Back from exam :)

Hi guys.

i have finally finished my exams 🙂

i have started to remake all the videos i have taken down from youtube so it is Safe For Work. however, because there are too many of them, it’s going to take long time to re upload them again. i’m planning to start re uploading them again from mid-July. so expect bulk upload from me then.

Also, i’m be resuming Video per Week schedule. I only have one more part pre made so it was close shave. well, better start record more.

Secondly, i’m thinking of writing something called “My Though On…” where i give my first impression/ though on mainstream anime/manga. I wanted for a long time to broaden this blog of mine from Sono Hanabira to other things that interest me.

Finally, i’m thinking of uploading other VN beside Sono Hanabira. i have two in mind that i am thinking of going through. but if you guys have suggestion, please, let me know.

they are



the VN should be

1. MUST have English translation. (For obvious reason)

2. Moe

Also, it doesn’t matter if it’s 18+ rated or not. i’ll just edit them if i need to (yay, more work for me…..)


Anyway, that was quick update. now if you could excuse me, i have butt tons of anime/manga to catch up to and butt tons of video to edit.

Flagged… again….

so… i’ve been flagged yet again. this time, with Watashi no Ouji Sama, My Dear Prince part 4.

i don’t know if i can re-upload this video again. 

also, another strike mean that i won’t be able to make any more videos on youtube again. that doesn’t mean that i will stop posting them, it just mean that i have to find another site to do so. however, this is inconvenient for both me and you guys, the viewer.

i probably won’t be uploading past videos as well.

if my account gets deleted, you guys won’t be getting any notice about it, so if you guys still want to watch my video even after my account get deleted, i suggest follow me on twitter or on this blog so you guys can get any form of update on the videos and ETC…

this, however, doesn’t mean i will stop uploading videos to youtube. i will continue uploading them to youtube as long as i am permitted to.

 EDIT. That was fastest reject I’ve ever given. My appeal have been rejected .