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When i posted on Highschool DxD subreddit that me and my friend was translating the Light Novel, i’ve received a concern from someone. the person’s message was

while it’s a good thing you chose to do something like this, it would be for best if you refrained from this in the future. Code-Zero might take this as a threat and stop translating altogether (he’s nearly done that before, but for a different reason)

Me and my friend would like to say that we fully understand the concern regarding this.

When we started the translation, we intended this to be a fun thing we do when we have time and nothing else. we weren’t trying to compete with Code Zero, or anything else of that nature. we just wanted to see the series that we both like grow.

We really do hope that Code Zero continues to translate DxD. we are both fan of his works and i’m sure many others are as well. Also, since i can’t get my hands on Korean version of Volume 19, this will be the only translation work we’ll be doing.

If Code Zero would like us to stop and leave the translation work to him, we will gladly do so.

lastly. unless he wishes to, the translation that we have done will not be going on Baka Tsuki as we strongly believe that Code Zero’s version will be more suitable and much more accurate to our version.

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