Highschool DxD DX 3 Time line 

Life. 1 (Asia’s Treasure): Between Vol 13 and 14

Life. 2 (The Ordinary Days of Red Dragon Emperor): Straight after Vol 14

Life. 3 (Let’s Go with Training! ~Mascot Chapter~): Between Vol 16 and 17

Life. 4 (Talents of the Student Council): Start off in the middle of Vol 22, main part in the middle of Vol 19

Life. 5 (Worldly Desire of Steel): Between Vol 19

Extra Life. 1 (Cross X Crisis): Starts off in the middle of Vol 17~19, main part few years before

Extra Life. 2 (Graduation Trip and Vortex Bunch): Middle of Vol 22

33 thoughts on “Highschool DxD DX 3 Time line ”

  1. Oooooooo progress. Thank you very much for keeping us up to date with the progress. Craving for some Elmenhilde. Might be one of my best girl in DxD.

  2. I will be waiting for your translation since i don’t know any language beside english,bengali and hindi

    1. When I’m back from my holiday. I’m still translating right now but I can’t update my blog since Internet is very spotty.

    1. Right now I have done all but 2 pages of life 2. But again, can’t get it to my editor due to spotty Internet.

    1. I’m on a family holiday in foreign country. So all the Internet I’ve got is roaming. I’m still translating at least two pages a day (one dxd, one inou battle) but I have to send the tl to my editor before I can publish it. I’ll be sending it as soon as I get better Internet whether that is roaming or something else. But for now I’m enjoying the holiday with my family which I wasn’t able to for past 5 years due to studies.

    1. Only life 2. Please bare with me since it’s going to take longer for this volume to be translated compared to last two

  3. Thanks to you and your editor for all your hard work. I love this series and I look forward to seeing it continue.

    1. Because I’m not the only person who translate this. If I was the only person who tl inou battle then that would be fine.

  4. Life. 4 (Talents of the Student Council): Start off in the middle of Vol 22, main part in the middle of Vol 19

    WTF?! Xenovia became the president of the student councul only at the end of the 19th volume. There is no logic here.

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