Korean translation update and bit of news…..

been awhile guys.

it looks like that i’m busier then i anticipated with my real life commitment.

which was one of the reason why i decided to change my video schedule. but now, i think i need to cut back on Translation for Vacation for Two of us Korean translation.

i have translated 17 pages out of 27 english pages. and seeing that last few pages are round table discussion. i’m debating whether i should translate those pages or not.

now for some news.

if you guys haven’t seen it, new promotion video for Snow White’s Knight has come out. the music is by Anzu Hana and it is really catchy.

click the link below for the video



now regarding Eden of Xeno

it look like their website is back online. if you want to buy their products, i suggest you do it now before the website goes down again. 

regarding english translation for Sono Hanabira Light Novels. it looks like EOX is nolonger translating them. i had talked to Nakiyoshi Tomino using email regarding the subject and has confirmed to me that EOX is now only translating Bonus Sotries that comes out in Comiket.


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