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On Baka Tsuki


Life.EX Hyakki Yako and Pandemonium


Part 1


It happened a short time after the beginning of the spring term.

One night, I set out from my bed due to my needs to go to the bathroom. When I opened the bathroom door, instead of toilet… the pink ero room showed itself…

It was that Heaven made [Ero Room]! And the person who grabbed my hands while I was confused was…

“Now, Ise… let’s finally practice our baby making tonight!

Xenovia is wearing a see through and loose lingerie! On the bed, Asia and Irina are waiting. Just like Xenovia, they are wearing a see through lingerie and they weren’t even wearing any bra! Their nipples, being visible over the see through lingerie, caught my eyes! Asia, you snuck out of the bed before me!

Normally I would be happy but right now I came out of my bed in order to go to the bathroom. I am looking at their breasts but… to be honest, I can’t do anything right now! It seems like my bladder will explode before the explosion of my perverted mind!

I told Xenovia.

“Oi you. Are you out of your mind?! Why did you attach that thing to the bathroom door?!”

Xenovia just ignored my complaint and took her lingerie off! Her breasts showed themselves in front of my eyes! Xenovia then rubbed her body erotically! Where the hell did you learn that?!
Rias?! Akeno-san?! No it must have been Kiryuu!

“Fufufu, if I want to steal Ise from Rias ex-buchou and Akeno ex-fukubuchou then I have to use some new and original ideas!”

“Oi you! And here I thought you would have gotten your acts together since you are going to become the Student council Kaichou… but your fundamentals remain unchanged!”

“It’s exactly because of that. I want be in a position where I take responsibility but also at the same time, I want to play like girls of my age. Now let me taste the passion of youth, Ise!”

Xenovia said such a thing and pushed me towards the bed! Irina, who was on the bed, hugged me and said.

“I want to take darling but lately, even Ravel-chan has been tightening the security seriously so there isn’t any time to set up the trap.”

Trap?! What am I, a prey being hunted down?! Well to these girls, I might as well be one……! Even I will be perplexed at these unexpected events!

Even then, the feeling from Irina’s breasts was amazing! But instead of getting excited, my desire for the bathroom grew stronger!


From the corner of the bed Asia was looking at me longingly!

“Asia! Calm these two down please! I just want to go to the bathroom! Let’s do these kind of things next time! Right now nature is calling for me!”

If it’s Asia! If it’s her, she will understand my feelings!

Just then Xenovia went on top of me!

“But doing these erotic things is also nature’s call! Won’t it be fun to see which side will win?”

Don’t just say that while getting in the mood! A-Actually this ero room also has a bathroom! Let me go there first! After that I will gladly accept you guys’ challenge!

“M-Me too!

And then Asia went on top of me! Both Xenovia and Asia are on top of me! Not only that, Irina was also squeezing my head with her thighs! The sensations of her thighs are amazing but…! It’s fine when one girl is on top but two is bit too much!

Asia, who’s in front of Xenovia looked at me with wet eyes and said.

“… I also want a baby… can I?”


…… That’s cheating Asia! Hearing such words from Asia, I’m about to have a nosebleed! Xenovia, who’s behind Asia then said,

“Even Asia’s like this! Now just give up Ise! If you don’t have the energy to deal with three girls at the same time, you won’t be able to become the Harem King!”

Irina also started to pray while continuously squishing my head with her thighs!

“For Heaven! For Michael-sama!… A-And for myself Murmering…..

No way, am I going to be messed up by these three girls while trying to hold on?! If possible I would have liked to challenge myself with you three in my best condition…!

Asia became bold and slowly came towards me with her lips forward…

When I swallowed hard and was just about to give up.

“Hoho, it looks like you youngsters are having fun.”

…Ku! Suddenly we heard another voice in the room.

An old man in Kimono is sitting on a chair at the corner of the room! W-Who is this old gramps?! He was bold and had a smile on his face riddled with wrinkles. But I’ve never seen this old gramps before! Above all, the fact that he managed to break into a place where mystical beings such as Devils live shows that he’s not a normal person!

“G-Gramps?! H-How did you get in…”

When I asked, old gramps smiled and said

“Ah, I was wondering if I could drink some tea here.”

“T-Tea? N-No, before that how did you…”

I asked the suspicious gramps but… Asia who was on top of me smiled and said.

“Tea? I’ll prepare it right away.”

Asia got off me and walked towards the kettle at the corner of the room.

After Asia, Irina also got off me and gave old gramps some snacks.

“Where did you come from, grandpa? Ah, we’ve only got yokan, is that fine?” <TN Yokan is a sweet bean jelly. Usually eaten as snacks.>

When Irina asked, gramps said while still smiling.

“Of course, young lady.”

And finally, Xenovia stood behind him and started to massage his shoulders.

“It looks like your shoulder’s stiff. I’ll massage it.”

“Hahaha, I’m thankful.”

That old gramps received tea from Asia and asked me

“Would you join me?”

When I look at him closely, this gramps’s head is unusually long! He can’t be a human!

“E-Excuse me. Who are…”

I stood up and pointed my finger at him. I was about to ask this suspicious gramps some questions…


When I stood up I started to stumble… U-Umm, my conscious is slowly going… when I looked back at the old gramps… I-It feels like this gramps…It doesn’t feel like he’s a stranger… Yes, this gramps is someone I know, no, stranger… well does that even matter? I suddenly feel like being nice to this gramps.

Just like he suggested, I decided to drink tea with him. I got the tea from Asia as well as snacks from Irina.

“… Yes, let’s drink together!”

That right! Since meeting this gramps, my desire to do ero things with the girls vanished and most importantly, I wanted to treat this gramps nicely!

Me and the church trio started to talk to this handsome old gramps and had a blast of a time!

But since I couldn’t hold off any longer, I headed towards the bathroom that was in the room. When I got back… that old gramps was suddenly gone.

At the same time, the feeling of confusion was cleared in my head. It seems like the others experienced the same thing as while confused they said [Ara? Why were we doing such things…?], [where did that old grandpa go?].

… That old gramps. Who is he?

The mysterious night was slowing ending…


“… That happened… was that a dream? When I got back to my consciousness, I was sleeping in my room…”

Since the next day was a holiday, I told everyone (mainly the ORC members) of last night’s adventure in my living room.

When I finished, Asia raised her hands and agreed with me.

“I also had that dream. It was a dream about making tea for an old grandpa who was wearing a kimono.”

Oh, so Asia had the same dream as me!

Irina also put her hands up.

“Ah~ I also had the same dream!”

“Hmm, same here. That’s strange. I was preparing to bait Ise into that room and was about to have sex with him…”

…Xenovia said so while tilting her head. But when Rias, Akeno-san and Ravel heard Xenovia…

“That story.”

“In more depth”

“Would like to hear again.”

Having said that in a serious tone and with a strange aura emitting from their body, it seems Xenovia just said something outrageous without blinking an eye!

Rias placed her hand on my chin and sighed.

“Maybe it’s an Illusion? Or maybe someone in the house is letting out their powers and magic unconsciously?”

The discussion is now heading toward the possibility of events occurring due to some unknown power instead of being a dream.

Ravel also said while nodding her head.

“Could it be that Ise-sama’s new technique is out of control and going beyond your imagination? However, I haven’t heard that it is that kind of technique from you.”

No way. When I’m creating a new technique, I’m not going to make one where that old gramps is going to appear.

Kiba, who was sitting next to me, whispered.

“(But Ise-kun. You said before that you wanted to experiment with your current techniques to find a new way of using them right?)”

I shrugged and replied in a quiet voice.

“(Well, when I get a chance I’ll test it.)”

Well instead of a new technique, I’m trying to develop my current ones… But that’s irrelevant to that gramps.

Now the problem is that I don’t remember his face well… I have definitely seen his face but I can’t remember anything. It was really like a dream.

Rossweisse-san nodded her head and said.

“I’ll go into that special Seraph room later… I’m not thinking of doing anything perverted! If there are traces of aura or magic left, I’m thinking of decoding it and that’s all! I’m not interested in the slightest in that ero room!”

Seeing how she blushes and raises her voice… Rossweisse-san, are you interested?

While Rossweisse-san is blushing, Rias and Akeno-san’s expression stiffened.

“… I have heard of this before. But if that’s the case… this might be out of our control.”

“Yes, I can also think of something. It would be clear if Kuroka or sensei was here…”

It looks like both of them know what might be going on here. If Kuroka and sensei was here, would this mystery be solved straight away? But…

I said while scratching my cheeks.

“Koneko and Kuroka are in the mountains right now and we can’t even get in contact with sensei at all.”

That’s right. Koneko and Kuroka are currently living in the mountains for their training. Meanwhile, Azazel-sensei doesn’t pick his phone up at all.

Rias replied after hearing me.

“We contacted Koneko so she should be back soon. Azazel is currently working with onii-sama. They are currently in secret talks with people living in Japan… Five Families who have special powers and are the leaders of the Youkai Factions. And they are part of something called [Mega Project].”

Sensei is in the process of negotiations then. That guy sure is busy but as soon as he’s got free time, he becomes a trouble maker… but lately I’ve been meeting various people who are even more strange with more of an impact. The world sure is a big place.

But talks with Youkai factions? Maybe Kunou’s mother… Yasaka-san is also in that meeting?

Kiba then continued.

“I also hear that Dulio-san and Slash Dog Ikuse-san are there as bodyguards.”

It might be extravagant for two Longinus users to be there but since VIPs are meeting in one place, it is even more fitting.

Since there was one more thing that was bothering me, I asked Rias.

“… What is the [Mega Project] anyway?”

“It sounds like they are holding a huge Rating Game. They’ve been talking about it since last summer but since last winter, they’ve been actively starting and it’s now on full scale productions. Well, there is also a big possibility that it may flop.”

Huge Rating Game? An Event? Maybe like a tournament? It sounds like the [Mega Project] is something that everyone and not only Devils will participate in… Is this the matches between different factions that they were only talking about before? From what Rias said, it sounds like it’s not fully confirmed yet.

Just then Irina spoke up.

“Ah that’s it! There were rumours amongst the Reincarnated Angels! … Is that real?”

When Irina asked, Rias just shrugged her shoulders.

“Well, it’s not certain for now but it seems like the higher ups are serious about this. But that’s not important right now. If we don’t figure out what’s going on in the house we can’t really relax and sleep at night… ah this might be a good time.”

Rias then stood up.

“What do you mean?”

When I asked, Rias just smiled.

“… They say always leave it to the professionals? Let’s ask that person who’s coming over soon.”

Only later did I understand what she meant.


Part 2


That afternoon, a Torii appeared at the teleportation room underneath the house. The person who appeared through the Torii was…the owner of a pair of fox ears and fluffy tails, the blond girl Kunou!

“It’s been awhile everyone! This is the first time after seeing you guys at the new year? I’m so happy to see you guys again!”

[The person who’s coming over soon] that Rias talked about before was Kunou.

Ophis, who is very close to Kunou, stepped forward and greeted her fondly.

“Kunou, Kunou.”

“Phis-sama! We haven’t met since last autumn! I wanted to see you!”

Those two grabbed each other’s hands and jumped like a pair of bunnies. It’s rare to see Ophis like this, she’s normally expressionless but she seems happy today.

Kunou told everyone.

“Mother said she has some business to do here so I followed along! I will be in your care for the few days!”

Just like Kunou has said, Kunou’s mother and the leader of the Kyoto Youkai faction [Nine Tail Fox] Yasaka-san is currently attending the talks that Azazel-sensei and Sirzech-sama are attending. According to Rias, it seems like while Yasaka-san is attending the talks, it was arranged that Kunou will be with us.

Actually, I was told that Kunou wasn’t originally coming here but when she was told that Yasaka-san was coming here, she kept bothering everyone saying [I’m also coming!] and as a result, it was decided that she will be coming here before the talks begin.

Arriving at our living room, Kunou gave out snacks having been brought from Kyoto to everyone. From wagashi from traditional stores to Warabimochi from Kyoto, the girls were thrilled to receive snack baskets full of different snacks. <TN Wagashi is type of mochi, known as a tea snack. Warabimochi is a Japanese snack made with Bracken.>

“Tasty tasty.”

The sweet loving Ophis shoved a bunch of wagashi into her mouth and seems genuinely happy.

We talked for a little bit and then we told Kunou about the mysterious event we’ve experienced last night. Hearing story of the mysterious old gramps, Kunou had a serious expression on her face and was deep in thoughts.

“… Hmm, from the people I know of, there is only one person who does that but… since everyone here is bit special, it’s hard to say. But the only person who’ll be able to do such thing is…”

It seems like Kunou have an idea.

Both Rias and Akeno-san looked at each other and nodded.

“I think our thought and Kunou’s are the same.”

“Yes. If the princess from the Kyoto Youkai faction, Kunou, has the same suspicion, it’s safe to say we are not mistaken.”

… They said to each other.

Kunou then made a more serious expression.

“… But Rias-sama. If that’s the case, then we are in trouble…”

When Kunou said that much.

“Oh~ I like that there are many cute ladies in this house.”

Suddenly, a third person’s voice emitted from somewhere! All of our attention fell towards the source of the voice!

On one of the sofas, there was an old gentleman sitting on there! Obviously, he was a total stranger to us! But I have seen this wrinkled face and bold head before! This long head guy must be that old gramps from before!

“That old gramps I saw yesterday was this guy!

I shouted while pointing my finger at him.

Damn it! Why did I not remember this old guy’s face and appearance until now?! For me to remember after seeing him again, maybe I am under an illusion?!

Everyone tensed up! That’s expected! There’s no way this kind of mysterious events can happen! Everyone here are formidable people who has been through countless life-threatening combats! I’m not boasting or anything but if someone came in here, we would surely have noticed! But if no one noticed him coming in then it means this old gramps is no ordinary person! Even when we are all alerted and ready to fight, the gramps didn’t care about that and kept on sipping his tea while smirking.

When Kunou saw this gramps’s face, she couldn’t be any more surprised. She said in a flustered voice.

“…N-No way, Y-You… no you must be…! But, no way!”

I asked Kunou who was bewildered.

“K-Kunou, what’s wrong? Who is this old gramps?”

But before getting a reply, the old gramps started to talk to Kunou.

“This is interesting. The young lady over there is a daughter of that fox princess from the west, right? You resemble a lot of young princesses from the past.”

This old gramps, he knows Yasaka-san?

Kunou gave a deep bow to the old gramps and introduced herself.

“… This is first time meeting you, Nurarihyon-sama.”

“””… What?!”””

As soon as Kunou said that, we were all shocked!

Even though they were expecting this, both Rias and Akeno-san couldn’t hide their surprise.

Even I know that name! I heard that name from the anime or youkai encyclopaedia! He’s that youkai that comes into a household unannounced and becomes part of their life and after that, mooches off snacks and tea from them! That’s exactly what me and the church trio experienced yesterday!

I asked Rias.

“Nurarihyon, you mean that Nurarihyon? That youkai that integrates into the household, then suddenly disappear… B-But why is everyone so surprised?”

Kiba swallowed and spoke.

“Ise-kun. Nurarihyon is just like the Nine-tail fox. He’s one of the leaders of Youkai.”

… What?! …….. For real?!  This long head gramps is a leader of Youkai?! Actually, when Kiba’s sensei, Souji Okita-san, said something about [Hitori Hyakki Yakkou], I got curious and researched about it, and the name of Nurarihyon came up then as well! So this gramps is famous for Hyakki Yakkou!

…… The reason why he could sneak in was because he used ability as Nurarihyon! If none of us realised that he was here, then he must be very skilful!

…… As I was in shock, I heard Koneko’s small voice…

“…… there is even a saying: Nine tail of the west and Nurarihyon of the east.”

When I looked up, I saw that Koneko and Kuroka, who came after getting a call from Rias, have arrived.

When Kuroka saw Nurarihyon, she made an awkward expression and hid her face with her hand.

“Ah~ it seems like we came back at the wrong time……

Old gramps… when Nurarihyon saw the nekometa sisters, he had a smile on his face but at the same time, emitted an overpowering aura that cannot even be described in words.

“It’s been awhile, Kuroka. It seems like you got back in touch with your younger sister.”

When Nurarihyon said so… Kuroka fixed her posture, kneeled down and bowed deeply!

“It’s been awhile, boss. Thanks to you, I have finally got back in touch with my younger sister. Shirone, give your greetings to him.”

Kuroka was serious unlike her normal self.

Seeing her sister like that, Koneko kneeled down and gave deep bow.

“How do you do. I’m Toujou Koneko… before I have used the name, Shirone.”

When Koneko gave her greetings, Nurarihyon had a smile on his face.

“Hmm, the younger sister is just like the mother cat. Besides that, you two don’t have to be so formal. This is not my house. Now, both of you stand up.”

I grabbed Kuroka when she stood up to the corner of the room and said.

“(Aren’t you acting weird?! Normally even with a VIP guest, you would act arrogant, if not, downright rude!)”

That’s right. This cat, which would always be rude towards Azazel-sensei or any higher ups, showed a side of her that no one has ever seen in front of Nurarihyon and gave her respect.

Kuroka shrugged.

“(… well, even I have one person who I can’t act recklessly. Anyway, as someone who previously was a part of the east youkai faction, the boss is someone scarier than the maou or gods to me.)”

I looked at Nurarihyon after hearing Kuroka… he’s just drinking his tea… actually I can feel an overwhelming aura that is different from Sirzech-sama or Azazel-sensei. I guess that only youkais will understand the youkai world and their own rules and so having considered that, this Nurarihyon is a being that the Nekometa, Kuroka, respects.

While I was thinking what we should do, Rias held her hand up and was signalling to ease up. When our leader, Rias, gave us the signal, we all relaxed.

Seeing that, Nurarihyon just made a small laugh.

“It seems like the Crimson hair princess gets it, as expected of maou’s younger sister.”

Rias stepped forward and greeted Nurarihyon.

“I guess it’s best to greet you properly. Nice to meet you, my name is Rias Gremory, the heiress of the House of Gremory.”

Nurarihyon put his tea cup down and replied the greeting.

“Ah, I’m sorry for not introducing myself earlier. I am the leader of the youkais of the east based around the Kanto region. I am also an acquaintance of Shirone and Kuroka’s mother.”

After greeting each other, Rias asked Nurarihyon about why he suddenly visited the Hyoudou residence.

“How come the leader of the east youkai faction is visiting this house? This place is… no… this area is a place that the allied three factions are patrolling…”

When Rias stopped and thought about something, it seems like she noticed something.

“Is it to do with my brother… is it to do with talks between Maou-samas?”

When Rias asked, Nurarihyon made a suggestive grin.

It seems that this is his answer to Rias’s question. So, Nurarihyon’s action is related to the talks between sensei and Yakasa-san.

Rias continued.

“I know that you are one of the leaders who have not made peace with the alliance.”

Nurarihyon put his hand under his chin.

“The youkais in this country…. From leaders who command youkais such as Kyuubi, Yamamoto and Jinno, have all made peace with mystical beings from other scripture like you guys. They therefore offered a treaty to us as well and we are in the middle of ongoing talks. Well, since yesterday, I’ve been absent anyway.”

Kiba murmured after hearing that.

“…… So Azazel sensei made treaty a with Yamamoto Gorozaemon and Jinno Warugoro. Both are the leaders of youkai.”

They are names I don’t recognise but it sounds like Azazel-sensei is in talks with the others besides Yasaka-san and Nurarihyon.

Nurarihyon continued.

“To make peace with Angels and Devils… well considering the age where we live in, if we continue to be close minded, we won’t be able to react quickly when something happens. Those terrorists you guys are dealing with also gave a significant damage to us as well; we couldn’t do much since we weren’t able to be informed quickly. Since that happened, we thought that it will be beneficial to be a part of the peace treaty even as courtesy.”

… Ah, normally they would have handled the situation by themselves without any outside assistance but Nurarihyon seems to understand the dangers of the terrorists… [Khaos Brigade] and so, even if it is just to defeat the enemy, they were thinking of joining the treaty.

…… so then why don’t they just join? Why did he sneak out of the meeting and came here?

While I was being suspicious, Nurarihyon pointed at Akeno-san with his finger.

“You there with the dark hair. You are a daughter of a Fallen Angel… but also [Himejima] right? I can feel the power of that house from you.”

“….. Ah, yes. My mother was from the main branch of the Himejima-clan.”

When he heard the reply, he narrowed his eyes.

“Since the old days, there have been several agreements between humans with powers including the Himejima and us youkais. There have been times where there was a dispute but normally, we just guarded our respected areas and put a distance between each other.”

“…… I have heard of this before.”

Akeno-san replied while nodding her head.

Then Nurarihyon lifted his index finger.

“…… But that agreement has been broken not too long ago and because of that, we have taken significant damage. Because of the incident, youngsters under me now detest those from the [Five Great Families] and the ones who possess the power of Sacred Gears with that being the last hurdle of our talk. In other words, the problem lies on the fact that there are people from the [Five Great Families] and the possessor of Sacred Gears within the Three Factions”

… [Five Great Families]

They are the clans that have been protecting this country from evil spirits since the ancient times. So the so-called [Five Great Families] include the head family [Nakiri], [Kushihashi], [Doumon], [Shinra] and [Himejima]. Both Akeno-san and the former fukukaichou Tsubaki-san are from those families. Man, the world is really small. <TN didn’t you say opposite not too long ago lol?>

So basically, the people from Nurarihyon’s side had a fight with people from these families and because of that; they are not content with the peace treaty. Ah, I did hear that the former head of each clan had a firm stance on other factions so maybe they had frictions because of that. I also heard the story about the former head of Himejima clan being mean to young Akeno-san.

… Not only that but they were unhappy with Sacred Gear users and well, that can’t be helped. Each factions and even the enemies would have Sacred Gear possessors. It’s quite a stretch to say they don’t want to form an alliance just because of that, but Youkais have their own ideals so I shouldn’t judge them.

Nurarihyon said while looking at all of us.

“Everyone here is part of [DxD], the symbol of treaty between Three Factions? I heard that you guys have been approved by the leaders of each faction? So I thought it would be good to observe you guys before we make an alliance.”

“S-So the reason why you came here is because…?”

When I asked this, he made a smile.

“I’ve been observing you guys for a while. The truth is that although you guys haven’t noticed but I’ve been observing your life and activities from the corner of the rooms. Well, it looks like you guys aren’t considered to be bad people.”

…… So he’s been using his abilities as Nurarihyon to observe us…… and spy on us without anyone here noticing him. Damn he’s really good at disguising his presence!

After learning what had happened, the Church trio started to panic.

“Uuu! To show such a scene to another, I’m embarrassed!”

“Ku!  For the leader of the Youkai faction to see us practice making babies ……!”

“If we went all the way back then, we could have given him the wrong impression of us and this treaty could have been ruined! No, before that, I might have died from embarrassment!”

Asia, Xenovia and Irina’s face turned bright red. Thinking back, someone else was watching what was happening in that ero room! Uuuuu, if the peace treaty was ruined because of that, we won’t be able to face Sirzech-sama and Azazel-sensei at all!

Nurarihyon laughed wholeheartedly having seen our reactions and opened his mouth.

“But I would like to observe for a bit longer.”

Nurarihyon suddenly stood up and he had his cane which he brought out from somewhere in his hand.

“Hmm, maybe we should change the location.”

Nurarihyon lightly tapped the floor with his cane, and then… Kunou was enveloped in smoke and suddenly disappeared! When we looked around, she was next to Nurarihyon!

“N- Nurarihyon -sama?! W-What is this…”

The surprised Kunou tried to get away from him but…

“I would appreciate your cooperation, princess.”

Nurarihyon touched Kunou’s forehead lightly with his finger.

“…… Hmm……Nyaa……”

It looked like she was losing her consciousness; she was stumbling on the spot! After losing her consciousness, she nearly fell over but Nurarihyon grabbed her before she did and lifted her up.

“Miss Princess, please sleep well for now.”

What is he going to do with Kunou?! Since the situation was quite extreme, I couldn’t just stand there and do nothing so I put my armour on and got ready to fight!


“Kunou! Damn it!”

When I was about to charge!

“Ara ara.”

“That won’t do.”

Suddenly I heard an unfamiliar voice! Then a smoke appeared from both sides of Nurarihyon.

From the smoke came out a ferret youkai in human form and a dog youkai wearing something that resembles a cloud.  The two monsters… the youkais stood in front of Nurarihyon like they are protecting him.

“I am from the East youkai, Retsuza of Kamaitachi.”

The ferret youkai then brought out blades on both of his hand.

“Likewise, I am a part of the East youkai, Lightening Beast Kumowatari”

The youkai with the cloud all over him was sparkling electricity.

The concentration of aura they had on their body was so dense. I realised that they won’t be easy enemies to defeat. Unlike Nurarihyon, I can sense killing intent from them.

Having seen both of them, Kuroka shouted at me.

“Sekiryuutei, be careful with them! Both of them are one of strongest youkais in the east! They serve directly under Nurarihyon!”

As soon as Kuroka shouted, not only me but everyone here got ready to fight.

When Kamaitachi saw Kuroka, he snickered.

“Oi, Kuroka. I heard that after being reincarnated into a Devil, you’ve been crashing with that white dragon, and now you are following the red dragon? Nekometa sure are unfaithful…The Nekometa elder is quite angry.”

Kuroka frowned.

“That’s none of your business! I’ve just found where we sisters can stay. Do you think I’ll let you guys interfere?”

Kuroka made a magic circle on her hand, and gave off a vibe that she’s ready to pounce anytime!

Kiba also made a Holy-Demonic sword and pointed at Nurarihyon.

“We can’t hand over the princess!”

When we were looking for an opening to rescue Kunou, Nurarihyon tapped the floor with his cane.

“Let’s retreat for now… I will send out the invitation soon. This is all harmless fun so don’t worry too much about it.”

Another cloud of smoke appeared and when the smoke cleared, we saw that Nuraiyon left with Kunou!

Harmless fun? Damn it! Even if he wanted to test us, to take Kunou who came here just to hang around…!

I punched my right fist into my left palm and grinded my teeth……


Part 3


That night.

Me, Rias, Akeno-san, Koneko and Kuroka headed toward the outskirts of Tokyo where there are less people.

Not long after the incident, we received an arrow with an invitation tied to it. In the invitation, the names of the five of us as well as a map was on there. The members whose name weren’t on the letter are taking position someplace a bit further away as we decided that if something happens, they will be rushing to our position.

After Kunou have been taken away, Ophis have been silent but since we need to keep her identity a secret for now, we decided to leave her at home. To be honest I’m worried about Ophis but for now, we have to head to where the others told us to come.

It was an unpaved road with heavy fog… After leaving central Tokyo, a huge field devoid of any human presence or buildings appeared. There should be a place which they chose around here……

While the fog was getting heavier, Rias spoke with a low voice while walking.

“This must be Nurarihyon testing us as well as easing the tension.”

Rias continued.

“I felt some sort of hatred from that Kamaitachi and Lightening Beast… I’m sure it’s already been decided on the making of the peace treaty but there was nobody who oppose the treaty can vent out their anger to so they chose us as the targets.”

…… So there was that kind of meaning behind their hostility and they were opposing the treaty….then… they must hate us as people related with the [Five Great Families] and Sacred Gear users.

“Did you hear from Sirzech-sama?”

When I asked Rias sighed.

“Yes. Onii-sama said [It won’t go out of hand, so will you play along?].”

So it’s an order from above to sort out the situation with Nurarihyon in mind.

Rias made a bitter smile.

“So we are taking care of this kind of request by joining [DxD].”

…. Hahaha, I couldn’t help but to let a bitter smile show. I don’t’ know what the [Five Great Families] or Sacred Gear users have done before but it’s up to us to clean up the mess. We have to sort out all kinds of things… this appointment is also reflecting upon Nurarihyon’s intensions.

Since the former fukukaichou Tsubaki-senpai is from [Shinra] of the [Five Great Families], she also wanted to join us but she decided to let us handle the situation this time.

“…… I need to have a word with that former Governor. Why am I doing such work here… well, if the opponent is Nurarihyon -sama then it can’t be helped… but…”

Kuroka was blaming someone in a low voice.

Meanwhile Akeno-san spoke to me and Rias apologetically.

“…… In the end, it’s my mother’s family that’s causing trouble. I am so sorry.”

It seems like Akeno-san was bothered by such a thing. Rias and I made a wide smile on our faces and said.

“Don’t be bothered about such a thing as Akeno san has done nothing wrong.”

“Yes, you are our Akeno Himejima right? You’ve done nothing wrong.”

When we said such a thing, Akeno-san made a warm smile.

… While we were having such a discussion, we saw a huge front door over the fog. The appointed place… it seems like we have arrived at Nurarihyon’s mansion.

When we stood in front of the door, it solely opened itself.


We went inside. Even if this is a Youkai’s mansion, it was a traditional Japanese home so we were deciding whether we should take off our shoes or leave it on… In the end, we decided to leave them on. Maybe I did feel a bit guilty since I’m Japanese.

Inside was huge, the corridors were long and there were countless number of doors on both sides….The inside seems more spacious compared to the outside? Maybe this is a labyrinth?

After walking for some time we saw the end of the corridor and beyond the corridor was a huge space where there was a path towards the inner part.

…however, there was someone expecting us.

“I do apologise for earlier.”

“We will deal with you here.”

They were the ones who appeared before, Retsuza of Kamaitachi and the Lightening Beast Kumowatari. So we can’t advance through unless we beat them? For our first opponent to be the leaders of the opposition.

I put on my armour and got ready to fight, but then Akeno-san took a step forward..

“… I’ll deal with this.”

When Akeno-san stepped forward, Kamaitachi opened his mouth.

“…… you are from the Himejima clan right?”

“Yes, that’s right. Although I have been disowned by the clan.”

Akeno-san made lightening appear on her hand and the sound of electricity rang around the area.

When I was about to join Akeno-san… I felt an odd and overpowering aura from behind me! When I looked behind… a giant black dog was there. It was Jin who Tobio Ikuse-san wields. When the Lightening Beast and Kamaitachi saw Jin, they couldn’t hide their excitement.

Kamaitachi wielded blades on both of his hand and shouted.

“I heard the rumours! I heard that my comrades had a bit of trouble with you? Where is your master?”

But Jin did not reply. It seems like Ikuse-san didn’t come here. It bothered me to think how it came here by itself but… it’s an independent Sacred Gear with its own instinct with Longinus also being the case. Maybe this shouldn’t be surprising.

“Hmm, you came alone then.”

Lightening Beast admired Jin who came alone.

Jin stood next to Akeno-san. Seeing that, Rias said.

“I can see a fate here.”

Rias continued.

“That dog’s master, Jin’s master, Tobio Ikuse-san, also inherited the blood of Himejima. Himejima’s former leader had two older sisters. One of them was Akeno’s grandmother and the other is Ikuse-san’s…”

… Ku! …. So that kind of story existed?! Akeno-san and… Ikuse-san are related?! Their grandmothers are sisters… that makes them second cousins!

Akeno-san gave a smile towards Jin and said.

“… Will you help me?”

Jin wagged his tail once, giving her a positive answer. Did Ikuse-san sent Jin alone to help her?

“Thank you, Jin.”

After thanking Jin, Akeno-san turned around towards us.

“Leave this to us and go ahead!”

If Jin is with her, we won’t have to worry about Akeno-san. Me and Rias nodded our head and left Akeno-san to deal with this. After that, we heard a loud sound of explosion.


After following the corridor more, another huge space appeared. As we headed towards the area… Kuroka and Koneko’s expression froze. For some reason unknown to us, Kuroka’s face is covered in cold sweat.

Kuroka said in a struggling voice.

“………… Ku! No way……! This is…………..?!”

Koneko also spoke while shivering uncontrollably.

“O-Onee-sama……! W-What is this……?!”

Two nekometas seems like they’ve sensed something. But me and Rias can only feel an odd aura and our bodies didn’t shiver like Kuroka and Koneko.

When we arrived at the field, there was…… a spotted cat standing there but it wasn’t a normal cat. It had… nine tails!

“Oh ho, it looks like white cat has become a respectable nekometa.”

The young female’s voice rang around the field. When we looked closer, the voice was… coming out of the nine tail cat……. Is she the nekometa who didn’t transform into human?

That spotted cat spoke while looking at Koneko and Kuroka.

“It’s been awhile, Kuroka.”

Kuroka, who had cold sweat running across her cheek, spoke with a nervous expression.

“…… I never expected you, Tortoiseshell granny, to be here!”

When Kuroka said that, Koneko was also surprised.

“S-So this is Elder Tortoiseshell.”

“Yes. She’s our youkais… Nekometa’s leader Magari, nicknamed as Tortoiseshell granny.”

Nekometa’s leader! She’s a big deal! I never thought I would meet such a person here! Ah~ thinking back, those youkais that came to our house said something about her.

The leader of the Nekometa youkai narrowed her eyes.

“Every cats that calls me such name are delinquents.”

Since she’s in her cat mode instead of her scary mode, it’s cuter but…

“Is she well known?”

I asked Rias.

“…… She’s a strong youkai, whose age is more than 800 years old. I’ve researched a lot about nekometas but… this is the first time meeting her like this… it seems like the only ones who are known in the youkai world as the strongest have assembled here.”

Rias was also surprised.

… Wait, the youkai that have lived for more than 800 years?! Maybe she is older than Sirzech-sama or any other current maous…? But her voice sounds very young.

The spotted cat looked at me and Rias.

“I’ve only got business with those cat sisters. Sekiryuutei boy and Devil princess can always go forward.”

She is saying such a thing… it is true that I don’t feel any hostility towards us from her but instead of hostility, she’s showing more along the lines of curiosity towards Koneko and Kuroka.

Kuroka pointed towards the inside of the mansion and said.

“Go first. Leave her to me and Shirone. It looks like they called us two for this reason; even Nurarihyon can’t ignore this elder’s words.”

Koneko also spoke after Kuroka.

“Don’t worry, buchou and Ise-senpai. Please go to Kunou-chan quickly.”

And even the Elder cat spoke.

“I’m not going to eat them. Granny simply wants to lecture them. This is just a simple [Meeting between cats]. Well, the person who my boss really wants to meet is that boy over there.”

… Since all three nekometas were saying that, we couldn’t say no. Rias and I looked at each other and nodded our heads.

“Then I’ll leave it to you two, Koneko, Kuroka!”

“If something happens, just run!”

After saying that, Rias and I ran towards the inner part of the mansion……


At the end of the long corridor, there was a fancy looking door that looked like it was saying its final destination. I opened the door and burst in!

“Kunou! Are you okay?!”

The room that was in front of me as I was shouting was… a luxurious looking room! The room was decorated with wall scrolls with drawings of dragons and on the head seat, Kunou was sitting there! And with the coffee table between the two of them, Nurarihyon was sitting across Kunou.

“Ise! You came!”

Kunou seems happy to see us but she wasn’t tied down with a rope. Looking at the tea and snacks in front of her, it looks like she’s getting treated properly.

Nurarihyon spoke after sipping his tea.

“So you came. What do you think; our boys are useful aren’t they?”

Nurarihyon said in a non-apologetic tone to Rias.

“Leader of the East youkai, this is enough right? We’ll be taking Kunou back.”

Nurarihyon replied in a calm manner.

“You don’t have to hurry; this is just this old man’s fun. Why don’t you have some tea.”

… My patience has run out. Those youkais, I don’t know what Nurarihyon’s youkais are thinking about or what they are not satisfied with. But……

I made a fist with my arm with gauntlet and put my fist towards Nurarihyon.

“This may be the result of some kind of political agreement between you and our boss but Kunou is our guest! We can’t let her be part of this anymore! Return her! Or else I will show my own complaint.”

As I said that without hesitation, Nurarihyon seemed to be taken back for a second but regained his composure and snickered like he was seeing something fun.

“Like what the leader of the Fallen Angel said, I like your attitude. It looks like you aren’t a normal pervert… however.”

Nurarihyon looked behind me when I turned around myself… Koneko and Kuroka are standing there! Did their talk already finished? It doesn’t look like they had a fight since their clothes also looks clean.

“Koneko, Kuroka… you guys were safe.”

When I sighed with relief and said that, Koneko suddenly hugged me. When I looked at her face to see what’s going on… her face was reddened. She was looking at me longingly with her wet eyes and said in longing voice.

“…… Senpai, hug me.”

With no time to react to that, Kuroka hugged me from behind this time! Because of that, I fell down on the floor. Kuroka on ecstasy pressed her body onto mine and spoke in a seductive voice.

“Fufuf, Sekiryuutei~ do you wanna do erotic stuff right here right now~?”

W-W-W-W-What is this bad cat saying?! This is Nurarihyon’s mansion! Not only is Nurarihyon himself in here! H-How can anyone do perverted stuff in this situation! Even Koneko is rubbing her body against mine! The soft sensation of a female body is amazing! It feels amazing but there is time and places!

My eyes then met with the spotted cat that came out of nowhere.

“It seemed like they weren’t going to listen to me so I’m controlling them.”

No way! It’s because of that Elder cat that Koneko and Kuroka are doing such things!

While being stuck here, I requested help from Rias.

“H-Hey! T-This is…! R-Rias!”

But Rias was…

“…… Ise, don’t shout in here. This is the old man’s house……”

She was massaging Nurarihyon’s shoulders with a relaxed smile on her face!

“Oh~ you are good at this.”

Nurarihyon also became a kind and friendly old gramps just like when he broke into our house! Uuuu, he’s using that technique again! So he can use it in his own house as well!

Kunou stood up and was perplexed.

“Uuu, this is unbelievable. I heard stories that Nurarihyon -sama and Magari-sama’s spell are very strong but for it to be this effective…!”

Nurarihyon spoke while receiving a massage from Rias.

“I heard that the Sekiryuutei boy is weak against these kinds of tactics which means going against me would be the worst scenario for you.”

Well I’m sorry! It’s true that it’s difficult fighting against someone who doesn’t fight directly!

Nurarihyon stared at me.

… Ku! Suddenly my sight faded… M-My consciousness is…… as soon as I met his eyes…the ability to think clearly reduced and… it feels like fog clouded in my head…

…… as my consciousness slowly faded… Nurarihyon spoke to me.

“Hey, Sekiryuutei boy. Why don’t you give me that house of yours with everyone living in it? That house looks comfortable and the ladies there can make quite a fire power. So what do you think? Won’t you give them to me?”

…… I wonder why, his voice sounded sweet and absolute at the same time. I feel like I can trust his words with everything I’ve got… No, I feel like I can just follow his words… Ah, so it was like this… back there at that Ero room… this is Nurarihyon’s spell…

Then I heard Kunou’s voice……

“Don’t do it, Ise! Don’t answer him back! If you lose against his spell, the future of alliance and the future of [DxD] will be in dire situation!”

… T-That’s right… I can’t lose to this kind of spell……! A-And also… ask for everyone living in that house… Kuu, my consciousness is…… is wanting me to follow his words… also this fault…!

Not only that… Koneko and Kuroka are rubbing their bodies against me so… I feel like I’m about to give in to temptation! Kuroka’s huge and elastic breasts are amazing…

“Ufufufu, Now, let’s do perverted stuff nya. You can do anything you want with my body nya.”

… After removing the front of her kimono, Kuroka tried to undress me! Lying next to Kuroka, Koneko transformed into Shirone mode and tempted me with her developed body!

“…… Senpai, with this body maybe I can engage in a more violent act? Even then will you not do it with me…?”

Even Koneko started taking half of her kimono off… and was shaking her breasts while at the same time, moved my face towards her breasts! Ah, my face is buried under Koneko’s breasts. This is like a dream… the grown up Koneko’s… her developed breasts are equal in size and elasticity compared to Kuroka’s…!

Nurarihyon then spoke cheerfully.

“Okay, if you agree with me, I’ll ask the others to do more stuff like this with you.”

… Really……?! …. T-That’s awesome…! W-Wait a second, is it really alright for me, who aims to be the harem king, to do that…?… can I be satisfied with breasts that other give me…?… Damn it, I don’t want to lose! Ah, damn Kuroka, she’s biting my earlobe…! Koneko is licking my body with her tongue!……Uuu, don’t lose, Ise! Rias, Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko, Xenovia, Irina, Rossweisse-san, Ravel, Le Fay, Kuroka, Ophis… Mum, dad…! Everyone’s face is, all the happy times we shared flashed through my mind……

Nurarihyon asked again.

“So what do you think, will you give me that house?”

“T-That is…”

… My answer was…

“No way, I won’t give it to you… that house is a place that I must go back… and everyone is my precious comrades… and my family… I can’t give it to you, old gramps…!”

… I resisted with all my might and just barely said that… even if my body is being controlled… I can’t give him my house! I was… resisting the sweet voice of Nurarihyon appealing to me with all my might!

Seeing me in such a state, Nurarihyon couldn’t hide his surprise and laughed wholeheartedly.

“… To give me such an answer, that’s surprising.”

I am… rejecting my mind that wants to accept everything, and shouted.

“I don’t want to get help from someone else to do perverted things to girls!”

That’s right! I don’t want someone else to control my pervert mind! My ero mind is mine only! I can’t let my ero mind be controlled by Nurarihyon as well!

“Damn it!!”

With the shouting gantlet’s power continuously rising, my armour responded by appearing within seconds.

[As expected from my partner. I was worried for a second but… well if it’s got to do with your perverted mind, I thought you will sort it out somehow.]

Even Ddraig said so! My partner understands me!

I said to Koneko and Kuroka.

“Koneko, Kuroka! Snap out of it! If you want to do perverted things with me, then don’t give in to mind control and tempt me fair and square! I will take you guys on anytime!”

But be wary of the time and place! I want to do it under a better situation!

At my shouting, Kunou responded.

“I won’t just stand here and do nothing! I am Kyoto Youkai’s leader, Yasaka’s daughter, Kunou!”

Kunou summoned her power and… her blond hair turned white! Her body is now emitting an overwhelming aura unfitting of this little girl.

“I also trained daily! If I want to walk the path with you guys I need to be strong!”

Our nine tail princess shouted confidently!

When Kunou’s hair changed colour, even Nurarihyon stood up from his seat and exclaimed.

“… her hair has turned white… is she going to turn into Hakumen no Mono Kyubi no Kitsune… <TN you guys have got NO IDEA how long I spent time to search for the right term. roughly translate into White fur gold hair nine tail fox>”

When the Elder cat heard him, she shook her head.

“No, boss. This isn’t Hakumen no Mono Kyubi no Kitsune. This is more like a Beast god from [Hakkenden], similar to Masaki Kitsune. It becomes [Koryuu] <TN Fox dragon> when it gets stronger… maybe it is because of her relationship with that Sekiryuutei boy that it is affecting her growth…?” <TN it’s a novel series from EDO era. Not to be confused with manga series of same name.>

That Elder cat then looked at me….Hmm, I haven’t done anything special towards Kunou though. Well, thanks to her I get praise!

This is a good chance; I can test out the new feature of my technique! I quickly touched the back of Rias, Koneko and Kuroka. <TN how?>

“I will also try out my new technique here!”

After shouting that, I pulled out all the imaginations from inside my mind! What I want is the power to destroy things around these girls! Not their clothes! I thought of this when Asia was captured by that bastard Diodora and got chained into that contraption! Back then, I touched her body that was chained into that machine and used [Dress Break] to destroy the seal.

To destroy the seal… in other words, destroy their technique! Simply put, I’m breaking the spell that’s on the girls! The thing I am breaking is not their clothes, nor their armour but the spell on them!

Lewd aura filled around me… I collected the imaginations in my mind! I opened my eyes and shouted!

“Dress Break!”

When I snapped my fingers, my imagination seeped out of my armour and filled the entire surroundings! Rias, Koneko and Kuroka who I’ve touched just before were enveloped in light. After that, the intensity of light kept getting stronger until it exploded. It sounded like something just exploded and when they look like they’ve got back to their senses, the light in their eyes returned.

“… Why am I massaging Nurarihyon’s shoulders…”

Rias tilted her head. She’s back to normal!

Meanwhile Koneko, who has gone back to her original size, realised that her body is pressing against mine.

“… I-I’m doing such shameless things…!”

Koneko pushed me away in embarrassment! But her sister Kuroka was…

“Ufufufu, well this is fine.”

Even when she gone back to normal she’s not moving away! Well she has always been an ero-cat!

But it’s a success! My new use of [Dress Break]! Instead of destroying their clothes, I’ve destroyed the spell around them! With this, I can break any weird spells on these girls!

The technique that destroys anything and everything that the girls has on their body is named [Dress Break] Ver.B (Body)! And the technique that destroys spells on them will be called [Dress Break] Ver.A (Astral)!

In the near future, I will cross both Ver.A and Ver.B together to form a single technique that will destroy both the spells and their clothing!

Now, while I was making a new resolve, we felt a familiar aura from behind. When we looked the source of the aura, No way! Ophis!

“Kunou, Ise.”

Ophis appeared out of nowhere! She should be back home… did she come all the way here just because she was worried about Kunou!

“Oh, Phis-sama! You came!”

When Kunou saw Ophis, she was so happy that she was jumping. However, when Nurarihyon saw Ophis, he raised his eyebrows.

“… I don’t think I’ve invited you here.”

Nurarihyon and the elder cat shouldn’t know the real identity of Ophis but the Elder cat seemed to notice Ophis’s unnatural power since she took a step back.

“… Boss, stand back. That girl… No, she’s not someone who you should mess around with. That presence of Dragon we felt on the fox princess was hers…”

The Elder was on full alert mode, as expected of an 800 years old youkai.

But Ophis walked towards Nurarihyon without faze. And after staring into his face for a while, she said.

“Don’t bully Kunou.”

And slapped his butt with her hand!


Even if it’s simple slap on the butt, if our infinite Dragon-God-sama is the one initiating it, the power of the slap would be unimaginable… Nurarihyon was so shocked he was jumping on the spot.


Soon after, in one of the room of Nurarihyon’s mansion, a thing that mustn’t be told to anyone was happening.

Nurarihyon was laying down face first and was grabbing his swollen butt while the Lightening Beast and Kamaitachi, who already finished with their fight, joined us and placed an ice bag on his butt.

Akeno-san and Jin also joined us and thus everyone that Nurarihyon called out arrived. Since the owner of this mansion, Nurarihyon was in such a state, there was a weird mood since we came here expecting to fight him.

I was originally thinking of giving him a piece of my mind, but since Ophis did that for me, I decided not to do it. By the way, Ophis is eating a snack with Kunou in the corner of the room…. Anyway I want to return as soon as possible.

… As I was thinking that, new people arrived.

“Leader of the East, I think your pranks have gone too far.”

The person who came in while saying so was Kunou’s mother… Yasaka-san!

“… Yasaka, I’m showing some embarrassing scene here.”

Nurarihyon said in a slightly embarrassed tone.


Kunou jumped into her mother’s body. Yasaka-san pet her daughter’s head.

“Hohoho Kunou, you developed a glimpse of the power as a Beast God correctly.”

While the fox mother and daughter were having a reunion, Azazel-sensei appeared this time.

“Yasaka, I told you didn’t I? Kids grow up fast even before their parents notice them.”


Sensei made a bitter smile on his face and roughed up my hair.

“Sorry I couldn’t call you guys for a while. The talks between the Japanese youkais got longer… well, the reason behind it was provided by that leader over there though.”

Sensei looked at Nurarihyon with a dumbfounded glare.

Then Nurarihyon complained.

“Don’t be too harsh. We also had a complicated reason.”

Sensei said without any concerns.

“I, Michael and Sirzech said to Nurarihyon’s side, who weren’t really up with the alliance this [Why don’t you observe the symbol of alliance, the youth from [DxD], especially the guys at the Hyoudou residence?] like that.”

Just like Rias said. Uuu, we always get involved in troublesome things… I had a feeling that we were made with these kind of jobs in mind.

“… So what did you think of our guys after all?”

Sensei asked Nurarihyon.

Nurarihyon stole a glance at Ophis but then laughed wholeheartedly.

“I’ve seen enough. It’s not often that I get hit on my butt like a troublemaker at this age. But thanks to that, I got to understand the [DxD] team. Honestly, I had fun.”

Nurarihyon stood up, still clenching his butt and lowered his head towards us.

“I do apologise, Sekiryuutei boy, Devil princess, daughter of the Himejima clan. I wanted to just tease you youngsters. Thanks for playing along with my stubbornness. But I will make sure that the young ones from my side won’t complain again.”

Nurarihyon spoke to Kamaitachi and the Lightening Beast.

“You guys are fine now right?”

Both of them stood while paying attention and replied.

“Yes. We have realised that they have no evil intent first hand.”

“We will not object the alliance.”

It seems like they’ve realised while fighting Akeno-san and Jin that we haven’t got either hatred nor evil intent towards them and Akeno-san also fought them seriously. There are many types of people in the [Himejima] clan and whatever the former clan leader was like, Akeno-san is Akeno-san.

Those two also bowed towards us.

“We apologise for acting rude.”

“We will receive any punishment you give us.”

It was like they were ready to give up their lives so we just replied [Let’s get along from now on]. Peace is the best and also, I’ve attained a new feature of [Dress Break] so I have profited from this.

Nurarihyon said to sensei.

“The leader of the opposition has now accepted so the others will now follow them. The head of the Fallen Angel, Azazel, I know this is just shameless request but will you make a treaty with us?”

Sensei smiled and prepared to shake his hand.

“Well, I knew from the beginning that making a treaty between mythologies that were distant from each other would be hard. Well since we managed to resolve this at this line, I guess we should be grateful. Let’s fix a new date and talk again so until then, take care of your butt, Boss.”

“Haa~ you had to say that didn’t you.”

The two leaders of the factions shook their hands. It’s finally over.

Meanwhile, Kuroka was trying to escape using this time.

“Now, excuse me…”

“Kuroka, wait there.”

The elder cat stopped her on her track! Kuroka was resistant.

“Nyaa?!W-What do you want… have you still got business with me…?”

Elder cat narrowed her eyes.

“I will train you and Shirone next time. Come here whenever you want.”

“W-Well I think I will…”

Kuroka was trying to refuse but…

“Yes! Take care of us! Onee-sama, let’s come here again.”

Koneko gave an instant OK. Seeing her sister like that, Kuroka nodded her head reluctantly.

When the situation got under control, Yasaka-san said to Kunou.

“Now, let’s go back Kunou. Maou-sama said they will treat us to dinner at the hotel in Tokyo. It’ll be great since things Kunou like are there.”

“Yes, I can’t wait! But mother! Listen to me! I’ve decided that I’ll eat everything and not be picky!”

“Oh ho~ and the reason for that is?”

Kunou drew a circle around her chest and proclaimed.

“Yes! I have understood that Ise can’t help himself with woman with big breasts! I won’t be picky and I will have breasts as large as yours mother!”

“I also want bigger breasts.”

Ophis mimicked Kunou and drew a circle around her chest!

Children shouldn’t be saying such things! Seeing these two, Rias and Akeno-san had gentle expressions.


After that, the talks between the three factions and Nurarihyon’s side went well and in the end, they’ve finalised the details of the treaty. They said it’s not a matter of time until the treaty is implemented. The Nine tail mother and the daughter also finished their business here and went back to Kyoto.

Soon after, as an apology for creating such troubles, Nurarihyon sent in all sorts of treasures, talismans believed to bring luck, old paintings and more. According to Rias, they are all rare and priceless things. From Sirzech-sama and sensei, everyone received a fancy gift catalogue that is easily equivalent to 5 figures worth saying that this is our reward. Getting these kinds of things makes me feel guilty.

Anyhow, peace is the best and after coming back to our normal lives, I needed to go to the bathroom once again one night. After thinking for a while in front of the bathroom door, I purposely went to one underground.

When I thought they wouldn’t come here and I opened the door…

“Welcome Ise!”

“Amazing! it’s just as Xenovia said!”

“Ise-san, welcome in.”

It was the Ero room and Xenovia, Irina and Asia…the Church trio were waiting there! Ah, what’s going on? Have my bathroom break been totally compromised by these three?!

“Just stop it already!”

I couldn’t help but scream deep into the night.

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  1. I really apreciate your hard work. I am a fan of DXD and without you and the others who volunteer to translate the LN’s I would not be able to enjoy them!

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