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DxD DX Vol 1 translation project life 3 Final Edition.docx This is PDF version of Life 3

Translator: daniel Yang

Editor/QC: Alexis138

Life 3. Stop! Yuuto kun!

My name is Gasper Vladi.

That day, when I opened my eyes…. The world in front of me was quite different from usual.

After spending a day at school, I noticed that everyone’s gender had swapped except for me. The male classmates became female while the female classmates became male.

In this very bizarre situation, only I … have not had my gender changed. I am still a guy. Hmm, I wonder why? And also, why am I the only person in this strange world?

When I went to ORC after class…. There were a bunch of guys there!

“Ah! Gasper, you are finally here!”

I recognised the scarlet haired bishounen instantly! It was Rias Buchou! Wow, I can’t believe you are this handsome after you turn into a guy – tall figure, scarlet hair and deep blue eyes! I couldn’t take my eyes off that face as it is a face that even a guy would fall in love with.

“Ah, would you like some tea too, Gasper?”

It was a cool onii sama with dark hair! I. Is he Akeno san? Wow, you look and act so cool!

“Oi, Gasper. If you are a man, act like a man. Or do you want me to slice you in half?”

“Hey, Xenovia kun. What about you? You always laze around, don’t you?”

Also present was a wild looking onii sama with his hair that is partially dyed green and next to him was another onii sama, but this golden haired onii sama is more calm and composed. D. Don’t tell me… are they Xenovia senpai and Asia senpai?!

Wow! It seems Xenovia senpai became an athletic person with a six-pack! He was sitting on the sofa in a wild position and had a lazy expression on his face. Asia senpai, on the other hand, became more tender-looking while also having thinner facial features!

“Xenovia! Asia! I got a hold of that manga we were talking about before! Look at this [Samurai Vatican]! Oda Nobuna, who we all thought had died, transferred to Vatican and went wild!”

That brown haired guy must be… Irina senpai? You are still lively when you are a guy.

“Ohh, well done, Irina.”

“Thanks, Irina kun.”

While listening to these three, it seems the names must be the same.

Does that mean Koneko became a guy too? I wonder how Koneko, who looks just like a baby cat, would look like when she becomes a guy. Surely she must have turned into a cute little guy? I haven’t really looked around much so this bothers me a bit.

When I looked around… [crunch!] [Crunch!] I could hear a strange noise.

Having found the source of the noise…I saw that a…a…a giant man! He has a pair of cat ears and a tail…. D. D. Don’t tell me…..

The cat-eared guy looks like he’s about 2 meters tall and he was also eating something, which from my point of view, looked like a T bone. He was using his strong looking jaws and teeth…

Looking at that, Buchou walked towards him and talked to him while laughing.

“Eating bones again? Aren’t you eating too much protein and calcium? Dieneko sama?”

Ku…. D. Dieneko… .sama?

Don’t tell me…. That guy with a large build is… Koneko?! Not only that, Buchou is referring him as ‘sama’!?!

… His fingers are really thick… I was so shocked that my body started to tremble…. My precious friend Koneko turned into….a Giant monster!

“I’m here~.”

Someone came into the club room…

Issei senpai?! And he’s a guy! He hasn’t changed his gender like me! W. What’s going on….?

“Good afternoon.”

The person who came into clubroom with Issei senpai was…a very beautiful woman! I. I wonder who that is…. Her hair is long and looks very soft. Her fingers are slim but what is more noticeable is that she is quite tall, has a nice bust and she definitely seems like the type of girl that Issei senpai likes.

Ah, we made an eye contact. This bishoujo onee sama smiled at me and talked to me.

“Hello, Gasper kun.”

Since the clubroom was full of guys, her smile lit up the room.

“H. Hello…senpai….?”

I don’t know who that was so I decided to call her [senpai]…..after all, only Koneko…Dieneko and I …are considered first years… so I don’t think it’s wrong to call her that…

Buchou looked at Issei senpai and the mysterious woman and said.

“Good, now that Ise and Yumi are here, shall we start the meeting?”


Y. Y. Yumi? I. I. Is she.. Yuuto senpai?!

It’s as shocking as the [Koneko = Dieneko] situation! Yuuto senpai. You are such a beautiful bishoujo here!

Having been astonished by all these surprises, we started the ORC meeting.

“Before the second years go off to their school trip, I think we should choose what to do for a cultural festival.”

The meeting was about the cultural festival which we will be having this fall. I guess the time period is the same as the world where I came from.

But why am I the only one in this world? I wonder if one of the Gods thought, “you will fit in better here than there” and therefore, decided to move me here?

A bigger mystery would however be why hasn’t Issei senpai and my gender changed. Maybe, Issei senpai also came from the other world….

“Oi, Gasper. Pay attention.”

Uuu, I got told off by Buchou. I guess Buchou is strict here as well as back in my world.

“IT must be the Maid café, the Maid café! Let’s bring in girls with big breasts and let’s do a titty maid café! If not, let’s do an ero-cosplay photoshoot!”

Issei senpai said with his hand up enthusiastically. Issei senpai’s erotic tendencies are still the same. That’s a relief; I don’t even want to think about the Issei senpai who’s not always erotic.

“Ah, that’s not bad. Good idea Ise.”

It seems like Xenovia senpai is agreeing with him. I guess now that Xenovia senpai is a guy, he enjoys this kind of thing.

“No way! It’s too indecent!”

Asia senpai blushed and disagreed with the idea. It seems like Asia senpai doesn’t like this kind of things even when he is a guy now.

“But if we can pull it off, we might be able to get a lot of profit”,

Akeno senpai said.

“But the only person out of all of us who can actually be a maid is Yumi.”

When Irina senpai said that, everyone looked at Yumi….Yuuto senpai.

“…Hmm if everyone wants me to do it, I might be able to….”

Yumi senpai made a baffled expression but still gave a positive answer. Yuuto senpai couldn’t easily say no when he was a guy so I guess that quality hasn’t changed.

Hearing that, Issei senpai looked at the breasts of Yumi senpai indecently.

“Really?! Yumi in a maid outfit will be amazing… Ehehehe. I’m expecting a costume that exposes those breasts a lot!”

“R. Really….? Since Ise kun wants to see it, should I wear it….?”

Yumi senpai blushed after hearing from Issei senpai. I. I don’t think she hates it in particular.

“Looks like it’s going a bit off topic … Dieneko sama restrain if you please.”

When Buchou asked, Dieneko sama got off his chair.

[“Yes. Boss”] (In English)

In English?! When I thought that, Dieneko sama grabbed Issei senpai with his large hands and flung him backward. T. This is one of the pro wrestling techniques, “back drop”, right?!


Issei senpai banged his head against the floor. More accurately, there was a head stuck in a freshly made hole on the floor! It’s like Issei senpai is growing from the floor.

…I get goose bumps just by watching it.

“Fujiyaba. Sushi. Kaisha.”

Dieneko sama was murmuring Japanese words while chewing on his bones at the same time…. Is he really the Koneko from this world…? He‘s completely different!

“Ise kun!”

Yumi senpai pulled Issei senpai from ground and nursed him on her lap. It seems like Yumi senpai is worried about Issei senpai a lot.

“Buchou, don’t be too harsh on Ise kun. If it’s fine, I will wear that maid outfit.”

Yumi senpai said to Buchou while brushing Issei senpai’s hair.

“Yumi, you spoil Ise too much… well, I’m not going to interfere in personal affairs.”

When Buchou said this seriously, Yumi senpai’s face went red quickly. S. So, it’s that kind of relationship then…?

“I. I’m… That’s….”

Yumi senpai’s face went stiff while blushing. So Yumi senpai had feelings for….

The culprit, Issei senpai, is still unconscious.

“Really, why did you fall for a guy like Ise. There are a lot of other handsome guys in here….”

Xenovia san complained because it makes no sense.

“Well, I think they suit each other.”

“That’s right, Ise needs a woman like Yumi who’s straight to the point.”

It looks like Asia senpai and Irina senpai approve of the relationship of those two.

“Ara. Rias, it looks like romance is blooming in our club?”

“Well, it’s a relationship between my proud servants. I don’t have any complaints as the ‘king’”

Akeno san and Buchou was looking out for them too. It seems like the relationship has gone further in this world than the other one. It’s actually quite enjoyable.

It’s refreshing to see Yumi senpai surrounded by bishounen guys so this is very fun!

Buchou dry coughed and went back to the main topic.

“Now, about the cultural festival…. Cosplay…Maid café…I don’t think they are bad ideas but the only female in our club is Yumi. Yumi has her charms but it’s not possible to let her handle everything. We are very short handed.“

“It’s your fault for gathering only male servants. Did you not think that we should have added some beautiful flowers to this group before?”

Akeno san snapped at Buchou. Hearing that, Buchou pouted and said,

“Well, I always wanted to command a strong group so I only wanted to make a strong male group. You also nag too much by the way.”

“I’m your [Queen] so I think by nagging, I’m doing my job properly.”

“Uuu, you really are a master when it comes to talking back.”

…Huhuhu, those two are interesting in this world too. It seems like even if their gender has been swapped, their replationship is still pretty much the same. Buchou would say something outrageous from time to time and Akeno san would snap at Buchou. They continue to argue for a bit but in the end…

“Well, I can’t go against our leader… I will ask the teachers about the maid café and cosplaying.”

“You are definitely my [Queen]. I love you, Akeno!”

Buchou put his arms around Akeno san’s shoulder and smiled brightly. Look, their opinions match.

At that time, we heard footsteps coming closer to our clubroom.


The person who burst in with such a force was…a black haired woman in a lab coat.

“I have a good idea!”

“W. Wait a second Azazel sensei! Jeez, you are very hard to follow around….”

And there was a silver haired man behind her.

…Azazel sensei? So that woman is Azazel sensei?! So that means that silver haired man behind her is Rossweisse sensei!

“Ah, glad you could join Azazel sensei. We want to do maid café but….”

“You need more females, right? Just wait! I will solve that problem!”

Azazel sensei cut Buchou off midway and said enthusiastically.

“Look at this!”

Sensei took out a switch from her lab coat and pressed it.

Part of the floor opened up! Sensei, you installed these contraptions without us knowing again!

From the floor, a lab bench came out and on top of that…. there was a ray gun that looks like the ones from manga or anime.

Sensei grabbed that and pointed at us.

“This is a gender-changing ray gun! If you get hit by this gun, men will turn into women, and women will turn into men! If we use this, we can turn all the guys of the ORC into bishoujo!”


Hearing that, we applauded sensei.

“That’s an amazing gun! Azazel sensei, you rock!”

Issei senpai somehow recovered and was praising sensei with his eyes full of hope.

“Then as a test… Hya!”


Sensei shot Akeno san. After getting hit, Akeno san’s body slowly changed. By the time light faded, Akeno san has turned back to the person that I remembered as the female Akeno san! Even the uniform changed from the male uniform into the female uniform! The technology of the Fallen Angels really are amazing!


We exclaimed after seeing this.

“A. Akeno… You turned into a bishoujo….”

Buchou said while blushing.

“R. Really? Hmm, where is the mirror….”

Akeno san looked at her reflection on the mirror.

“Dark ponytail… my busts are big too. Since it’s so big, it’s heavy.”

“Oi, Akeno. That’s not how you should speak in that body. Why don’t you speak in a more cultured and mannered way since you look so pretty?”

Buchou suggested.

“Hmm, that won’t be too bad. Hmm, I… My …..name is Himekima Akeno. Everyone, please to meet you. Ufufufu. How about this?”

Woah, it’s pretty much the same Akeno san that I know from my world – not just her looks but how she behaves as well!

“Akeno senpai, so cute!”


“Bishoujos are great!”

“Let’s date~!”

All the guys were excited after seeing Akeno senpai!

“I’m next.”

Xenovia san stepped up. Sensei pointed her gun at him and shot a beam.

After the lights faded, Xenovia san went back to normal.

“Woah, my breasts are big too. Hmm, since I don’t have my dick it feels a bit empty but, it might be easier to move around when I get used to it.”

Indecent words aren’t allowed!

Buchou was up next.

“Then as the leader, shall I become a girl? Sensei, please take care of me well.”

“No worries, Rias!”


Buchou got hit by the beam too… and turned into a beautiful woman with scarlet hair.

Ah, it’s the Buchou I recognise! I think this form is the best!

Buchou looked at herself and played around with her hair.

“Hmm…so I look like this when I become a girl. Long hairs and… my breasts are big too. It looks like I will be popular with the guys. If I was like this, my mother and father might have spoiled me because I’m so cute.”

Buchou laughed while saying that.

“Should I also speak in a more cultured way? Ahem. Hm, Nice to meet you all. I’m Rias Gremory, the next heir of the Gremory family. Now, my adorable servants, let’s participate in a game with me…. How’s this?”

Having heard Buchou, we sighed in admiration. That way of speaking suited her very well.

… but there was one person staring at Buchou with his mouth half opened. It was Issei senpai.

Having seen Issei senpai, Buchou went up to him and waved her hand in front of his eyes.

“Oi, Ise. What happened? Oi.”

After hearing her voice, Issei senpai snapped out of it and grabbed her hands.

“B. Buuuuuchooooouuuuuuuu!”

“W. Why are you shouting all of a sudden…?”

“B. Buchou’s current look! It’s how I imagined my ideal woman! P. Please, go out with me!”

Woah! He just confessed! Even Buchou was so surprised to the point that her eyes went round and round. But it looks like Issei senpai is serious. What will happen now….? This kind of situation never happened in my world!

At that moment, someone approached the perplexed Buchou and excited Issei senpai and…


Someone hit Issei senpai with a  metal beam. After getting hit by the metal beam, Issei senpai collapsed on the floor….. That looks like it hurt….

The person who hit Issei senpai was… Yumi senpai! With her eyes full of tears, she was holding a metal beam.

“Ise kun… You idiot! You said ‘Yumi is my type.’! I don’t want to see you anymore!”

After saying that, Yumi senpai ran out the door.

“Y. Y. Yumi! Wait! This is big misunderstanding! I was seriouse when I said that! Please waaaaiiiiit!”

Ah, Issei senpai ran after Yumi senpai. It looks like their relationship is more complicated here.

At that moment, sensei looked at me.

“..Hey, Gasper. could you come over here for a minute?”

“Yes? W. What is it…?”

Sensei was gesturing at me. The club members were interested in their female bodies so it looked like they weren’t interested in us two.

Sensei took me to the corner of the room and spoke to me in a low voice.

“…Are you, still a man? When they turned into girls, your reaction was weak. Do you still have your memory?”

Sensei spoke like she does in my worl….. Hey! S. Surely!

“…Sensei, you have memory from that world?”

“Well, that’s….”

Sensei scratched his head and confessed.

“My experiment failed and everyone’s gender swapped, even their memories were messed up. I even became a woman as well.”

“S. So it was Sensei’s fault that… !”

Sensei closed my mouth even before I finished.

“…Lower your voice…. Well, yeah, that happened. I’m sorry that you guys always get involved in my mistakes. But even I didn’t think this would happen.”

“Why hasn’t Issei senpai changed?”

“Well, he’s the Sekiryuutei and chichiyuutei. He probably used some unknown oppai power. Well, thanks to that, he’s having fun with Yuuto right now.”

Sensei seems like he’s fine with it even if he’s the culprit.

“What are you going to do? W. We can turn them back right…?”

“Of course. I finished this ray gun and shot them one by one but it seems like their memories didn’t come back.”

“Well, it seems the experiment failed again!”

“I’ll do something about it so don’t be too harsh on me. Right, why don’t you swap your gender while we are at it? Let’s become a woman, you always admire them right?”

Sensei tempted me. That’s right, I do admire them but…. W. What should I do? I do want b, b, breasts….

“I. I want breasts too.”

“Yes, that’s good. I will make you a pair of missile breasts. It can be fired like a missile.”

I just thought about firing missiles! Sensei started to turn diel on the ray gun! It looks like he’s programming the gun! At this rate, my breasts will become a weapon like a missile!

“I don’t need useless things like missile breasts!”

“Really? Then what about a pair of rocket breasts that can take you into Space? They are called the large and pointy rocket breasts, right? I’ll make you a real pair of rocket breasts that will even be able to take you from Earth into space.”

“That’s not that different from a pair of missile breasts! I don’t want to become a space vampire! Since I will be closer to Sun, I’m scared that I will turn into dust!”

I don’t want that! Since I’m a vampire, I don’t want to go to space! If I use a rocket to go to space, it will be like getting grilled by the Sun!

“Seriously, so many nos. Fine, be happy with just being a muscular guy. just become Diegasper like Koneko over there.”

“Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwhat? You mean become that thing that’s chewing on the bone?!”

Just then, I had eye contacts with Dieneko sama.

Crunch! Crunch!

He’s eating the bone with his strong chin and teeth of his! No! The main meals are meat and bones! I. I. I’m a vampire that likes to eat vegetables too! Even if the teeth and having a strong chin are part of a vampire’s life, I still don’t need that kind of things!

Sensei then pointed that ray gun at ……..


…Uuu, someone is calling me…

“Gasper, wake up.”

… when I opened my eyes…I saw a familiar girl. She had a small figure… it was Koneko chan!

“…. K. Konekoooooo!”

I hugged her without thinking. That’s because….

“…Calm down Gasper. What’s wrong? It looked like you were having a nightmare. If you want to, you can talk to me about it.”

Koneko calmed me down while petting my head..Huu, it’s the real Koneko, it’s not Dieneko sama.

I’m glad, it seems like… it was just a dream.

I told her about the dream I just had. Koneko seems to be interested in this and listened to me with her ears up.

It seems like I came to the clubroom early and fell asleep, and had a weird dream during that period… it seemed like sensei’s words were true, but I’m glad it was just a dream.

When I looked around, the others arrived and were talking to each other.

I’m glad it’s normal.

Just then, I heard some kind of crunching noise. I hesitated and looked for the source of the noise…..

Koneko was eating a bone off the T-bone steak!

“…it felt like I didn’t have strength in my jaw so I’m eating these to train it.”

Noooooo! S. Stooooop! Koneko! You will turn into Dieneko sama!

The door opened and someone came in.

“Oi, you guys! I invented something interesting this time!”

It was Azazel sensei! Thank goodness he’s a guy. In his hand… he was holding a ray gun.

“This is a ray gun that shoots a ray which allows gender-swapping. It turns guys to girls and girls to guys.”

Issei senpai was excited while listening to sensei.

“Really?! Wow! Azazel sensei you rock! Come on Kiba! Get hit by it quick!”

“What? Me?”

Yuuto senpai pointed at himself. Sensei then aimed the gun at Yuuto senpai.

“Ok, Kiba. Become a girl. Well, don’t worry. I’m not going to fail this time.”

…………..AH, [This time]?….. T. That means….

Sensei and my eyes met. Sensei made a cheeky smile!

“You know what I mean right, Gasper?”


That night, I couldn’t sleep for various reasons.

By the way…

After seeing the female Yuuto senpai, the excited Issei senpai was subdued by Buchou and Akeno senpai who both turned into a man.

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