good bye youtube…

hi all.

two things has happened in past few days. and they are not good news at all.

firstly, i’ve been hit with copyright strike. copyright strike is different to content strike since the “owner” of the content of my video assume i have used their property without their consent. therefore they have requested the removal of my videos.

the copyright strike, as far as i am aware, is permanent unless i send in formal appeal, and i don’t think i can win this appeal at all since i believe it was fuguriya who has issued the warning. (also there might be legal consequences if the appeal doesn’t go through.)

after all this has happened, another issue came about. account lock down.

i believe this has happened due the the account receiving multiple copyright strikes., and therefore i won’t be able to upload any more videos on youtube. i can easily make another account yes, but there is no guarantee that this will work in long term.

youtube/google has terminated my account and deleted all of my videos. and there is nothing i can do.

i would like to use this time to thank you all for watching my videos and supporting me, all your comments has been fun to read and i hope i have helped at least small amount to people with my tutorials. honestly, i didn’t think or imagine that more then 900 people would consider subscribing to a guy just sitting on his chair playing visual novel, it was very interesting experience.

from bottom of my heart, i thank you all for watching.

although my youtube account is gone, i still have this (somewhat less successful lol) wordpress account! maybe i will find something to do with this thing now…