Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de Vol.1 Translation Project, Chapter.6 God’s Abandoned Planning Document

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On Baka Tsuki


Part 1



That evening, in my room at home, I was sitting by my desk pondering.

I went home from school, had dinner with my parents and sister, took a shower, and now I’m here.

What I’m thinking about is––

“Maybe I should have used simpler characters for <Dark and Dark> instead?” <TN The simple version uses ‘黒炎’ while the current one is ‘黒焰’>

A problem which is comparable to Fermat’s Last Theorem in terms of challenge and difficulty is troubling me.

When I first thought about it, anything other than ‘黒焰’ wasn’t right. I thought that the charm the ‘焰’ character had was many levels above the ‘炎’ character.

By the way, it’s ‘焰’, not ‘焔’. If the lower right part is not a 臼 character to create the ‘焰’, it’s no good. As a person who have (arbitrarily) inherited the Will of the Flame Alchemist, I cannot let it be any other way.

But since then, half a year has passed.

People grow after half a year. I am not who I was before. That is why, I was thinking using a simple kanji like ‘炎’ may actually be cooler.

… If Tomoyo was here, I feel like she would just make a “Whatever works!” retort with full force, but whatever doesn’t work here.

The name represents the body.

These words are hinting that, in a supernatural battle, the ability name is also very important (probably).

“Alright. I need to see the power myself at times like this. Feels is very important, the feels.”

Standing up, I put my right arm forward.

Concentrating with all my might, I cast my perfected seal removal incantation (which after consideration, I decided to limit the number of ‘chaos’ to one)!

“I am the true ruler of all things chaotic! The abyss––”

“Shut up!”


My sister from the room next door bashed against the wall.

“S-Sorry sis.”

“If you start babbling again, I’ll beat you to death!”

She just threatened to kill me, that sister of mine.

I shiver at the killing intent that I can feel over the wall.

Machi Andou. First year college student. Her looks are ok. Her temper, a disaster.

Because she was born in March, her name became Machi. <TN The pronunciation of March in japanese is Machi>

…I wonder what our parents would do if their children were born in January or February.

They would probably give stupid names like January-kun and February-chan to them.

The wall that separates my room and my sister’s room is thin, so if you are loud even a little bit, the sound will immediately leak over to the other room. That’s why, if I am even a little bit noisy, my sister will immediately bash against the wall.

Really, such an annoying sister.

“Just now, you thought something like ‘such an annoying sister’ didn’t you!” BANG!

“I didn’t! Sorry!”

Is she an esper?! Scary.

Being scared off by her fearsome wall slam i gave up trying to activate my ability and once again started to ponder about the ability name.

Yup, <黒焰> sounds better.

It also feels wrong to change it after all this time.

After deciding so I walked towards the desk. In order to continue living by wearing the false demeanor as highschool boy i need to do my homework every day.


As soon as the bag was opened, I detected something strange.

There are two black notebooks. Taking it out, one was my [Bloody Bible].

The other one was—

“T-This is! [Reverse Crux Record]?!”

Reverse cross, symbol of rebel against the God, drawn right onto the pitch dark cover!

There’s no mistake. This is Kiryuu-san’s black history notebook, which is not a black history notebook, that I saw some days ago.

Why is this book in my bag?

“… Ah, that must be it. Back in the club room, that notebook I put inside the bag in hurry wasn’t my [Bloody Bible], but this [Reverse Crux Record].”

No but, then why in the hell is this book inside our club room. Possibility of Kiryu-san sneaking into our room is quite low…

My head is being filled with many questions, but from overwhelming questions little temptation bloomed.

I want to read it.

I want to read this book that Kiryu-san wrote.

“… Well, i’m sure there’s nothing wrong with reading it. I’ve shown him my [Bloody Bible]. Eye for an eye.”

Falling into temptation so easily, i just simply decided to read the book.

— Are you sure?

Out of nowhere a voice came to my head.

“W-Who are you?!”

I hurriedly looked behind, but no one was there. However the unknown voice continued.

— You cannot go back once you open that [Revered Crux Record]?

“O-Oi! Who’s there?! C-Can’t be, <Dark and Dark>?! You, finally you can make conversation with…”


I shut my mouth at that wall slam. It’s dangerous, wall slam that isn’t followed by any comment is a sign of nee-chan about to explode. Let’s stop with voices in my head scenario.

I took a deep breath and once again, stared at the notebook.

This time, without any hesitation, I opened up the book normally.

I held my breath

“This is—”


Next morning, i took off from home earlier than usual.

As soon as i arrived at school, instead of my classroom, I headed toward the club room. Obviously we haven’t gathered for anything like a morning practice in literature club.

As expected, when i peeped into the room there she was. In embarrassed expression, she was looking for something.

Opening the door, i enter.



At my voice, she… Tomoyo’s shoulder flinched. Stiff like a robot, she turned around.

“A-Ando… What’s up? You’re early toda….”

“Nothing. What about you?”

“M-Me too…”

“I’m gonna prepare some tea. You want some?”

“Ah, yeah…”

Like that, we sat facing each other. After finishing the first cup, I said lightly, like  passing words.

“So you want to become a light novel author?”


Part 2

To begin with the conclusion, the [Reverse Cruz Record] that I’ve brought back from the club room did not belong to Kiryuu-san, to be more precise, that wasn’t [Reverse Cruz Record] to begin with.

That notebook just had the same design as kiryuu-san’s book, but just an ordinary notebook. Of course, since i have never read his notebook, this is all an assumption. However the ‘womanly writing’ that was on that book couldn’t have been Kiryuu-san’s.

Which means the owner of this notebook is highly likely the female who owns notebook of same design of Kiryuu-san, on top of that a person who visits here often.

Kanzaki Tomoyo, only she could be the one.

I now understand why she hid her laptop like that the other day. She must have been writing stuff in club room when nobody was here, then she got into the mood and made that pose in front of the mirror, then i happen to witness that.

“A, Aaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaa……..”

At my words, Tomoyo made some kind of unrecognisable noise. Her face repeatedly turned red and blue, and her mouth kept opening and closing like a goldfish.

“W-W-W-What are you talking…”

“This is yours right?”

I took the notebook out from my bag and showed it to her.

This wasn’t [Reverse Crux Record]. This was…

“This is what they call an idea book right?”


Suddenly, her idea book disappeared.

<Closed Clock> must have been activated. When i was wondering where she would have disappeared to after stopping the time, just like before she was squatting in the corner of the room.

Maybe she always goes to the corner and sulk whenever there’s a threat.

Just like Armadillos.

“W-Why did you even read! Idiot! Breach of Privacy! Go die!”

“What do you want. I thought it belonged to Kiryuu-san. But I never thought there would be two [Reverse Crux Record].”

“T-There aren’t two books… there were a bunch of notebooks that Hajime-nii-chan failed to turn into his dark history book, so i thought it would be waste if I didn’t recycle it…”

Tomoyo said in trembling voice. Her shrunken back also trembled.

Well, I understand that feeling.

In her idea book, there was a character plot, world plot, synopsis, story plot, etc. that were written as bases of a light novel.

Even if they aren’t a main part of the novel, it was a creation by Tomoyo Kanzaki.

For their own creation to be seen by the others, it’s extremely embarrassing. Just like when Kiryuu-san read my [Bloody Bible], i wanted to die.

Since he was just like me the wound wasn’t as deep, but even then i didn’t think it was a good idea.

As a person who always messes around felt that embarrassed, the embarrassment that Tomoyo must be feeling can’t be measured.

“Well, i’m sorry….”

So i sincerely apologised.

“D-Don’t laugh… This is the worst… Of all people, it was you…”

“I said i was sorry.”

“I-It’s not like i’m aiming to be one or something! Just, i simply just wrote something out of boredom…”

“Don’t lie.”

I shut her down. I’ve got no clue if she is genuinely aiming to be a Light Novel author, but I knew for the fact that this was far beyond ‘out of boredom’ or ‘just on a whim’.

“H-How would you know!”

“That’s because you wrote down the deadline for new author award.”


“You also wrote down your hopeful illustrator list.”


The reason how i noticed that this wasn’t just a normal writing, but a Light Novel is because of that. Also the way main characters in character background section was written as [Heroine 1] and [Heroine 2] also gave it away.

You will not refer female character = Heroine in normal literature.

“Hey you were also practicing your pen name autograph nicely.”

“Just kill me now——!”

Standing up with force, Tomoyo grabbed my collar and violently shook me. Her face was bright red and there was a hint of tear at the end of her eye.

“But you, what is with that smug face?! It’s pissing me off! Laugh if you want to laugh!”

“What? What do you want me to laugh at? What is so funny?”

When I said that so calmly, Tomoyo became dumbfounded.

“Huu……? B-But, writing a light novel… That’s strange right? And also embarrassing.”

“What’s so embarrassing about Light Novels?”

I said that, but i can understand the feeling of embarrassment and wanting to hide it. To write a novel isn’t a normal activity, it’s not an activity that people do like,like football and baseball.”

Hence, the creator is embarrassed, and it’s not something that others also acknowledge.

“E-Even so… autographing practice when I haven’t even debuted. Surely I should wake…”

“Heh? I do things like that everyday though?”

I’m not aiming for author, but I do still practice my autograph.

I can proudly write them in both kanji and english.

“… Oh I forgot, i’m talking to Ando right now.”

Tomoyo said something obvious. Even then, I wonder why I feel like i’ve been made a butt of a joke.

“This is literature club in the first place you know? What’s wrong with writing a novel. We all wrote something for club magazine, and we also wrote some relay novel.“

“But no one here is seriously thinking of going pro…”

“Yeah that’s true…”

No one here has earnestly tried to write a novel or a short story to submit for a new comer competition somewhere. I don’t think Hatoko or Sayumi-san has either.

Until I was in middle school, I thought people who entered the literature club wanted to become a writer in the future, but when I actually joined it, that prejudice got destroyed.

Liking books = Wanting to become a writer in the future, is a false statement.

But––There are certainly people who join the literature club because they want to become a writer.

For example, this girl who is still crying.

“Besides, don’t be embarrassed by something like writing a light novel. If you are embarrassed by something like that, think about how embarrassing I am when I spend day and night inscribing the truth of this world in my ‘Bloody Bible’.”

“…No, you are so embarrassing that it’s painful to watch.”

Tomoyo is saying some terrible things. I’m gonna cry, i’m gonna cry you bastard.

“Haa… Forget it. After talking to you, I feel like my shame is gone. I guess people really do feel relieved when they see someone else doing worse.”

She became serious and said it with a resolute attitude, like the attitude of a small animal before was all just a lie. Her saying that I was doing worse was a bit annoying, but I let it slide for now.

“That’s right. I am trying to become a writer… Well… I guess that’s not quite right. It’s not so much that I want to become a writer. I want to try publishing a book… I want many people to read my stories. I want them to be reviewed…”

I could painfully understand her feeling behind those word she spoke weakly.

There were countless times where I also wanted to be an author or a manga artist. Many times I copied my favourite manga, or wrote the after story of my favourite light novel.

Which Devil fruit shall I make them eat? Which Zanpakutou should I give them, Which stand shall I make them awaken? Which nen ability should they have?

I had those daydream countless of times, and there are few times where I wanted to make the dream into reality.

That’s why I can’t laugh at her dreams.

“I know that I won’t be able to become a pro that easily, and I think that I’m not even that good but… for now I am enjoying writing…”

“Is that so, then isn’t that fine, having fun?”

That’s given. Maybe you can’t become a pro just by enjoying yourself, but if you aren’t even enjoying what you are doing, then even the things that could have been solved easily will be ruined.

“… Are you going  to cheer me on?”

Tomoyo gave me a gaze that said she expected something from me. After some thought, I gave her an answer.

“I won’t be cheering on.”

That is what I told her.


She made an expression like being betrayed.

“Well… I don’t think I should be cheering people on in this situation. When a friend wants to become something unstable like an author or a mangaka or any other artist like musician, comedian and such, how can I say things like ”

[Come on, you’ll definitely make it]

To cheer someone on like that without anything to back it up is easy. There’s no danger of failure on the side that is cheering on, and the ones that is being cheered on also gets morale boost.


“Anyone can cheer someone on, but only ones close to you can worry about you.”

Only ones that can do that is your family, significant other— and your friends

“If Tomoyo was a type of person who boast their dream like ‘I’m becoming an author, aren’t I great?’ then I would happily cheer you on. But you aren’t that kind of person.”


“I still don’t know how genuine you are. If you’re writing that light novel just for fun then it would have been fine, but if you are seriously considering becoming an author, go pro then I can’t just cheer you on like that.”

As friend, I added that final words.

Tomoyo was listening to me with her head down, while twiddling her fingers.

“… How come.”

She said in a small voice.

“How come you… even though you just mess around like an idiot normally… how come you say these kind of reliable things in situation like now…”

“Oi shut it. I’m always reliable.”

Then there was an awkward silence.

Maybe i said something bit too harsh. I wanted to change the current mood here, so i continued in a bright voice.

“Well, if you want someone to read your novel, then I’ll gladly accept it.”

“No way.”

She replied straight away. A reflexive and instant decision.


Isn’t that too harsh? Shouldn’t be the situation where she shyly lowers her head and say ‘Y-Yeah’?

Read the mood you.

“I won’t show it to you only ever.”

“W-What do you mean ‘you only’… Ah, is that because of that every last story you wrote?”

When i said so, Tomoyo’s face stiffened.

The very last story written there was plot of Inou Battle itself.

Only a synopsis of entire story was written there, but to summarize it in one sentence. It was a story about a main hero who controls a black flame, and main heroine who controls the time.

Without a doubt it was modeled after me and herself. It was a story that had been heavily influenced by the supernatural powers of us literature club.

And umm… well, there were some scenes where the character modeled after me and the character modeled after Tomoyo were flirting around and accidentally tripping over and groping her breasts, or a scene where he accidently entering a bathroom without knocking, like that…

“T-T-That’s not. That’s not it!”

Reddening her face, Tomoyo waved her hands around.

“I-It’s not like i’m thinking you like in that kind of way, it’s just—”

“Yeah I know. I don’t have that kind of stupid thoughts.”

“— When I was thinking about a new story then without even thinking about it… wait what?”

“Author and their work are separate things.”

I told her flatout.

To talk about author and their work as they are related is one of the most foolish thing to do in this world.

For example, the idea that mystery writer likes murder, or the one who writes lolicon novels are lolicons, or that Harem Light Novel authors write them because they are virgins, and that Inou Battle authors are chuunis.

Having such prejudice  means that their love for the work is lacking.

Literature isn’t just written solely on author’s wish.

So even if Tomoyo wrote about the character models off us two being all flirty, I shouldn’t be deluded.

… I who does not get deluded easily. So cool.

“It’s something like it was easier for the plot to go that way or something right?”

“Eh…? Ah, y-yeah! Yes! That’s exactly it!”

Tomoyo hurriedly blurted that out, and then gave a deep sigh for some reason.

“……… Ando, don’t tell anyone about this.”

“I know. But can’t you tell this if it’s only for the literature club? No one here would laugh at you i think.”

“That maybe so… but it’s embarrassing. And I thought getting some results before telling them was a better idea…”

After getting some results eh? She doesn’t like to show her weakness to others.

“Results you say. For that information, what’s your current result so far?”

When i asked lightly, Tomoyo sharply turned her head around. A-Ara? did I step on a mine?

“…… R-Rejected from first round twice.”


Many of new comer awards have first, second and third rounds of evaluation stages.

I like light novels so I know a bit about these but… first round eliminations isn’t a good results is it?

Ah– yeah, no wonder she didn’t want to talk about it to others.

It’s bit harsh to say it like this but, the plot she had on her idea notepad didn’t seems to be fun to begin with. Even if she tries to write something the story revolves around a girl’s perspective.

It’ feels like a same situation as Aoki Ko sensei who couldn’t draw underwear fanservice scene that guys would like.

When it got awkward for me to react,

“… It’s not going well regardless.”

Tomoyo said in half-given up way and narrowed her eyes blankly.

And— then i realised there was book pyramid on the table.

This phenomenon where you realised something has happen was because of <Closed Clock>’s—

“To control time. Even if i have this amazing power I can’t even write one decent novel.”

Tomoyo ranted in small voice and demolished the pyramid by pushing it lightly. Looking from side she had self-mocking kind of smile on her face.

“It’s not like it’s helpful at making my family happy, and it doesn’t even help in making my dream come true… I have been wanting this ability to stop time before, but now that I really have it, it’s more boring than I thought.”


“Even if I shout [URYYYYYYYYYYYYYY——-!] after freezing time, since everyone’s frozen no one reacts so it’s boring.”

“Eh? You were doing that kind of thing?”

Gasp! T-That was a lie!”

Woah…. This girl, she was playing Dio-sama on her own.

It looks like she is blind to her own shortcomings… She sure is a pain in the ass.

“A-Anyway! I’m just saying that my powers doesn’t even help me!”

“It doesn’t help huh…”

Repeating her last words, I replied sarcastically

“So what? Did you want a power that makes your family get along, or an ability that makes you able to write interesting stories?”

“Hmph, You’re joking right?”

Tomoyo laughed confidently.

“There’s no meaning in those kinda things.”

I nodded silently.

Yes, she was right.

There’s no fun in borrowing your abilities power.

“Tomoyo. Just watch this.

I got up, widened my stance and took my right hand forward.

“I am the true ruler of chaos! Purgatorial hellfire dancing in the abyss, distorting black flame in turbid crimson darkness, the light that leads to madness, screams, and destruction, admonishing sin with sin, gouge your dark fragment in my body, and bare your fangs against arrogant providence!”

While shouting my new release chant, I activate my ability.


Dark flame burns up from my right arm. It’s a bit lacking in effect with just my arm so I made the flame erupt from all over my body like aura, and padded the flame little bit more around both of my shoulders.

Making it flawlessly cool.

Making it cool regardless of what happens.

“How’s this, Tomoyo— No. <Closed Clock>.”

“What… do you mean…”

“It’s cool, isn’t it?”

I continued

“Powers are really cool. And that’s it. That’s all they have to be.”

No one should become miserable even by an accident because of these powers.

And— they shouldn’t be happy either.

It’s good enough that it’s just cool..

“… Haaaaa…”

Sighing loudly, Tomoyo said with a small smile on her face.

“Chunni, good work.”


Part 3

After school, everyone came as usual.

“Chifuyu, do you want a cookie~? I made them today during home economics class~.”

“I want one.”

“Sayumi-san. Can you teach me this part please.”

“That’s first X. after calculating the area of this triangle—”

The scene inside this room was something that any high school room would look like.

With normal looking High school students.

“This cookie is also good with chocolate~. Let me melt them with my fire~.”

“I think cinnamon is good too. I ‘ve got some in my home fridge so I’ll bring them. It’ll be quick when i make ‘Gate’.”

“Ah Sayumi-san. I spilled some juice on my skirt. Could you please?”

“Yes sure. I’ll return them back to normal.”

… Well, we might be a little special.

Even so, everything here is normal everyday scenery to me.

Half a year ago, we had obtained supernatural abilities.


As a result, my everyday life would have been utterly and completely destroyed… or so I thought, but that never happened.

Everyday life, it seems that it is far stronger than what I had expected of it.


I laughed at the scene which I can call everyday life.

“It’s not bad raising my talent in preparation for the inevitable fight.”

“I’ve never seen you use a talent you’ve raised.”

A calm retort came from Tomoyo.

Just then, the club room door was opened and a female student came in.

Sharp eyes and shut mouth. With a straight posture, she glared at us Literature club members.

“Excuse me, this is the Literature club correct?”

“Kudo-san. How can I help you?” Sayumi-san replied.

The unexpected visitor was the Student Council president Kudo Mirei-san. Strict-to-regulation uniform. With an elegant look and figure. She is a beauty, but gives off an impression of being inflexible and up-tight.

“I came here to observe the literature club today.”

“To observe us?”

“I’ve told the president Takanashi many times before, but I am questioning the continuation of Literature club. Our school isn’t affluent enough to spend the budget and club room on a club where there aren’t many members and ones that don’t have proper activities.”

“I do apologise but our Literature club is a club that has been traditionally been continued ever since the founding of the school. Won’t it be too much to shut down such a club for no reason at all?”

“You could bully the past staffs and student council, but I’m different from them. Doesn’t matter if it has a history or a tradition. If it serves no purpose then it should be removed.”

At Kudo-san’s frankness Sayumi-san frowned.

The student council president’s opinions are certainly valid. If someone asks what our literature club brings to the school then we’ve got nothing to answer back with.

Since we do absolutely nothing.

Well even then we aren’t going to just shut our mouth and give up.

I look around our members, and they look like they have same opinion as me.


I smirked

It was a most me-like smirk.

To fight the student council with our club as the collateral. My my. The only way to settle this problem is to use your powers.

“Why don’t you just be honest and say you came to spy on us instead of observe us? Prez.”

Well, even if there are no significant event happening right now, nor even if there are no inou battle scenarios, i’m just living as I do right now.

As Guiltia Sin Jurai, I’m continuing to live as cool as possible.

“Such thing as your true identity, I have already seen through such thing. How long are you going to project your false self? Is your end goal trying to get closer to us by spewing nonsense such as continuation of this club?

Kudo-san’s gaze full of hatred fell on me. Woah, that’s scary.

But my lines don’t stop there.

“I understand you fearing such a strong foe such as us. However, I really hate such dull tactics. Why don’t you stop and show me your true nature and entertain…”


I got hit by Tomoyo.

Hatoko was murmuring “Ju-kun. Read the mood here…”, and Chifuyu was looking at me like I was an UMA. Sayumi-san was saying “I’m so sorry, Kudo-san. That kid has massive problem with his head…” and lowered her head like a manager apologising for their subordinate’s mistakes.

But I’m not going to back down by something like this.

Even if people avoid me saying how pitiful I look,  I will walk the road that I think is cool.

In this reality that won’t be shattered however much I try and in the normal everyday life I don’t want to shatter, I live carrying the sins of being a chuuni.

Because the pitiful me full of sins is the coolest.


“… How come.”

I was having my own victorious moment, when Kudo-san spoke repeatedly. Her voice was trembling. Was she mad at my declaration?

What, you’ve got more to say.

…  She most likely has.

Even though in my view, that tension was the end of volume 1.

Maybe because she was able to feel the anger of the student council president, Tomoyo whispered to me.

“Hey Ando. This is not good. She’s totally about to explode. Hurry up and apologise.”

“Fuut. As expected you didn’t like being treated like a discard. Of course,since you are a senior, I should have addressed you more properly.”


Suddenly, Kudo-san raised her head and glared at me.

“How come Ando Jurai…”

Her eye was filled with anger and… agitation. Her expression was of extreme anger but, it also had hint of scaredness.

Why is that? While I was confused, Kudo-san said


“How did you figure out my true identity?”


Kudo-senpai said such.


Everyone’s mind went blank.

“Don’t play dumb. All of it… It’s just as you said. I’ve been spying on you guys all this time. Whatever I said about the usefulness of literature club was just an excuse. Just as you’ve said I’ve been disguising  myself and been investigating you guys all this time.”

All of our thoughts froze at that instant. We’ve no idea what is going on anymore.

Wait. Just wait a second.

What in the hell is this student council president saying now?

Are you just going along with what I said, or are you really…

“I have been spying on you all this time. You people who have awoken to superpowers.

Everyone got shocked by Kudo-san’s words. This person knew that we had superpowers. That must mean…

“Can it be that, Kudo-san also has superpowers?!”

“Hmph, stop acting oblivious, Ando Jurai. Didn’t you say before? You’ve seen through my true identity. That must mean you’ve seen that I’ve got superpowers too?”

“A-A-Ahh… Y-Yes that’s correct!”

“I’ve been underestimating you, I must give you credit Ando Jurai. I thought my cover was perfect. Since when have you known?”

“T-That is… Uhmm…”

“Does that mean you won’t tell me? Well that’s to be expected, there’s no way you’ll tell your enemy.”

She’s just giving it to me right now. Thanks to that I’ve been able to salvage my pride, but that’s not important right now.

What can I say about this…

Maybe ‘Speaking of the devil’, or maybe ‘Be careful of what you wish for’

N-No, I can say it like this.


“The situation is escalating so quickly it’s funny!”


What is up with this situation.

After half a year since we awoke to our superpowers nothing had happened, but finally an enemy(?) appeared.

Not only that, of all people it’s the student council president, who can also use superpowers.

“Th-This is… can we say that Ando-kun’s chuuni power has worked spectacularly in a weird way?”

Sayumi-san who was near Kudo-san turned pale while walking to our side. Me, tomoyo,Hatoko and Chifuyu who were sitting at the table got up and stepped back from Kudo-san.

No, it wasn’t a cool movement of ‘stepping back’, it simply was just running away scared. We don’t know what to do in this situation detached from reality.

“C-Calm down everyone. I am with you.”

I say it to everyone, Aiming at the effect of calming everyone by talking to them.

“D-Don’t worry. I read ton of Jump manga that got canned after it got into a battle scene.”

“How the hell can we calm down from that?!” From Tomoyo.

“I also read a ton of Light Novel where they forced the story into battle when it was Rom-Com at the beginning.”

“And so how the hell will that help?!”

“I also read some works where they turned from mystery genre into supernatural battle scene in the middle…”

“That’s just nonsense!”

Maybe because of being nervous, her retorts were a bit crude, but thanks to our conversation, my head got cleared.

“So Kudo-sa… n-no, Kudo Mirei.”

I hurriedly fixed that. Let’s go with this character for now.

“What is your goal?”

“Do you think I’ll tell you people?”

“That’s true… then I’ll change my question.”

I spoke.

“What do you know about the abilities that we’ve got?”

Why we have awakened our powers.

Why we were the ones who have awakened the powers.

“If you manage to win against me, I’ll tell you.”

Saying that, Kudo-san made a confident smile.

“You say to win…”

“Don’t worry. I’m not saying you should put your life at stake. You simply have to duel it out with our powers. Well, just be prepared to sacrifice one or two bones.

Kudo-san took a step forward. Just from that, all of us took a step back.

“A-Ando. What should we do?”

She whispered to me.

“Should I use my <Closed Clock> and attack….?”

She said that bravely, but her eye was filled with worry. It’s true that if it’s Tomoyo, she surely will be able to act faster than anyone else.

In front of <Closed Clock> concept of Speed is all lost.

Except. Not only Tomoyo, none of us have any type of real-fighting experience. Even if we own god-class powers, there was not a single time where we used our powers to hurt someone else.

Compared to our powerful ability we haven’t got mental attitude.

“Ando-kun”, “Ju-Kun…”, “Ando”.

Other three were also looking my way, they all had same look on their face. Worry, restlessness, and small amount of determination. I can feel their will that in a pinch, they will handle the situation without hesitation.

We don’t have such heroine that just eat food and needed to be protected.

Seeing such determination.

“I’ll deal with this.”

That’s all i could every say.

I took a step forward.

“Y-You idiot! What are you saying?!”

“T-That’s right Ju-kun! If it’s you…”

I push Tomoyo and Hatoko aside and took another step forward.

My <Dark and Dark> is power only for its looks. I don’t know what power Kudo-san has but there’s no way we’ll win with my power.

Even so, to stand at the front line of the battle, I marched forward.

“Don’t you worry. In a pinch the power of darkness will lend me powers.”

That’s was half joking, half serious.

It’s a sticky situation, but in one corner of my mind I was actually enjoying this.

Emotion I feel in my mind right now is same as half a year ago… similar to when we awakened our powers.

This out of reality situation… plot of supernatural power battle that I always look up to.emotion similar to celebration is welling up from deep part of my heart.

Well, Kudo did say that she has no intention of taking our lives, and with Sayumi-san’s <Root of Origin>, won’t we be alright even if we get heavily injured? It is a safeguard we also have. Anyway, this is a situation I want to enjoy.

“Kuku. I alone am enough for the likes of you. Let me show you my power known as <Knock on hell’s door>.”

While I was explaining the alias I came up with yesterday, I unbuttoned my blazer.

“Do you know why I go to school wearing this blazer day after day?”

“Because those are the school regulations?”

Kudou said normally. Well, it’s true, but that’s not it.

“Kuku, It’s not because of such thing as school regulations, rather, it’s an imprisonment.. A seal used to suppress a massive power which not even I myself can suppress. This blazer is embedded with various magic seals. Its weight is over a hundred kilos.”

I swiftly take off and throw away my blazer. The blazer released from my hand is dancing around in midair.

“Woah… owowow.”

Hatoko, who is very good at interfering, splendidly caught the blazer.

“Hatoko! Why are you catching it normally like that?!”

“Eh, Eeh?!”

“Idiot! That thing is supposed to be very heavy, so you holding it normally like that is weird!”

“Ah! That’s right!”

As Hatoko understood, she began doing a really bad play with “W-Whoa. It’s so heavy. To have been wearing something this heavy until now. Ju-kun is amazing.”

This damn lousy actor.

Tuting at her, i changed my focus and extended my right arm forward.

As I did something I normally do, Tomoyo raised her voice.

“That idiot! Is he thinking of chanting that release chant even at a time like this?!”

“That’s not it Tomoyo-san. You can’t just say that Ando-kun’s release chant is without any purpose.”

“Sayumi-san… What do you mean?”

“Ando-kun’s release chant can be considered the same as Pre-shot Routine in sports.”

“Pre-shot Routine… the ones that athletes do every time? Like fixing their sleeves at the baseball batter’s box, or bouncing their tennis ball before serving…”

“Yes. Freeshot routine is any kind of ritual. By purposely doing a movement that you normally do without thinking about it, you gain high amount of focus. By chanting that chant, Ando-kun’s mind has probably turned into special ability mode.”

“… However much he concentrate though with his ability…”

“Let’s believe in him for now. Even we don’t have good grasp of this power, there might be something that we didn’t know before. Ando-kun is someone out of all of us who has properly faced our abilities. Let’s believe in him.”

~”Tomoyo. It’s fine.”


“Ando knows what to do at times like these.”

“… Ando.”

I feel everyone’s hot gaze on my back.

Everyone’s thoughts become my power.

I breathe heavily, then I chant my release chant!


“I am the true ruler of ch-ch-cha!”



Endless silence covers the world.

… I’m doomed. I stuttered. I stuttered at the most important part.

Wow, I wanna die…

Damn, what’s gonna happen. The time has already halted. Hey hey, so I can use <Closed Clock> too?

I feel the enormous amount of pressure coming from my back. I can hear them saying “It’s my fault for believing in him for a second” in their minds.

Kudo-san in front of me is clearing showing that it’s awkward for her to act in such situation through her expression.. Her eyes are saying ‘What has this guy been doing up till now?’.

They usually say ‘A tiger to the front and a wolf to the back.

“F-Forget the chant! <Dark and Dark>!”

Being so embarrassed to the point where I might die, I went with plan of just going with this and activated my power.

Pre-shot routine. To hell with it.

Activating <Dark and Dark> after utterly ruining the mood.

It was a flame that was trandencently cool like it was always.

“Is that your power Ando?”

“That’s right. Born from chaos and darkness, pure dark hellfire that can even kill God himself.”

I held out my right arm engulfed in flame.

“Now— let the beginning of the end begin.”

I finish this by uttering overkill ending line.

Kudo-san narrowed her eyes.

And smiled with end of her mouth.


“You showed it. You showed me your power.”



First fierce absent feeling wraps me. I bend my knees and fall to the ground.

My dark flame waiver fiercely.

I can’t control <Dark and Dark>… No this is different. I’m losing control of it.

“I’ll gladly take your power.”

At once dark flame moved to Kudo-san.

“D-<Dark and Dark>! <Dark and Dark>!”

My scream just echos around aimlessly. However much i concentrate, I cannot activate my power.

“K-Kudo Mirei! It can’t be, your power is…!”

“That’s correct. My power is to steal other people’s power.”

I’m in shock, but that emotion quickly changed into acceptance.

I was careless. Her words ‘Show me your powers’, just waiting there instead of attacking us while we were talking amongst ourselves. It was all so she can make me activate my power first.

“<Dark and Dark>…”

I fall down like i was going to split open the floor. I can just instinctively feel that <Dark and Dark> was gone from me.

It’s gone. I no longer have <Dark and Dark> inside me.

“The <Dark and Dark> I spent the past six months through good and bad times.”

Words of lamentation falls from my mouth. Sadness erupt like I have just lost my companion of life.

“I’ve been spending my lovely time with it by starting the day off with ‘Good morning, <Dark and Dark> and ending the day with ‘Good night, <Dark and Dark>…”

“You were doing such a disgusting thing?!”

Tomoyo’s retort doesn’t even reach my ears anymore.

My leg, my arms, my heart… I’ll give you whatever you want… just give it back! My one and only power!


Even at my cry from deepest part of my soul, or even at Tomoyo’s retort, Kudo-san doesn’t give any response.

“Hmm, so this is Ando Jurai’s ability…”

She says, and activates my ability and examines it closely.

… Ahhhh, someone other than me is activating my <Dark and Dark>.

“I’ve been NTR’d… i’ve been NTR’d by my <Dark and Dark> by some newcomer…”

“Isn’t this a bit different?!”

“Damn it! You <Dark and Dark>! Were you just playing around with me! You’ve played me well! As long as they can activate you, you’re fine with that! Bitch! Whore!”

“I keep saying, the reason for your anger is just too weird!”

“…Aaaaa, but what is this. This immoral joy… I’m extremely sad, but little excited too!”


“… K-Kuuu.”

I can’t even stand up from humiliation and disgrace. What is this situation, after charging in all confident, in the end getting my ability stolen by the enemy.

“It can only create a black flame huh. Such a useless ability.”

Kudo-san said disappointedly. Looks like she can analyse its property as soon as she steals it from the user.

“I was hoping it had some hidden power, but to think it really was just a useless ability… Well, it doesn’t matter.”

As soon as she finished saying that, she turned her sharp yes towards people behind me.

“My targets were you guys from the beginning anyway.”

I’ve lost my words.

Ability that steals abilities.

I’ve experienced such terrifying things.

This person has come to steal everyone’s god class ability.

“Maybe I don’t need to explain this but, my steal ability can steal infinite amounts of abilities at once. I can steal your abilities while owning Ando Jurai’s ability.”

At that, even the smallest amount of hope has left. We could have done something if she was only able to have one ability at a time.

If us five’s abilities become one with her then she will turn into a monster far above human imagination.

Monster who can even conquer the world.

“All of you come and get me!”

Kudo-san shouted with her arms open and declared loudly. All i could do was grind my teeth on the floor.

Our member’s powerful abilities got countered and became the weak point. Stronger we are, the enemy gets far more stronger. Damn, there’s no way we can win.

Just then someone walked past me.


She stood in front of me and faced Kudo-san.

“W-What are you thinking of doing?”

“I’ll be fine so you just stay quiet.”

Is she thinking of activating her <Closed Clock> before she gets a chance to steal her ability and finish this quickly. This may sound like possible but, is Kudo-san’s ability allows her to steal other’s ability as soon as it gets activated then we’re finished.

This is a gamble where everything can go wrong with miniscule mistake.

“Are you saying you’ll be the first one to hand over your ability then, Kanzaki Tomoyo.”

“No. I have no intention of doing that.”

“Hmmp, you’ve got a plan huh. Well that’s fine by me. Show me your ability as much as you want!”




That was a very short and decisive answer.

Kudo-san’s face became filled with awkwardness..

“… Ah? Wait, what?”

“Because my powers get stolen as soon as I show them right? If that’s the case then I won’t show you them obviously.”


“Just then Kudo-san said ‘You showed me, You showed me your ability’ just then when you stole Ando’s ability. Therefore senpai’s ability’s condition is that as soon as other activate their power you check them with your eyes. Am I wrong?”

“T-That is…to

“I guess I’m right. If that’s the case then we won’t be using any of our powers.”

At Tomoyo’s declaration i was dumbfounded.

Ah that’s right.

We could have done that.

If abilities get stolen when we use them, then we won’t use our abilities.

Wait, I never thought of that. It was blind spot.

I never thought of not using powers in power battles.

“So therefore from now on, it’s physical fight. Kudo-san, can you defeat all of us by yourself?”

“Kuu… H-However! I’ve still got Ando Jurai’s power! Even if it’s 5 v 1 i still got an advantage as ability user!”

“Naive! You’re too naive, Kudou-san”

Tomoyo said with a sadistic smile on her face.

“Ando’s ability is honestly, truly, utterly useless!”


Kudo-san’s face spread with shock. And that shock also got into my heart.
… How can I say this. Couldn’t you have put it in bit more round about way?


Suddenly a creepy laughter filled the room

“Then shall we go with that? Kudo-san, since it’s 5 v 1 it’ll be unfair for you, so as the president I will face off as a representative.”

Sayumi-san joined the party with extremely enjoyable expression on her face.

If it comes to simple fight then this person is definitely number 1.

“Ufufufu. Since you did scare us a bit I might forget to control my strength a bit.”

“T-Takanashi… B-But you are.”

“Black belts in Judo and Karate, is that a problem?”



It seems like Sayumi-san is enjoying this. Her stress that’s been building up until just now has all exploded. She’s probably thinking “Damn bitch got me all scared up” or something.

Kudo-san went right pale and took few steps back. Looking at her face, it’s likely that apart from my <Dark and Dark>, she hasn’t got any other powers.


After losing her advantage, Kudo-san tried to run away.

But there’s no way that’ll happen.

“You think I’ll let you get away?”

The club room door shuts in front of her. Expecting her to flee, I secretly crawled my way to the door.

“A-Ando Jurai…”


Making devilish grin, I gloated at this sense of victory like I had planned all this.

“All according to keikaku” <TN: Keikaku means plan>

“N-Nani?! ” Kudo-san opened her eyes wide. “Don’t tell me, you calculated everything that happened up until this moment…?”

“That’s right!”

“You’re saying that you’ve seen through even my ability…! And worried that I’ll take your friend’s abilities, you acted all high and mighty and took attention away from them. And using your useless power as a bait, you’ve sealed my ability. The act that looked nothing but foolishness, was that all for this moment….!”

“That’s correct!”

“Ando Jurai… are you a genius?!”

“Kuku. Kukuku. Kuhahahahahahaha!”

This is awesome, this is way too fun.

Using my useless ability I topple one of the most powerful ability

How can I say this, it’s like I’m experiencing the fullest extent of joy of Supernatural ability battle.

I who calculated all this to perfection. So cool.

“Stop with your boasting.”

Tomoyo whacked my head.

“What is all according to your calculation, it’s just coincidence.”

“You idiot, this is one of the most common scenarios isn’t it. In some kind of ability battle, when you thought you’ve defeated someone strong, but someone much stronger comes out and say ‘All according to my keikaku’’ and in the end everything that our hero has achieved is just a story that this person has written from the beginning! That scenario.”

“But in your case you’ve just forced that scenario right at the end of it all.”

“Now— if you say it like that, you can say that shounen and Light Novels all have things that make it seem like they are just an afterthought…”

“Don’t ruin other works just because of your stupid pride!””

While having normal conversation with Tomoyo I looked down on the floor.

On the floor was


Kudo-san was screaming on the floor after being pinned down by Sayumi-san’s Juji Gatame.

Seeing that, Hatoko stood next to me and asked.

“You know Ju-kun… What did this person want from us in the first place?”


It was hard to reply.

She came out of nowhere and got defeated out of nowhere, Kudo-san.

Like her character has been destroyed, it like she’s been done in even before her character was set.

… well whatever the case.

Our the first ever Supernatural ability battle, ended with our overwhelming victory.


Part 4

There’s a huge cherry blossom little bit away from the Litterature Club room with new leaves about to come out after all the flower has withered. In one of the many branches, one man was hanging on one like a bat. No more like he was standing Up-side Down.

It doesn’t seem like he’s holding onto anything, just standing there.

Both his dark attire and silver hair, as if to defy this planet’s gravity, flutter around.

As if the only the area around that man has reversed.

The dark silhouette of that person was like a Reverse Crux to those who look at it.


The male had his signature dry laugh. His eyes behind the sunglasses gaze toward the literature club room that he once belonged to. Inside there Ando Jurai, who just defeated Kudo Mirei was laughing.

Ando Jurai… Guiltia Sin Jurai.

The person who gazed at him had a pair of mismatching eyes.

Red, endlessly red. Redder than pomegranate seed, blood, hellfire.. Scarlet right eye.

The person with pair of mismatching eyes… it is I!

“Maybe better in first person.”

After finishing introducing myself like a cool protagonist of a novel in third person, i turned my attention back to the room..

Anyway, that’s that. Now Ando Jurai.

As expected, you have defeated someone like Kudo Mirei easily.

“Of course he does. It won’t be fun if he doesn’t. Kaka.”

“Finally found you, Hajime.”

Just then.

Somebody uttered the name that I go by in this world.

Suddenly space in front of me wane and from my vision which is inverted, a woman came out. Hair, eye colour that doesn’t look like it came from this world, her clothing sense. And on her back there was translucent pair of wings that showed that she’s a spirit.

“Reatier huh, what’s your business here?”

“What do you mean what’s my business here. You turned off your phone didn’t you?”

“Yeah, since I don’t wanna get interrupted by you while watching something fun.”

“Stop joking. Go die. If I call you, pick up the phone within 5 seconds you piece of shit.”

Reatier floated around and shouted abuse and frowned at me. This girl, her face isn’t too bad but her mouth is bit too much.

“Ahh, damn it. Why am I in charge of this guy who’s only good point is his face.”

“That’s my line. I wouldn’t mind someone who can understand me.”

“What? There’s no way someone will be in same wavelength as your worthless sense. Forget human world, not even in the spirit world you’ll have anyone.”

“Nope, there’s one.”

I said while looking at the literature club. My voice naturally got enthusiastic.

“In this world where it’s filled with idiots who can’t hold conversation, I’ve finally found someone that I can talk to as equal.”


“By the way, move aside Reatier. In a few moments, i will be able to see panties of the lady who’s doing Juji Gatame, so stop bothering me.”

“WHAT?! Are you that stupid? Did you hear me? I called you because i’ve got something for you to do!”

“… Oi.”

The voice that came from my mouth was so cold, even I’m surprised.

“I said ‘move’. And you didn’t move. You know what that means right?”

I didn’t wait for her answer.

Not even hesitating a little bit, i let my destructive impulse take over and released my power.


<Lucifer’s Strike>


Suddenly, a black orb formed on Reatier’s chest. An orb the size of a golf ball that contained darkness that even sucked the light in.

“Eeh?! W-Wait Hajime! Stop…”

She couldn’t finish her sorrowful cry.

The dark orb started to consume all of her. Object, light or space. It consumes everything with terrifying speed without regard. It is reminiscent of a swimming pool drain.

My power, <Lucifer’s Strike>.

That power is… gravity control.

Destructive power, falls from the sky.

The symbol that destroys this world, symbol that opposes God.

The identity of the black orb is a miniature black hole that I created by manipulating gravity. There’s no way you can escape from a pull of gravity that can even distort the space. It squashes everything like a giant hand wrapping around them by focusing the gravity into one point.

After consuming everything, I destroyed the orb by clutching it in my hand.

It was a fever like it being able to dominate this world.

“Kaka. Kahahahaha!”

“Go die, really.

Reatier in front of my eye didn’t even hide her disgust with not even a scratch.

“You know fully well that powers doesn’t work on spirits. What did you want from it?”

“Kaka. I just felt like doing it. I have to use my secret move once in a while. It would be a problem if it would misfire when I need it right?”

“… so who was it that utterly destroyed [F] without using that secret move?”

At her question, I didn’t answer.

“Those guys really did have the power of God. even the War Management Committee were thinking of measures against them… but Hajime you destroyed them alone…”

“What, you’ve got a problem with that?”

“…are you serious right now?”

“I’m always serious.”

I replied.

“One year ago, when I got my powers from you, I’m sure i’ve told you. That I’m going to become the conqueror of this war.”

“… and you are isolating them from the war, because you want to use their strength?”

Half ignoring my words, Reatier diverted her gaze toward the Literature Club.

Half a year ago, five kids awakened their powers.

<Dark and Dark> Ando Jurai.

<Closed Clock>< Kanzaki Tomoyo.

<Over Element> Kushikawa Hatoko.

<Pineapple> Himeki Chifuyu.

<Root of Origin> Takanashi Sayumi.

… I feel like I’ve got one wrong, but since I can’t even remember it, it doesn’t matter.

Such a good naming sense. If possible I did want to give my little sister her name myself, but there’s no point whining about it now.

“From those five over there four have awaken very powerful powers. If you only consider the power of their abilities from the ranks of current <Players>, they can be considered a top class. If those four girls in there become your allies…”

“You got it all embarrassingly wrong, Reatier.”

Cutting her right there, I faced my spirit who’s in charge of me straight on.

“I only don’t wish to include my little sister in the war. As her older brother, I’ve done nothing for her. If anything else, I want to protect her if I can…”

“Ah~ I’m so done with that kind of jokes. It hasn’t been long time since I got to know you, but I know at least that you aren’t that kind of person.”

“Well, whatever.”

Really, a girl without any sense of humour isn’t fun at all.

“Reatier, you also got one more thing wrong. It’s not those four girls who are truly scary. The scariest of them all is… Ando Jurai.”

“What? You’re joking. The power that guy called Ando has is garbage. It’s the worst of its kind out of all players. You can only say he’s got the worst luck of all.”

“You still don’t get it huh. Haven’t I told you before? The people who rule the world are Chuunis.”

I draw Ando Jurai… Guiltia Sin Jurai in my head.

A life time [Partner] and also a fateful [Enemy] that I have finally found.

“That guy will stand in front of me in the future. As the strongest… As the final boss.”

“… seriously go die or something. Can’t even understand you.”

Reatier, who don’t even understand my words in the slightest, just tutted.

I’m so used to people not understanding me, I don’t even get angry.

I’ve never been understood

I’ve always lived in denial.

I’ve always lost against this world that kept arguing that they are the right and correct ones.

“Even if we understand each other, me and that guy are different types.”

I started to speak.

“That guy is the type of chuuni who daydreams about ‘If terrorist suddenly attack, how can I protect all of them’. However I was a guy who always thought of ‘How can I set fire to everyone in this place’.”

Similar, but fundamentally different.

Alike, but distinct twins.

Kiryu Hajime and Ando Jurai.

Kiryu Heldkaiser Luci First and Guiltia Sin Jurai.

“So Hajime. What do you want to do in the end?”

Reatier ask me suspiciously. I decided to give her a roundabout answer

“I want to become Don Quixote.”

The fool, who decided to fight this world.

The person who was a great Chuunibyou, who was ridiculed, contempt, became a laughing stock from around and became humiliated. But he still fought hard for what he believed in.

“……? You want to become a mall?”


Why is this what everybody thinks of when I say Don Quixote?

“So Reatier. What‘s your business?”

“Ah right! I’ve finally found the next player for the fight!”



“That’s good. That’s how Supernatural battle should be.”

“Don’t take it easy, didito. That person already stomped several other players so they’re strong. Probably same as you, who enjoys this fight.”

“Ha, I welcome them. Regardless of whom, if they cross my path… they will receive hell.”

“… here it comes. Your lame ass finishing sentence. Seriously go die. No really.”


I reversed the gravity to normal and fall from the branch. Just before hitting the ground, I activated my power again and made my weight near zero and landed softly on the ground.

I start walking with Reatier floating next to me..

“Guiltia Sin Jurai. [Endless Paradox]. And… well, hmm, the rest of you guys.”

Without looking back, I murmur softly.

“To you guys the supernatural battle is still too early. For now please go and do useless and aimless things in normal world.”

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