DxD DX Vol 2 Translation Project, Life.4 Worship☆Dragon-God-Girl

This is fan made translation. The full right goes to the authour Ichiei Ishibumi. Please support the original authour if possible.

This is Korean To English Translation.


Translator: daniel Yang

Editor/QC: Alexis138


On Baka Tsuki


Part 1

One afternoon during the weekend, everyone (all the girls living in my house) was in my room playing the Underworld version of Game of Life.

Irina suddenly opened her mouth and said.

“By the way, shouldn’t we have some kind of Temple or Shrine for Ophis-san? She is a Dragon God.”

…like that.

Temple, shrine…?

That’s right. Ophis is known as the Ourobobros Dragon. Well, [Former].

Koneko said while rotating the roulette.

“……Dragons have always been worshipped as gods and is a symbol of power. Even average dragons are more powerful compared to most monsters so normally they are worshipped as [Dragon God].”

I’ve also heard that from Rias and Sensei.

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Snono Hanabira light novel Korean translation

First of all. i do realize that Korean is not a major language at all. this is just a personal project that i will be doing while i have free time and for fun

But that does not mean that i won’t be needing help.

So…. yeah.

my name is Daniel Yang (A.K.A empbike) and i would like to start Korean translation for Sono Hanabira light novels, but here are some problems.

1. i cannot read Japanese at all. This means that i can only translate the novels that has been translated into English which i can read.

2. i will be needing someone to help translate and make sure that translation make sense.

3. i need free OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. If you don’t know what that is, google it.

what i am intending to do is create google drive document and share the document with whoever want to help me get through the translation project.

if you want to help me with the translation project, please email me at [email protected]


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