it’s been awhile since last update. since then, quite a lot has changed for me.

for University students in UK, exam is near us. time for revision and such. it doesn’t help that i’ve got coursework that due in during exam period!

anyway, because of this, like i did before, i have to change my upload schedule.

looking at my YouTube statistic, it seems like people are not very interested in Katahane series, so what i’m thinking of doing is to stop Katahane videos during exam period and just keep the Sono Hanabira series for now. keeping it one video every two weeks.

ofcourse, Katahane video will resume after exam is finished.

And yes, i know that Novamov videos are not there anymore. i will try to fix it ASAP. but won’t guarantee any quick uploads for reasons i’ve mentioned above. instead, could you please comment under the video where Novamov videos are gone? thanks.

4 thoughts on “07/04/2015”

  1. I know what its like to go through a rough exam month. Study well OK?? It’s understandable for u to postpone your schedule but I hope you dont drop the whole channel because you’re lacking views 🙁 best of luck!! much love

  2. Ah! exams months! I know how it is… Best of luck, senpai! And don’t stop uploading sono harabiras. ^_^

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