Also, if you guys haven’t noticed, i haven’t uploaded anything on this blog for awhile. basically apart from random updates on different series, I’m done with TL for now. I won’t be taking down anything from the blog though, even if they are riddled with errors and mistakes.

Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de Vol 5 (Original TL by now defunct Tyrant Eye Translations. Currently cleaned/uploaded to Baka Tsuki by daniel Yang, FirstAidTent and dragon maou). This will not be uploaded on this site, but uploaded to Baka Tsuki directly.

Prologue On Baka Tsuki

Chapter 1 on Baka Tsuki

Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de Vol 6

Prologue Page Done On Baka Tsuki

Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de Vol 1

Chapter 1 (I’ve Gained a Superpower) Done by FirstAidTent on Baka Tsuki

Chapter 2 (Alias? That’s the Basics) Done. On Baka Tsuki

Chapter 3 (A Fated Meeting) Done On Baka Tsuki

Chapter 4 (Charm of the Black Dragon) Done. On Baka Tsuki

Chapter 5 (Crane Game. A Universal Theory) Done On Baka Tsuki

Chapter 6 (God’s Abandoned Planning Document) Done On Baka Tsuki

Epilogue Done On Baka Tsuki

Afterword On Baka Tsuki

Kudou Mirei’s State of Mind & Next Prologue Done On Baka Tsuki

I have made my translations available on Baka Tsuki where editors there will fix some mistakes and errors that we have missed in initial QC. Most up to date versions will be now on Baka Tsuki therefore I will no longer edit the content on this blog after I have made them public on Baka Tsuki. (However, i will periodically update PDF so don’t worry.)

Problem with translating from Korean translation and not Japanese is that since it was translated from it’s original source into other language, some meanings might have been lost or changed.

I will only upload when Alexis and I are satisfied with final version of FULL Life chapter.


  1. Don’t know if you know, but Code-Zero has translated a part of Nekomata Ninja Scroll.

    Also what does QC mean?

    1. I do know he has done so. And QC means Quality Check. It means that in going over the and check if there are errors.

  2. I thought the Let’s go with training has already been translated by Code Zero? Thats the SS where Akeno and Barakiel go S&M with each other right?

    1. Nope. That’s different story to this. Actually, I didn’t even know there was one about Akeno and her father.

  3. Don’t want to sound like I’m being inconsiderate and rushing you guys here, but how’s the QC coming along for Life 4? Feels like it’s been awhile.

    1. We’ve been busy with our stuffs like I getting part time and him looking after his cousin. Don’t worry, it’s coming soon.

    1. I don’t know yet. Have to see what happens. My final year of uni starts soon so I might be too busy for any translations.

    1. My friend who does the QC (alexis) is not available for next week for personal reasons. He will get to it as soon as possible and I’ll publish it when he’s finished with the work.

  4. @daniel Yang Are you gonna be translating Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de or am I just seeing things or is this an abandon work that you used to do? Because I will be so happy if you are continuing the novel translation.

    1. I am doing it yes. It just takes time due to my current situation with university work so I can’t translate it as fast as before

      1. Just follow your pace of translating it with all of your university works. I don’t care how long it takes for it to be translated, I’m just glad that you pick it up. Thank you very very much. <3

  5. Is volume 22 of high school dxd life 3 translated? On code zeros page it says draft complete but I can’t read it,Is their a release coming for life 3 ?And when will 4 and on be translated

    1. Any way you can link it the button on code zero’s blog is grat and I can’t click it not able to find it here.Sorry I’m still new

  6. @daniel Yang would you mind me if I ask why do you suddenly want to translate Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de? Is it out of curiousity or do you really like the novel? It’s okay even if you don’t want to answer this.

      1. Yeah I was also thinking of reading it too but the person was as you said MIA. I really hope there was gonna be a second season but too bad, because the plot was kinda hanging at the end of the anime. By the way do you know where does the anime ends in the light novel?

        1. No I do not. But problem is some of the time line has been shifted around so there is not way of telling. My guess is at minimum volume two but don’t quote me on it

  7. Hey Daniel is there a Korean version of highschool dxd? If yes where can I read them? I’m learning Korean as my second Lang so I want to see if I can read them.

    1. Hey.
      HighschoolDxD has been officially translated by company called 노블엔진 (novelengine) and you can find them on Gmarket. You can’t however find them online to read for free.

  8. @daniel Yang On what date in May is Highschool DxD DX 3 going to be released? Are you planning on buying it? Last but not least thanks for translating Highschool DxD and Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de. Hope you’re ready cause after DX 3 we have DX4. lol

    1. there is no set date for the release, but it’s most likely be first week of May and yes i will be buying it which will take another week to arrive. however i won’t be translating it for another two weeks since i’ll have an exam until end of May.
      thanks, and i’m also looking forward to DX4

      1. Will be waiting for your translation till then. So envious of you Koreans that you have a good, dedicated and reliable translating company unlike English Company. -.-
        Are you putting Inou uphold while translating DX3?

        1. I’ll translate both at the same time since DX is much easier to translate and I’m nearly done with Inou-Battle

  9. @daniel Yang Will be waiting for your translation till then. If I may I ask, is this your final exam for the semester or what? If it is, then I hope for the speed of translation to increase cause I can’t wait to know why Elmenhilde go all dere-dere for Issei. By the way which chapter is the one with Elmenhilde in it?

    1. Actually it’s my last exam week of uni. I’m graduating this summer but instead, will get a job.
      Chapter with Elmenhilde is 5th chapter.

      1. Are you gonna translate following the number of chapter? If I’m not mistaken one of the chapter was already translate right? By zxzxzx and it was call Precious of Asia if I’m not mistaken.

      2. By the way congrats on graduating and finishing your uni. Completely slip out of my mind about you graduating. Derp

  10. Please continue the translation on Highschool DxD DX Volume 3 and 4 and so on. Thank you for your translation, on the volumes, you mst be working very hard for that, i appreciate it, so please continue the translation and Thank you so much^^

  11. Thank you, for your work. I’m watching your page count for (Worldly Desire of Steel). Really looking forward to it.

    Again great job.

  12. I’m really looking forward to read the next chapters from Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de, I’m not a big fan of light novels but I really enjoy reading it, it’s a shame so few chapters were traslanted :/ I hope you keep up with the translations ^^ Greetings from Brazil 😀

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    1. No, and currently i don’t plan on accepting donation from people for few personal reasons. Thank you anyways.

  14. Hey Daniel not to mention that to your translation speed but is this chapter didn’t seem really long?

    1. It’s now with the editor, length of the chapter is only one factor. i’m also curerntly employed full time which includes Saturday. also i’m slowly working on Inou Battle as well.

  15. Hey Daniel who much more long way to go .
    Can you tell how much pages roughly left?
    If you read this comment then please reply

    1. I’d rather not give specific number, but if everything goes well, I’ll be able to have it done before this month end

  16. Thank you for your good work!
    Looking forward to Life 7 and DX 4 🙂

    It’s nice to have some people who share their knowledge!

    1. Not you apparently.
      In seriousness. I’m sorting out my next academic year which is why I haven’t started on dx4. Not to mention I’ve only just finished dx3 last month so I would like to take it easy on tl for few weeks. I’ll start working on it in next few days.

  17. Just wondering, how many pages are there in the first chapter? If it’s not too much trouble maybe you could show your updates as 20/xx pgs in future, just so your readers kinda know how things are really going? Just a suggestion, thanks for the hard work.

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