Regarding the future of this blog and translation work.

Hey there, it’s daniel.

As of writing this blog post i have finally finished translating DX2 and have uploaded them to Baka Tsuki. Man now that i finished them i feel better.

Now, before people ask me. Yes, for now I am thinking of translating DX3 when it comes out. But do have this in mind. I am now in my final year of University and thus i will be busier than ever, not only that the timing of DX3 release in Korean will most likely be near my exam period. So please don’t expect DX3 translation to be started anytime soon.

As for this blog until DX3 translation starts. I am still thinking of writing my seasonal anime list at the end of each season (not that anybody actually reads it) and i am currently finalising summer season list. And as for doing translation on different series… I am currently working on another series right now, but i don’t know if it’s viable for me to continue with the translation. At this point in time i am actively translating this said series but i won’t give name of this series until I am 100% sure that I can commit to it and finish at least one volume of it. I will give out more information once I’m ready.


DxD DX Vol 2 Translation Project, Afterword

This is fan made translation. The full right goes to the authour Ichiei Ishibumi. Please support the original authour if possible.


This is Korean To English Translation.


Translator: daniel Yang

Editor/QC: Alexis138

Special Thanks to Code Zero, samat654 and various others for the help!


On Baka Tsuki


It’s been a while. Ichiei Ishibumi here.

I bring a short story collection of the second volume of High school DxD [DX] series to you guys.

As I’ve said before, there are still plenty of short stories left and stockpile has been steadily increasing as well while publishing this volume.

The short stories should be worth around three or four volumes if we were to compile them into the length of normal volumes and these includes the ones which were published serially, in magazines and given out in some events.

Well, serialisation will continue along the way so maybe this series will exceed 10 volumes…I therefore appreciate everyone for their continuous support.

I’ll now give the context of each episodes listed in this book.

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DxD DX Vol 2 Translation Project, Life.EX Hyakki Yako and Pandemonium

This is fan made translation. The full right goes to the authour Ichiei Ishibumi. Please support the original authour if possible.


This is Korean To English Translation.


Translator: daniel Yang

Editor/QC: Alexis138

Special Thanks to Code Zero, samat654 and various others for the help!


On Baka Tsuki


Life.EX Hyakki Yako and Pandemonium


Part 1


It happened a short time after the beginning of the spring term.

One night, I set out from my bed due to my needs to go to the bathroom. When I opened the bathroom door, instead of toilet… the pink ero room showed itself…

It was that Heaven made [Ero Room]! And the person who grabbed my hands while I was confused was…

“Now, Ise… let’s finally practice our baby making tonight!

Xenovia is wearing a see through and loose lingerie! On the bed, Asia and Irina are waiting. Just like Xenovia, they are wearing a see through lingerie and they weren’t even wearing any bra! Their nipples, being visible over the see through lingerie, caught my eyes! Asia, you snuck out of the bed before me!

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Hey, this is my new site!

There aren’t anything that’s different from my old WordPress blog, it will still operates as normal. Only change is my site is now under new domain name and is Hosted off America.

Huge, Huge shoutout to zxzxzx! He’s hosting my new site on his server, and did all the work moving and restoring the site for me! I’ve said this many time before but, Cheers zx!

If you want to follow my blog, there is email subscription option on the side bar now, you can use that to get an update 🙂

DX story timeline

Following is the timeline for short stories listed in Highschool DxD DX series relative to main series.


Highschool DxD DX Vol 1

Life. 1 (Abduction ERO!): After Vol 7

Life. 2 (Ultimate!! Onii-chan Mask): Before/After Vol 9

Life. 3 (Stop!! Yuuto-kun!): After Vol 7

Life. 4 (Records of Chichiryuutei’s Pleasure Adventure): After Vol 9

Life. 5 (Love Song to the Reincarnated Angel): After Vol 12

Life. 6 (Let’s go to Onsen): After Vol 13

Life. DX (Phoenix of the Battle School Building DX?): Between Vol 19


Highschool DxD DX Vol 2

Life. 1 (Oppai is the Sun): Straight after Vol 9

Life. 2 (Student Council’s Decision): After “Oppai is the Sun”

Life. 3 (Let’s Go with Training): After Vol 10

Life. 4 (Worship Dragon-God Girl): After Vol 13

Life. 5 (Neokmata Ninja Scroll):Within Vol 14

Life. 6 (Maniac’s Sanctuary): After Vol 17

Life. EX (Hyakki Yako and Pandemonium): After Vol 18

Thank you.

Hello there, it’s daniel Yang and Alexis138.

Fuck you all.

Nah, we’re just joking. If you guys didn’t know, we have just finished translating Highschool DxD DX Volume 1, and oh man what a ride it was. And here is a small section where we would like to thank and apologize to you all at the same time for reading this translation.

Why apologize? Well, we (mainly I, daniel) are sorry that you have to wait this long for the translation. January exam was quite a pain. Also, we are sorry about the quality of the translation. Alexis has done a great job editing it. We have been on skype with each other many times for about 6 hours doing editing (he’s even editing this as well) and even then, many things slip through our eyes and ended up making it into the final version. (I mean, when I read the edit history on B-T, I feel like I should go back to GCSE English…)

Now that this is out of the way, we would like to give thanks to the readers for their patience and not being mad at us. Seriously, one of our worries was that people would just shout at us and just tell us to go fuck ourselves (especially on reddit. We know how savage people can be there.) But you know what? You guys are awesome and are definitely not savage (from what we can see anyway.)

And before anyone asks, yes we are thinking of translating DX 2 as well. We will do it as soon as they are available in Korean and when we’ve got time to spare. (Another £15 gone with international shipping  :P)

And we are currently creating a PDF of the entire DX volume.

We would like to give a huge shoutout to moderators and readers at /r/HighschoolDxD, including the past and current mods. You guys are awesome.

Also shout out to zx-zx-zx and Code Zero for their support! Keep up the good work, Sir!

Anyway, this was our small thank you to all of you guys J


P.S from daniel: Volume 20 is awesome!


This is fan made translation. The full right goes to the authour Ichiei Ishibumi. Please support the original authour if possible.

This is Korean To English Translation.


Translator: daniel Yang

Special thanks to Code-Zero for the help!

Editor/QC: Alexis138



To those who picked up Highschool DxD series with this [DX] volume, I am pleased to meet you. To those who have read the main volumes, it has been awhile, Ichiei Ishibumi here.

We have finally made new side volumes of the Highschool DxD franchise, DX volumes. The main focus of the DX volumes is short stories that have been published in the Dragon Magazines previously. Furthermore, for the newly written stories (for the DX series), I am planning to bring up “dream matches” and “dream-like moments” which can’t be done in the main series

So then, I shall introduce each story with the related timeline to the main story.

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hello again! (quick update)

ever since my videos was taken down and my channel shut down, i really didn’t do anything much. i may have been upset (very slightly?) but i was also relived. i knew that this was started as hobby and it wasn’t going to be something i will be doing forever, so when the videos were forcibly taken down, there was part of me that though “you know what? i had good run”.

first thing i want to say is that i might have found the reason why my videos were taken down. and i’m not going to lie, i am excited about this just a little bit.

it has been announced that MangaGamer ( have signed to publish Sono Hanabira visual novels in west! currently, they have only announced the release of all age version novels on steam, and have not confirmed on if any of previous releases will be translated as well but i think this is good move in general. now we might have legal source of playing Sono Hanabira games 🙂

second thing is that i have decided to at least upload all the videos that does not infringe on Copyright Claims onto YouTube again. i am still not sure if this is wise to do but only time will tell.

this is new channel that videos will be uploaded to

good bye youtube…

hi all.

two things has happened in past few days. and they are not good news at all.

firstly, i’ve been hit with copyright strike. copyright strike is different to content strike since the “owner” of the content of my video assume i have used their property without their consent. therefore they have requested the removal of my videos.

the copyright strike, as far as i am aware, is permanent unless i send in formal appeal, and i don’t think i can win this appeal at all since i believe it was fuguriya who has issued the warning. (also there might be legal consequences if the appeal doesn’t go through.)

after all this has happened, another issue came about. account lock down.

i believe this has happened due the the account receiving multiple copyright strikes., and therefore i won’t be able to upload any more videos on youtube. i can easily make another account yes, but there is no guarantee that this will work in long term.

youtube/google has terminated my account and deleted all of my videos. and there is nothing i can do.

i would like to use this time to thank you all for watching my videos and supporting me, all your comments has been fun to read and i hope i have helped at least small amount to people with my tutorials. honestly, i didn’t think or imagine that more then 900 people would consider subscribing to a guy just sitting on his chair playing visual novel, it was very interesting experience.

from bottom of my heart, i thank you all for watching.

although my youtube account is gone, i still have this (somewhat less successful lol) wordpress account! maybe i will find something to do with this thing now…

unedited videos.

finally back from exam 🙂

anyway, i realised that videoweed or any variates of services beside from YouTube isn’t the most reliable place to host the videos up. I ended up spending too much time fixing the videos then i would have liked.

from now on, i will upload any unedited videos onto Mega as well as videoweed. that way, hopefully the file should the there as long as i would like them to be. i won’t be re-uploading any videos that have been deleted from videoweed in the future. it just takes too much time and isn’t worth the effort in my opinion.

if you guys would like to watch older videos, they are in Unedited Video Archive.