

I shouted.

Just because Hades got himself an Evil Dragon by his side, that doesn’t mean cooperation between Hades and Qlippoth will be allowed by the three factions.

 “…I know. However that’s only a theory for now. We will try to open the gate to heaven from our side. You guys also try to open the gate on your side as well.” Sensei said while narrowing his eyes toward me.

The “Brave Saints” nodded and went back to carry on with their task.

“What is their objective?”

Xenovia questioned while frowning.

“Could it be the 『System』?”

Asia asked but Sensei shook his head.

 “It’s not that easy. First of all, nobody but the Seraphs can enter that place. If something else were to get in there, it would teleport them forcefully to another location. But we don’t know what they will do. It is therefore necessary for Michael to increase the defence up there.”

“You sound like you had an experience like this before.”

Sensei replies,

 “Well….. I got blasted over to the border of the Human world. I just wanted to have a look at the system of the Sacred Gear but God was not pleased about that.”

“So are they targeting the main HQ on the Sixth floor?”

I took a guess but Sensei also discarded my theory.

 “Get there and then what? Annihilate the Seraphs? Well, they can always try to take that action but if all the Seraphs team up, they won’t leave unscathed.”

“You mean they have a different objective?”

 “Yes because even with their current forces, the floors that they are able to get up to is limited.”

“What about the Fifth floor, where you used to be? Is it not now a laboratory?”

“What? To get to the Fifth floor so that they can steal the cards of the「Brave Saint」? Well, they might be interested in the studies that are being researched in Heaven right now.”

Sensei asked Sister Griselda,

 “Griselda, how is the Tree of Life on the third floor and the Tree of Knowledge on the fourth floor?”

“Both trees are in great health, but fruits have not been produced by them for a long time. They have stopped producing fruits after the Lord, Jesus, died.”

Having heard this, Sensei started to wonder as he was deep in thoughts.


“「Qlippoth」 is the opposite of the Tree of life and they are the terrorists who are named after it. It wouldn’t be weird if that is their target. With the fruits of those Trees, they can release the seal on 666 faster as well.  Using that, they can also negotiate with beings who hate us who are on the level of a God.”

While we were pondering about the enemy’s objective, a new image came through.

That person who possessed the Ama-no Murakumo-no-Tsurugi was walking through the fifth floor!

Looking at that image, Sister Griselda frowned.

“That’s not good. That’s where we moved Governor Shidou for the final stage of the treatment!”


Everyone was shocked!


Irina shouted after watching the broadcast.

That person is definitely targeting Irina’s Dad! If we don’t take actions now, that guy will—

“—let’s hurry! We can’t just sit here and do nothing! We are the DxD, anti-terrorist team! Let us get rid of the evil dragons while we are going up!”

Rias shouted and she said to Irina immediately,

“Irina, you go to Fifth floor! We’ll clear the path for you!”

After hearing that, Irina nodded while in tears.

“Yes! I’m the Ace of Michael sama! I’m going to defeat the evil dragons and save papa!”

We don’t know the enemy’s objective but it seems like our objective is straight forward and easy to understand! Let us defeat the intruders and save Irina’s father!

 “I will send in reinforcement as soon as the door is open! All of you must be careful!”


In order to get to the Fifth floor, we need to go past the doors on every single floor.

The enemy unfortunately already invaded the third floor, took control of the door to the second floor, the door to the fourth floor as well as the back door of the fourth floor.

Currently we are invaded by the enemy from the second to the fifth floor! The Sisters and the Angels believed that the forces of Heaven are able to just repel the attack on the second floor since the second floor is closer to the first floor where the HQ is situated.

Qlippoth however have the advantage from the third to the fifth floor.

Since Michael sama and a few other Seraphs are defending the sixth floor, the enemy were not able to invade that floor. We received a message that they headed towards the fifth floor with their servants.

The number of Evil Dragons here nevertheless is definitely higher than the amount that we fought back in Auros Academy. Since we don’t expect any reinforcement, we needed to defeat all the Evil Dragons with the remaining forces that are available.

Due to the lift having stopped working, we had to progress through every floor in order to advance. We charged from the second floor entrance towards the entrance of the third floor.

The second floor is filled with darkness as this is apparently where they observe Stars and confine Angels who sinned.

It was so dark that one would doubt whether they are in Heaven. Even so, it wasn’t total darkness since stars were shining. It does not matter whether the place was totally dark as we, being Devils, would be fine seeing things in dark.


While we were blasting the evil dragons away, we saw the 『Brave Saints』 fighting the evil dragons as they were forming their formations.

“Let’s go! 『Brave Saints』! Get into the Full House Formation!”


Angels according to their sets flew up into the sky and started to fill the sky with brightness. A powerful aura is suddenly emitted and we were able to feel it even all the way here.

Having assembled the Full House Formation, the 『Brave Saints』 pounced towards the hordes of evil dragons and defeated them! The evil dragons were mass produced, but they were still very powerful. Even so, the Brave Saints were able to blast away several evil dragons at once.

One of the Brave Saints commanded his fellow Angels,

“Team up with those in the same suit and defeat the dragons in one go!”

““““Straight Flush!””””

Sister Griselda stopped and said to us,

“I will stay and command the lines here!”

Sister Griselda, as well as taking command, also warned the 『Brave Saints』,

“Be cautious when you’re using the strong sets! It drains your physical and mental power!”

We were within the sight of the entrance to the third floor but there was a figure in the shadows that was blocking our way and he was emitting a dangerous aura.

“Oh my, it’s been awhile.”

Ladon has appeared!

Accompanying him were squads of evil dragons, blocking the entrance!

“I would appreciate it if you can entertain me for a bit.”

He was always trash talking but it seems like he meant it actually this time. The dark aura surrounding him was expanding more and more. His eyes were burning red! Suddenly we were trapped in a bubble like cell!

It was the seal that could regenerate itself over and over again! The fight before was difficult because of this! Now, not only me, but my friends are trapped as well!


“Damn it”

Kiba and Xenovia tried to break the barrier with their swords but they weren’t able to keep up with the regeneration power of the barriers.

If we keep wasting our time on him, Irina’s dad will be….

Irina became more anxious and started to go wild with Hauteclaire, which she received from her dad.

“Hey! Let me go! If I don’t, papa will…!”

However, in spite of her effort, Ladon’s barrier kept regenerating itself over and over again.

“No choice then, we have to destroy the source of it.”

Light came out from the Rias’s hand. It seems like she is about to use Extinguished Star! That will be able to destroy both the barrier and Ladon. But, he isn’t just going to let it happen.

“Nope, that won’t do.”

The eyes of Ladon lightened up and Rias’s hand was covered within his barrier! With that, the Power of Destruction also disappeared from her hand. Fighting him with the power type is too hard because he’s just sealing away all of our powers!

When I was about to put on my armour…

…a strip of light came into contact between us and Ladon!

At that moment, the barrier that was trapping us disappeared.

Our attention was on the light that struck the ground and I saw a spear.

“–Still using brute force? Greetings, Sekiryutei and the Gremory servants.”


We were all surprised at his arrival. In front of us was a young man dressed in Chinese styled clothes. He pulled out the spear from the ground and tapped his shoulder with it while standing in front of Ladon.

Ladon narrowed his eyes and said

“What an interesting development. Holy Spear…….”

The Holy spear, one of the Longinus, appeared in front of us in the form of the True Longinus. Just like last time during the battle at Auros Academy, the spear appeared from the sky.

This time though, its owner also appeared with it.

“–Cao Cao!”

The man that appeared in front of us is the ex-leader of the Hero Faction, Cao Cao! We’ve heard that he descended into Hell after losing to us, but eventually came back and went under the command of Sakra.

I asked loudly,

“What are you doing here…?”

Cao Cao was wearing an eye patch and gave an unpleasant smile as he was answering my question,

“I was thinking that I should go and hunt down the evil dragons. Like them, I used the path from the Purgatory”

Did he find the path while in Hell?

Cao Cao pointed his spear towards Ladon.

Ladon then gave a disturbing laugh

“…So… the person who is said to be most powerful Longinus user appeared.”

“I’ll take this one. Sekiryutei, defeat the enemy like you defeated me if you are a hero…” he said to me

Cao Cao pointed his spear at the door this time.


Having seen that, Ladon laughed

“Oh my…For a Holy Spear to interfere….”

Rias gave me a command,

“Ise! Asia! Xenovia! Go with Irina! We will take this place!”

“Like Ladon said, someone who was once banished is interfering. Consider yourself lucky.” Cao Cao said after Rias.

Is this what they call an unexpected luck?! It is pretty likely that if Rias, the DxD members, and Cao Cao join forces, they can defeat Ladon and all the evil dragons!

I gave a look towards Asia, Xenovia and Irina. Those three nodded their head and I told Cao Cao quickly,

“You better not lose after that fancy entrance.”

He just smiled and fired a light beam towards the evil dragons. There was a massive explosion and groups of the evil dragons were instantly blown away! His power really is not something to mess with.

Spinning his spear, he said confidently,

“I lost because I was foolish and I underestimated humans. I don’t need Medusa’s eye or Chaos break. I just need to take pride being a hero as well as a human and this Holy Spear. I decided not to underestimate any dragons ever again.”

Wow… Frightening. The only reason why I was able to win against him before was because he was relying on a power that didn’t belong to him and that became his weakness. Now, I can only feel an uncomfortable aura around him.

“Rias! Everyone! I’ll leave it to you guys!”

I yelled loudly to everyone and I made my way with Asia and Xenovia as well as Irina to the third floor.

As I was progressing, Cao Cao murmured just loud enough so only I was able to hear him,

“The beings that always have the power to defeat monsters are 『Human』.”