Good Bye, Autumn 2015


Wow, this season felt like it had only started last week or so! Maybe that means I had fun, or maybe it just means I was so busy with work I didn’t even notice that time has gone by this fast. Well anyway, with that said. It seems like I watched quite a decent amount to anime considering I had University taking most of my free time, mainly thanks to University Anime (Shoutout to Southampton University Anime Club!) Considering one of the shows I’ve been watching has already finished, I thought I would write quick post about what I’ve been watching from this season. Most of them are already in this post but thanks to recommendations from fellow otakus, there are some new entries, and oh boy, was it great?!


Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka??



As second season goes, this show provides everything that I expected from the start. As far as Slice of Life Moe shows go, I guess you can’t go wrong with the setting right? For those who don’t know, story is set in fictional town where anything and everything is at least somewhat related to Rabbit as the name suggest. Our main characters in this story are Chino, Cocoa and Ritsu, workers at café Rabbit House, and their friends (I can’t name them all right now. Visit MAL for that.)

And unlike the last season, this season put bit more character development<?> on Chino’s school friends, giving them more screen time (which they defiantly deserves!) Not only that, we get to see where Cocoa’s obsession of being onee-chan, which is quite adorable in itself (Spoilers, she’s quite an adorable imouto!)

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with this season. From the date of writing this, there is one more episode I believe, and I am very much looking forward to that!

P.S: from reddit post, I just realized that their name is actually things you can find easily in café.

Hoto Cocoa (Hot Chocolate)

Kafuu Chino (Cappuccino).



Komori-san wa Kotowarenai!



This is actually a 2 minute short series. English name “Komari-san cannot refuse!” As name suggest, it’s basically a show about how this girl called Komari is so prune to helping other people that she cannot refuse any request (to reasonable degree.)

Well, that’s about it. Yup, that’s the basic premise of the show. I can’t really say much more then that since this show is a short series, there’s not much to say. I’ll tell you what though, the characters there are quite straight forward to understand from the episode 1, which normally I will give flack about if this wasn’t a short series. Since there’s not really much time in this 2 minute show anyway (especially when some of those precious screen time is taken up by intro/ending) I think I can forgive, and actually I like it this way.

P.S, it doesn’t matter how Komari looks, they are still in Secondary (Middle) School!


One Punch Man



Well, I think someone from reddit summed this show up nicely. You remember the feeling you got when you watched Dragonball as a kid? Yeah, I get same feeling as then, just that this show is bit more grown up.

Story revolves around Saitama, a person who’s job is “Hero just for fun.” Anyway, he’s so great at what he does. I mean, just like the name of the show suggest, he normally need just a punch in order to knock out any “reasonable” enemies. That’s in quotation because…. Well you just gotta watch the show to find out.

I personally find that this show has right balance of action, seriousness and comedy. I found that while watching this show, I can be absorbed in its action and sometimes serious moments, and just burst out laughing when comedy kicks in.

Although you might think this is all this shows can offer and dismiss as just another action hero anime but, if you have never seen it before, I cannot recommend you enough to watch this show. Especially when the artist for this series promised that he will be working very hard in order to get another season (Looking at the popularity in west, if they have enough popularity in Japan as well, I will say they will get one.) out, I recommend you at least give this a try. And if I can only recommend you one anime from this season to watch, I can’t recommend you this highly enough.

P.S although I sung praise of this show in the post above, I realize that some people might not actually like this show. Especially if you are not really into these genre.





Wow, just wow. I completely forgot this was a thing until they talked about this in anime club! Although you can forgive me for forgetting that this show exist, it’s been such a long time since I watched the original when I was a kid (I barely remember watching this show as a kid, even then it was old anime.) Now those annoying sextuplet kids are now grown up NEET annoying young adults. And watching their adventure as more grown up is quite entertaining in itself, and subtly jabs at me to become more responsible than those six….

I said that I watched this show when I was a kid, I can barely remember this show at all. So you know what? I went in to this show with no expectation what so ever. And I probably laughed quite a lot waking my house mates up.

Although I want to say more about this show than that, I can’t really sum it up any better, the show itself is episodic so there aren’t any story that I can say much about. Instead, the show focuses on quirks of individual character (well duh, this IS Slice of Life show.)

I’ve gotta give shout out to the first episode though, I haven’t seen so much parody of other shows in single episode.





This is another show that I watched as a kid, and thankfully, I can remember the general story behind this show.

This show focus is in a “normal” family in Japan, I say that in quote since if you watch this show, you will realize very quickly that they’ve got their own little quirks to them. Especially the mother character, and rightfully, the show will mostly focus on the mother character. This is something I have to say that I’m not very much fond of. I know that she is the quirkiest character in the show, but I would have liked to see balanced amount of time on each characters. That doesn’t mean that this show doesn’t focus on other characters, I just would have like to see other character’s life.

Another part that I’m not too sure about is something I didn’t realize it would be problem when I started the show. The voice of the characters. To explain what I mean by that, I need to clearly something.

As people may know if you read my translations, I am originally from Korea, lived there with my family until Year 5 when I moved to England. This means that many anime I’ve watched until then is dubbed in Korean, and thus the voice will be very much different from original Japanese. And nostalgic guy that I am, the Korean voice acting is what I remember from this show, not the Japanese voice. Surprisingly, this difference made me more uncomfortable then it should, the show is same, the characters are same, setting of the story is very much same. Only difference that I can see if that the voice actors are different, and surprisingly this made the show less enjoyable.

Would I still recommend this? Maybe, but I have to say, this is sadly my least enjoyed show this season so far.


Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou


Well, this show is….different.

If you are new to anime scene, then welcome. If you are new, and watched this show and not the original Attack on Titan, stop there and watch the original BEFORE watching this. And you will find that majority of people will find the original much better. After all, this is supposed to be a spin-off from the original show.

Attack on Titan Junior High…. Well, the name says it all. It’s set in modern environment, with all the characters that people love, and much, MUCH less dying (thank God to that.) Instead of titan biting you in half, it will swallow your lunch in a gulp. I guess they are more (?) humane that way.

Here’s the thing though, I think people don’t like this since they compare spin off to the original, which had less cartoony art, more serious plot, and much more action. But the show itself as standalone anime isn’t that all bad! It’s quite funny Slice of Life show that gives me chuckle now and then. I guess this is a show where many people will compare to the original source whatever the case, but honestly if you just watch this show without any expectation and know only the basic idea of what Attack on Titan was, this show is surprisingly fun to watch.


Shinmai maou no Testament Burst



Oh goodness me, we got to this then eh?

Well, if you haven’t watched the first season and if you are offended by harem, naked people…. You know what, just screw it. If you take offense at animated soft core, just run and never look back.

Here is the thing, this show isn’t just consist of plot for sake of plot (although the reason for showing so much plot is bit questionable), but does have interesting back story to it. It is still pushing the boundary of what it can do though, and some people will like it, some people will hate it, and many people  will just don’t really get it.

I watched this, and I enjoyed it, and I hope you guys can forgive me for me saying this but, seriously, I don’t care if this has nudity, borderline hentai scene and such. Why? Because I stop giving a s*** about it long time ago and instead focused on its story. And I guess people may be wondering why I liked the story, because it’s different. I mean, harem anime where there are actually some progress! Do you know how hard to find anime like that?

Obviously, there was some aspect of joke in above statement, but in seriousness, story isn’t half bad, and it had be intrigued all the way though this season. Do I recommend this? Maybe depend on who you are, but all I’m saying is that this show isn’t just about the plot, but also has some aspect of real plot.

P.S to those who compare this anime to Highschool DxD or anything similar, no, just no.


Young Black Jack



Again, another recommendation from my fellow otaku, this show is one I thought I wouldn’t like at all. And I’m glad I had chance to watch this because if I hadn’t, I would have missed on something quite amazing as Young Black Jack.

The setting of this show is during Vietnam War Japan, but this show isn’t about a soldier fighting in the front line, this story follows a story of a young medic student in Japan who brought revolution to medical field with his genius talent. But with this genius talent, he himself is suffering from pain of his past.

Well, I might have made that bit dramatic but that is the basic synopsis of the story that I can give without giving away too much. And so far, the adventure our main character faces are interesting, if not thrilling. No, he doesn’t magically solve everything my trusting his guts that he will be able to do everything by just waving his hand, and he know that. The character himself gets into a tight spot many times and himself is lost for little bit, until he has revelation on idea that he can use to get out of that spot. (Spoiler, although going to Vietnam is on his accord is bit reckless…)

Obviously, he survives all the situation using his knowledge and sometimes, by getting help from someone else unknowingly. However, that is to be expected (I mean, he IS the main character after all. It’s given he won’t die easily if you see his back story anyway.) But the tension that he goes through is thrilling enough to keep me from turning my eyes away. Also, I’m massive nerd who can easily get excited from watching show that’s about a specialty field such as medic. Saying that, I wonder when they are going to make an about Electrical Engineering and make it interesting?

P.S if you are squeamish about watching animated blood, war zone, operation, you should be cautious watching this. Not that it has tons of blood, but operation procedure is shown all the time. Just be warned.


Yuru Yuri San Hai!



Third season of basically Chinatsu having crush on Yui, Yui being that shy but cool kid, Akari being kind yet gullible, and Kyouko being… well, Kyouko  being Kyouko. To be honest, there aren’t much more to say about this season of Yuru Yuri if you watched past two season of it already. It uses same formula that it used for previous seasons and just put new story onto it. I recommend to watch the previous season before starting on this if you haven’t done so and you are into Slice of Life, Yuri (although very slightly) genre. If you’ve already watched previous seasons and liked it, there’s no reason to not watch this one either.


That conclude what I watched and kept up to date with this season. Although there is a chance that I will watch other shows from this season in near future, I doubt I will have time to watch anything until early February (Damn you exam!) hopefully if I’m not lazy, I will write a post on what I might watch this coming season.

Hope everyone have great holiday 🙂

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